Bay & Bay Is Seeking the Best Truck Drivers in the Indianapolis Area

indianapolis truck driver jobsWhen you drive professionally, you understand the value of your skills and the importance of supplying the everyday necessities to homes and businesses across America. Truck drivers navigate the continent with manufactured goods that make life more comfortable and productive. Your loads can vary drastically from one day to the next.  One day you may deliver to a popular wholesale store and the very next day you may have a load delivering to a car dealership. Whatever the load, or whatever the distance, Bay & Bay Transportation is looking for drivers like you.

Bay & Bay Transportation is currently seeking applications from the best Class A CDL drivers in the Indianapolis area. Bay & Bay is looking to recruit professional drivers who value more than just getting through their day. If you’ve got a passion to drive, and consider safety as a value on the road, then Bay & Bay Transportation wants you.

It is not a secret that there is work all over the place for truck drivers. Professional, experienced drivers should weigh their options carefully. There is a huge difference between a “job” as a truck driver and a “career.” What can be called a “full-time job” can be a jumble of contracts, working nights, or seasonal work. This would be less than ideal for many professional drivers. Find out how Bay & Bay Transportation can benefit you by offering work in the manner you see more in line with your lifestyle and interests.

If you are interested in driving for us in Indianapolis, or know someone who is looking, then please call Bay & Bay Transportation for application instructions. You can also apply online by clicking the button at the top of the page, or send us an email for further guidance. Bay & Bay Transportation welcomes you to be one of our best drivers now, and have work long into the future.

More Truck Drivers Are Bringing Their Spouses With Them On The Road

truck driver couplesThere’s no doubt about it: truck driving can be a lonely occupation. Though the solo trips aren’t always a bad thing, it can be taxing to spend so much time alone with your thoughts. If you are leaving a spouse behind, it can add even more stress. Time with your family is limited even if you both work 9:00-to-5:00 jobs. Some drivers only have a few days a month to really connect and spend time with their family.

That’s why more and more spouses are starting to join their significant other on the road. With the current truck driver shortage, many drivers have been logging extra miles and hours to help their companies meet the demands of clients. Though this is great for bank accounts, it adds stress to relationships with those left behind.

Driving with your spouse could significantly reduce your living expenses, while allowing you to take on long-distance higher paying jobs. And the biggest benefit is that you can spend additional time with your spouse. This can be an ideal scenario for women that have not been in the work force recently.

Spouses don’t function as just company either. More women than ever are attending truck driving school so that they can team up with their husbands. By team driving they can earn more money. According to Women in Trucking, the average female truck driver is 52 years old. Usually by this age, the kids are grown and husband-wife teams can more easily leave the home to run the roads. In 2013, 7% of truck drivers were female and that number continues to rise.

Many spouses give life on the road a chance in hopes of creating new adventures for themselves and their partner. While single drivers may take on more local deliveries so that they can stay close to home, driver teams can both travel further from their home base and see more of the country.

Of course, for those new to the trucking industry, the lifestyle change can be quite a shock. The small living quarters leave little room for annoyances that can be easily overlooked in a larger home. Additionally, the loud environment of the truck, the smells, and the cramped spaces to perform typical daily tasks can take a toll on anyone’s patience.

Having a second set of hands and eyes on the road can be beneficial to both drivers and the company they work for. The truck driving industry is becoming both simpler and more complicated than it was originally. Though technology has made reporting easier and more accurate, stricter security and increased paperwork and detailed logbooks have added a lot of work to the shoulders of truck drivers.

Having a partner in the rig can help make navigating large cities easier, communicating with dispatch a breeze, and handling repairs less stressful. By both partners obtaining a CDL license, income is secured. Team drivers are a major benefit to companies, as they can deliver loads faster with shorter turnaround times.There are a variety or reasons that a truck driver’s spouse may decide to join them on the road. From the fiscal benefits to strengthening relationships, the open road provides different appeals for every couple.

Bay & Bay Transportation is a trucking and transportation company headquartered in Minneapolis, MN. We offer jobs to experienced, motivated truck drivers that have vision that align with our mission of quality services, safe actions, and consistent results. Company drivers and owner-operators interested in working for us are encouraged to apply online.

Truck Driving Safety Reminders: Always Follow Posted Speed Limits

Speed LimitAt its core, Bay & Bay Transportation values safety in all that we do. From maintaining trucks to providing drivers with continued education on the safest and most effective methods, safety is always a value which we will never compromise. This protects our drivers and others traveling on the road. It’s worth revisiting basic safety measures every now and again, especially now that driving conditions will be improving and drivers might ignore safety measures. Though it’s easy to exceed the posted speed limits, this key safety measure is in place for a reason.

When driving a rig loaded with equipment, supplies, or product, one focus is obviously how quickly one can arrive at a destination. This is especially the case when paid by the mile or even by the hour. Speeding, though it may cut down on time, may cause more problems in the long run. Posted speed limits are there for both the safety of the truck driver as well as the passenger vehicles around them.

Providing a safe traveling environment starts with the most basic of rules: following posted speed limits. It’s no surprise there’s always someone not observing the posted speed limit most anywhere you go. The high value of safety on the road will always trump time saved. That’s why drivers who understand the value of safety first are the ones Bay and Bay Transportation strive to recruit for employment.

If you are a driver with six months or more of experience who would like to work from the Indianapolis area, then Bay and Bay Transportation would like to hear from you. If interested in employment with Bay and Bay Transportation, you can apply via the online application button, call the toll free number at the top of the page, or by emailing us at [email protected]. Following the posted speed limit and valuing safety will definitely go a long way toward your future as a professional truck driver at Bay and Bay Transportation.

What To Do if Your Truck Gets Stuck on Railroad Tracks

railroad crossingWith so much snow and ice thawing and freezing during the spring season, conditions on the road remain treacherous. Particularly in the Midwest, you’ll be driving over railroad tracks and potentially in inclement conditions. What if the worst happens and your truck gets stuck on the railroad tracks? How should you proceed?

The correct response is to get out of your truck and call the proper authorities immediately. Every “active” control railroad crossing (flashing lights, bells, stop arms, etc.) comes equipped with a box that should have an Emergency Notification Sign attached to it. This sign displays a specific phone number you are to call to report your situation and a DOT Location Number which identifies your exact location. That number should be called immediately to prevent an accident.

If you become stuck at a “passive” controlled crossing (just a sign, no warning devices), there may not be a DOT Location Number or specific phone number to call. In this case you call 911 immediately and identify to your best ability where you are. The 911 dispatcher will notify the proper authorities responsible for that crossing and communicate to you what is being done and how you are to proceed.

Typically truck driving students are taught how to avoid these situations during schooling. The most efficient way to avoid the above scenario is to never shift gears while driving over the crossing. This can prevent your rig from accidentally stalling on the tracks.

Finally, remember common sense: you can’t beat a train. Give yourself plenty of time to stop before train tracks, especially during less-than-ideal weather.

By stressing safety, Bay & Bay drivers are able to provide consistent, quality transportation services for our clients across the country. If your ideals align with ours, we encourage you to apply for one of our Driver Opportunities. We are also excited to hear from experienced drivers that have 6 months or more of OTR experience. We have multiple openings for company drivers, as well as owner-operators.