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Boosting Your Truck Driving Reputation to the Next Level in Dallas, TX

September 24th, 2018 · No Comments

What makes a truck driver? As long as you put forth the effort to get your haul where it’s supposed to go, isn’t that all it takes? A truck driver can simply put things in a truck and move them from point A to point B and conceivably scrape by, right? Well, sure! However, if you actually want to be a good truck driver then it takes a bit more than that. Bay & Bay Transportation’s Dallas, TX area truck drivers know what makes a trucker truly great, and with a little effort, you can join the big leagues and maximize your reputation and productivity in the competitive business of professional truck driving.

If you’re hoping to improve your standing in the world of professional truck driving, you’ll need to learn how to be on time. This may seem like the absolute lowest bar to clear in any transport job, but when it comes to professional truck driving, you can really up your effectiveness and appearance by being habitually on time and ready to go. It looks great to clients, it helps out your co-drivers, it’ll put dispatchers at ease, and it’s the first step to presenting yourself as an effective, reliable truck driver. Timeliness is constantly mentioned in the world of truck driving because it really matters, and it really works.

So, you’ve become a time-management expert. Great job! Next, it’s time to master the art of interpersonal contact. Professional truck driving isn’t always sunshine and roses as any veteran truck driver will tell you, but part of your job as a professional is knowing when and where to share concerns and complaints. If you’re sharing gripes with the wrong people, it’s a perfect way to end up on peoples’ “pain-in-the-neck” list. Sure, being a truck driver can be tough, and sometimes a drive goes wrong in ways that you can never foresee, but if you’re interested in professional truck driving for the long haul, get ready to take punches as they come and walk out smiling. A good attitude about non-controllable factors will get you through even the toughest trips and saving harsh words for the right audience is key in any work environment.

And perhaps most importantly, learn to rely upon yourself. Being a truck driver doesn’t always mean acting like the lone wolf, but more often than not when a problem occurs on the road, you have you, yourself, and you again to deal with it. Being a good truck driver has little to do with the rigs and everything to do with the person behind the wheel. If you can prove that you can handle whatever the road throws at you, your clients and cohorts alike with respect your ability to take on any challenge.

If you’re interested in professional truck driving or you’re a current truck driver hoping to up your game in Dallas, TX, contact us at Bay & Bay Transportation to inquire about professional truck driving opportunities. Call today at (888) 801-3026 or visit our website here for additional information.


How to Increase Confidence in Your Over the Road Drivers on Oklahoma City, OK Roads

September 18th, 2018 · No Comments

When you own a business, you need things to run as smoothly as possible. You want your employees to feel safe and confident with whatever they do. If you run into problems, morale could suffer (and your products won’t get to stores in the case of over the road drivers). How do you make sure your team of drivers feels confident while they head down Oklahoma City, OK, roads? We hope the tips below will help. If you have any questions about Bay & Bay Transportation or road safety, please call us at (888) 801-3026.

Listen to Calming Music

When some people don’t feel confident on the road, their hands shake. Their legs feel like jelly and they don’t know what to do. It can help to put on quiet, soothing, and relaxing music. The music shouldn’t be so relaxing that it makes truck driving experts feel sleepy, but it should be enough to take away any jitters. They shouldn’t feel like they want to nod off, especially in the middle of the highway.

Practice With an Expert in the Truck

In order to make a truck driver feel more confident in their abilities, they should ask a driver with more experience to sit in their truck with them. Of course, these companions can’t sit for the duration of a long trip, but for a shorter one (say, across a few counties), this could work well. Your over the road drivers shouldn’t feel they can’t go to anyone for help.

Drive Under Different Conditions

Truck drivers should try their hands at driving under different conditions. For example, they should drive when it’s raining or the sun is very bright. When they know they can handle any scenario, everyone benefits.
Call Bay & Bay Transportation of Oklahoma City, OK, and learn about our over the road drivers and what they can do for you. The number is (888) 801-3026.


Tips for Over the Road Drivers Who Run Out of Fuel on Houston, TX Roads

September 13th, 2018 · No Comments

Drivers, no matter what their age, background, or location, have a lot to think about when they’re out on the road. They must pay attention to the drivers around them or try to quiet their restless kids in the backseat. They may even have to keep track of how long they have to stay on the highway before they reach their destination. When you own a business in Houston, TX, you know there’s more to driving than small inconveniences or thoughts. Your over the road drivers also have to focus on something else — running out of fuel. If they don’t, they could find themselves in bad situations. Not just for them, but for you, too. So, what should they do if their tank empties before they can get to a truck stop?

Try to Pull Over to a Safe Spot

When one of your truck driving experts realizes they’re about to run completely out of gas, they should do what they can to keep themselves and other drivers safe. If possible, they should move to the side of the road. The middle of the road is dangerous and could cause traffic backups, among other things. Obviously, this can be tricky when someone drives a truck, but it’s an important step that needs to be taken.

Call for Help

Of course, it’s important for over the road drivers to call for help once they have parked safely. If the driver is within walking distance of a truck stop, they can head over there for help. They won’t have to worry about sitting around for hours until someone can come by and assist. Above all, they shouldn’t panic.

Call Bay & Bay Transportation of Houston, TX, and learn about our over the road drivers and what they can do for you. The number is (888) 801-3026.



Will Easing Age Restrictions Relieve the Shortage of Truck Drivers in Places Like Joliet, IL

September 10th, 2018 · No Comments

The orders and demand from retail giants like Amazon and Walmart aren’t easing any. As a matter of fact, they continue to rise in places like Joliet, IL and elsewhere around the country.


The issue now for companies like Bay & Bay Transportation  is what to do about a need for truck drivers that’s leading to higher wages, rising prices, and delivery delays.


The numbers aren’t good; according to the American Trucking Associations estimates, the U.S. will experience a shortage of around 63,000 truck drivers this year.


At least a few members of congress are promising to push legislation that would ease a major restriction on  truck drivers who want to break into the business.


Currently commercial drivers must wait until they reach the age of 21 before it’s legal for them to deliver freight across state lines.


Assuming younger drivers can operate safely, a proposed law change would ease the need for people behind the wheel while offering new high school graduates a way to make a good wage right away.


Supporters are hoping an apprenticeship program overseen by experienced drivers and technology requirements like speed controls might help ease the concerns of critics.


The fallout from a lack of drivers is already hurting American business. Quarterly earnings reports are being affected as some industries can’t get enough raw materials or are having a hard time getting finished products delivered.

Bay & Bay Transportation is acutely aware of how difficult it can be to find the right people. We’re currently hiring over-the-road drivers in Joliet, IL and other locations across the United States.

Joliet is located in a transportation hub where interstates, waterways, and railways meet. Joliet is served by Interstates 80 and 55 and is minutes from Interstate 355. It has freight rail connections to local and regional carriers, and most importantly, is only 45 miles southwest of Chicago’s Loop.

As an independent contract driver, Bay & Bay Transportation can help you achieve the best profits in the trucking industry. Through programs such as our truck lease-to-own program, our truck drivers have the opportunity to build a successful business career by using the highest-quality equipment at exceptionally affordable rates.

It’s one of many reasons why Bay & Bay Transportation is known as a quality driven tradition. If you’ve got the right stuff, call (888) 801-3026 or visit our web page for more details and information about how you can join our growing team in Joliet and other parts of the country.


Tips for Over-the-Road Drivers to Fight Boredom on Chicago, IL Roads

September 6th, 2018 · No Comments

Let’s face it: driving can be boring. This is especially true when you have over-the-road drivers on your team who have to spend hours on the road before they reach their destination. Of course, if your drivers are bored and unhappy, you can’t expect to get great results. You can’t expect them to feel happy and get your products to their destination. What can be done? We hope the tips below can help your drivers, whether they’re moving through Chicago, IL or elsewhere. If you have any questions or would like to hire an expert and reliable team of drivers, call us today at (888) 801-3026.


Download Some Podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to fight loneliness or boredom on the road. There are podcasts for just about any subject, from parenting to video games and nostalgia to true crime. There’s bound to be something that fits the driver’s interest so they don’t have to fill the hours with bland radio stations, or worse, complete silence. Podcasts are also free, and there are so many to choose from and download it’s impossible to run out of content. Any truck driving expert with a phone and access to the Internet has the ability to find podcasts.


Try Something New

If a driver only visits certain restaurants or diners while they’re on the road, they can spice things up by trying a new place. This small action can give a driver a bit of excitement and help them focus on other things. They can discover new foods or make new friends, something that can give them something different to look forward to during their next run. Many over-the-road drivers could benefit from this tip.

Learn What Over-the-Road Drivers Can Do For You

Call Bay & Bay Transportation of Chicago, IL today at (888) 801-3026 and learn about our over-the-road drivers and what they can do for you.



Common Truck Driving Injuries and Simple Prevention Tips for Drivers in Cincinnati, OH

September 5th, 2018 · No Comments

Truck driving may not be the most dangerous job in the entire world, but like any other physical career, it does come with some common, physical risk factors. Part of your job as a professional truck driver in Cincinnati, OH is taking care of your body and preventing common truck driving injuries before they ever have a chance to happen. The truck drivers at Bay and Bay Transportation are here to share some easy tips and tricks to keep your body moving and mobile while you’re out on the road this summer season.

It always bears repeating that as a truck driver you absolutely must drink adequate amounts of water and get plenty of rest. Water and rest can mitigate the dangers of dehydration, dizziness, pulled muscles, over-extension, and overexertion. That’s right – all of the above can be avoided if you just drink water and sleep. It’s not foolproof, but a majority of your issues on the road can be made easier by staying hydrated and well-rested. Never take these things for granted if you’re planning on joining the truck driving career!

Since professional truck driving also includes hauling, lifting, loading, and unloading, occasionally you may need to exert some force on a stubborn object or two. Whenever this is the case, use all of the tools at your disposal to make the job easy on your shoulders, back, and wrists specifically. Use dollies for unloading and loading. If you must lift, do so with your legs and not your back, and if you find yourself getting sore wrists, adjust your grip to direct that strain onto your forearms. A lot of these methods are common sense for any seasoned truck driver, but sometimes simple ergonomics fall by the wayside when you’re in the middle of a rushed afternoon.

And finally, don’t forget that even when you’re behind the wheel, injuries can still occur at a moment’s notice. Keep your eyes peeled for erratic drivers, pull over and stretch if you feel your attention lagging, and if your shoulders or tailbone are getting sore, don’t be afraid to introduce a lower back pillow into your driving arrangement. Most on the job truck driving injuries are avoidable if you listen to your body and make adjustments when something starts to feel a little off. Even if you’re on a marathon drive and you feel like a little discomfort is worth making your deadlines, don’t forget that you only have one body. There’s no need to push it to the breaking point if you can make things a little easier on it.

Professional truck driving requires knowing your body’s limits and providing all of the advantages you can to keep things moving smoothly. Paying attention to your health and preventing avoidable injuries is just part of your day-to-day job, as much as operating a rig or following a route.

If you’re looking to hitch up with a truck driving job in Cincinnati, OH and interested in more information, contact the professional truck drivers with Bay and Bay Transportation. Call us at (888) 801-3026 or visit our website here for details.


Will Months of Freeway Frustration Ease for Truckers on Minneapolis, MN Highways?

September 3rd, 2018 · No Comments

Got bottleneck? Truckers know all about the problems that await on the major highways in Minneapolis, MN and other parts of the metro area these days.


It’s been a long, hot summer for truckers who rely on Interstate 35W to deliver throughout the Minneapolis area. The nearly $240-million rebuild is putting a huge squeeze on north and southbound traffic just south of downtown Minneapolis.


The closure of critical entrance and exit ramps along 35W is backing traffic up during morning and afternoon rush hours onto Interstate 94 and other highways. It’s also forcing commuters to rely on city streets which creates additional congestion. To make matters worse, some of the alternate routes are also undergoing repair work.


How quickly truckers and motorists will begin to notice better drive times is anyone’s guess as fall begins to close in. September commuters usually find there’s an added complication, especially during drive-time; most public and private schools are back in session which creates more traffic and slow-downs.


If Bay and Bay drivers are expecting any permanent construction relief as the snow begins to fly later this year, they realized it’ll only last a matter of months. The rebuild of I-35W from downtown Minneapolis to 43rd street is expected to last over the next three road construction seasons.


The fact that city and state road construction projects are happening at the same time is being blamed on the availability of money and just plain old bad timing. But truckers are all too familiar with the reality that infrastructure in places like Minneapolis is nearly a half-century old, crumbling, and in need of repair or replacement.

While some are wishing the project could be accelerated by encouraging road crews to work around the clock, others are quick to point out the labor required to do something like that isn’t available.

Bay and Bay is familiar with labor shortage issues. We’re constantly looking for quality drivers who can deliver in Minneapolis, no matter the frustrations they may encounter. Bay & Bay is rewarding drivers with pay increases and competitive benefit packages. We also have great local opportunities in the Minneapolis area and OTR positions available nationwide.

Learn more and find out why Bay & Bay is known as a quality driven tradition. If you’ve got the right stuff, call (888) 801-3026, or visit our web page for more details and information about how you can join our growing team in the Minneapolis area and other parts of country.





Technical Time Management in the Daily Life of a Truck Driver in Madison, WI

August 14th, 2018 · No Comments

Time management is a complicated topic for Madison, WI truck drivers thanks to the many moving parts that make up a successful trucking business such as Bay and Bay Transportation. You must be able to manage your personal life, daily trips, long-term hauls, and pretty much everything in between. One of the most important aspects of effective trucking, however, is knowing how to maintain and operate your rig as effectively and efficiently as possible. And yes, that means knowing how to manage your technical trucking techniques on a tight time budget.

The daily technical tasks of a truck driver may vary but will usually include some form of the following: a walk-around of the rig to make sure everything is secure and where it should be, a manual or e-check in, a tire, oil, and fuel check, and a general status check of daily weather and potential route closures. These tasks may not seem overly complex, but they’re vital to the success of every truck driver.

Since these tasks are best performed at the start of every trip, it can be easy to skip over them or do each or any of them on “auto-pilot.” This is particularly true for veteran truck drivers who have perfected their time management to an art. However, even if you’re counting every second in your day and aiming for maximum efficiency, the importance of these basic technical tasks can never be overstated.

While it’s great to pack your day with as much progress as you can on each job, there’s a huge difference between fast tech checks and good tech checks in the world of trucking. And, as most truck drivers know, there are limits to daily hours set in place for a reason. Sure, spending an extra ten minutes in the morning to make sure your rig is fighting fit and the weather is on your side may feel like a waste of valuable driving time, but a trip well-prepped for is always better fated than one built on an unstable foundation. You may be a wizard at trucking time management, but if you skip your morning tech check and wind up with a mid-day technical failure, all of that speed comes to naught.

For Madison, WI professionals interested in becoming tech-savvy truck drivers or returnees to trucking looking for new opportunities, the Bay and Bay Transportation professionals can be contacted today for additional information. Call us at (888) 801-3026 or visit our website here for details.


Becoming Part of the Professional Trucking Community in Atlanta, GA

August 8th, 2018 · No Comments

Truck driving can be solitary work, which honestly suits many truckers just fine. But for those in the professional trucking game that are looking for a little more conversation than your basic “hello,” “afternoon,” and “see ya next time,” there’s no need to despair. Truck driving professionals like those at Bay and Bay Transportation come in all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds and if you know where to look, the trucking community that suits you best is out there and waiting whether you’re driving in California, Minnesota, or Atlanta, GA.

Making social connections while truck driving is a whole lot easier than it might have been some 20 years ago. With the advent of social media and smart phones, getting in touch and staying connected is practically effortless. A passing driver at that truck stop could be a great friend, a trusted confidant, or just a friendly face when you’re out on the road. Truck driving is in so many ways about curating your own work experience, and with the help of modern technology it’s simpler than ever.

Like any community, the cultivation of connections in professional trucking is a two-way street. Speak up, make an effort, and share your experiences with those you meet along the way. Be ready to listen to differing opinions and leave yourself open to advice, stories, or simple pleasantries. Truck driving is a varying and flexible profession, so don’t be surprised if people come and go into your life along the way.

Finding your place in truck driving is in many ways a personal experience. If you read this and think to yourself “actually, I think I’m fine as I am,” that’s just as well.  Professional trucking really gives drivers the chance to experience the job as they want to experience it. That may include making friends and cohorts along the way, or it may include becoming the best you can be with the tools at your disposal. There’s no singular right or wrong way to experience the work, as long as you find yourself satisfied at the end of a long haul.

If you’re interested in exploring the world of professional trucking for the first time, or you’re a current driver in the Atlanta, GA area interested in a new opportunity, contact Bay and Bay Transportation at (888) 801-3026 or visit our website here for additional information.


Driving Tips for Your Sleepy Over-the-Road Drivers in Philadelphia, PA

August 7th, 2018 · No Comments

Have you ever driven a car when you felt tired? Maybe you had a long day running your business or were unable to sleep the night before and you had no time to nap. Scary, isn’t it? When you’re sleepy and try to drive any distance, you put yourself and others in danger. You set yourself up for a terrible, life changing situation. Of course, you probably worry that your over-the-road drivers are driving tired as they move back and forth from Philadelphia, PA. Thankfully, you don’t have to just sit back and let it happen. You can give the drivers on your team the tips they need to stay awake, alert, and satisfied. We hope the information below will help. Have questions? Call Bay & Bay Transportation at (888) 801-3026.


Take a Nap Beforehand

Before you head out on the road, if you’re feeling tired or drowsy, it’s very important to attempt to take a nap. It doesn’t have to last for hours – you just need to rest your body, so you’ll be able to handle the road safely and responsibly. Take your nap where you feel comfortable and don’t try to force it. When you try to force sleep, it’s less likely to happen.


Listen to an Audio Book, Podcast, or Album

Sometimes it helps truck driving experts to listen to something while they drive. Maybe they have a favorite podcast or like to listen to audio books. The feeling of having somebody else in the cab and getting mentally engaged in what they’re listening to can help them stay awake.


Roll the Windows Down

The sensation of wind on your face is another way to keep you awake. Many over-the-road drivers also roll their windows down during hot weather.

Call Bay & Bay Transportation of Philadelphia, PA today at (888) 801-3016 and learn about our over-the-road drivers and what they can do for you.