The Past and Future of Trucking in Minneapolis, MN

Trucking has been a hot topic in Minneapolis these last few months after the Upper St. Anthony Falls Lock closed for the last time in early June. With the lack of barges following the Mississippi, the number of companies turning to trucking is expected to pick up in the next year which may bode well for Minnesota-native companies such as Bay & Bay transportation.

What few may realize is that trucking has been around for a very long time (since the late 1800’s in fact), and this coming uptick in trucking activity certainly isn’t the first time the industry has made the Minneapolis news. In fact, in the early days of trucking, Minneapolis was home to a volatile strike that is seen as a historical turning point for workers’ rights in Minnesota.

Compared to then, the trucking industry has expanded and developed into a modern marvel of long distance transportation. When you’re driving along I35 and you’re next to a large semi with another up ahead, it might be easy to write them off as overbearing road-hogs, but doing so would be a disservice to what they’re really accomplishing. The stores you shop at, the groceries you buy, and even the carnivals you attend all share a common characteristic; they had to get their stock somewhere. And some flatbed transportation units can carry around 24 tons of material which can be an incredible asset to farms and amusement parks alike.

Plus, thanks to early innovations such as refrigerated transportation, fresh food can be transported across the state, which is quite the feat in the Midwest where sometimes you can feel eons away from civilization. It’s also worth noting that the inventor of refrigerated transportation, Fred Jones, was living in Minnesota when he developed the technology in the 1930’s…a lucky thing considering the average Minnesota summer. Jones made a deal with Minneapolis native Joseph A. Numero and the two of them worked on securing the patent by 1940.

The history of Minneapolis nicely intertwines with that of trucking, and it’s impressive to consider that the industry has been up and running for over a century. The next time you pass a semi on the interstate, it may be worth making a note of what they’re carrying, or issue a passing guess of where it’s going. It’ll make those long trips in bad traffic just a little more historic.

If you’re in Minneapolis and are interested in joining a long-running tradition, or looking for transportation freight services, contact Bay & Bay transportation at 888.801.3026 or visit our website.





The Dangers of Drowsy Driving in Indianapolis, Indiana

There are a number of behaviors that are frowned upon when driving. Huge campaigns have been waged to combat texting while driving and drunk driving, but there’s one kind of driving that’s just as dangerous, and that’s drowsy driving. It’s important to understand the impact of drowsy driving, and the following numbers give you just a hint of the kind of damage drowsy driving can have on yourself and others.

Drowsy Driving by the Numbers:

  • More than one-third of drivers (or 103 million people) have fallen asleep while driving in the past year
  • Drowsy driving causes an estimated $12.5 billion in monetary losses
  • Fatigued drivers cause an estimated 1,550 deaths a year and an estimated 71,000 injuries per year
  • Drowsy driving incidents can lead to jail time for the driver

With those kinds of numbers, it’s easy to see why drowsy driving is a hazard on the road. That is why all Bay and Bay Transportation drivers in the Indianapolis area should be educated on what to do to prevent sleepiness on the road, and what to do when fatigue sets in while driving.

Preventative Measures:

  • Sleep for a solid 7-8 hours before you drive: this will help you prevent those sleepy feelings, heavy eyelids, and lack of focus on the road.
  • Take a pre-drive nap: even a short nap can help you stay alert and focused while driving
  • Drink caffeine as you drive: caffeine will improve your alertness as you drive, though beware of the effect wearing off
  • Don’t drink alcohol: Even if you’re well under the legal limit for alcohol, it can still impair your driving by causing fatigue on the road

When Fatigue Hits:

  • Stop the truck: this is the most important step to take if you feel sleepy on the road
  • Give yourself a break: stepping out of the truck and getting some fresh Indianapolis air can help combat fatigue, but take care not to drive if you’re still feeling sleepy
  • Take a nap: even 15-30 minutes of sleep can have a positive effect on your mood and fatigue

All Indianapolis area Bay and Bay truck drivers should be aware of the true dangers of driving drowsy. Do yourself a favor and NEVER drive when that sleepy feeling hits.

How to Stay Healthy as an Indianapolis, IN Bay and Bay Transportation Inc. Driver

According to an article in The Atlantic, long-haul truck drivers can face some serious obstacles to staying fit and healthy. Extended time sitting, convenient fast-food stops, and a tight schedule all contribute to the difficulty truck drivers experience with maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle. Here are just a few tips and tricks to staying healthy on the roads of Indianapolis and across the country.

Track your Intake
With over fifty McDonald’s restaurants in the Indianapolis area alone, it’s no wonder it’s difficult for truck drivers to eat healthy when travelling across the country. Fast food meals are quick, easy, and affordable; a tempting combination for someone who is on a tight driving schedule. However, even though the meals are cheap and tasty, they might not be the best option all the time. Using a calorie tracker can help you stay healthy by keeping you aware of what you’re eating and how it’s affecting your body, especially in comparison with how many calories you burn each day. There are plenty of apps that offer options for counting and tracking calories. Find the one that best fits your habits and start thinking about salads and turkey sandwiches instead of fries and burgers.

Do High Intensity Movements
As an Indianapolis Bay and Bay Transportation, Inc. driver, it’s hard to find the time to have a full-blown workout, not to mention finding the space to stay fit. Truck drivers have to find a flat place to park, change clothes, and take out their workout equipment, only to have to pack it all back up to keep on schedule. This isn’t always a great option for Indianapolis drivers, but there are options for shorter workouts that will still keep your lungs, muscles, and body healthy. Siphiwe Baleka, nicknamed “Fitness Guru of the Trucking Industry,” recommends that truck drivers spend fifteen minutes doing high intensity movements rather than an hour doing moderate or low intensity exercises. For example, movements like jumping jacks, squats, or jogging around a parking lot can give you a great workout and boost your metabolism in just fifteen minutes, so you can get back on the road. The biggest lesson: just get out of the truck and move.

Get Enough Sleep
It seems that truck drivers are notorious for bad sleeping habits. Indianapolis drivers can experience changing schedules that have them driving at night and sleeping during the day. This can make it difficult to get proper restorative rest and contributes to weight gain— the opposite of keeping healthy. One tip to achieving better sleep is creating a pre-sleep routine that will indicate to your body that it’s time to sleep. This could be ten minutes of reading, some deep breathing, or music. To get to know your sleep schedule even better, fitness bracelets can track your sleep and tell you how much deep sleep you get each night.

Here’s the bottom line: it takes a little work to stay fit and healthy on the road. Indianapolis Bay and Bay Transportation, Inc. drivers can use these tips to stay healthy, and also look online for testimonials of other long-haul drivers for motivation.

Four Products That Should Be in Every Bay and Bay Transportation, Inc. Driver’s Arsenal in Indianapolis, IN

A lot can happen when a truck driver doesn’t have what he or she needs. They can become woozy, tired, or even stranded. That’s why there are a few things that are essential for all Bay and Bay Transportation, Inc. drivers to keep with them to have the best trip possible.

Don’t let the Indianapolis sun keep you from driving safely. Driving while blinded by the sun is dangerous, especially for an operator of a large vehicle. All truck drivers should keep a pair of sunglasses that are comfortable, provide UVA and UVB protection, and most importantly, keeps the sun from impairing their driving.

Reusable Water Bottle
Keeping hydrated is essential for Bay and Bay Transportation, Inc. truck drivers in Indianapolis, Indiana. When a driver is dehydrated, they can become woozy, lightheaded, or dizzy, making their presence on the road dangerous for both the truck driver and the drivers around them. That’s why it’s important to always keep water on hand and consistently drink throughout driving trips. The best way to do this is to use a reusable water bottle that saves you money and saves the environment from plastic water bottles.

Cell Phone Charger
For Bay and Bay Transportation Inc. drivers in Indianapolis, it’s important to not be caught with a dead phone in case of mechanical problems or emergencies. It’s always a good idea to keep a cell phone plugged in somewhere in the truck so it’s always on hand for when you might need it. Remember though, texting while driving is illegal and irresponsible, so keep yourself and others safe and only use your phone when parked.

Protein or Granola Bars
Hungry driving is not fun driving. Keeping a healthy snack that won’t rot or expire quickly is a good idea for all Bay and Bay Transportation Inc. truck drivers in the Indianapolis area. Snacks such as protein or granola bars not only keep energy up, but also keep drivers from feeling lightheaded or dizzy from lack of nutrition.

Keep yourself and those surrounding you safe and happy while truck driving by having what you need on hand. Happy driving, Bay and Bay Transportation, Inc. drivers!

Ways for Long-haul Truck Drivers to Stay in Touch with Loved Ones

When you’re on the road for days or weeks at a time, it can be hard to stay in touch with what’s going on back home. You may occasionally find yourself unable to attend birthday parties, graduations, dance recitals, school plays, sitting together watching your favorite TV show, etc. Being on the road and far away doesn’t mean that you can’t stay close to those you love. While staying in touch might take a little effort, we believe it is worth it.

Bay and Bay Transportation is a Minnesota-based commercial trucking company that values families. We want our employees to feel connected to home wherever their long-hauls take them, whether it be within Minnesota or nationwide.

Truck driving can be lonely. Without proper care, it can lead to increased risks in your physical and mental health. Studies among both adults and children have shown that connectedness (or staying in touch with a community of support) builds more resilient people.

When you are able to fulfill your basic needs for community, you are better prepared to handle both the ups and inevitable downs of life.


While on the road:

Phone calls have become the standard for drivers to stay connected to friends and family back home. Instead of relying on your memory to make sure you call, consider scheduling regular phone or conference calls. Apps such as Skype, Facetime, and Google Hangouts, provide free video and chat services. If making phone or video chat calls make sure you have invested in a reliable hands-free device. Wait on the chat services until you are safely parked.


At the Rest (or another) Stop:

Now is the time you can safely use messaging and chat services provided by different apps (some described above). If you have kids back at home, why not make a game out of it? Send intriguing pictures that act as clues for them to guess where you are. Include fun facts about the various places you visit for extra fun!


Speaking of apps, there are several varieties out there that let you “check-in” to your location. One of these most commonly used apps is Swarm created by Foursquare. This kind of app will not only let your loved ones know where you are, but you can also notify them that you have arrived safely at your destination.


Start a blog. Upload pictures and write about your many adventures out on the road. Different blog sites provide varying services, such as the ability to post via text message. Many are free to setup but may require a small monthly fee to maintain. Here are a few tried and true blog host sites:


You really can’t go wrong with email these days. Most people have an email account, and if they don’t, can sign up and get one for free in less than 2 minutes. Try putting a twist on your back-and-forth email conversations by commenting on different portions of the other person’s email using different font colors. This can help the conversation not seem so segmented since you are actively commenting on different parts of their message.


For example: Today Johnny decided to show mommy how to open the flour. He was quite proud of himself, and the mess he made. That’s hilarious! I’m sure he was trying to tell mommy he wanted to bake a cake. J


Last but not least, sometimes you just have to do things the “old-fashioned” way. People rarely send letters, cards, and postcards via snail mail anymore. That also means that receiving a handwritten note will feel even more special to the recipient. Many gas stations and truck stops have quite the collection of postcards to choose from. Just make sure that you stock up on stamps as well.


Now that you have some ideas to get you started, we want to hear from you! Any tips for how you stay connected to friends and family while you are on the road?


Bay and Bay Transportation is currently hiring experienced company drivers, lease purchase drivers, and owner operators across the United States. We offer competitive pay, benefits packages, and bonus opportunities. Get in touch with us to find out how you can become part of the Bay and Bay family.

What Self-Driving Trucks Mean for the Transportation Industry and Your Career as a Truck Driver | Minneapolis, MN

While Minnesota highways are filled with the usual assortment of sports cars, SUVs, and delivery trucks, there’s a new type of vehicle sharing the roads in Nevada: the world’s first self-driving semi-truck. Engineers have been developing self-driving cars for years, and it makes sense a self-driving big rig might be next. These advances in technology could instigate major changes for trucking companies like Bay & Bay Transportation and impact those who make their careers as long-haul truck drivers.


The term “self-driving” is a bit misleading. The self-driving semi, known as the “Freightliner Inspiration Truck,” is classified as a level 3 autonomous vehicle. With this classification, the truck still requires a driver present who must take full control to pass other vehicles, exit the highway, drive on local roads, and pull up to loading docks. For it to be truly self-driving, it would be classified as level 4 and able to perform all driving actions and monitor road conditions at all times whether the cab was occupied or not. The Freightliner Inspiration Truck basically takes advantage of many of the technologies already available in personal cars such as collision avoidance, speed control, and lane stability,  and is still only in its experimental stages.


Of course, as with any new technology, the Freightliner Inspiration Truck has its advocates and opponents. The pro-driverless technology crowd says that embracing the self-driving semi will:

  • Reduce accidents caused by human error
  • Improve fuel consumption by allowing a chain of semis to take advantage of aerodynamics from the lead truck
  • Alleviate driver fatigue by allowing the sensors to maintain optimal speed, distance between cars, and lane location
  • Increase driver productivity by allowing them to review notes or use an iPad to plan their next route


On the opposite side, those who are against relying on self-driving technology have just as many valid concerns regarding:

  • Safety for driver and others on the road if the technology malfunctions or doesn’t react quickly enough to changing conditions
  • Cost for trucking companies to install the technology in addition to paying drivers
  • Lawsuit responsibility in the event of an accident
  • Driving areas; only a handful of states allow self-driving vehicles on the road


Either way, it’s unclear how self-driving technology will be integrated into the transportation industry since the Freightliner Inspiration Truck is still only in the experimental stages. But, for the near future at least, Bay & Bay Transportation is keeping drivers in full control of their semis on long-haul deliveries. If you are interested in furthering your career as a long-haul truck driver, contact us today!

4 Great Reasons to Consider Starting a Career as a Truck Driver for Bay and Bay Transportation

Why should you choose a career as a truck driver for Bay and Bay Transportation in Minneapolis, MN? There are many good reasons to consider a truck driving career with Bay and Bay Transportation. Here are just a few:
• Truck driving is a secure, high-paying job. You can earn anywhere between $58,000 to $72,000 annually. Bay and Bay Transportation pays up to $70,000 annually.
• Bay and Bay offers you great benefits, including full medical and dental, paid holidays and vacation time, and company paid life insurance.
• Bay and Bay Transportation provides quality state-of-the-art equipment for their drivers and keeps trucks in excellent condition through our own mechanic shops in our truck yards.
• Bay and Bay offers you higher base pay for stable income. With an additional average of 2,500 to        3,000 miles a week, this means a paycheck you can count on for you and your family.

High pay and terrific benefits are reason enough to start a career truck driving with Bay and Bay Transportation, but a being a truck driver also gives you the chance to travel to many places you have never been. If you love to travel, it is a rare opportunity to do what you love and get paid to do it.

Freedom and independence are other rewards for truck driving. There are deadlines, as with any job, but there are no managerial hierarchies to answer to for every decision you make. You set your own hours.

You are your own boss, and you avoid the paperwork stress of a dreary desk job.
As you can see, a career in truck driving for Bay and Bay Transportation in Minneapolis, MN offers you great pay, great benefits, state-of-the-art equipment, high base pay, adventure, and freedom! Visit our website today and find out more about how you can start your career as a truck driver with Bay and Bay Transportation.