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Fire Safety on the Road for Truck Drivers in Wheeling, WV

June 30th, 2014 · No Comments

Bay and Bay Transportation offers a few fire safety tips all truck drivers should follow.

Everybody knows about fire safety. School children learn about it in school, and you might see posters and commercials about keeping fire at bay in your local community. However, does it really sink into your mind? Remembering fire safety is hard enough at home; on the road that task may appear to be impossible. You don’t have to let yourself fall into dangerous traps while you drive a truck. At Bay & Bay Transportation, we understand that a truck driver in Wheeling, WV needs to be safe and pay attention to his or her surroundings.

The first thing you should do is refrain from smoking wherever fuel is dispensed. Truck drivers often need to pull into a truck stop and refuel their rig. Though truck driving can be stressful, don’t light up a cigarette to relieve the tension. Everyone knows that an open flame near combustible liquids is a bad idea. Wait until you finish filling your tank and can walk a safe distance from the refueling area before lighting up. If you see someone else smoking, let them know about the hazard they pose. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind; you could save a life.

If you get your meals from diners along your route, you might wish to reheat them somewhere at some point. If your sleeper is equipped with a hot plate or microwave oven, never leave these appliances unsupervised when cooking. Never take a nap or walk away when you are cooking as it might lead to problems. Even as safe as a microwave may appear, they can still catch fire and cause quick and deadly damage. Convenience is great, but fire safety is essential!

Fire safety is a part of life, and you shouldn’t ignore it no matter where you are. If you drive a truck, make sure you practice safety in your own way. Bay & Bay Transportation in Wheeling, WV knows a truck driver should be responsible. Give them a call today.

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