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Lease Purchase Program in Owatonna, MN

Are you working in the trucking industry and are interested in a lease purchase program in Owatonna, MN? If so, think about what requirements and benefits are most important to you, then ask questions to find out what options are available. Ask questions like, “Is a down payment required? How much will it need to be?” If you plan to pay off your truck early, you need to know if there any restrictions like a minimum time before it can be paid off. Check whether the company pays for expenses when you’re out on the road, like tolls and other fees. Are there company-sponsored discounts on fuel and other expenses? Bay and Bay Transportation works hard to be the best lease purchase company in the business. Our number one goal is to make it easier for independent contractors to own their own truck and build a business around it. At Bay and Bay Transportation, we believe our success depends on your success. That’s why we offer independent contractors great up-to-date equipment, valuable benefits and rates that are affordable.

Owatonna, MN Lease Purchase Trucking Company

As a lease purchase company, Bay and Bay Transportation understands what it takes for independent contractors to make a go of it. To help keep you on the road, we offer valuable perks like :

  • No Money Down
  • No touch freight
  • 2015-2009 model year trucks
  • Huge fuel discounts
  • Company-paid tolls
  • 2500-3300 avg. weekly miles
  • 30 day buyers assurance warranty
  • Paid on PC Miler Practical, loaded and empty
  • In-cab scanning

Truck ownership is a big step, but it’s just the beginning. As an independent contractor, you will need to know how to manage expenses and manage the details related to running a business. It can feel a little overwhelming at first. At Bay and Bay Transportation, we want to help you to get off on the right foot. To do that, we put together a tool we call the Predictable Pay Program, or P3. P3 was crafted to make it easier for independent contractors to track expenses and make sure those expenses are being paid while you’re on the road. P3’s tracking system will also see that you receive pay for every mile that’s dispatched. That means you won’t ever receive a check with a negative balance. By using the Predictable Pay Program we developed, you will learn to manage your business from the beginning, and work out a plan to pay off your truck early.

In Owatonna, MN, a leasing trucks with Bay and Bay Transportation allows independent contractors to put truck ownership within reach. We know there are challenges to building a trucking business. To help you work through those challenges, we will make our staff available to you to answer your questions. It’s all part of the package when you partner with Bay and Bay.

Lease Purchase Trucking Jobs in Owatonna, MN

As a lease purchase company in Owatonna, MN, Bay and Bay Transportation provides independent contractors with excellent equipment at affordable rates and the support it takes to build a secure future. If you’re considering a career as an independent contractor in the trucking industry, you can get more information about our lease purchase program and Bay and Bay Transportation by clicking on the links below.


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