Summer Driving Challenges for Truck Drivers in the Midwest

Bay and Bay Transportation | Summer may seem like a risk free time to drive, but it still presents challenges for truck drivers in the Midwest!

It seems like we’ve been waiting years for the dog days of summer! Thankfully, frosted windshields, snow covered rigs, and treacherous icy conditions are no longer an everyday ordeal. While many of the dangers of winter driving have passed, summer driving presents unique challenges to even the most experienced of truck drivers.

More Traffic. One downside of clear roads is that traffic increases an amazing amount, especially on the weekends. Even the more deserted highways fill up with people trying to escape the city and find that perfect summertime getaway spot.

Weather Concerns Other Than Blizzards. While snow storms are behind us (knock on wood!), thunderstorms, tornadoes, and hurricanes still pose a threat to those on the road. Though we all look forward to stretches of clear, sunny days, it’s important to keep an eye on the sky to ensure you aren’t caught unawares.

Fatigue. One of the biggest challenges for truck drivers year-round is fighting fatigue while on the road. Add in a hot sun trying to lure you to sleep and you’ve got a double whammy challenge for even the most experienced of truck drivers.

In the event of an accident or break down in the summer, it is important to be just as prepared as you would be in the winter. Keep extra bottles of water in your truck, along with some sun screen in case you are stranded somewhere remote.

Summer is a care-free time, but not when it comes to driving. By being aware of the summer driving challenges that are present, you can keep yourself and others safe while out on the road.

We are always looking for experienced truck drivers in Minnesota and across the US. If you are an experienced truck driver and you would like to bring your knowledge and skills to the Bay & Bay Transportation family, apply online today or check out our many Driver Opportunities.





Exercising for Truck Drivers in the Midwest: How Do I Make Time?

truck_bay_and_bayBay & Bay Transportation offers tips for truck drivers in the midwest to stay active in the trucking industry

Staying healthy is something that all of us struggle with from time to time. For most of us, juggling a balanced diet and daily exercise, while still completing a full work week and chores at home, presents a major challenge. For truck drivers, adhering to a healthy lifestyle and the requirements to maintain it while contending with deadlines and long hours on the road may seem impossible. Bay & Bay Transportation believes in the holistic well-being of our employees, and we encourage them to find new and fun ways to incorporate a healthy lifestyle on the road.

Eating healthier while on the road is becoming easier as people take more of a “Pinterest” approach. Finding quick and easy recipes that are transportable, as well as more and more fast food restaurants offering healthier options has contributed to a more balanced and much healthier diet for truck drivers.

Exercising is where a lot of truck drivers struggle. After a long day of driving, it’s difficult to find the energy to commit to an extended workout. By working in some cardio during your route, you can embrace a healthy lifestyle.

Many truck drivers are finding new and inventive ways to exercise on the road. Most find time while waiting for a haul to be unloaded at its destination. When you have a specified period of time where you won’t be driving is the perfect time to incorporate some exercise into your day. You could try:

Going for a walk around the area. Truck stops and travel centers are beginning to incorporate walking trails around their facilities. Depending on the location, you could even grab a skateboard and incorporate some cardio into your downtime. Bonus: increased cardio activity boosts your energy levels throughout the rest of the day.

Biking to a restaurant and sightseeing.  You can satisfy multiple items on your to-do list this way. Biking to a restaurant helps your burn some calories, while fulfilling your need to eat. Biking is also a great way to sight-see in an unfamiliar city.

Set up an “on the road” gym. This might seem a little out there, but some truck drivers have gotten creative and found a way to set up a quick gym area for muscle toning while on the road. With the use of a few milk crates, a sheet of plywood, and some free weights, truck drivers across the country are finding it easier to mix in cardio and strength exercises while on the road. (Please, always exercise caution when using a home-made exercise system.)

Bay & Bay Transportation employs truck drivers in Minnesota and across the country. We encourage our drivers to be safe and healthy in all aspects of their life, from their transportation career to their personal life.

If you’d like to apply to work for Bay & Bay, apply today! We are always looking for experienced truck drivers in Minnesota and across the US. Check out our Driver Opportunities today to see what’s available!

Time for a Company Change? Consider Bay and Bay Transportation Careers in Wheeling, WV

Bay and Bay Transportation Offers Trucking Jobs in Wheeling, West Virginia

Everyone hits a point in their life where they feel as if their jobs have reached a stand still. Whether your boss is bringing you down or you think you just can’t get anything more out of your current employer, consider truck driving careers in Wheeling, WV with Bay and Bay Transportation.

We believe in providing the best people the most meaningful opportunities. We ensure these opportunities give our employees substantial room for growth, improvement and advancement.

Maybe your current job doesn’t offer the benefits you had hoped for. Bay and Bay provides truck drivers full medical and dental benefits after 60 days, company-paid life insurance, paid holidays, and eligibility for a 401(k). Not to mention bonuses for fuel management, mileage, and retention!

Do you wish to work in the trucking industry but not as a driver? We’ve got a career center full of more options, including trailer mechanics, logistics specialists, technicians, internships, and more. As you will see, there’s far more to the trucking industry than driving!

We are happy to have provided quality transportation services since 1941, but we’d be nowhere without our star quality staff. We are proud to be the home to hundreds of drivers and staff, and we’re always looking for more quality people to join our team. Find out why Bay and Bay Transportation has the best truck driving jobs in Wheeling, WV and around the country. It might be the enriching and satisfying career change you’ve been looking for your whole life!

The Best Truck Stops in the Midwest and East Coast

Where should Bay & Bay Transportation truck drivers stop while they are on the road? truck driver jobs, bay and bay transportation

Running the roads can be exhausting. When you’re on a long trip, it’s always nice to know where you will arrive at the end of the day. Whether it’s a place near and dear to your heart, or someplace completely new, there are plenty of options. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best truck stops for Bay & Bay Transportation drivers. These rest areas stretch from our home territory of Minnesota all the way to the east coast.

Trail’s Travel Center in Albert Lea, MN

Located in our home state, the Trail’s Travel Center offers some of our unique “Minnesota nice” services and personnel. There are multiple dining options, full truck services, a Comfort Inn, and a full store, all hidden within the log cabin design. Best of all, when you sign up ahead of time, you can stop in for a free ice cream on your birthday. Now that’s a sweet deal! 

Iowa 80 in Walcott, IA

As the world’s largest truck stop, of course the Iowa 80 found its way onto our list of the best truck stops. Owned by the Moon family for 30 years now, the truck stop strives to provide everything that a truck driver might need while on the road. With private showers, truck washes, medical services, entertainment, and, maybe most notably, a 50 foot salad bar! There’s a reason that this truck stop tops many lists of the best truck stops in the world.

Morris Travel Center in Morris, IL

The Morris Travel Center boasts parking for over 200 trucks, 4 service bays, and multiple showers to accommodate the high volume of traffic. In addition to many truck facilities, Morris has one of the best diners to eat at: R-Place. Along with their delicious fresh-baked pastries, R-Place has an extensive menu meant to satisfy truck drivers that are hungry after a long day. For those of you looking for a feast-worthy challenge, try their four pound “Ethyl Burger,” a monstrous mouthful of heavy-hauler proportions!

Lodi Travel Center in Seville, OH

The Lodi Travel Center is actually the location of the training center for the TravelCenters of America. With the same amenities as the Morris location, you can expect excellent service and facilities at this phenomenal travel center.

Davis Travel Center in Stony Creek, VA

As an individually owned truck stop, the Davis Travel Center still offers many of the same services as a franchised location, but with a hometown feel. Showers, easily accessible parking spots, and CAT scales populate the truck stop, as well as a fully stocked convenience store and free wireless for resting drivers. Take advantage of all this truck stop has to offer and truly get some rest.

There are many places you could rest when you’re out on the road, but wouldn’t you rather stay somewhere comfortable and safe? You can read the full article, which covers more of the country, here. Have we missed any of your favorite place to stop?

Bay & Bay Transportation is always hiring experienced truck drivers in Minnesota and other areas around the country. To apply, click here or check out our Drivers Opportunities for more information.

Appreciating Truck Drivers in Minnesota and Across the Midwest

Bay and Bay Transportation | Our Million Mile Club is just one way that we recognize the achievements of our truck drivers in Eagan, MN and throughout the Midwest.

Bay & Bay Transportation is all about treating igI_118511_bay-bay-logots employees like family. Part of being a family is recognizing a job well done and rewarding it. By recognizing the outstanding work of our truck drivers, we retain our best and most experienced truck drivers, the heart of our company. If you are looking for truck driving jobs in Minnesota, across the Midwest, or even on the East Coast, consider a career with Bay & Bay Transportation.

Not convinced? Consider just one of the ways that we show appreciation for our truck drivers.

Bay & Bay Transportation’s Million Mile Club:

We like to make sure that when our truck drivers reach significant milestones, they are recognized. Safety is extremely important in the transportation industry, so when our drivers travel over one million miles without any incidents, we make sure they are properly congratulated. In 2014, 16 drivers were added to the Million Mile Club and invited to spend a relaxing weekend at The Madden’s on Gull Lake Resort in Brainerd, MN.

Each truck driver was presented with an engraved plaque, personalized hat, and the choice of a watch, leather jacket, or ring; or an engraved shotgun, fishing rod, or golf clubs. Each driver was allowed to bring a guest as well to celebrate the achievement with.

This year’s One Million Mile drivers include:

  • Ben Houle
  • Bobby Dicasmirro
  • Brian Valentin
  • Brian Walling
  • Charlie Griffin
  • Ed Kane
  • Garry Brown
  • Gary Hogen
  • Gary Stewart
  • Jeff Strand
  • Mike Lyons
  • Nate Jensen
  • Ric McDermaid
  • Wojiech Gawiec

The celebration in 2014 also included a few very special honorees. This year, two truck drivers were acknowledged for having driven over TWO millions miles without an incident. Those drivers were:

  • Brad Bergquist
  • Carlyle Berhow

The weekend was a great chance for drivers to share experiences and bond over their careers. Ben Houle, first time honoree, had this to say of the Million Mile Club retreat:

“The whole weekend was awesome. They put us up in a waterfront condo and we had everything we could ask for. It was fun to get to know everyone better, from the other drivers to the owner of the company. You realize how down-to-earth everyone is. They pride themselves on being family, and it makes you feel good that they take notice of your accomplishments and recognize you for your hard work.”

We expect excellence for our drivers, but we also reward that commitment to the job. If you are looking to work for a company that expects excellence and rewards achievements and milestones, consider applying to Bay & Bay Transportation. You can check out our Driver Opportunities in Minnesota, or across the country in locations such as Wheeling, WV; Pittsburgh, PA; and Indianapolis, IN.