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See How Easily You Can Eat Healthier On the Road

July 23rd, 2013 · No Comments

You know that Bay & Bay Transportation provides a comprehensive list of trucking and transportation solutions for businesses and trucking employment opportunities for truck drivers. Bay & Bay Transportation has also been participating in the TCA’s 3rd Trucking’s Weight Loss Showdown. Twelve employees accepted the challenge to lose ten percent of their body weight in ten weeks and represent Bay & Bay in this round of the TCA’s competition. Feel free to check their progress and continue encouraging them as they strive to learn new habits and techniques for staying healthy.

Even though most of us are not involved in the competition, many of us are ready to make some changes and work toward a healthier lifestyle. Here’s the good news: you don’t have to tackle it all at once. Little changes that last over time are the key to long-term results. Small adjustments to our habits and routines can make huge differences in the long run.


We all understand that what you put into something is what you will get out of it. Think about your truck’s fuel system. If you put low-quality fuel into your fuel tank, it will affect the performance of your rig. Extended use of sub-par fuel will even shorten the life of your engine.

The same principle applies to you and your body. The quality of fuel you put into your fuel tank will determine the performance of your “rig”. Prolonged use of unhealthy foods will shorten the life of your engine (heart and other organs).

Here are a few food related suggestions and tips for making better food choices while on the road. Remember, you are not trying to tackle all of these suggestions at once. Just starting with one or two of these will put you on the path to a healthier lifestyle.

Stay Hydrated: Obviously, this is one of the most important steps. Drinking water helps to flush out all the impurities and waste from you system. Your body cannot—and will not—function at optimum levels if you are not giving it enough water.

Suggestion: At least 64 oz. (1/2 gallon) per day, more in hot weather or after tough tasks.

Keep Track: The simple act of writing down exactly what you eat in any given day may be enough to shock some people into changing their eating habits. To start, use this as a tool before you make any food adjustments so you can look back at your progress after you start.

Suggestion: It doesn’t have to be complicated, just accurate. Here is an example you can use as a guide. Or you can download an app for your smart phone.

Don’t Skip Meals: Not kidding. Especially breakfast. When food enters your system, your metabolism speeds up to turn that fuel into energy. A higher metabolism burns more calories. If you skip breakfast, your metabolism stays close to the rate it was at while you were sleeping—sssllllooowww. Your goal is to get that metabolism racing early in the day and keep it up throughout the day.

Suggestion: Eat three meals a day. Breakfast should contain 20-30 grams of protein found in eggs, greek yogurt, pre-packaged protein shakes, etc.

Snack Attack: It’s inevitable—it’s not quite time for a meal, but your stomach is asking for a little something to get you through. For most people, this is the battleground. This is the time when your choices will either help you to reach your goals, or sink the whole ship. Fight the urge to grab a bag of chips or a slice of pizza. Instead, choose snacks that are better for you.

Suggestion: Almonds, dried fruit, yogurt, popcorn, pretzels, fruit, fresh veggies, etc. Pack some from home to help save money.

A Few More Quickies

  • Drink one less beer than usual
  • Replace soda with unsweetened tea or water
  • Order menu items that are “baked,” “grilled,” or “broiled”
  • Avoid fast food chains
  • Stop eating at least 2 hours before going to sleep
  • Take a 10-15 minute walk around the lot

Slowly integrating some of these suggestions into your routine can have highly positive results. If you take care of your rig, your rig will reward you. You’ll feel better, you’ll look better, and you’ll have more energy. You’ll also be around longer to enjoy your life and your family. So, go ahead…pick one or two little things and get started. It’s the small choices that make the difference.

At Bay & Bay Transportation, we care about our truck drivers and staff. We don’t just provide employment opportunities; we provide career opportunities. For more information on how to join our team, visit our Driver Opportunities page.

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