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The Difference Between Offensive & Defensive Truck Driving

February 20th, 2015 · No Comments

defensive truck drivingMillions of people across the country turned on their TV earlier this month, made delicious snacks, and watched the 2015 Super Bowl with family and friends. Since football is fresh on everyone’s mind after the big game, it might be smart to look at offense and defense in a different light. There is a difference – an important one – between offensive and defensive driving, and it may mean the difference between safe driving and accidents for truck drivers.

Offensive driving is a more dangerous driving method than defensive driving, as it involves taking control of the road and forcing vehicles around you to adapt. Many drivers that experience road rage use offensive driving when traveling. They pay little attention to others on the road and how their actions will affect traffic. Offensive driving by truck drivers is even more dangerous because of the size of the rig and the amount of damage it can do.

The safest way to drive is defensively. Defensive driving involves being prepared for anything and being ready to react to other drivers, including offensive drivers. Paying careful attention to others on the road is the best way to prevent accidents. Look at the movement of your truck and the other vehicles around you. Think defensively when it comes to changing lanes or passing others.

Use your defense skills to be a careful truck driver. Bay and Bay Transportation is proud to have some of the most careful truck drivers in the nation. For more tips on sharing the road and driving defensively, check out our YouTube videos.

Although your defensive tactics won’t be exactly like the defense from the Seattle Seahawks or New England Patriots, driving defensively can prevent accidents involving other vehicles and help you be a better, more attentive driver. No matter what team you cheer for, we are all fans of safer driving and few accidents!

[Image courtesy of arkorn at FreeDigitalPhotos.net]

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