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Bay & Bay Celebrates Drivers with Millions of Safe Miles

June 17th, 2014 · No Comments

Bay & Bay Transportation is committed to the safety of our drivers while they’re out on the roads all across our great country.

minnesota truck driving jobs bay and bay transportationThis weekend, Bay & Bay Transportation will be celebrating the newest and current members of our company who have driven their rigs one million miles (or more) consecutively without an accident. We applaud the newest truck drivers of Bay & Bay Transportation in Minnesota who have reached this major and remarkable milestone.

There are quite a few causes of crashes involving tractor trailers. Some of the more common reasons include:
• Loss of control after an event like a blown tire
• Another vehicle entering the truck’s lane
• Poor road and weather conditions
• Shifting cargo
• Driver fatigue

The Department of Transportation reports that in 60% of all truck accidents, driver error was not the cause. In most cases, conditions and factors beyond the control of the driver were responsible for the mishap. That makes the accomplishments of the “Million Miles Drivers” even more impressive. They have repeatedly overcome obstacles to deliver goods safely and on time in spite of the ongoing challenges inherent to daily driving.

To put into perspective just how far one million safe miles is for our truck drivers, we’ve put together a few comparisons. For instance, one million miles is equal to:
• Driving around the equator 40.16 times
• Driving from NYC to LA 358.18 times
• Driving from Rosemount, MN to the Florida Keys 529.66 times
• If you could drive to the moon, that would be two round trips

We are extremely proud of our truck drivers who have driven one million safe miles, and particularly proud of the few drivers who have driven over TWO million consecutive safe miles! In recognition of their outstanding achievement they will be celebrating this weekend at Madden’s Resort in Brainerd.

Bay & Bay is committed to excellence and we expect the same of our drivers. If you are up to the challenge, consider applying for our Truck Driver Opportunities in Minnesota or across the United States.

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