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June 27th, 2013 · No Comments

You know there is almost nothing we eat, use or buy that doesn’t come to us by way of a truck? Even the cars we drive and many of the parts for the airplanes we fly in, trains on the tracks and ships at sea at some point rode in a truck. Trucks, and especially the big rigs we see cross-crossing the country on the interstate are the wheels that keep this country rolling.

Bay and Bay has been a big part of keeping those wheels rolling and goods flowing since 1941. That’s not bad for a company started by two brothers who named their business after a pair of bay horses!  Ever since they made their first delivery over 70 years ago, Bay and Bay has continued to grow, and we’re still growing. Why? Because through all those years of up and down economies, rising fuel prices and a lot of competition in the market, Bay and Bay always has, and always will, build its business on its greatest strength – great employees.

In a time when it seems we keep hearing about how employees are little more than a number that can be erased and tossed out like yesterday’s newspaper, Bay and Bay has had a better idea: We want to keep our employees. They aren’t just a number. They’re part of a family owned team. And that’s how we treat them. That’s how Bay and Bay has grown to one of the 15 largest trucking companies in Minnesota. And we want to continue to grow. To do that, we need to grow our personnel with the best people we can find, from our mechanics in the shop to the road warriors out there on the highway racking up mile after mile.

Here are some of the reasons we can attract and keep the very best people:

  • Competitive pay with driver bonuses
  • Excellent health, life and vision insurance
  • A 401K program
  • Steady work volume
  • Holidays and vacation
  • Career growth opportunities
  • Substantial driver referral bonuses

We take pride in being an industry leader, and to be the best you have to offer the best. That means our equipment is some of the cleanest, safest and best maintained on the road. Our shop staff of mechanics and supervisors uses the latest technology to make sure every driver going out on the road is behind the wheel of a big rig that is as safe and dependable as we can make it.

Are those enough reasons to think about becoming part of the Bay and Bay family? Here are some more. You don’t have to be a driver or owner operator to work for Bay and Bay. It takes a lot of people to keep an eighteen-wheeler on the road. We offer careers in all sorts of areas like sales representatives, mechanics, shop foremen, logistics specialists and driver recruiters to name a few.

It’s a big country out there with a lot of roads and a lot of products to be moved. Meeting that challenge takes a big company. If you’d like to be a part of making our company a little bigger and a little better, think about a career at Bay and Bay. We treat our people like family, because we are one!

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