7 Ways to Meet People While Truck Driving

At Bay & Bay Transportation, we believe that truck driving provides unique opportunities to meet people all across the country. Not quite sure how to make a new friend or start connecting? Here are some tips for how to socialize anywhere your route takes you.

Smile and pay it forward.

Learn how to exude positivity; and mean it! Find opportunities for random acts of kindness with anyone you meet. Do this to make an unforgettable impression wherever you go. Who knows, maybe you’ll start the next pay-it-forward chain at a local coffee shop!

Start a low-stakes conversation.

Ask for directions, offer to take pictures for fellow travelers at a landmark, or comment on the weather (us Minnesotans can’t help it). If conversation flows, go with it.

Carry a deck of cards.

Shoot the breeze over late night pancakes and a solid card game. Learn some classics to have in your back-pocket, and be prepared to learn new ones along the way.

Explore local attractions and food hotspots.

This is obvious, but go where the people are! If you already spend a lot of time traveling the roads, you may as well see some of the famous landmarks you are driving past. Visit local Ma-and-Pop restaurants to get a real feel for what the locals are like.

Use social media to your advantage.

Update friends on your travel itinerary using sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Document your adventures in a travel blog. Your friends may know of people willing to meet up as you travel through different areas.

Try out a social app.

Create your own profile and search for people who are traveling to or live in cities along your route using apps such as Badoo, BeWelcome and TravBuddy. On Meetup.com you can search for groups and events based on common interests like reading, photography or card or board games!

Be you.

Be proud of your achievements, find humor in your quirks, and invest in experiences you find interesting.  When you are comfortable with you, people will naturally be more at ease when they meet you.


At Bay & Bay Transportation, we are committed to ensuring that our drivers are treated like family both on and off the road. Email us at [email protected]  to learn how to join our fleet or visit our Driver Careers page for more information about current job openings for truck drivers in Minnesota and throughout the Midwest.

How to Deal with the Hazards of Spring as a Truck Driver

For Bay & Bay Transportation drivers, it is no surprise that every season brings fresh driving challenges. With the approach of summer, road construction in Minnesota is inevitable, especially in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area. You will see road crews pinching the highways into tiny lanes, commuter vehicles zipping around recklessly, and detours and reroutes that cost you valuable time.

The upside of spring is that you are driving in safer conditions, despite the potholes which can cause frustration or concerns about damage to your truck. Make sure you plan ahead. Calculate the normal time of your route, and then keep an ear out for traffic alerts, detours, and construction. These can be found online through sources such as Local Conditions or the Minnesota Department of Transportation. Plan at least ten extra minutes into your travel time, which serves as a good cushion for arrival. You may need to add more than 10 minutes cushion time if you know the delays will be longer. Even during off-times, be aware of the roads wherever you are. Cultivating this awareness will reveal new developments that may prove helpful later on.

There is a fine line between being alert and being jumpy. If you are on edge while you are driving a truck, you may be more likely to make impulsive, risky decisions. Avoid this in any way you can. Remind yourself to take deep breaths as you’re driving. Listen to music that will keep you alert instead of distracting or angering you. Force yourself to strictly adhere to the speed limit to ensure you will not endanger yourself or other drivers.

Remember, being cautious may mean driving in the right lane for the majority of the time. Being consistent, dependable and safe is much more valuable to yourself and Bay & Bay Transportation than driving fast and making choices that could seriously hurt yourself and others around you. It could also land you in lengthy and expensive lawsuits and insurance battles. This is especially true on roads where you may not always be aware of the hazards and conditions, which again, points back to why it is vital to include extra time in your travel preparation.

Finally, with the glory of long summer days come the hazards of direct sunlight. Be sure to wear polarized, glare-resistant sunglasses to protect your eyes and keep you as safe as possible. This will allow you maximum awareness on the road as you enjoy the journey with Bay & Bay Transportation.

Bay & Bay Transportation is currently accepting application for experience owner-operators and OTR truck drivers in Minnesota. To learn more, visit our Driver Careers page or click here to apply online.

Resources for Truck Drivers in Indianapolis, IN

The best truck drivers are the ones who are prepared while they are out on the road. Knowing what resources are available to you can smooth out any trip and keep you within budget and on time. If you are traveling through Indianapolis, IN, there are many resources that can help you plan your treks throughout the city and the state.

Indiana Traffic and Transportation
The federal government and the state of Indiana provide many resources for daily commuters, whether they are in personal or commercial vehicles. From traffic cameras to construction updates, you can know exactly what to expect when you start your route.

For road closures and construction or restriction zones, view the Indiana DOT website. This is an especially important part of planning throughout spring and summer!

For traveling information specific to Indianapolis, tune in to a local station like WISH-TV. You can also visit HERE for traffic information, which provides traffic information for any state in the US and can also be downloaded in a convenient app for Androids or iPhones.

Indiana Weather
Hopefully, inclement weather will be behind us for a few months, but with spring comes the threat of flooding and washed out roads. You can check which counties in Indiana have travel advisories to better plot your route and remain safe on the road.

Indianapolis Events
The hardest part about traveling through big cities is that there are almost always events happening. An influx of travelers into the city can create traffic jams when the roads would otherwise be less crowded. You can visit Indianapolis’ city website to check on upcoming concerts, festivals, or sporting events that may affect your travel plans.

It’s always nice to have emergency services numbers nearby as well. For serious and immediate emergencies (fire, serious illness, crimes in progress, etc) dial 911. To contact dispatch for non-emergencies, dial (317) 327-3811.

Experienced truck drivers appreciate the value in being prepared. If you have 1 year of OTR experience and are looking for a truck driving job in Indianapolis, contact Bay & Bay Transportation. With outstanding benefits and a family-oriented atmosphere, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t apply today!

Mercedes-Benz Develops Fitness Product for Truck Drivers

Any truck driver knows that exercising properly while on the road is difficult. You can’t really carry around a home gym in your cab, and the odds of finding a fitness center is pretty slim…no pun intended! Germany-based company Mercedes-Benz, however, has developed a fitness product specifically meant for those in the trucking and transportation industry.

A 2012 study in Germany showed that 80% of the general population suffers from back pain, and in many cases it is chronic. In America, about 50% of Americans admit to having back pain each year, according the American Chiropractic Association. To alleviate back pain chiropractors suggest that you remain active, maintain proper posture and avoid prolonged inactivity. Sounds super easy for a driver, doesn’t it?

That’s why Mercedes-Benz developed the TopFit Set, currently available only in Europe. The system is small; it consists of a small, sturdy plywood board base 65 cm by 40 cm. Attached are two cables with varying levels of resistance. Because it was specifically designed for in-cab use, the system can be used in any truck so long as it has a level floor.

In addition to the physical component of the fitness system, there is also a workout video and an app to go along with it. The exercises were developed in close coordination with sports scientists, with special thought and strategy put in to back stretches and strengthening.

There are plenty of other ways to introduce exercise into your daily routine as a driver until the TopFit Set is available in the US, but we are glad to see that other companies are recognizing the importance of the health and safety of our drivers.


Bay & Bay Transportation is a Midwest based company looking for experienced truck drivers. Click here to view our Driver Opportunities or here to apply online right away!

Bay & Bay Careers: Company Driver or Owner-Operator

Most drivers have been faced with the same choice: after gaining the required experience do you continue to stay on as a company driver, or do you take the leap to become an owner/operator? Both have their pros and cons, but ultimately only you can make the decision to make a major change to your truck driving career. Let’s take a look at some of the points to consider from each side.

Salary and Benefits
As a company driver, you have a salary you can count on, as well as additional benefits that the company provides. As an owner-operator, you may be able to make more money, but the guarantee of consistent work will never be there. Most companies offer enough bonuses that you can easily make the same amount as an owner-operator.

Business Skills
An owner-operator is self-employed. That means you handle the networking, tax filings, customer relations and other administrative tasks. Company drivers have the ability to leave the office on the road and let it go when they get home.

Equipment Maintenance
As a company driver, you will have to maintain your rig and all the equipment that goes along with it, but you’ll always be reimbursed for it. Apart from the required service check ups, there isn’t much you’ll need to do. For owner-operators, check ups and repairs add to the administrative tasks that they need to keep track of, however, many drivers enjoy the customization and hands-on experience of owning their own truck.

Any way you slice it, both company drivers and owner-operators are needed to fill the trucking shortage in the United States. Bay & Bay Transportation offers a competitive salary for our company drivers, as well as benefits. Additionally, when owner-operators work with us, we are able to provide them with additional benefits that they may miss as independent contractors elsewhere.

To learn more about opportunities for company drivers and owner-operators with Bay & Bay, visit our Driver Opportunities page. For more information or details on opportunities, feel free to email: [email protected].

Options for Owner-Operators Looking for Jobs in Indianapolis, IN

Bay & Bay Transportation is a Minnesota-based company, and we serve businesses all across the United States. Because our routes are so varied, we need all types of drivers that include company, lease-purchase, and owner-operators. Currently, we are searching for truck drivers in the Indianapolis, IN area.

Established Owner-Operators
We can appreciate all of the hard work that owner-operators invest in their careers. Not only do they deal with the daily driving, but they also handle all of the paperwork and administrative duties, just the same as a large transportation and logistics company. That’s why we provide owner-operators that work with us as many of the company perks as we can.

With Indianapolis located so close to Chicago, and with all of Indiana’s toll roads, our policy of Bay & Bay Paying 100% of the approved tolls can be quite a savings for drivers in the area. Additionally, Owner-Operators can receive fuel discounts and bonuses just as the company drivers do.

Lease-Purchase Program
While you do need to be an experienced OTR driver to become a part of the Bay & Bay family, you don’t necessarily have to be an experienced owner-operator. For those looking to become self-employed truck drivers in Indianapolis, we also run a lease- purchase program to help you get started. Our lease-to-own trucks are late model, and we have previous owner-operators on staff to assist you with this new adventure in your career!

We also encourage drivers to use our Predictable Pay Program. This ensures that your weekly expenses are paid as you start-up as an owner-operator. It helps you cover expenses like fuel costs, plate fees, taxes and other operating expenditures.

At Bay & Bay Transportation, we believe that if you take excellent care of the drivers, then the clients will receive that exact same care and commitment. If you are a truck driver in the Indianapolis area, consider a new career path as an owner-operator with Bay & Bay!