How a Wheeling, WV Truck Driver Can Purchase Items on the Road

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Shopping can be a stressful activity for the average person. Whether an individual wishes to look for food or clothes, they may not be aware of their options or where to start. When it comes to truck drivers, such tasks may be especially difficult. How can a driver shop and purchase needed items while on the road?  The answer doesn’t always have to involve complicated steps or strange plans that take away from driving time. If you have the right tools at your side, you can achieve anything. At Bay & Bay Transportation, we know that a truck driver in Wheeling, WV can purchase items quickly and easily through the use of the internet.

If you have a tablet or phone with access to the Internet, you can purchase anything under the sun with the click of a few buttons. For example, if you want a used item to save money, consider an online auction site. Online auction sites allow you to purchase things that may not be available in normal stores. Need a rare figurine for someone’s birthday? Require a shirt at a reduced price? Search an auction site and have the package shipped to your home – it’s always nice to come home to find something in the mail.

If you don’t wish to use the online world for your shopping needs, plan to visit stores on your route. Do this ahead of time to avoid confusion and stress. You need to make sure that you have room in the truck for whatever you buy as otherwise you will run into problems. Clothes and toiletries are easy enough to find room for, but large gifts or items for the home may be more difficult to transport. When you need to purchase a large item while on the road, plan to buy it while on route back to your house.

Shopping while on the road may seem like a challenge to some people, but this doesn’t have to be the case. If you’re willing to try something different, you can reap the benefits. Truck drivers in Wheeling West Virginia, and all across the country can benefit from the use of the internet while on the road (but of course, only while at rest stops).

If you’re ready to tackle the truck driving challenges of Wheeling, WV and across the US, consider applying to work for Bay & Bay Transportation. With competitive salaries and benefit packages, you won’t regret it. Apply online or contact us today for more information.

Protect Your Sight: The Best Sunglasses for Truck Drivers in Eagan, MN

Bay and bay Transportation | Eagan MN Truck DriverBay and Bay Transportation | Sunglasses for Truck Drivers in Eagan, MN and throughout the Midwest

You are caught off-guard on an especially sunny day and you can’t stand hauling your trailer one more mile without some shade for your eyes. After a futile search for your usual eyewear, you stop and pick up the first pair of sunglasses that fits your head and continue on your way. Problem solved, right? But was your choice of eye protection the best choice? Choose the best sunglasses for truck driving and contact Bay and Bay Transportation today!

We’ve all tried them. Those cheap sunglasses may be fine for the occasional trip, but if you’re a Minnesota truck driver investing in the long-term, you’ll need a professional grade pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses protect the eyes and bodies of truck drivers while they drive. Some benefits include:

• Protection from harmful UV rays
• Relieves stress on the eyes
• Keeps your outlook fresh and alert
• Cuts down on glare and reflections
• Clearer vision of potential obstacles hidden by glare
• Looking super cool and ready to take on the world

Okay, that last one just might be our own personal opinion. At Bay & Bay Transportation, we happen to think that our truck drivers are the best of them all. That’s why we want to make sure each driver is safe and protected.

There are certain characteristics you should look for when you’re investing in a professional grade pair of sunglasses. Before purchasing, check to make sure that:
• The lenses are good quality and not warped
• They provide 99% to 100% UV-A and UV-B protection
• They screen out 75% to 90% of visible light
• The frames are stiff and won’t bend out of shape
• They are scratch resistant
• The lenses reduce glare and reflection and preferably have a gray tint to allow for proper color recognition

Another sure sign of a great pair of sunglasses is those that are marked as polarized. This means that the lenses are specifically made to reduce glare and reflection.

Before you purchase any pair, hold them up and move them around to see if they will distort your view in any way. As with anything in the transportation service, it’s important for truck drivers to be aware of their surroundings and the nuances of your equipment.

For more tips or to apply to Bay & Bay Transportation, check out our driver opportunities or apply by clicking here.

Trucking Company News: Bay & Bay Transportation Acquires J&C Trucking

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This past week the official news came in: Bay & Bay Transportation acquired J&C Trucking, headquartered in Baldwin, WI. Previously, J&C Trucking was one of our major competitors in the market for dry tank hauling in the Midwest.

Sam Anderson, President and CEO of Bay & Bay, had this to say about the acquisition: “The addition of J&C Trucking to our tank division is powerful. We’ll achieve an even lower operating ratio due to the overlap in freight networks and improved equipment efficiency. It’s a real win for customers.”

By acquiring J&C Trucking, Bay & Bay Transportation has increased its tank transportation division by 50 percent. This means that Bay & Bay Transportation’s tank fleet will consist of over 150 trucks, and Bay & Bay will now have more than 500 trucks in total running the roads of the Midwest and the United States.

The acquisition of J&C Trucking is just a small part of Bay & Bay’s initiative to grow its tank and refrigerated trucking divisions. Future acquisitions will include profitable, well-established companies that fit the growing geographic or equipment needs of Bay & Bay. J&C Trucking’s current Baldwin, WI, headquarters and all staff will stay in place indefinitely.

With the brokerage division projecting more than 40,000 shipments in 2014, the acquisition will be a great asset in meeting the demands of our growing customer base.

As an ever-growing company, Bay & Bay transportation is always looking for Minnesota truck drivers to fill any open positions. If you are interested in applying, please check out our Driver Opportunities or click here to apply online.

Spring Driving Challenges for Truck Drivers in the Midwest

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Things are finally starting to take a turn for the warmer here in the Midwest. Though the precipitation hasn’t let up, it’s at least turned from snow to rain, a much more pleasant alternative. Even though the worst of the weather conditions are behind us, there are plenty of challenges that truck drivers in the Midwest face during spring. Bay & Bay Transportation explores the unique spring challenges and obstacles truck drivers face.

Wind. In the Midwest, and particularly in tornado alley, there aren’t many barriers to the full force of the wind. The terrain is flat, and trees lines to break up the gusts are nearly nonexistent. Truck drivers already know that wind is felt more in semis; the high center of gravity and large wind-catching trailers always present a challenge when driving. When beginning your journey, take into account if your trailer is full or not as this will definitely affect how your truck handles in windy conditions.

Wildlife. Spring is the season of love…or so they say. Over the next few weeks, more and more wildlife will become active again as they wake from hibernation. Add in some lovesick animals, and you’re sure to see more than your fair share of deer, skunks, and maybe even bears. While these critters can pop-out and surprise truck drivers at any point, night or day, pay attention to animal crossing signs. Though animals won’t always cross there, those signs indicate a higher animal population and a tendency for vehicle accidents involving that animal.

Water. Even though temperatures have been consistently in the 60s for the last few weeks, the nights and mornings have still been cold at times. As truck drivers start their journeys each day, they should be cautious of wet areas on the road. While most times it will just be a puddle, dropping temperatures and varied altitudes may create ice patches where you least expect them. As the spring season begins, check the tires on your truck and trailer to ensure that you are well-equipped to handle water on the roads.

Though accidents happen, at Bay & Bay Transportation we aim to arm our drivers with the knowledge, tips, and equipment to remain safe on the road. If you are looking for a truck driving job in Minnesota, or anywhere else in the continental US, check out our Driver Opportunities or apply online.


How a Wheeling, WV Truck Driver Can Keep Up With the News on the Road

Bay and Bay Transportation provides truck driving careers in Wheeling, WV and throughout the United States

The world changes on a constant basis. It can be difficult to keep up with the latest news and happenings, especially if you spend a lot of time away from home. If you are on the road making a living, you do not have to be left in the lurch when it comes to the latest events. You can easily keep up with your peers and avoid ignorance and confusion. At Bay & Bay Transportation, we know that a truck driver in Wheeling, WV can stay on top of the news using a multitude of platforms. When you wish to keep up with the news while on the road, consider downloading special apps on your phone or tablet. Many news websites have apps available for consumers to use when they do not have the ability to go on a web browser. You can check the headlines quickly and scan for the most important information. It may be possible to email certain articles to yourself to read at a later time. Be aware of the apps that you download – you may go over your data limits with your phone carrier. Be sure to only use your mobile devices while at a rest stop or taking a lunch break. If you do not have access to a smart phone or tablet, watch television while taking a break. Some truck drivers stop to eat at restaurants with televisions on display, and you can watch the news as you enjoy your meal. If the restaurant or bar is empty, ask a server or bartender if they can turn up the volume on the television or turn on subtitles. A great, classic standby is to listen to the radio while you are driving. Scan for talk radio stations to stay informed on current events. You can even catch both sides of current events depending on what part of the country you are driving through. Radio stations are cost-free, hands-free, and the most convenient news source you have when you’re driving the roads. minnesota truck driving jobs bay and bay transportationKeeping up with the times does not have to be a hard endeavor as you drive a truck down the highway. You can learn about what happens around the world with the touch of a tablet screen or television remote. Bay & Bay Transportation is always looking to hire truck drivers in Wheeling, WV and other cities across the US. To stay updated on current positions at our company, bookmark our blog or check out the truck driver jobs currently available by clicking here.

Snacking Healthy While on the Road: Meal Ideas for Truck Drivers

Bay and Bay Transportation | Tips for Truck Drivers to Eat Healthier While Running the Roads in Eagan, MN and nearby areas

Truck drivers know better than anyone else the temptation of French fries at every stop. When you drive so many miles in such a short span of time, it’s hard not to notice the increasing amount of fast food restaurants that decorate almost every exit… and how convenient these places are. For truck drivers in Minnesota and across the US, eating healthy while on the road definitely presents a challenge. At Bay & Bay Transportation, health and safety go hand in hand, and we value both when it comes to the well-being of our drivers.

There are plenty of ways to resist the temptation of fast food and junk food while running the roads of America. All it takes is a little preparation and forethought while preparing for your trip. There are plenty of simple recipes that you can prepare the night before for a full day of healthy eating.

For breakfast on the go, try this tasty oatmeal fruit and yogurt dish. It has plenty of vitamins from the fruit, one serving of your daily dairy requirement, and the complex carbs from the oatmeal will digest slowly and keep you feeling full longer. The coolest part about this dish is that by preparing it the night before, the oats are softened which makes the parfait thick, creamy, and delicious!

When lunch rolls around, it might be best to stick with something light. A heavy meal can sometimes make you feel drowsy; a truck driver’s worst nightmare. Cheese and crackers are a great alternative to greasy, heavy burgers and chicken sandwiches. You can also try this BLT salad recipe as your mid-day meal to keep you fueled and focused.

Traveling during dinner is the perfect time to take a longer break and indulge in a heavier meal if you’d like. A Chicken Caesar Wrap is a great way to end the day. It will provide you with enough protein to make it through the rest of your night and you can add an extra dose of veggies to make this wrap a mega meal.

By preparing beforehand for your daily trip, you can save money and inches from your waistline. For even more options, consider investing in a small fridge or microwave for your truck. There are plenty of recipes on the web for healthy lunches for truck drivers or other people that are on the road often.

If you want to work for a company that truly cares about the well-being of its employees from safety to health and everything in-between, consider applying to Bay & Bay Transportation. You can check out our Driver Careers, Lease Purchasing Program by state, or click here to apply online.