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How to Best Utilize Intermodal Transportation Services

February 27th, 2020 · No Comments

Bay and Bay Transportation’s intermodal transportation services are flexible and low-cost shipping options that Cincinnati, OH, business owners can rely on to handle any number of shipping needs. But if you’re not sure when to utilize intermodal transportation services, it’s helpful to understand where it shines and where other options may be more efficient.  If your needs include long-distance freight; shipping freight of varying values; or consistent, low-cost shipments, intermodal transportation services may be the transport method you need. 

Long-distance Freight: Intermodal transportation services are a great option for long-distance freight, thanks to the flexible nature of the service. By utilizing rail, ship, or OTR options, your items can be shipped and delivered in eco-friendly, low-cost ways. Intermodal transport mixes and matches whichever form of conveyance is most effective. This may mean the fastest combination, the cheapest alternatives, or any options that allow customizability.

Variable-cost Freight: If your freight tends to vary widely in value, you may feel it’s risky to ship everything together. This could be because you’re worried about the potential for damage, or it could be a desire to ensure that higher value items are delivered first via a direct shipping route. Regardless of your individual professional needs, intermodal transport provides that necessary extra flexibility. This flexibility also allows specially tailored shipping routes that are perfect for companies and warehouses that deliver items on a schedule.

Regularly Scheduled Shipments: Keeping costs low and shipments on time is a delicate balancing act for business owners across the country, but with intermodal transport, achieving both is simple. Reliable intermodal transportation services can guarantee on-time deliveries and intermodal transport as a whole is an excellent cost-saving option. Getting these two ideals combined means that you can arrange no-fuss affordable schedules that seamlessly adhere to your business needs.

Depending on your Cincinnati, OH, area shipping needs, you may even meet the needs of all three categories simultaneously. But even if you only need one of the previously mentioned services, Bay and Bay Transportation has you covered. Discover the intermodal transport plan that your business is looking for and inquire about our intermodal transportation services today. Call at (888) 801-3026 and contact us today.


How to Make Sure Your Business Succeeds in the New Year with the Help of National Warehouse Capabilities in San Antonio, TX

February 22nd, 2020 · No Comments

Some businesses, whether they’re a local mom and pop operation or large company, believe they don’t have to do much to be successful. They assume they’ll always have their customers and there isn’t much they should or need to change.

If things are going well you shouldn’t rock the boat, right? However, if you want your business to last longer than a few years and keep people from straying from your brand, you have to think beyond today and tomorrow. After all, things could change next year or even next month. How do you set yourself up for the best possible outcome? How can a company with national warehouse capabilities help you in your quest?

Keep Yourself in Check

Whether you’ve been around for a few years or 50 years, you can’t let anything get to your head. It’s important to keep your ego at bay and listen to experts when they offer advice. Bounce ideas off others before you go ahead with something. Talk to your employees and get feedback. If you assume people will buy something simply because you made it, you’re setting yourself up for failure, especially if you don’t take the time to make sure a product is good and useful.

Go Online (And Stay There)

Though rare in this day and age, some businesses don’t think they need to use the Internet. However, going online ensures your business stays relevant. You can use social media to create a sense of community. You can earn business from people around the world, not just around the corner. Once you’re online, stay there. Keep things updated, and answer your emails.

Use a Company with National Warehouse Capabilities

If you have products that need to be transported, contact a company that can handle logistics management and national warehouse capabilities. They’ll load and unload the trucks, keep track of where your products are, make sure your customers never have to wait too long for your products, and more.

To learn more about our extensive national warehouse capabilities and how they can help your business prosper, call Bay & Bay Transportation of San Antonio, TX at (888) 801-3026 today.


Organizing Your Business for the New Year and Why Logistics Management is Important

February 18th, 2020 · No Comments

We’re well into the new year, and if you’re like many business owners, you’re probably still getting into the swing of things. You think you’re in the right place, all is well, and you have enough experience in your field to handle whatever comes your way.

However, whether your business has been around for 3 months or 30 years, if you want it to continue to do well and grow as your business moves forward, it’s important to keep things organized, or start an organization plan. How do you do this? What do you need to keep in mind so you’ll get the best results? Why do you need to look into something like trucking logistics management?

Plan Your Social Media Goals and Posts Ahead of Time

Instead of waiting until the last minute to come up with a campaign and post ideas, brainstorm and plan ahead. What would your target audience want to read about during December, February, or July? What would they find interesting? What are you trying to accomplish on your social media accounts? If you don’t plan ahead, you waste time panicking, writing, and rewriting. If you have copywriters on your team, this will hurt them as well when they have to rework something.

Keep Your Office in Order

Have a proper filing system in place. Try to go digital to avoid keeping track of too many physical documents. Write down any and all passwords, but don’t give this information out to just anyone. Don’t allow your office or any of your employee’s offices to get too dirty. A dirty office sends the wrong messages – not just to you, but also to potential clients and customers.

Hire A Trucking Logistics Company

A logistics company consists of truck driving experts who will plan the most efficient and economical transportation of your products. If you don’t have experience with logistics, it can be very stressful, time-consuming, and lead to problems in the long run. Utilizing a professional logistics team saves you from trying to do this complicated work yourself.

To learn more about trucking logistics and how it can help your business, call Bay & Bay Transportation of Houston, TX today at (888) 801-3026.


We’re Ready to Cure Your Transportation Project Management Blues in Chicago

February 13th, 2020 · No Comments

The City of the Big Shoulders is a hardworking place, but it can also be the source of many a headache if you have delivery needs that include the Chicago metro and places far beyond the loop area in Illinois. Transportation project management is the name of the game, and at Bay & Bay we’re ready to deliver for you in several ways.

We feature the resources of world-class 3PL and make them work for you in so many ways. Project management isn’t always about transporting something to someone. It’s about anticipating problems, striking deals with partners, and making sure things run right.

If you’re a manufacturer or shipper in need of moving product, count on Bay & Bay to eliminate the need to make multiple deals with several vendors and carriers. Great transportation project management starts with an active eye on logistics.

It really doesn’t matter what the need turns out to be. We excel in logistics management services specific to anything from store openings, remodels, rollouts, and reverse logistics. In addition to transportation there are more ways we can take some Windy City worry out of your sails. We can provide onsite labor, inside deliveries, plus cross dock/warehousing and staging. Among Bay & Bay’s many favorite projects to manage include those we perform for retailers, restaurant chains, hotels, hospitals, and schools.

We enjoy a good transportation project management challenge and believe our own fleet of drivers and an additional partnership with more than 13,000 other trusted carriers is ready to help get jobs of any size done. You name your hauling need; our equipment options include dry vans, logistics trailers, flatbeds, and temperature-controlled equipment.

Bay & Bay also supports its nationwide reach with a large network of warehouse space if your project isn’t quite ready to be delivered right off the truck. We will pre-stage your product or equipment, and cross docking or distribution/ consolidation are among the services we’re also ready to assist you with.

Discover for yourself why Bay & Bay is known as the best fleet to drive for and a quality driven tradition. For more information about our transportation project management expertise and local employment opportunities, call us today at (888) 801-3026. Visit our web page to learn how we can meet your needs in the Chicago area and several locations across North America.


You Make It in Minnesota; We Know a Transportation Company That Can Deliver It

February 8th, 2020 · No Comments

Minnesota has more than 8,300 manufacturers, which means there are a lot of products that need to be moved through Minneapolis, across Minnesota, and to other parts of the world. A dedicated transportation company is needed to get the job done, a company that knows its way around the Twin Cities and North America.

Bay & Bay Transportation is just that company because it knows the geography and the area’s manufacturers. Minnesota’s manufacturers, which make items people want to buy and own, know that they can depend on Bay & Bay drivers and logistics experts to ensure the single largest part of the state’s private sector economy continues to deliver on the nearly $50-billion worth of sales it creates each year.

There are hundreds of thousands of jobs riding on those many truckloads and orders. Bay & Bay understands no load is the exactly the same and no order can be treated as a routine delivery. There’s a reason we offer everything from flatbed/specialty transportation services to refrigerated, less than a truckload, and even intermodal services. The reason is because Minnesota’s manufacturers need all types of options to ensure what’s important to their customers is delivered safely and on time.

No transportation company would be able to leverage the power of thousands of like-minded carriers across the United States and partner warehouses without logistics. We offer you world-class 3PL service. And our experts are with you as your shipment leaves your door and they continue to be with you as they manage the details up to the final delivery.

Maybe it’s a logistics project that involves more than just transportation; we know roll-outs, cross-docking, consolidation/distribution, product pre-staging, time-definite delivery, inside deliveries, labor, and full project management. At Bay & Bay, we don’t make the products Minnesota manufacturers do, but we have the resources and expertise to get those products delivered efficiently. Put our logistics know-how to the test and discover for yourself why Bay & Bay is known as the best fleet to drive for and a quality-driven tradition. For more information about how we can deliver for you, call us at (888) 801-3026. Visit our web page to learn more about why this Minneapolis transportation company and your manufacturing business are a great partnership.                         


Combining Transport Security and Specialty Hauling

February 4th, 2020 · No Comments

Transporting fragile, volatile, or oddly sized goods is difficult, especially when the goods in question are intended for military or high-stakes purposes. A poorly optimized shipping layout can lead to damage or delay, and untrained drivers may not know the best way to handle irregular machinery or materials.

The specialized transportation service professionals with Bay and Bay Transportation are trained to handle everything from medical supplies to military shipments. With our team, Joliet, IL, warehouse manages don’t have to worry about security, poor timing, or transit mishaps.

Consistent safety in specialty hauling is difficult to maintain because of the many variables that can go into each individual shipment. Even if you disregard the shape and size of the cargo, unpredictable weather, unsafe non-commercial drivers, and the general risks that long-distance shipments tend to face are not only present, but perhaps even enhanced.

Putting security first means taking all of this into account, planning for the avoidable, and knowing how to mitigate the unavoidable. When it comes to specialized transportation services, risks must be carefully evaluated to ensure that the drivers delivering specialized shipments know how to react when the unexpected occurs.

Assuming that everything goes as planned, there still needs to be a high level of technical understanding and know-how in the world of specialty hauling. It may be because of the physical proportions of the items, or it could be because of a significant amount of moving parts that need to be secured or shipped in segments. Regardless of the make-up of the items in question, with a trained team on the job, effective specialized transportation services are needed to get those items to their destination.

Effective specialized transportation services are best found by looking for companies and specialty hauling experts who are recognized by the Department of Defense. This guarantees that they’ve been inspected, tested, and approved in specialty hauling. Even if your shipments aren’t military grade, this is still a great way to verify the quality of services being offered and ensure a high level of competency and optimization. 

Bay and Bay Transportation is proud to be Department of Defense approved as a service provider for the U.S. Military. If your Joliet, IL warehouse or supplier needs specialty hauling, contact Bay and Bay Transportation for information on how to request our specialized transportation services. Call us today at (888) 801-3026 or visit our website for more details.


Comparing and Contrasting Large-Scale Shipping Options

January 31st, 2020 · No Comments

For many years, long-distance transport options in the USA were firmly limited to railway and water transportation methods. When truck transport became available it opened a world of new possibilities. Now, with the comparatively recent introduction of air freight, it may seem as though all of your Madison, WI area transport needs will be easily met, but some of these large-scale shipping options may not stack up to the simplicity and ease of the classic flatbed transportation services offered by Bay and Bay Transportation. In fact, selecting a large-scale shipping option that doesn’t best suit your freight can be a bigger detriment than it is a convenience.

Large-scale shipping can feel like a tricky logic puzzle when you’re trying to settle on which service to use. Do you select the option that’s cheaper and faster but less reliable, slower and pricier but easy to track, or something else entirely?

If you’re shipping exclusively within the U.S., then a low-cost option like railway may make sense for cost saving, but that limits the load size rather significantly and can take a lot longer in terms of delivery times.

On the other end of the spectrum is air freight which can be fast, but includes a lot of paperwork and adhering to strict travel limitations. Comparing these options, flatbed transportation services may be exactly the third option you’re looking for.

Some of the benefits of flatbed transportation services can’t be matched by other forms of large-scale shipping simply because of the type of machinery in question. Flatbed trucks are able to manage oddly shaped or specialty shipping options thanks to an open-air approach to loading and arranging. Instead of being forced to fit freight into the confines of small or regularly shaped containers, flatbedoptions give businesses flexibility and customizable options for their freight. This comes with an added bonus of low-cost delivery, professional loading and unloading, and impressive delivery times.

Our goal at Bay and Bay Transportation is to make your large-scale shipping choice simple with our fast, affordable, and reliable flatbed transportation services. Madison, WI area business owners and logisticians can contact us at (888) 801-3026 or by visiting our website for more information!


What Truck Brokerage Services Are and Why You Need One in Atlanta, GA

January 25th, 2020 · No Comments

If you’re like most people, you probably assume that brokerage services simply refer to companies that handle financial matters. However, if you want your business to thrive and reach the next level of success, especially in Atlanta, GA, you need to think outside the box. As tempting as it might be to stick with what you know and ignore what the competition is doing, it’s a poor approach to your business. To put it simply, a brokerage service that deals with trucks works as the “middleman” for different tasks, including making sure trucks stick to certain routes and reach their destinations in a timely manner. But do you really need one? Why should you even have these services on your radar?

Gain Important and Reliable Business Connections

You already know how hard it is to make and maintain connections in the business world. Often, it feels like you have to continually find new contacts and constantly nurture the old ones, leaving you stressed and unsure about where to go next. But brokerage services already bring connections to the table, connections that you know are reliable and won’t let you down. You don’t have to go to countless networking events to find them, so you’ll also save time and money in the long run.

Show You’re Serious about What You Do

Customers and clients need to know you’re nurturing a hobby or simply passing time. You need to show them that you’re not messing around, and instead, want to satisfy their needs, do a good job, and offer valuable services and products. Sure, you might have CDL reefer drivers on your team, but that’s not enough. When people find out you’re using one of the many brokerage services in the area, they’ll know they don’t have to worry about shoddy service or late deliveries. Indeed, no one will have to worry.

Call Bay & Bay Transportation of Atlanta, GA, and learn about what professional brokerage services can do for you. Call us any time at (888) 801-3026.


Why Your Business Needs Professional CDL Reefer Drivers for the New Year in Philadelphia, PA

January 20th, 2020 · No Comments

If you’re like most business owners in the U.S., you know you have to stay on your toes if you want to stand out from the crowd. You know you have to have an online and social media presence, and you have to pay attention to your potential customer’s wants and needs.

You must admit, however, that keeping up with all the trends and latest technological marvels can be difficult. You might think some things shouldn’t be changed or touched, even if your competition begs to differ. There are a few things, however, that you shouldn’t ignore. If you want to look good in the new year, you need to consider hiring CDL reefer drivers. But why? Why should you even bother? Isn’t your current trucking system consisting of employees you already have on your roster good enough?

You Won’t Have to Risk Losing Products and Sales

Reefers can keep items cool or hot depending on your needs. If you use regular trucks without the help of truck driving experts, you’ve probably lost products – and therefore potential profits and sales – because of it. When you hire a truck driver agency, you ensure that you get the right equipment and expertise. The drivers from this agency will also know how to properly handle your goods, so you won’t have to worry about any damage. If you have any questions, you’ll know that these drivers will be able to answer them, saving you time and stress.

You Won’t Have to Train Anyone, Spend Money on Supplies, or Obtain Licenses

Do you know how to plan a route from one place to another? Do you know about any licenses you should have for your drivers? Do you really have the budget for trucking supplies? Can your drivers really handle the challenges that come with driving large trucks on the highway and in populated areas? Professional CDL reefer drivers from a truck agency will handle all this for you.

Call Bay & Bay Transportation of Philadelphia, PA, today at (888) 801-3026 and learn what our professional CDL reefer drivers can do for you and your business!


Leveraging the Power of Logistics to be More than a Trucking Company in Minneapolis, MN

January 15th, 2020 · No Comments

It’s not that hard to find someone to take your goodies from point A to point B, and maybe back again. But is that trip and the many others your business needs to succeed being well planned and are there opportunities to save you additional money? This type of thinking is all a part of a good day’s work at Bay & Bay Transportation of Minneapolis, MN.

We’re understandably proud of our drivers. Whether they are company drivers, independent contractors, or those who are taking advantage of our lease-purchase options, Bay & Bay wouldn’t be able to do so much each day without these dedicated men and women behind the wheel.

In addition, the team backing up those drivers deserves a lot of praise. Logistics isn’t exactly sexy, but it’s the behind-the-scenes planning, communication, and relationships that make it all work on the road, on the rails, or in cooperation with a nearby warehouse.

Bay & Bay’s logistics specialists are the match makers who make the connections that can make or break how smoothly your next shipment goes. If that truck you see going down I-35 in Minneapolis isn’t full, then there’s trucking capacity we might be able to take advantage of. It’s our job to spot that opportunity, get your job linked in, give you better service, and ultimately, save you money.

It’s a lot to stay on top of when you consider how online orders have skyrocketed and the expectation for delivery has gone from days to hours, and in many cases, appears to be getting even shorter. It’s why logistics are a critical factor for Bay & Bay Transportation and one of the many reasons why we’re able to do more for you in Minneapolis and a number of places nationwide. Put our logistics know-how to the test and discover for yourself why Bay & Bay is known as the best fleet to drive for and a quality driven tradition. For more information about our opportunities behind the scenes or behind the wheel, call us at (888) 801-3026. Visit our website to learn how we can put you to work in Minneapolis, MN, or several locations across the United States.