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3 Things Fellow Drivers Will Thank you For in Indianapolis

September 15th, 2015 · No Comments

Being a Bay and Bay Transportation truck driver means more than just driving—it means being conscious on those Indianapolis, IN roads so you can get from point A to point B safely and mindfully. Being aware of other drivers is important to make the driving experience better for both you and the other cars on the road. Here are three things to do to please the drivers in cars around you.

Signal Early

The end of that sentence is “but don’t begin to change lanes!” For Bay and Bay Transportation drivers in Indianapolis, it’s necessary for you to signal early because of the size of the vehicle. Cars need plenty of time to speed up or slow down to make room for you in another lane, and signaling early is something they’ll thank you for. Some drivers might become nervous if they think your signal means you’re changing lanes immediately, so make sure to stay in your lane until a spot is free.

Be conscious of quicker drivers

At some point, every Bay and Bay Transportation driver is going to come across a driver who wants to go faster—and that’s okay. With a big truck and heavy cargo, it can be safer and more economical to go slower than the speed limit. With that said, be conscious of drivers around you who want to go a little faster, and make sure that you’re in the correct lane to let them pass. They’ll thank you for it.

Give some space

Bay and Bay Transportation drivers are driving big vehicles—that’s part of the job. Drivers in very small vehicles can sometimes feel suffocated and/or intimidated by semi-trucks. You can’t help your vehicle size, but you can make it a little easier on drivers of small vehicles by making sure you’re not inching over the middle line, or accidentally roaming into other lanes. The drivers of Indianapolis, or anywhere in the country, will thank you for it!

Being mindful on Indianapolis roads makes the trip better for everyone. Be conscious and safe on the roads—and other drivers will thank you for it!

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