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Happy Halloween from Bay & Bay Transportation!

October 30th, 2014 · No Comments

Celebrate the holiday with these treats for truck drivers and regular drivers alike!

halloweenHalloween is (pardon the pun) a magical time of year. Ghouls and witches run around creating joyous mischief on October 31st. As a truck driver, be sure to pay extra attention on Friday night! There will be extra people, extra traffic, and extra obstructions on your route. But what should you do for your own Halloween celebration? Well, you’ve got a few options! Let Bay & Bay Transportation guide your spooky night!

A company in California has converted many different 5th wheel, 44’ long trailers into housed houses on the move. Terror Trucks, Inc. can be transported anywhere in the nation to spook and scare even the most brave hearted! Do you have what it takes to brave the haunted trucks?

If you’re not a fan of haunted spectacles, you can always settle down with a thriller movie of the truck driving genre. Joy Ride tells the story of three young adults chased across the country after playing a cruel trick on a truck driver. The scenery of the Midwest provides the setting of the movie, something the Bay & Bay truck drivers are quite familiar with.

Looking for more of a classic? Check out Maximum Overdrive, directed by Stephen King and based loosely on one of his short stories. In this movie, the effects of a comet passing by Earth cause inanimate objects to come to life. The terror begins when a group of people become trapped in a truck stop by the recently animated trucks and trailers. Filmed in North Carolina, you can visit the now fully-operating Dixie Boy truck stop that was featured in the movie.

There are plenty of other movies that feature the transportation industry (Smokey and the Bandit, anyone?), but none quite as spooky and scary as the two above. So this Halloween, settle in, grab some popcorn, and celebrate right! Bay & Bay Transportation will be here to turn on the nightlight when you are done.

Bay & Bay Transportation is a trucking company based in the Midwest. We meet the refrigerated, dry van, flatbed, and dry tank transportation needs of companies all over the nation.

If you are interested in applying for a truck driving job with Bay & Bay Transportation, please visit our Driver Careers. We are hiring truck drivers throughout Minnesota, the Midwest, and along the East Coast. From Company Drivers to Owner/Operators, there are opportunities for any experienced OTR driver. Email for more information or click here to apply online today!


The Growth of the Trucking Industry Means an Increase in Truck Driver Jobs

October 23rd, 2014 · No Comments

If you’re looking for a new career, consider joining the Bay and Bay team!

Trucking Industry GrowthWith more online economies thriving, in addition to brick and mortar stores returning to profitable levels, the need for transportation companies and truck drivers has continued to rise over the last few years. In late 2013, American Trucking Associations reported that the transportation industry would need to fill almost 100,000 new truck driving jobs to keep up with demand. As such, Bay & Bay Transportation is always looking for OTR, owner-operator, and company drivers to help us best meet the demands of our clients.

Unfortunately, the high demand for truck drivers has also been accompanied by a high turnover rate. Smaller fleets in particular have seen a high turnover rate for at least 6 quarters. Those that are independent operators have also started to be more cautious when it comes to their business.

As of the 2013 National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, there were over 3.1 million men and women putting on the miles in the trucking industry. It’s been just over a year since those statistics were released and the number has definitely risen since then. Bay & Bay Transportation was proud to participate in appreciation week and honored all of our drivers with events and meals at our local terminals.

The truck driving industry is growing just as much, if not slightly more, than other occupations. It’s important that we keep growing our numbers to meet demands, as well as increasing our retention rate with the best of drivers.

Bay & Bay Transportation is looking to fill many different truck driving jobs. If you have 6 months or more of OTR experience, we are looking for you! Assignments range from local routes to routes that extend to the east coast.

We believe in creating a family atmosphere between the company and our employees and appreciating the hard work that everyone puts into making this company run smoothly. Bay & Bay Transportation rewards hard work and safety above all. If you are interested in becoming a truck driver for Bay & Bay, please take a look at our Driver Opportunities to apply online!


Everything Minnesota Truck Drivers Need to Know About Weigh Stations

October 17th, 2014 · No Comments

Bay and Bay Transportation details the purpose and functions of weigh stations in Minnesota.

Minnesota truck weigh stationWeigh stations are key to maintaining the safety of truck drivers and commuters on Minnesota highways. Originally, they were created to collect road taxes, but now their main purpose is to enforce safety and tax regulations. Bay & Bay Transportation drivers are very familiar with the weigh stations in Minnesota, especially during harvest season when they are especially active. Some purposes of weigh stations include: 

  • To check freight compliance with fuel tax laws.
  • To check weight restrictions.
  • To ensure safety equipment is working properly.
  • To comply with the Hours of Service Regulations.

Most weigh stations are operated by an individual state’s DOT or DMV, and enforced by the state police. Across the board, the federal weight maximum is 80,000 pounds. Some trucks are given overweight permits, but permits are only good for that particular trip. They cannot be transferred once the haul is delivered. An example of this exception would be when you see an “Oversize Load” or “Wide Load” traveling down the road (usually with half a house on the trailer) with accompanying vehicles signaling their presence.

If a truck is found to be operating with an overweight load, they will be forced to stop at the weigh station. They must stay there until either an overweight permit is obtained or a ticket is issued. When a truck is checked, it is also noted how compliant the driver is. This may further influence random checks, or checks on vehicles from the same company.

Often called “chicken coops,” the state regulations of weigh stations can make driving thorough multiple states a challenge. Luckily, drivers have the support of the Bay & Bay Transportation office staff and logistics team to help them plan accordingly.

In Minnesota, there are approximately 15 weigh stations, with 30% of them hovering around the Twin Cities areas. Others are prominent in the Duluth area, as well as the Winona area.

Specific laws and regulations like these are why we are looking to hire experienced OTR drivers. Weigh stations can seem a little daunting as a new driver, but Bay & Bay provides knowledge and support to each of our drivers so they can travel safely and lawfully.

Please take a look at our Driver Opportunities page to apply online right now!


Bay and Bay Transportation is Hiring OTR Company Drivers in Pittsburgh, PA

October 12th, 2014 · No Comments

Truck Driver Jobs PittsburghPittsburgh, PA is a truck driving hub this time of the year. After 55 years of service, Bay and Bay has built a foundation for success in the transportation industry and for our truck drivers alike. This time of year is busy for our company, and we are happy to announce that Bay and Bay Transportation is now hiring company Over the Road (OTR) drivers in Pittsburgh, PA.

At Bay and Bay Transportation, we make it easy and rewarding to become a truck driver. Our truck drivers work with the highest-quality equipment possible. We also provide useful resources to our truck drivers so that their trips are safe. This includes Department of Transportation information for each state, weather forecasts and road closures, and information on things like the best rest stops in the Midwest.

Still not sure if Bay and Bay Transportation is right for you? We offer our truck drivers numerous benefits. Full medical and dental benefits are offered after 60 days. We also offer company paid life insurance, paid holidays, sick time and vacation, and eligibility for a 401(k). Bonuses are offered for fuel management, mileage, and retention.

Even with our ever-expanding company, we still treat all our drivers with individuality and care. If we could describe Bay and Bay Transportation in one word, it would be family. Our CEO, Sam Anderson, said it best: “If we take care of our drivers and our people and try to help them realize their dreams, they will ultimately take care of our customers’ needs.”

For more information on Bay and Bay Transportation truck driving jobs in Pittsburgh, PA, visit our Driver Careers page, or contact a recruiter to learn more about our superior truck driving jobs.


Why is Engine Braking Prohibited for Trucks in Some Areas?

October 7th, 2014 · No Comments

Bay & Bay Transportation explores the rules of the road for truck drivers in Minnesota and the Midwest.

If you are a resiEngine Break Prohibiteddential commuter traveling through Wisconsin, Illinois, or Indiana, you may have noticed signs that are aimed at commercial truck drivers. Signs like “Weigh Station Ahead” or “Trucks Keep Right” are common notifications when driving on any interstate. But what does is mean when there is a sign that says “Engine Braking Prohibited” on toll roads and interstates?

There are actually two versions of engine braking. For a typical car, engine braking would be when you let off the gas and natural forces (like gravity and the push back from the engine) slows the speed of your vehicle. When the gas pedal is released, a type of vacuum is made in the throttle, creating a braking effect.

In diesel engines, like those that Bay & Bay Transportation drivers are familiar with, engine braking is a little bit of a different scenario. A compression release brake, also commonly known as a “jake brake,” opens the exhaust valves at the top of the compression stroke, creating a loud noise similar to the firing of a gun.

So what is the point of engine braking for truck drivers? In most cases, it is an effective braking method, creating massive amounts of force. This can extend the life of friction brakes and help drivers maintain better control of their rig. For example, it might be an advantage when driving down a steep or long slope.

Engine braking is prohibited in some areas because of the loud noise it creates. Typically, when an interstate travels near a residential area is when you will see the signs prohibiting the action. Typically, research shows the decibel level to be the same as that of a large lawnmower, but in early morning or late at night, the sound a jake brake causes when engaged can be very disruptive to local communities.

The many signs that say “engine braking prohibited” make it seem like an unsafe practice, but that is not the case. Mostly, engine braking is regulated because of residential areas located close to tolls roads and interstates.

Bay & Bay Transportation is a truck company that you can trust to stay up to date on all the latest laws, regulations, and practices. If you are interested in working for us, please check out the Bay & Bay Driver Opportunities page to apply online!


Fall Season Tips for Truck Drivers in Pittsburgh

October 2nd, 2014 · No Comments

Bay and Bay provides seasonal driving advice for Pittsburgh-area truck drivers.

Fall Driving TipsThe leaves are changing and the weather is cooling down. Can you believe it’s already autumn? It may not seem like a dramatic change, but with the subtle shift of the seasons comes different road conditions and traffic situations. Here are some fall tips for truck drivers in Pittsburgh, PA, and all across the United States from Bay and Bay Transportation.

As we enter the harvest season, agricultural traffic will increase dramatically on roads and highways throughout the country. There will be tractors pulling hoppers of grain from field to farm, and influx or trucks plying the highways hauling crops to elevators or suppliers. Tractors and combines are some of the slowest vehicles on the road. When you see them from a distance, be sure to change lanes carefully or slow down in advance.

The falling leaves and changing of tree colors can be a beautiful sight on the road, but don’t let it affect your driving. Even the most road-hardened trucker has witnessed a phenomenal fall spectacle they found jaw-dropping beautiful and bordering on magical. It’s only human to spend a bit of time taking in the awesome wonder painted from horizon to horizon by nature. While admiring the seasonal change and the beauty it brings, try your best to not be overly distracted so you can focus on the task at hand: driving safely.

Fall is one season closer to winter. Before you know it, we’ll be putting on our winter jackets and driving through snow and ice. Now is the time to for truckers to prepare for what is expected to be a brutal winter, whether that means revisiting extra safe driving practices early or getting internal checks on trucks before the weather hits. Better safe than sorry!

At Bay and Bay Transportation, we are happy to be home to some of the safest drivers in the United States. Although fall may not seem like much of a change on the road, always be prepared for the unexpected. Slow farm equipment, distractions, and unforeseen road conditions can always come about. Truck drivers should exercise extra caution during the autumn season, and prepare for the long winter ahead!

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Owner/Operator Truck Driving Jobs in Minnesota and Throughout the Midwest

September 30th, 2014 · No Comments

Bay & Bay Transportation is looking for owner/operator truck drivers for our van division in Minnesota, the Midwest, and along the East Coast.

truck driving benefitsThe average person assumes that there is just one type of truck driver. The typical persona would be someone that works for a company to deliver goods by driving a truck and trailer. Apart from the different divisions in trucking, there are also different ways to be employed in the industry. A popular choice is to be an owner/operator truck driver.

What does it mean to be an owner/operator? Owner/operators are self-employed truck drivers. This would be similar to the owner of a restaurant that also acts as the bartender on weeknights, or a freelance writer for a newspaper. There was an increase in owner/operators after the Motor Carrier Act of 1980, which made it easier for manufacturers and companies to find affordable transportation services to fit their needs, whether with an individual driver or a large company.

Bay & Bay Transportation partners with owner/operators to meet the needs of companies and clients across the country. We also offer benefits to owner/operators that choose to work with us. Some of those benefits include:

  • 100% Payment on Approved Tolls
  • Fuel Discounts
  • 2500-3300 Miles/Week
  • Mileage Pay and Fuel Surcharge

We abide by the PC Miler Practical Miles system when paying our drivers. Based on a 5’3″ trailer length and 13’6″ clearances, the practical mile system allows drivers to take the more time efficient and more desirable route to deliver goods.

With the support of Bay & Bay Transportation, you’ll have the tools and advantages to build a successful owner/operator business. There are a variety of companies that offer truck driving jobs in Minnesota, but few offer the benefits and advantages that we do. If you’d like to join the Bay & Bay Transportation family, please don’t hesitate to apply online or email for more information.


Best Fall Truck Driving Routes in Minnesota

September 26th, 2014 · No Comments

Bay and Bay lists some favorite fall drives for Minnesota truck drivers.

Fall LeavesSeptember marks the final days of summer and the beginning of autumn. A favorite pastime of many Minnesota natives is taking a drive to see all the fall colors along the highways. As a truck driver, you have a prime opportunity to check out the leaves in all their beauty. Just think of it as one of the many benefits of having a truck driving job in Minnesota!

Where can you see the fall colors at their very best? Check out our list below and don’t miss a second of fall’s beauty!

North Roseau, MN to Hovland, MN
At the very northernmost tip of Minnesota, the peak season is almost over. Typically, this area sees the best colors around mid to late September. According to the DNR website, the area still has yet to hit the very best colors this year. Less than 50% of the leaves have changed for 2014.

Duluth, MN to Fargo, ND
Typically, fall colors are at their peak in this area from mid September to early October. At this time, about 10-25% of the leaves have changed.

Burnsville, MN to Sioux Falls, SD
Near the headquarters of Bay & Bay Transportation, fall colors will hit their peak late September to early October. We have yet to see many trees start to turn, but fall is definitely on it’s way!

South of Faribault, MN
The rest of the state will see the leaves at their prime in early to mid October. Residents of southeast Minnesota won’t have to wait long to see those beautiful orange, red, and yellow leaves!

Truck driving jobs in Minnesota afford drivers unique opportunities to watch the landscape of their routes change throughout the year. Spring and summer bring new and repaired roads, fall brings beautiful colors, and winter brings varying levels of snow and cold, all in one state!

Bay & Bay Transportation’s drivers travel all throughout Minnesota, the Midwest, and the East Coast. There are plenty of opportunities to see nature change this season. Post your best pictures of the fall colors to our Facebook page. We’d love to see them!

If you are interested in becoming a truck driver for Bay & Bay Transportation, please visit our Driver Opportunities page, or click here to apply online. If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to e-mail

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Pittsburgh Truck Driving Tips: How to Avoid Distracted Driving

September 22nd, 2014 · No Comments

Bay and Bay Transportation encourages all truck drivers to keep their eyes on the road.

Driving DistractionsAt Bay and Bay Transportation, one of our top priorities is keeping our truck drivers safe. Distracted driving has become an issue with all types of drivers in Pittsburgh, PA and throughout the country, but because of their long hours, truck drivers are even more at risk. If you are a truck driver, consider the following safety tips for your trips and long hauls:

Keep devices away so they are less of a distraction. If you need your phone at hands reach, turn the volume on so you aren’t checking your device constantly. If you need to, pull off to a rest stop or truck stop to make a call or use your cellular device. Use a hands free device if available.

Find the best way to focus. If listening to music keeps you focused and entertained, use it. If not, or it is a distraction, explore other options for your long trips, including audiobooks, podcasts, or road trip games that keep your attention on the road and your surroundings.

Stay caught up on sleep. Every truck driver needs a decent amount of sleep to spend long days on the road. Don’t skip opportunities to sleep! It could be dangerous if you drive while running on very little sleep. Rest is vital in maintaining a healthy life and safe on-road career. We offer our drivers vacation and sick time to give you the rest you need off the road.

Some of our truck drivers have safely driven over one million miles. In fact, the Million Mile Club at Bay and Bay Transportation honors drivers that have safely completed one million miles or more during their driving career with us, all while staying away from distractions on the road.

If you are looking for a truck driving job in Pittsburgh, PA, consider applying to work with Bay & Bay Transportation. We have company driver, owner/operator, and lease purchase programs that will set you up for success. Apply today!

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How to Handle High Winds as a Truck Driver

September 18th, 2014 · No Comments

Bay and Bay offers a few truck driving safety tips for windy days

windy truck drivingDrivers for Bay & Bay Transportation are no stranger to the howling winds of the continental US. With most of our truck drivers traveling the roads of the Midwest, wind is a common enemy of trailers and MPG alike. Since the Midwest has fewer trees and consists mostly of flat plains, there isn’t much to break up the flowing airs of the seasons. Truck drivers must know how to handle high winds and wind gusts.

Imagine a strong gust of wind hitting your car. It pushes you around the road a little bit, doesn’t it? Now imagine that gust hitting a car twice the size of yours, with a higher center or gravity. Now imagine the wind also pushing around the trailer connected to the large vehicle. Truck drivers struggle with bullying winds day in and day out, while compensating for the dead weight of the trailer as well.

In situations where high winds are present, it’s important to keep extra distance between you and other trucks on the road. Don’t even think about drafting behind the truck in front of you! While steady winds are common, strong gusts will throw an unexpected curveball your way. It’s best to maintain more distance around your truck when driving in windy areas.

High winds often accompany storms as well. You may see a black cloud on the horizon, and press down on the accelerator just a bit to try and outrun it. That’s one of the worst courses of action to take though. Though you might outrun the storm, you put yourself at a higher risk of accident. When you drive at high speeds, there is less time to correct and avoid an accident. High gusts of wind, a nuisance at lower speeds, might become a fatal push while speeding. Storms with high winds and rain also bring along the potential for hydroplaning, another good reason to keep speeds at a lower level.

As a truck driver in Minnesota and the Midwest, it’s important to keep an eye on the weather and know what conditions lay ahead. From new drivers to seasoned professionals, safety on the road is the most important aspect. Maintaining a steady communication with your dispatcher is key. If conditions are reaching threatening levels, they may advise you to pull over and wait out the storms or high winds.

Bay & Bay Transportation is committed to the safety of our drivers and the delivery of goods. If you are an experienced truck driver, up for the challenges of high, gusty winds in the Midwest and along the east coast, please don’t hesitate to apply to one of our available Driver Opportunities.

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