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Lease Purchase Program in Brainerd, MN

If you are looking for a lease purchase program in Brainerd, MN, think about what requirements and advantages are most important to you. Find out if there is a down payment required, and if so, how much is it? Does the company have a minimum time on how early a truck can be paid off? Will the trucking company cover any on-the-road expenses or provide discounts on fuel? There may be many variations in perks for independent contractors in lease purchase programs. Bay and Bay Transportation’s approach is to work with our independent contractors to help them succeed. Because we have made that commitment, we created a program that truly benefits the independent contractor by providing an outstanding combination of rates and benefits.

Brainerd, MN Lease Purchase Trucking Company

As a lease purchase trucking company, Bay and Bay Transportation is dedicated to providing independent contractors with the opportunity to own their own truck. Here are some of the benefits of participating in our truck lease purchase program:

  • No Money Down
  • No touch freight
  • 2015-2009 model year trucks
  • Huge fuel discounts
  • Company-paid tolls
  • 2500-3300 avg. weekly miles
  • 30 day buyers assurance warranty
  • Paid on PC Miler Practical, loaded and empty
  • In-cab scanning

Having a plan to own your own truck through a lease purchase program is one thing. Knowing how to manage expenses is another matter. To help independent contractors deal with those challenges, Bay and Bay Transportation has developed the Predictable Pay Program, or P3. Our P3 shows you how to track your expenses and keep you from feeling overwhelmed with the details involved in starting your own business. We want you to have the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing your expenses are being paid while you’re on the road, and make sure you receive pay for all the miles dispatched. It’s a great way to help you manage your business from the beginning and set money aside to pay off your truck early. It’s a program that’s dedicated to making payments easy.

At Bay and Bay Transportation, our goal is to make a program in Brainerd, MN available that makes it possible for independent contractors to take control of their career and their future. Our staff will be there to guide you along step by step and answer any questions you have. When you’re ready to take the next step, Bay and Bay Transportation can make owning your own truck a reality.

Lease Purchase Trucking Jobs in Brainerd, MN

Our lease purchase program in Brainerd, MN allows you to lease great equipment at rates you can afford. If you’re ready to join the team, want more information, or have questions about Bay and Bay Transportation, please click on the links below.


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