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Truck Lease Purchase

At Bay and Bay Transportation, we understand what it takes to be successful. Let our experienced staff guide you through the process of leasing great equipment with affordable payments to help you achieve the best profits in the industry.


  • No Money Down
  • No Credit Check
  • Sign and Drive
  • Late Model Equipment with remainder of manufacturer warranty
  • Monthly Payment as low as $ 2300 per month
  • Maintenance Account for repairs
  • Discounts on Fuel Purchases
  • Previous Owner Operators on staff to assist you

View our locations for the lease purchase locations.


“It’s enjoyable working for a company that wants you here, rather than just giving you a number to be here. At Bay and Bay they see you as a person. They are really do care about the drivers, and that's heart felt. It’s great when you feel wanted at a place versus just being around the place to work.”
- Kimper Copeland, Bay and Bay Driver

“One of the things that made an impression on me was how they care about the drivers. They care about me, how they care about the customers, and how we all interact with each other. That’s what really impressed me about Bay and Bay.”
– Charlie Griffin, Owner Operator of Bay and Bay Transportation

" One thing that we do have at this company is a lot support. We not only have break down service but everyone has cell phones now and everybody answers them all at all hours of the night"
- Greg Swanson, Owner Operator of Bay and Bay Transportation

" It's been a really enjoyable experience working at Bay and Bay. Sam's a great person to work for. "
- Kevin Wojtasiak, Bay and Bay Driver

"The great thing about working at Bay and Bay is that it's a family-oriented company. If I got a problem, I can go in and talk to Sam, or anyone over at the office, and they are accommodating. If I have to have a day off, I can get a day off. They make life a lot easier with home time so when I need to get home, I can get home. "
- Duane Peterson, Bay and Bay Driver

" I think Bay and Bay has been very supportive. If I need to get home for something, they get me home. "
- James Fox, Owner Operator of Bay and Bay Transportation

" I remember one month after I started, my father-in-law passed away. I hadn't even accumulated any pay, in terms of benefits or stuff like that, but they said, 'You take all the time you need." They let me go, and I was so surprised that they actually paid me for it! "
- Denny Hook, Bay and Bay Driver


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