Planning for the Big Trip

Trip Planning Tips from Bay & Bay Transportation

From local short hauls to running the roads throughout the country, trip planning is a major part of truck driving. Without planning ahead, a driver could encounter a multitude of issues that will set them behind in both mileage and hours, in addition to decreasing the efficiency of the truck. Before you set out on the open road, make sure your driving supplies include a decent plan for your trip. Here are a few helpful hints from Bay & Bay Transportation to help you get started with the planning.

Utilize all your resources. There’s a lot to be said for both the GPS and the paper atlas. We recommend you use them both so that you’ve got the most comprehensive idea of the roads on your trip. An electronic GPS always has the potential to fail, and a paper atlas is harder to keep updated with the most current road information, including tolls and other traveling time trip ups. Don’t forget to use other drivers on the road as well! Someone may have just traveled the roads you’re setting a course for and will know of potential construction obstacles or tricky exits. By using all of the information available to you, you’ll be sure to plan a less stressful route than you would by just “winging it.”

Calculate trip time using averages. Once you’ve become accustomed to the nuances of your truck and the feel of the road, you’ll have a better idea of what your average speed is when you finally get rolling. Most drivers calculate their average speed at about 57 mph in less congested areas, like driving through the Midwest. More populated areas, like the east coast, set the average speed a little bit lower, closer to 55 mph. It’s important to give yourself enough room in case you encounter unexpected obstacles. Better to be early than late, always!

Keep track of your hours. While traveling, keep track of how long certain routes take you to travel. With some experience, you’ll have an arsenal of information on driving in different areas that will help you plan your future routes.

Don’t forget about rest stops. Refueling takes time, from actually pumping the fuel and topping off fluids to traveling to and from the truck stop. Using your average speed, calculate how often you’ll have to stop, and account for downtime in the route.

Timing is VERY important. Driving in rush hour traffic is aggravating enough when you’re just trying to get home for supper. It can be even more of a pain when it sets you behind on a delivery. When planning a route through a major city, try to avoid passing through from 8 -10 am and 3 – 6 pm, with extra caution around the lunchtime hour. The less traffic present, the less stress you’ll experience while driving.

Using these tips, trip planning will become a consistent, easy way for you to reduce stress while driving, while increasing efficiency. If you’d like to put your trip planning skills to use for Bay & Bay Transportation, check out our available positions under Driver Opportunities or go directly to the “Apply Now!” page for an on-line application form!

Truck Driving Jobs Available Nationwide!

Bay & Bay Transportation is hiring in multiple locations across the US

What better way to start a new year than with a new career! At Bay & Bay Transportation, we’re always looking for new drivers to fill a variety of positions. Whether you’re looking for a truck driving job in a Midwest state like Minnesota, or ready to see the east coast from West Virginia to New York, we may have the position that’s right for you. We hire:

Company Over the Road (OTR) Drivers: Traveling an average of 2500 – 3300 miles per week, our OTR drivers have every opportunity to earn extra money and rewards for hard work. OTR drivers have the potential to earn bonuses through fuel management, mileage, retention, and longevity.

Owner Operator Drivers: As an Owner/Operator independent contractor for Bay & Bay Transportation, we provide the support and resources you need to build a successful business for yourself. Through our Owner Operator Division, you’ll receive the discounts and support of a large company while retaining the freedom of owning your own truck.

Lease to Own Drivers: With our Truck Lease to Own Program, you can slowly work your way to owning your own truck. Working with affordable payment plans, you’ll be able to lease great equipment so you can focus on what’s important: driving. With a 30 day assurance warranty on all equipment, you’ll be able to start earning the best profits in the industry as soon as possible.

Whether you’re looking for a local driving job that gets you home for dinner every night, or excited about the possibility of seeing the country while on the road, Bay & Bay Transportation provides a variety of opportunities for drivers of all levels.

For further information on our available careers or to apply, check out our Driver Opportunities section or click the link to our super-convenient on-line application!

The Road to the Tournament of Roses: Transporting the Band

Rosemount Marching Band at the Tournament of Roses. Photo by Dave Andrews

The Rose Bowl is a quintessential american tradition that has taken place 125 times annually on January 1st to welcome in the New Year. Floats and marching bands rule the parade before the big football game, and this year, Bay & Bay Transportation was ecstatic to help transport our local Rosemount High School marching band to Pasadena, California so they could participate in the established tradition.

While the parade route is only 5.5 miles in length, the truck drivers of Bay & Bay Transportation drove over 1,900 miles to ensure the safe delivery of the marching band’s instruments, uniforms, and supplies to California. The Rose Bowl was the final culmination of the Rosemount High School band’s hard work. The week-long trip also included participation in Band Fest at Pasadena Community College and the march in the Tournament of Roses, as well as some local tours and fun in the sun!

In addition to sight-seeing, the band was also honored to march in the Christmas Fantasy Parade at Disneyland. With so many special performances, it was extremely important to make sure that the instruments, uniforms, and any other marching band supplies arrived on time and in great condition, a specialized transportation service challenge that Bay & Bay Transportation was excited to meet!

The weeklong trip was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that the members of the Rosemount High School band will surely never forget. Bay & Bay Transportation is proud to have provided quality transportation services for such a unique and special event.

For truck driving opportunities here in Minnesota as well as across the country, check out our Driver Opportunities page or fill out our online application!

Bay & Bay Transportation Annual Driver Banquet Set for February 1st, 2014

Bay and Bay Transportation Prepares for Celebration and Recognition

Top Dawg Award for Top Producing Truck Drivers from Bay and Bay Transportation

At Bay & Bay Transportation, it gives us great pleasure to honor our drivers and all the hard work they do for us throughout the year. Coming up on February 1st, 2014, we’ll have the chance to do just that at our Annual Driver Banquet and Top Dawg Awards. The banquet is a chance for our top producing and long term drivers to come together, swap stories, and be in the company of those who know and understand the struggles and triumphs of the truck driving lifestyle.

Of course, a banquet just isn’t complete without a few speeches, awards and special recognition. The Top Dawg Award honors the top producing drivers in each division for 2013. Each winner is presented with a plaque, gift certificates and the chance to win a trip to the destination of their choice. Hard work and dedication to your job and our customers pays off when you work for Bay & Bay Transportation.

We also honor our Wall of Fame Drivers (10 years or more with the company) and our current and previous Drivers of the Year.

Last year’s banquet was an absolutely wonderful experience. We know that Bay & Bay Transportation’s 4th annual Driver Banquet and Top Dawg awards will be just as much fun. We look forward to celebrating with the drivers that help ensure our business runs efficiently and effectively.

If you’d like to work for Bay & Bay Transportation, please take a look at our Driver Opportunities page or apply here!