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Take Advantage of Bay & Bay’s Intermodal Connections in the Twin Cities

November 15th, 2019 · No Comments

It’s good to say you’re a close fit, but in the case of Bay & Bay Transportation, intermodal transportation services and Minneapolis, MN are an exceptional, natural fit.

Historically, the Twin Cities have benefited from being an important rail transportation city, and that legacy continues today as class 1 railroads pass through the metro and make it an appealing option for shippers who want to take advantage of intermodal cost savings options.

Bay & Bay offers multiple options including standard and expedited service across North America. Our reach includes relationships beyond dry land as well. We have partnerships with major ocean carriers and are able to access their equipment to get your project done.

Whether most of us know it or not, much of the world is delivered via shipping container. The only question is how will it be arriving for you? By ship or train? Will you need a truck to get your goods to their final destination? Bay & Bay is ready to sweat the details and leverage its knowledge and the skills of its team to deliver for you.

There’s nothing quite like intermodal when economy of scale and cost control is crucial. When shipped by rail, intermodal containers can be double stacked, offering a huge fuel efficiency advantage. It means your shipping costs will usually be less at a distance of 500 miles or more.

It’s Bay & Bay’s personal attention, however, that makes it all work in the Minneapolis area and other parts of the country where intermodal makes sense for your firm. Count on us to figure out the mode and load optimization plus the other details to properly manage your shipment.

Discover why Bay & Bay is not only known as the best fleet to drive for but also a quality driven tradition. For more information about how to put our intermodal transportation services to work for you, contact us today. You can also visit our web page to learn how we can make intermodal an asset for you in Minneapolis, MN or at locations across the U.S.


The Benefits of Hiring Professional Logistics Project Management in Madison, WI

November 10th, 2019 · No Comments

Running a business can be stressful, whether you own a local “mom and pop” grocery store or a large chain fast food business. You know how important it is to work hard, stay focused, and try to stay ahead of your competition. You have to put in the effort to stand out from the crowd and make sure your business stays strong in the years to come. There are many skills and abilities you have to master as a business owner, but logistics management is a whole other beast. Effective logistics management takes time, expertise, and resources. If you’re considering working with an outside logistics project management team, read on for some of the benefits Bay & Bay Transportation’s logistics experts can offer.

Proper Communication

When you’re running a business, it’s incredibly important that your employees communicate properly—not just with you, but with each other. If they don’t, serious errors can occur—errors that can cost you time and money. This is the last problem you need, right? But whether you’re looking into refrigerated transportation services or logistics project management, you need the transport to go smoothly. You need people who will keep you informed, so you can feel confident and secure.

Years of Experience

If you hire a new employee or use a current employee who only has one or two years of experience, you put your projects at risk. You need people who have years of experience under their belt. Our professionals specialize in logistics, having encountered and solved problems for clients for many years. When you work with Bay & Bay Transportation, you get a team that’s specialized in and dedicated to the tasks of logistics project management.

Call Bay & Bay Transportation at (888) 801-3026 to learn more, or contact us for more information about how we can help you specifically. See what our professional logistics project management in Madison, WI, can do for you!


Finding Expert Drivers to Handle the Transport Options You Need for Your Specialty Goods

November 4th, 2019 · No Comments

The marvels of modern transport services mean that industrious businesses in Philadelphia, PA, can rely on fast, efficient transportation across the country. However, for companies in need of highly specialized machinery, overweight shipments, and delicate goods, it can still be a struggle to find a transport option that is capable of getting the job done right. Bay and Bay Transportation deals with standard size shipments as well as specialized transportation services, and our expert drivers will get your shipments to their destinations safely and professionally.

A large part of specialized transportation services is understanding different types of shipments with a level of expertise that will ensure all items are loaded properly, treated with care in transit, and unloaded in a professional and safe manner. Dealing with overweight or irregularly shaped shipments can be dangerous without professional intervention, and delicate goods can be damaged or rendered a write-off in the wrong hands. Mishandling can also lead to money loss, injury, truck damage, and much more. Knowing that you can rely on the driver behind the wheel can guarantee your peace of mind throughout the entire transport process.

Bay and Bay Transportation provides transport options that perfectly suit your needs. We utilize flatbeds, logging trailers, refrigerated trucks, and beyond. Our team is trained to handle all types of cargo from the small and familiar to the over-sized and unwieldy, and regardless of the cargo in question, the perfectly suited trailer can be selected and utilized by our expert drivers. We understand that reliability and flexibility are vital for providing transport options to innovative and highly needed businesses across North America.

If your Philadelphia, PA, business needs specialized transportation services, Bay and Bay Transportation has you covered. Contact us at (888) 801-3026 or visit our website for more information on our services and transport options today.


Great Logistics Project Management Requires a Picker Who Knows How to Hit the Right Notes

October 30th, 2019 · No Comments

Just like picking a guitar or banjo in front of an audience is no time for amateur hour, great logistics project management is not a job for rookies. Nowhere do they know that more than in the home of the Grand Ole Opry, Nashville, Tennessee.

Music City USA boasts some of the country’s best musicians, and Bay & Bay Transportation can say the same about the excellent men and women who are playing your tune if you respect the value of excellent logistics project management.

It’s almost like organizing a symphony, but in this case our logistics managers are dealing with changes in real time, adlibbing and doing their best to bring the right instruments into the song at just the right time.

Bay & Bay knows what a chore it can be to deal with getting a guitar here or a pedal steel there on time. Logistics project management is about sweating the details, working with several vendors and carriers at the same time—the goal is getting them and all the other players on the same sheet of music and making your project a success.

The harmonies can be sweet as our logistics maestros bring order to your projects like store openings, remodels, roll-outs, and reverse logistics. They aren’t one-note wonders because transportation is only the beginning. We can provide onsite labor, inside deliveries, cross dock/warehousing, and staging. Your project is the star as we manage the logistics needs of retailers, restaurant chains, hotels, hospitals, and schools.

While you’ll appreciate the Music City’s crisscrossing interstates and our ample storage space not far away from music row, the fact is our logistics managers have relationships that go far beyond Nashville. In fact, we’ve got a national warehouse capability that’s a big hit across the country and is sure to save you money and boost your bottom line.

Discover why Bay & Bay is known as the best fleet to drive for and a quality driven tradition. For more information about our logistics project management, call us at (888) 801-3026, or visit our website to learn how we can make your next project a chart topper in Nashville or locations across the U.S.


Exploring Load to Ride Transportation Options for Streamlined Shipping in Dallas, TX.

October 24th, 2019 · No Comments

Selecting a transportation option that best suits each individual delivery can require a fair amount of research and planning, especially if your company is looking to modernize and cut down on excess transport utilization and costs. Bay and Bay Transportation offers a variety of flexible shipping selections from less than truckload options to load to ride transportation to ensure your shipping methods best suit all of your transport needs. For Dallas, TX, business owners, load to ride transportation could be the shipping solution you’ve been searching for.

Load to ride transportation options stand apart from other methods as they maximize speed and efficiency above all else. This is made possible through a variety of factors unique to load to ride transportation, not the least of which includes streamlining the overall delivery process and reducing the amount of interaction required to get your packages from point A to point B.

By nature, load to ride transportation options minimize the amount of handling that your shipment experiences. This allows less room for error, ensures that your items are easy to keep track of, and guarantees quick deliveries without unrelated stops or delays. Cutting out the middleman of needing to consolidate shipments or transfer loads is a major benefit of this shipping style. These characteristics also help eliminate unforeseen threats to your goods such as theft, damage, or mishandling.

An added benefit to load to ride transportation is that it can also save on money and excess fuel usage by strategically planning shipment options to cut down on extraneous trucks and freight. This keeps costs low for you and your business, helps reduce emissions, and keeps trucks off the road that don’t need to be there. Unlike some other transportation options, load to ride transportation allows this by planning and loading shipments that are being sent to the same general area instead of dividing loads among additional trucks.

By strategically selecting your transportation options you can effectively optimize your shipping and ultimately streamline a significant portion of your supply methods, and Bay and Bay Transportation wants to help you make all of that a reality. Dallas, TX, business owners can contact us at (888) 801-3026 or visit our website for more information.


Make our National Warehouse Capabilities Your Super Power this Fall

October 19th, 2019 · No Comments

There’s a superhero you’ve never met before, but you’re going to like him if national warehouse capabilities are the super power you need to propel your product to customers this fall in Minneapolis, MN, and scores of other cities across the United States.

Just in time for Halloween, that superhero is none other than Super Logistics Man. While we’re still working on the exact costume, let’s assure you the mind and muscle behind their super power is already hard at work at Bay & Bay Transportation in Minneapolis and a number of other well-connected locations.

Super Logistics Man knows just how important it is that you have the national warehouse capabilities you need, ready to go if you’re shipping a brand-new superhero outfit for Halloween or maybe that must-have toy for the holidays. No matter the item, we understand you want super logistics performance and someone else to do the heavy lifting.

At Bay & Bay we have just the right people to make it happen. In a swoosh, or is that a flash, Super Logistics Man is ready with warehouse space to store that product and have it ready when it’s time to roll it out. There’s also no need to worry about making dozens of deals with vendors and carriers. That’s Super Logistics Man’s job, and he’s ready to blow down barriers, tie-up loose ends like bad guys, and communicate better than Commissioner Gordon’s Bat-Signal in Gotham City.

It takes a superhero to do a super job that no one seems to appreciate behind the scenes, but we know that our unsung super heroes are ready when your needs include transportation, onsite labor, inside deliveries, cross dock/warehousing, and staging.

Super Logistics Man knows his way around warehouses and can leap them in a single bound. He’s also faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than a locomotive when it comes to managing projects for his favorite friends who include retailers, restaurant chains, hotels, hospitals, and schools.

Whether your need for logistics and national warehouse capabilities is moving product forward or in reverse, Bay & Bay’s Super Logistics Man is your superhero in coordination and getting your unwanted items returned in an orderly and cost-effective way.

Discover why Bay & Bay is known as the best fleet to drive for and a quality driven tradition. For more information about our national warehouse capabilities and Super Logistics Man, call us at (888) 801-3026. Visit our web page to learn how we can put our super powers to work managing your next project in Minneapolis or locations across the U.S.


When You Should Use Refrigerated Transportation Services in Oklahoma City, OK

October 16th, 2019 · No Comments

Whether you live in Oklahoma City, OK or elsewhere, you probably already know about refrigerated transportation services. You know that some business owners use them to keep produce, ice cream, and similar items cool so they’ll stay safe while they’re being moved to grocery stores. But is that all it’s good for? When should you consider using this option for your business? Why should you care about it, and is it really worth the bother in the long run? If you still have questions after reading this article, contact Bay & Bay Transportation at (888) 801-3026 at your earliest convenience. We’ll be happy to help you in any way.

Do you own a restaurant? Do you stress to customers and diners that you use only the freshest ingredients? Why not put your money where your mouth is? A refrigerated truck is just what you need to make sure the ingredients you use in your food don’t spoil before you can even use them. People will know the difference right away, spelling only good things for you. Any truck driving expert that specializes in refrigeration can tell you that this will make a big difference.

Refrigerated transportation services are used for more than just keeping food fresh. Temperature-controlled shipping is also important for many industries, like personal care products and event art and antiques! Something like a fine painting doesn’t need the cold temperature like a dairy product, but it does need a consistent, steady, reliable temperature when moving across country in the back of a truck.

Call Bay & Bay Transportation of Oklahoma City, OK today at (888) 801-3026 and learn about what our professional refrigerated transportation services can do for you.


Important Flatbed Transportation Services Information You Need to Know for Your Albany, NY, Business

October 12th, 2019 · No Comments

Do you own or run a business in Albany, NY? Whether that business is big or small, if you have products that need to get to stores or other businesses, you probably know all about truck driving/truck drivers. You know you shouldn’t attempt to hire truck drivers on your own (it’s especially a bad idea to hire someone you know/are related to and feel obligated to hire), and you shouldn’t try to train drivers on your own. But while you know about truck driving/truck drivers, do you know about flatbed transportation services? What is a flatbed truck, and what should you keep in mind when selecting? What should you ask when you contact a company for assistance?

Quick Look at the Benefits of Flatbed Transportation Services

Why should you use flatbed transportation services?

  • Flatbed trucks can be loaded from several sides. While regular trucks can be constricting and difficult to load with certain products, a flatbed truck makes loading a lot easier so you can save time and reduce stress with this option.
  • Keeping the previous benefit in mind, flatbed trucks also offer more flexibility when it comes to large freights because there are no walls to constrict what you can do.

Common Questions to Ask

  • Do you need to provide the company with a tarp/tarps for the transportation process or will it provide one or more tarps for you?
  • What types of flatbed trailers does the company offer? RGNs? Double drops? Step decks? Don’t be afraid to weigh your options and ask for more information on each choice because one option might work better than another.
  • How will your products be loaded and unloaded? What do you need to have available for your driver/drivers?

Call Bay & Bay Transportation of Albany, NY, and learn about what professional flatbed transportation services can do for you. Our number is (888) 801-3026, and we look forward to hearing from you.


Finding a Trucking Environment That Suits Experienced Truck Drivers in Cincinnati, OH.

October 3rd, 2019 · No Comments

Choosing where you want to hang your proverbial hat in the professional trucking industry can feel like a lot of trial and error for experienced truck drivers in Cincinnati, OH. You likely already know your strengths, have a sense of what you’re looking for in a company, and are just trying to find the right combination of well managed and suiting to your work type. While the characteristics of what makes a trucking company “good” varies widely from driver to driver, there are some key features that experienced truck drivers should know they can find at Bay and Bay Transportation.

When you’ve been in the professional trucking industry for a long time, you likely have a good sense of what makes or breaks a trucking company, but some understated details are easy to ignore until they become too much to handle. For instance, the overall work environment is a key component of a great career company that’s hard to define and even harder to write off as “not a problem” the longer you spend there. A positive trucking environment should have open communication, professional boundaries at all levels of employment, and an emphasis on personal health and wellbeing. Without these standards in place, experienced truck drivers may find themselves feeling underappreciated and out of the loop in no time at all.

Though communication is vital, an effective trucking company should also understand how to foster and appreciate independence. Micro-managing drivers is an easy way to make them feel stifled and stressed. Experienced truck drivers who already know the ropes don’t need their hands held, and effective companies should always strive to support that. This ensures that experienced truck drivers are given the freedom they need while up-and-coming drivers have room to grow.

Perhaps most importantly, a great trucking company knows how to provide stability. Experienced truck drivers have likely done some years of hopping from place to place and wage to wage, but settling on a reliable transportation company that can support your chosen lifestyle is essential to staying happy and fulfilled while out on the road.

Trucking is a tough but rewarding life and having a great trucking company to call home makes all the difference. Experienced truck drivers in Cincinnati, OH, looking for a great career opportunity need look no further; Bay and Bay Transportation has what you’re looking for. Prospective drivers can call today at (888) 801-3026 or visit our website for additional information.


Honing the Skills You Need to Overcome Common First Year Challenges as an Over- the-Road Truck Driver in San Antonio, TX

September 28th, 2019 · No Comments

Adjusting to life as a first year over-the-road truck driver can be tricky. You’ll likely be trying out different things to see what leaves you feeling productive and rested throughout the day, but there are a few core skills that everyone new to truck driving in San Antonio, TX should master. Bay and Bay Transportation’s veteran over-the-road truck drivers are experts at more than just driving, and if you want to succeed in the world of OTR driving, it’s worth making an effort beyond the wheel.

Prepare for your first hauls like you’d prepare for a camping trip. And yes, that might mean packing a sleeping bag. You’ll want toiletries, some comfort items, clean clothes, maps, and pretty much whatever else you think you’d need to survive in the woods. As you get into a rhythm you might find that you’ve overprepared. There’ll be plenty of resources on the road that make some of your packing feel unnecessary, but you’ll be happy to have that extra pillow or blanket when you’re in the middle of a long run.

Learn to communicate effectively in new ways. Being an over-the-road trucker and away from home for days at a time can make you feel isolated. The good news is that professional trucking has benefited from the advent of the internet age. Keep a phone handy for calls home, and take advantage of online forums with other over-the-road truck drivers. If you’re struggling there’s a good chance someone online has encountered similar issues, and if you’re lucky, they’ll have some very relevant truck driving advice. Having social outlets is a great way to maintain a community, even if you’re living the solo truck driver life.

Treat your body and mind with care. This is a good rule regardless of your career choices, but it’s especially vital as an over-the-road truck driver. You won’t always be familiar with the area you’re in, and feeling sick in a strange place can be exhausting. If you find yourself lagging, be proactive. It might be a cold or stress-related burn-out. Stay hydrated, keep semi-regular sleep hours, and take mental breaks throughout the day if you find your focus wandering. Truck driving isn’t an especially brutal career, but like any profession, it can tear you down if you don’t know how to build yourself up. Take the steps you need to be safe and healthy on the road.

If you’re interested in truck driving professionally or are ready to take your first step into the world as an over-the-road trucker, contact Bay and Bay Transportation for details on how to make your vision a reality. Skilled San Antonio, TX drivers looking for opportunities can contact us at (888) 801-3026 or visit our website today.