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Limber Legs and Long Driving Excursions in Madison, WI

July 25th, 2016 · No Comments

Picture in your mind’s eye: you’re in your Bay & Bay Transportation truck, driving for hours on the open road outside of Madison, WI. The foliage along the roads is green and lush and you can see fellow drivers all along the road going this way and that. The hum of the engine is steady and soothing, and just as you come to a stop you stretch out and sigh… just in time for your leg to cramp all the way from your knee to your big toe!

Kind of ruins the magic, huh? Driving jobs can be a great way to experience nature, relax, and just take it all in for a while, but unless you have a solid fitness routine in place, you could be in for a good amount of strains and pains for your efforts.

Effective truck driving means effective self-care. Without it, hours of sitting and pumping a pedal will leave you tingly, sore, and cramped in no time at all. A tight schedule doesn’t exactly leave ample time for yoga before noon. Instead, plan for small remedies with big results, like a single letter. For instance, a little bit of “K” can go a long way when it comes to truck driving cramps. To prevent cramping during driving jobs, bring along some potassium! Bananas are a classic go-to for quick potassium fixes, but if they aren’t your style here’s a list of alternatives that will keep your legs cramp-free and content.

If you’re looking to get a few more letters involved in your truck driving, don’t forget to include plenty of H2O while on the road. Drinking enough water is vital for everything you do, and preventing leg cramps is no exception. Staying hydrated will keep your body in top form no matter where you’re driving to or from, and it has the added bonus of boosting energy levels.

Finally, if you’re stuck in the cab and there’s no stop in sight, don’t dismiss the powers of minor stretches. Check out these examples of stretches that can be done during truck driving jobs. Try getting into the habit of rotating your ankles while driving. Though it might not feel like much, it will help keep you limber and relaxed during the journey.

Truck driving is an interesting and diverse line of work that allows you to enjoy a colorful life of travel and new experiences. If you’re interested in driving jobs or truck driving in Madison, WI, call Bay and Bay Transportation at (888) 8013026, or visit our website here.



Three Key Benefits of Refrigerated Trucks in Columbus, OH

July 20th, 2016 · No Comments

Refrigerated trucking is pretty darn great because it keeps products cool, but that’s by no means the only upside of working with a refrigerated transport company. By nature, refrigerated trucks have several characteristics that provide additional benefits to any Columbus, OH, product manager looking to transport goods over any significant distance. The drivers employed by Bay & Bay Transportation take good care of their cargo, but the trucks themselves do a little heavy lifting as well (literally).

Refrigerated trucks are often packed with precious, perishable cargo, which means that they have to be packed precisely and securely. This means that everything that can roll is secured to be un-rollable prior to departure and anything squishable is rendered squishless. Or in simple terms, items carried by a refrigerated transport company are treated with the utmost care and attention to prevent any type of damage or spoilage from occurring. Items are wrapped, boxed, bubbled, and covered, and because of this, they arrive intact and fresh.

And yes, these trucks are also cool. But more than just cool, refrigerated trucks are adjusted to the precise temperature that your cargo requires. This may be freezing, or it may be several degrees higher. Basically, these trucks are built to maintain temperatures for extended periods of time. And yes, precautions are taken to prevent spoilage in the event of a breakdown.

But the third benefit, and arguably the most important, is that refrigerated transport company drivers are experienced and highly trained for their positions. Since there is a technical side to operating these refrigerated trucks, the drivers are taught how to perform basic maintenance, pre-trip specifications, and troubleshooting should such a situation arise.

If you’re a Columbus, OH, resident looking to work with a refrigerated transport company, contact Bay & Bay Transportation at 888.801.3026 or visit their website here. The temperatures aren’t dropping yet, so get in touch with your cool trucks today.



Know the 5 Ws of Weigh Stations When Your Driving Job Takes You to Atlanta, GA

July 13th, 2016 · No Comments

Weigh stations are one of the many stops you’ll visit during your career on the road. We truck drivers understand their importance, but family and friends may ask us from time to time how these weigh stations factor into our careers. Bay & Bay Transportation encourages you to know the who, what, where, when, and whys of weigh stations in relation to your Atlanta, GA, driving jobs at Bay & Bay.

Weigh stations today exist to enforce safety and tax regulations not just for commercial drivers, but also for all commuters who share the roads. They are run by each state’s DOT or DMV and are enforced by state police. In Georgia, weigh stations are run by the Georgia DOT. Weigh station personnel perform safety equipment inspections, enforce Hours of Service Regulations, monitor weight restrictions, check permits, and enforce fuel tax laws, just to name a few of their important duties. DOT personnel and signage will guide you through each weigh station visit.

The Georgia Department of Public Safety states that vehicles or vehicle/trailer combinations weighing 10,001 pounds gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) or actual gross weight or more are required to stop at all open weigh stations encountered in the state of Georgia. Weigh station personnel check for four total weights: the steer axle weight at the front truck tires, the drive axle weight at the back truck tires, the trailer axle weight at the back trailer tires, and the gross vehicle weight of the entire vehicle or combination. Though your driving job will take you to locations where the weight limits vary, the general gross vehicle weight limit to stay under is 80,000 pounds.

There are twelve weigh stations located throughout the state of Georgia:

  • Bremen
  • Catoosa Springs
  • Chatsworth
  • Darien
  • Forsyth
  • Harlem
  • Hogansville
  • Lavonia
  • Lithia Springs
  • Pembroke
  • Port Wentworth
  • Valdosta

To find weigh stations near your driving job’s route, check this handy location tool provided by Allstays.

The rule surrounding weigh stations may vary from state to state. The AAA Digest of Motor Laws provides a handy breakdown of weigh station regulations by state, available here. Check with your state’s DOT for full, up-to-date regulations.

Bay & Bay Transportation puts a strong emphasis on safety for all of our drivers, no matter where their driving jobs take them in Atlanta, GA, and throughout the United States. If you are interested in driving for Bay & Bay Transportation, give us a call at (888) 801-3026.



Truck Driving Families in Dallas, TX Ask: What’s The Deal With Diesel?

June 29th, 2016 · No Comments

Many of us have little ones at home that love to ask questions. They are especially fascinated with watching those huge trucks drive down the road. You’ve probably had children ask you to honk the horn for them. Have they ever asked you during a stop at your local gas station if the gas in your car is the same that you use in the big truck you drive for work? At Bay & Bay Transportation in Dallas, TX, we love when kids ask these great questions about truck driving.

Different vehicle types use different types of fuel. The family car uses some form of gasoline or ethanol. The commercial trucks that we drive in our truck driving careers run on 1-D or 2-D diesel fuel. All gasoline has an octane rating that helps drivers choose how to fuel their cars. Most vehicles run best with 87 octane gasoline, but some will run better with 89 octane. Some cars may also run on ethanol blends like E85 fuel. Drivers should always consult their owner’s manual before fueling.

Diesel fuels are rated by a cetane number and viscosity measurement. Part of your truck driving career is making sure your commercial truck operates efficiently in any conditions. For most of the year, you will choose 2-D diesel because it offers better fuel economy and helps your truck haul large loads over long distance routes. In winter, you may switch to 1-D diesel or a blended diesel fuel. 1-D diesel flows more easily, while other diesel fuels may stop flowing in frigid temperatures. Truck drivers may also select clean-burning biodiesel to fuel their trucks.

What’s the difference?

Both gasoline and diesel are made with crude oil, but they are made to be used in different kinds of engines. We put gasoline in the gasoline engine of a family car or truck, where the fuel is ignited by the spark plugs in the engine. We put diesel in our commercial trucks, where the fuel can ignite spontaneously when put under high compression in our diesel engines. We can’t put diesel in our family car at home or put gasoline in our commercial trucks because these two fuels will only work in the right kind of engine.

Children love to learn and explore! Feel free to wave if you can safely do so when you spot them watching the different trucks and cars drive by. When you are back home from an over-the-road haul, you might take your children and younger relatives for a walk around the truck so they can help you “inspect” it. They might also like to sit in the cab with you for a few minutes. Who knows? You might inspire the next truck driving generation with Bay & Bay Transportation in Dallas, TX!


Beating the Heat With Refrigerated Trucking in Minneapolis, MN

June 28th, 2016 · No Comments

We’re getting a preview of summer’s heat even before the hottest months arrive. The long-range forecast suggests that by mid-July, Minneapolis, Minnesota could be sweltering under a string of days in the nineties. It’s all the more reason for you to start looking for a reliable refrigerated trucking company like Bay & Bay Transportation to handle your precious cargo.

Refrigerated transit is a must these days if you are hoping to deliver fresh lettuce, strawberries, and other produce. Bay & Bay will also ensure your ice cream arrives frozen and other dairy products reach their destination at the proper time and temp.

Cool, reliable refrigerated transport is also vital if your load includes medical supplies that could easily go bad in long, time consuming trips around Minneapolis and the Twin-Cities metro area. Depending on the time of day, traffic delays, accidents, and road construction can cause a trailer to sit in sweltering heat on blistering hot roadways for extended periods.

Our thermal refrigerated units feature programmable temperature profiles. This helps avoid costly mistakes with sensitive cargo. With the push of a button, a driver can ensure the correct level of coolness is maintained throughout the journey in order to meet FDA guidelines for handling perishable food products.

Bay & Bay has been a leader in the temperature-control transportation business since 1959.  Our fleet features all newer, reliable 53-foot refrigerated air ride trailers. Our highly experienced staff and independent contractors can boast a collective on-time pickup and delivery record of nearly 100-percent.

If your Minneapolis or metro area business wants to ensure that temperature sensitive summer deliveries arrive on time, in great condition, then Bay & Bay Transportation is your hassle-free answer with a nationwide reach.

To learn more about Bay & Bay Transportation’s temperature-controlled refrigerated solutions in Minneapolis, MN, please contact us at (888) 801-3026, for more details.


Hot Days and Cool Trucks in Madison, WI.

June 23rd, 2016 · No Comments

According to NASA, last month was officially the hottest May recorded in history. Not only does this mean it’s a great time to hit the lakes in Madison, WI, it’s also the perfect time to hire a refrigerated transport company such as Bay and Bay Transportation for all of your business transport needs.

Refrigerated transport is vital all year round thanks to the needs of medical transport, produce, and product delivery. During the hot summer months, however, it’s especially necessary. The higher the temperature goes, the more quickly ingredients spoil, items rot, and merchandise melts. The use of a refrigerated transport company allows businesses to send their services farther and wider which is not only good for advertising and revenue, it’s also great for long-distance networking.

One thing about living in Wisconsin is that you get a whole lot of open roads without an abundance of huge cities. Refrigerated transport in rural areas can be a life saver, particularly if your business caters to some of the smaller towns in the wild Wisconsin woods. When temperatures climb into the nineties, you can be sure that your rural contacts will be thrilled to get properly chilled deliveries.

If your products don’t need to be frozen, refrigerated transport is still an asset during Midwest summers. You don’t even need to be driving an ice cream truck for it come in handy. Adjustable and consistent temperatures will keep any type of cargo safe and secure once thermometers start popping, and that means above and below freezing alike.

If your Madison, WI business has struggled with temperature sensitive long-distance summer deliveries with short expiration tags, then Bay and Bay Transportation can help. To inquire about Bay and Bay Transportation’s refrigerated transport services, please feel free to give us a call at 888.801.3026, or visit our website here.



Truck Driving Jobs In Minneapolis,MN Provide Secure and Stable Income for Midwest-Based Drivers in Minneapolis

June 20th, 2016 · No Comments

Think you need a degree or diploma in your hands to get a great paying job with great benefits? A job where you can travel, meet lots of new people, and have a variable schedule? Not so. Truck driving jobs in Minneapolis, MN can give you all of these opportunities without the years and years of student loan repayments and a great starting salary to boot.

Our Minneapolisbased company is looking for highly motivated individuals who have their CDL license and one-year driving experience, for driving opportunities for company and lease purchase. We are also looking for owneroperators looking to work for a fast moving, progressive company and a record of excellence in the industry.

Your future in a truck driving job can be bright, with job security for both men and woman. We are seeking self-starters with a great driving record and a desire to take their career to the next level. Bay & Bay Transportation offers competitive pay as well as excellent bonus opportunities. We also offer full medical and dental benefits in as little as 60 days after hire. We also offer payment on approved tolls, fuel discounts for drivers, and a fuel surcharge. On top of our generous mileage pay, this means that you can be making excellent money quickly with our company.

If you’re motivated, have a great sense of direction, and possess excellent time management skills, your skillset is right in line with the individuals we are seeking. While some of the job requires solitary driving, there is also a fair amount of working with other truckers and suppliers coordinating how to get the freight delivered safely and on time. For that reason, you must show strong interpersonal skills and the ability to be independent much of the time while out on the road.

You won’t find a staff more committed to your success as a truck driver than the one we have here at Bay & Bay. We pride ourselves on providing our drivers and owneroperators with the most extensive support and benefits available. Interested in knowing more about a truck driving job with Bay & Bay? Contact us today.



Summer Construction Season Means Dry Van Trucking Truckers Need to Be Vigilant!

June 19th, 2016 · No Comments

You see them all over the road hauling non-food grade items across the country: dry tanks. These specialized loads are what keep construction and building companies running. At Bay & Bay, our dry van trucking tank truckers are delivering Fracking Sand, Foundry Sand, Silica Sand, Bentonite, Quartz, Limestone, Blasting Grit, Rock Salt, Fly Ash, and White and Gray Cement all over the US and Canada.

With spring almost already behind us and summer looming just weeks away, we’ve already seen an uptick on construction around the Minneapolis area and all over Minnesota. Major bridge construction in St Paul and Winona have begun, and on the Minnesota Department of Transportation site you can count over 40 road projects scheduled from April until September. There’s an old joke that in the Midwest we have two seasons: winter and construction. If you don’t plan ahead, you can find yourself mired in some traffic jams you could have avoided with a little planning!

Tips for Driving in a Construction Zone:

Merge as soon as you can. With a big rig like a dry tank, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Be respectful and move when traffic allows. Blocked lanes can result in fines!

Slow down as soon as you see the construction signs. Don’t wait until the last minute to start to take notice of conditions or slowdowns.

Watch for flaggers. In a construction zone, flaggers are there to make things run smoothly, even if it feels like it’s taking forever. Remember that they have just as much authority as posted signs and are working under strenuous circumstances in variable weather.

Plan ahead and stay calm. If you’re concerned about construction zones, give yourself plenty of time so you aren’t stressed when you hit them. Play soothing music or listen to an interesting audio book to pass the time if you do get caught.

Leave extra following distance. Your commercial driver’s license manual specifies one second of stop time should be allowed for every 10 feet of your dry tank. Rear end collisions are common in construction zones and can be avoided by carefully adjusting the amount of space between you and the vehicle in front of you.

Remember the payoff for those gray winter days is seeing the beautiful summer sights as you travel around the country in your dry tank big rig. With a little planning, you can avoid construction stress as you travel around Minneapolis and beyond!



Meet the Transportation Equipment Dallas, TX Driving Jobs At Bay & Bay Depend On

June 12th, 2016 · No Comments

You’ll have the opportunity to work with customers in a wide variety of industries over the course of your truck driving career. Our Texas drivers get to work with customers in the fields of telecommunications, information technology, aerospace equipment, fuel processing, and agriculture, just to name a few. Dallas in particular features a booming transportation industry, and the community is known for the transportation equipment it produces. Get to know some of the equipment you depend on as part of driving jobs at Bay & Bay Transportation in Dallas, TX.

Securing the Load

Even if you’ve only held a driving job for a week, you understand the importance of securing the load in place. Secured cargo will not shift, tip, or fall. That means you won’t risk being distracted because you won’t hear anything moving around in your trailer. Most importantly, secured cargo is a delivery that will arrive at your customer’s location undamaged and can be unloaded safely.

You have a wide array of tools to secure your load, including but certainly not limited to straps, tarps, ropes, chains, hooks, stakes, posts, and anchor points. Drivers must inspect each piece of equipment thoroughly so they aren’t using damaged equipment to secure their cargo. You must also double-check every tiedown before you leave the parking lot. There can be no loose or unfastened tiedowns while you’re traveling on the road.

Securing your load doesn’t just mean keeping your delivery safely tied down. It also means keeping your safety equipment, logs, and personal possessions secured. Every unsecured item is another chance for you to get distracted or earn costly violations during safety inspections.

Tracking Your Delivery

Our customers expect to know where their delivery is at all times. They want to know right away if problems like inclement weather or bad traffic will cause a delay. Our trucks are equipped with QUALCOMM technology that allows us to maintain constant communication with our drivers through email-style messages and shorthand codes. The QUALCOMM includes a GPS that shows us your location accurate to a few blocks. When our customers ask about your status, we can give them an accurate update. Along with our QUALCOMM tracking, we also rely on EDI technology to provide freight invoices, load confirmations, load tender, and other critical information to our customers for a better business experience.

Safety is the top priority for everyone with truck driving jobs at Bay & Bay Transportation, whether you are based in Dallas, TX or anywhere nationwide. We provide quality state-of-the-art equipment for our drivers, and our mechanics keep your trucks in top condition. You can also count on your fellow truck drivers who are all expected to have strong mechanical know-how in case of equipment trouble.



Send Your Products Wherever They Need to Go With the Flexibility of Dry Van Trucking In Atlanta, GA

June 10th, 2016 · No Comments

Take a look down the road ahead of you. What do you see? In addition to the sedans, pickup trucks, and minivans, you are also sharing the highway with a variety of commercial trucks. Let’s look at the truck a few cars ahead in the next lane for example. What kind of commercial truck do you think it is? If your first guess is a dry van truck, you’d probably be right! Dry van trucks are quite common because they can be used to transport so many types of cargo. Bay & Bay Transportation offers our own dry van trucking services in Atlanta, GA to give our customers the flexibility they seek from their transportation company.

A dry van trailer is the most basic and versatile type of commercial trucking trailer. It is essentially a trailer with a level floor, sturdy walls, a ceiling, and no refrigeration or other special controls. It can haul most types of cargo, making it perfect for the Atlanta, GA community where so many diverse industries are headquartered. The region is home to textile and apparel companies, publishing houses, printing companies, and manufacturers of furniture, metals, machinery, and telecommunications equipment.

Our customers can count on dry van trucking to haul any type of product, but what they really love is the flexibility our service provides. You are not limited to set routes. We can deliver your cargo anywhere in the United States and Canada. Our delivery routes are based on your needs, be they:

  • Plant-to-plant moves
  • Dedicated transportation from distribution centers to stores with a regional fleet
  • Inbound vendor pickups to distribution centers
  • Reverse distribution
  • One-way deliveries
  • Dedicated service routes

Our Bay & Bay Transportation dry van fleet is equipped with 53-foot air-ride vans that we clean and maintain regularly. The air-ride suspension absorbs the bumps and shakes of the road and provides a smoother journey for your cargo. We customize our dry van trucking prices according to your service requirements. Best yet, you can expect your shipments to arrive reliably on-time no matter where they are headed.

The Bay & Bay Transportation dry van trucking team consists of only the most dependable truck drivers with experience and immaculate safety records both in Atlanta, GA and across the country. We take things one step farther and equip these top-notch drivers with the safest, most up-to-date equipment. When your freight is in our hands, you have no need to fret about the delivery arriving safely and on time.