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How to Deal with the Hazards of Spring as a Truck Driver

May 20th, 2015 · No Comments

For Bay & Bay Transportation drivers, it is no surprise that every season brings fresh driving challenges. With the approach of summer, road construction in Minnesota is inevitable, especially in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area. You will see road crews pinching the highways into tiny lanes, commuter vehicles zipping around recklessly, and detours and reroutes that cost you valuable time.

The upside of spring is that you are driving in safer conditions, despite the potholes which can cause frustration or concerns about damage to your truck. Make sure you plan ahead. Calculate the normal time of your route, and then keep an ear out for traffic alerts, detours, and construction. These can be found online through sources such as Local Conditions or the Minnesota Department of Transportation. Plan at least ten extra minutes into your travel time, which serves as a good cushion for arrival. You may need to add more than 10 minutes cushion time if you know the delays will be longer. Even during off-times, be aware of the roads wherever you are. Cultivating this awareness will reveal new developments that may prove helpful later on.

There is a fine line between being alert and being jumpy. If you are on edge while you are driving a truck, you may be more likely to make impulsive, risky decisions. Avoid this in any way you can. Remind yourself to take deep breaths as you’re driving. Listen to music that will keep you alert instead of distracting or angering you. Force yourself to strictly adhere to the speed limit to ensure you will not endanger yourself or other drivers.

Remember, being cautious may mean driving in the right lane for the majority of the time. Being consistent, dependable and safe is much more valuable to yourself and Bay & Bay Transportation than driving fast and making choices that could seriously hurt yourself and others around you. It could also land you in lengthy and expensive lawsuits and insurance battles. This is especially true on roads where you may not always be aware of the hazards and conditions, which again, points back to why it is vital to include extra time in your travel preparation.

Finally, with the glory of long summer days come the hazards of direct sunlight. Be sure to wear polarized, glare-resistant sunglasses to protect your eyes and keep you as safe as possible. This will allow you maximum awareness on the road as you enjoy the journey with Bay & Bay Transportation.

Bay & Bay Transportation is currently accepting application for experience owner-operators and OTR truck drivers in Minnesota. To learn more, visit our Driver Careers page or click here to apply online.


Resources for Truck Drivers in Indianapolis, IN

May 8th, 2015 · No Comments

The best truck drivers are the ones who are prepared while they are out on the road. Knowing what resources are available to you can smooth out any trip and keep you within budget and on time. If you are traveling through Indianapolis, IN, there are many resources that can help you plan your treks throughout the city and the state.

Indiana Traffic and Transportation
The federal government and the state of Indiana provide many resources for daily commuters, whether they are in personal or commercial vehicles. From traffic cameras to construction updates, you can know exactly what to expect when you start your route.

For road closures and construction or restriction zones, view the Indiana DOT website. This is an especially important part of planning throughout spring and summer!

For traveling information specific to Indianapolis, tune in to a local station like WISH-TV. You can also visit HERE for traffic information, which provides traffic information for any state in the US and can also be downloaded in a convenient app for Androids or iPhones.

Indiana Weather
Hopefully, inclement weather will be behind us for a few months, but with spring comes the threat of flooding and washed out roads. You can check which counties in Indiana have travel advisories to better plot your route and remain safe on the road.

Indianapolis Events
The hardest part about traveling through big cities is that there are almost always events happening. An influx of travelers into the city can create traffic jams when the roads would otherwise be less crowded. You can visit Indianapolis’ city website to check on upcoming concerts, festivals, or sporting events that may affect your travel plans.

It’s always nice to have emergency services numbers nearby as well. For serious and immediate emergencies (fire, serious illness, crimes in progress, etc) dial 911. To contact dispatch for non-emergencies, dial (317) 327-3811.

Experienced truck drivers appreciate the value in being prepared. If you have 1 year of OTR experience and are looking for a truck driving job in Indianapolis, contact Bay & Bay Transportation. With outstanding benefits and a family-oriented atmosphere, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t apply today!


Mercedes-Benz Develops Fitness Product for Truck Drivers

May 7th, 2015 · No Comments

Any truck driver knows that exercising properly while on the road is difficult. You can’t really carry around a home gym in your cab, and the odds of finding a fitness center is pretty slim…no pun intended! Germany-based company Mercedes-Benz, however, has developed a fitness product specifically meant for those in the trucking and transportation industry.

A 2012 study in Germany showed that 80% of the general population suffers from back pain, and in many cases it is chronic. In America, about 50% of Americans admit to having back pain each year, according the American Chiropractic Association. To alleviate back pain chiropractors suggest that you remain active, maintain proper posture and avoid prolonged inactivity. Sounds super easy for a driver, doesn’t it?

That’s why Mercedes-Benz developed the TopFit Set, currently available only in Europe. The system is small; it consists of a small, sturdy plywood board base 65 cm by 40 cm. Attached are two cables with varying levels of resistance. Because it was specifically designed for in-cab use, the system can be used in any truck so long as it has a level floor.

In addition to the physical component of the fitness system, there is also a workout video and an app to go along with it. The exercises were developed in close coordination with sports scientists, with special thought and strategy put in to back stretches and strengthening.

There are plenty of other ways to introduce exercise into your daily routine as a driver until the TopFit Set is available in the US, but we are glad to see that other companies are recognizing the importance of the health and safety of our drivers.


Bay & Bay Transportation is a Midwest based company looking for experienced truck drivers. Click here to view our Driver Opportunities or here to apply online right away!


Bay & Bay Careers: Company Driver or Owner-Operator

May 6th, 2015 · No Comments

Most drivers have been faced with the same choice: after gaining the required experience do you continue to stay on as a company driver, or do you take the leap to become an owner/operator? Both have their pros and cons, but ultimately only you can make the decision to make a major change to your truck driving career. Let’s take a look at some of the points to consider from each side.

Salary and Benefits
As a company driver, you have a salary you can count on, as well as additional benefits that the company provides. As an owner-operator, you may be able to make more money, but the guarantee of consistent work will never be there. Most companies offer enough bonuses that you can easily make the same amount as an owner-operator.

Business Skills
An owner-operator is self-employed. That means you handle the networking, tax filings, customer relations and other administrative tasks. Company drivers have the ability to leave the office on the road and let it go when they get home.

Equipment Maintenance
As a company driver, you will have to maintain your rig and all the equipment that goes along with it, but you’ll always be reimbursed for it. Apart from the required service check ups, there isn’t much you’ll need to do. For owner-operators, check ups and repairs add to the administrative tasks that they need to keep track of, however, many drivers enjoy the customization and hands-on experience of owning their own truck.

Any way you slice it, both company drivers and owner-operators are needed to fill the trucking shortage in the United States. Bay & Bay Transportation offers a competitive salary for our company drivers, as well as benefits. Additionally, when owner-operators work with us, we are able to provide them with additional benefits that they may miss as independent contractors elsewhere.

To learn more about opportunities for company drivers and owner-operators with Bay & Bay, visit our Driver Opportunities page. For more information or details on opportunities, feel free to email:


Options for Owner-Operators Looking for Jobs in Indianapolis, IN

May 5th, 2015 · No Comments

Bay & Bay Transportation is a Minnesota-based company, and we serve businesses all across the United States. Because our routes are so varied, we need all types of drivers that include company, lease-purchase, and owner-operators. Currently, we are searching for truck drivers in the Indianapolis, IN area.

Established Owner-Operators
We can appreciate all of the hard work that owner-operators invest in their careers. Not only do they deal with the daily driving, but they also handle all of the paperwork and administrative duties, just the same as a large transportation and logistics company. That’s why we provide owner-operators that work with us as many of the company perks as we can.

With Indianapolis located so close to Chicago, and with all of Indiana’s toll roads, our policy of Bay & Bay Paying 100% of the approved tolls can be quite a savings for drivers in the area. Additionally, Owner-Operators can receive fuel discounts and bonuses just as the company drivers do.

Lease-Purchase Program
While you do need to be an experienced OTR driver to become a part of the Bay & Bay family, you don’t necessarily have to be an experienced owner-operator. For those looking to become self-employed truck drivers in Indianapolis, we also run a lease- purchase program to help you get started. Our lease-to-own trucks are late model, and we have previous owner-operators on staff to assist you with this new adventure in your career!

We also encourage drivers to use our Predictable Pay Program. This ensures that your weekly expenses are paid as you start-up as an owner-operator. It helps you cover expenses like fuel costs, plate fees, taxes and other operating expenditures.

At Bay & Bay Transportation, we believe that if you take excellent care of the drivers, then the clients will receive that exact same care and commitment. If you are a truck driver in the Indianapolis area, consider a new career path as an owner-operator with Bay & Bay!


Dealing with Road Rage as a CDL Driver

April 27th, 2015 · No Comments

We’ve all been through it: You are peacefully driving along the interstate when a driver either unintentionally or maliciously cuts you off. Whether you are the culprit or the victim, cases of road rage in reaction to this scenario decrease the safety of everyone traveling on the highway. For those in the trucking industry, it is incredibly important to remain cool in these cases. There are probably many miles left to travel, and one incident shouldn’t determine your mood for the rest of your travels.

Here are a few tips to deal with road rage (yours specifically and that of others):

1) Mentally Prepare. Every driver you encounter on the road is not going to be perfect. Some are distracted, others are new, and almost everyone is dealing with some sort of personal problem. If you get into your truck expecting to encounter these types, then it will be easier to keep your cool. If you don’t run into any problems, then you are left feeling pleasantly surprised!
2) Avoid the Crowd. Always remember not to tailgate the vehicles in front of you. Quick braking or unexpected wildlife can quickly turn tailgating into a disaster. It can also cause nervousness on the part of the other driver, or anger, and tempt them to slam on the brakes just for the fun of it.
3) Patience is a Virtue. Though it may seem like someone cut you off on purpose or chose to drive way below the speed limit, other drivers are not out to get you. In the end, everyone has the same goal of getting to their destination safely. Time is a secondary concern when it comes to arriving versus not arriving at all.

Sometimes, you may find yourself on the receiving end of road rage. This can be frustrating as it wastes time, it’s dangerous, and it challenges one’s ability to focus on safe driving. The best response is to avoid confrontation. Do not respond to cursing or yelling, or roll down your window if another driver decides to have words with you. The best choice is to maintain a level head and leave the road rage behind.

If a person will not leave you alone, or follows your vehicle after you have left the initial scene, do not hesitate to contact authorities. If the encounter seems serious enough, you have the right to file a police report. Try to jot down the license plate number as well as make and model of the vehicle if this seems like the course you will need to follow.

Not every situation deserves a reaction. We all have bad days, and we fall on both sides of the road rage spectrum. Drive safely and courteously, and you will arrive on time with your load. Safety is one of the primary values of Bay & Bay Transportation and we reward drivers that are committed to it. If you would like to apply for one of our OTR truck driver jobs, or check out our owner-operator opportunities, please visit our Careers page.


Truck Drivers and Tornado Season: What To Do

April 24th, 2015 · No Comments

Tornado Alley stretches from the South through the Upper Midwest, and severe storms can quickly create emergency situations. Since tornado season is almost in full swing, it’s important to review safety measures for truck drivers during this type of dangerous weather.

Early Signs
Remember the phrase “the calm before the storm”? That applies directly to tornadoes. Heavy rain storms may suddenly stop as the environment around you immediately quiets down. While in some cases it may just be the end of the storm, the heavy hitter may just be warming up. If the sky is dark or green, or there is a large, low-lying cloud, hail, or a loud roar, the storm is far from over. You may be dealing with a tornado that is in very close proximity.

Watch vs. Warning
It’s always important to keep an eye on the weather, but it’s especially important to know what those alerts coming through the radio actually mean. You can also sign up for weather alerts by state from the National Weather Service.

A tornado watch is issued by the National Weather Service when the conditions are right for a tornado to form. Stay on your toes and know where the nearest rest stop or exit is, just in case things get dicey.

A tornado warning means that a tornado has been spotted in your area. DO NOT try to outrun a tornado, and don’t take shelter under an overpass.

Taking Cover
If you cannot find shelter, the next best thing you can do is to get yourself as isolated as possible. Take cover in a ditch or gully and protect your head as best you can. Ideally, you will have enough warning to get yourself off the road and seek safety in an actual building, but that is not always the case. It’s best to prepare for all situations.

Most importantly, make sure you communicate with both your dispatcher and your family. Let them know if you are falling behind because of severe weather and when they can expect to hear from you next. This will relieve stress for everyone involved!

Bay & Bay Transportation values safety for our truck drivers above all else. If you’re up for the challenge of combating Mother Nature on the road and have more than 1 year of OTR experience, we encourage you to apply today!


Preparing for Your First Year on the Road

April 22nd, 2015 · No Comments

Your first year as a truck driver is the most essential. This time proves that you are ready to meet the challenges of the road, working to perfect your skills, and can open a whole other world of truck driving job opportunities. So what can you expect from your first year on the road solo?

High Expectations
Transportation companies will expect a lot out of new drivers and new hires. You need to prove that you are a safe and reliable driver, and consistently. Truck driving is about more than just shifting gears and maneuvering tight spaces. You’ll also need to have excellent management skills and put them to use to increase your fuel mileage and meet tight deadlines. Additionally, you’ll need to learn the procedures your company has in place and adhere to the company standards.

Establish Relationships
Most importantly, as a new driver, you’ll need to make friends with your dispatcher. Though you have entirely different jobs, you are both working towards a common goal of delivering goods on time. Communicate clearly and constantly and you’ll both stay on the same page and be happy.

Rookie Mistakes
No one is expecting you to be absolutely perfect your first year. That fact holds true across all job functions. Everyone makes mistakes, but what matters is the severity and how you handle them. You may get lost and delay delivery. Handle it with grace and sincerity, then do your best to ensure that it never happens again.

By the end of your first year, you might still be driving, but your classmates may have left the industry. Truck driving has a notoriously high turnover rate. Safe, efficient, timely drivers are highly valuable to transportation companies all across the United States. The more experience you attain as a truck driver, the more established you will become in your career.

Truck drivers that make it through their first year of solo OTR trips will find that many more opportunities open up for them. Experience, in addition to seniority, will help you start to get the miles and trips that you want and are excited to take.

Bay & Bay Transportation is continually looking for experienced company and owner-operator drivers. You can find current openings by visiting our Driver Opportunities page or you can click here to apply online immediately.


What Makes Bay & Bay One of the Best Fleets to Drive For?

April 10th, 2015 · No Comments

best fleets to drive forBay & Bay Transportation was recently named one of the Best Fleets to Drive for in 2015, and we are very proud of that fact! We were nominated by some of our fantastic drivers, and are excited that so many of our core values line up with those of the award. So what exactly does it take for a Bay & Bay to be a #BestFleet15? Let’s find out!

OTR truck drivers are among the highest in demand in the industry. The average salary for first-year truck drivers in Minnesota is $36,000. Though we require experienced drivers, we well surpass and compensate our employees. Company drivers can expect an annual salary starting around $57,000.

Bay & Bay also offers additional means of earning bonuses for our drivers. From excellent fuel management to extra fuel mileage, we reward those that safely and effectively transport good to clients. Additionally, our retention rate is high because of the quality of job satisfaction that our employees have while driving for us.

Drivers at Bay & Bay Transportation receive great compensation and excellent benefits to match. After 60 days with us, drivers are eligible for full medical insurance. Additionally, we offer company paid life insurance so you can plan for your future and the future of your family. Add in paid holidays, vacation time, and a pension, and it’s easy to see why Bay & Bay was nominated by its drivers as one of the Best Fleets to Drive for.

Bay & Bay Transportation is a company focused on treating employees like family. We value your safety and time home with your real family. We recognize your achievements and celebrate them with you. Most of all, you are people to us, our family, not just a number on the roster. We are driver-focused, ensuring that you are truly a part of the Bay & Bay family.

Professional Development
We continuously invest in some of the most advanced technology, the latest model of freight liners, and other new equipment for our drivers. Additionally, we make sure our drivers continually receive the best training, like our driving simulation program. This gives drivers a chance to practice maneuvering out of dicey situations without the potential risk of practicing in real life.

Bay & Bay is committed to providing quality transportation services to our customers and making sure our drivers have every opportunity to advance and achieve. We have many positions open in our company for experienced company drivers as well as owner-operators. For more details about our truck driving opportunities in Minnesota, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, and throughout the country, please visit our Driver Opportunities or check out our Hiring Locations.


Bay & Bay Is Seeking the Best Truck Drivers in the Indianapolis Area

March 27th, 2015 · No Comments

indianapolis truck driver jobsWhen you drive professionally, you understand the value of your skills and the importance of supplying the everyday necessities to homes and businesses across America. Truck drivers navigate the continent with manufactured goods that make life more comfortable and productive. Your loads can vary drastically from one day to the next.  One day you may deliver to a popular wholesale store and the very next day you may have a load delivering to a car dealership. Whatever the load, or whatever the distance, Bay & Bay Transportation is looking for drivers like you.

Bay & Bay Transportation is currently seeking applications from the best Class A CDL drivers in the Indianapolis area. Bay & Bay is looking to recruit professional drivers who value more than just getting through their day. If you’ve got a passion to drive, and consider safety as a value on the road, then Bay & Bay Transportation wants you.

It is not a secret that there is work all over the place for truck drivers. Professional, experienced drivers should weigh their options carefully. There is a huge difference between a “job” as a truck driver and a “career.” What can be called a “full-time job” can be a jumble of contracts, working nights, or seasonal work. This would be less than ideal for many professional drivers. Find out how Bay & Bay Transportation can benefit you by offering work in the manner you see more in line with your lifestyle and interests.

If you are interested in driving for us in Indianapolis, or know someone who is looking, then please call Bay & Bay Transportation for application instructions. You can also apply online by clicking the button at the top of the page, or send us an email for further guidance. Bay & Bay Transportation welcomes you to be one of our best drivers now, and have work long into the future.