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How Bay and Bay Transportation Truck Drivers Can Save their Brakes In Indianapolis

September 8th, 2015 · No Comments

Brakes are necessary—that’s for sure. None of us would be on the road if it weren’t for brakes! It’s also important to realize when our brakes are getting too much use, and to learn some tips on how to make brakes last as long as they can, saving us time and money down the road. Here are a few ways that Bay and Bay Transportation, Inc. truck drivers can save their brakes, not only in Indianapolis, IN, but across the country.

Don’t Watch the Bumper in Front of You

Let us explain: you should always be focused on your surroundings while driving, whether you’re on busy Indianapolis streets or a country road surrounded by cornfields. But this rule applies to how watching a few cars ahead of you, rather than just the car right in front of you, can help save on quick stops and stop-and-go braking. If you watch just the bumper in front of you, you’re likely to not notice slowed traffic until the brake lights come on in the car just ahead of you. On the other hand, if you’re watching the tail lights of a car three or four ahead of you, you’re likely to know about slowed traffic early, allowing you to coast before gently braking. This will save your brakes, especially during rush hour.

Coast, Coast, and Coast Some More

The very best thing an Indianapolis Bay and Bay Transportation, Inc. driver can do for their brakes is learn the fine art of coasting. This means that rather than speeding up to a stop sign and then braking harshly, the driver lets their foot off the brake quite early, so the braking is gentle as the vehicle comes to the stop. Coasting should be done in all parts of driving, whether on the freeway, highway, or a city road.

Don’t Join in Unnecessary Braking

There are many people on the road who are brake-happy. If they see anyone’s brake lights come on, they immediately step on their brake as well. In many cases, just because someone hits their brakes doesn’t mean you have to. It takes a little time to learn when others are braking unnecessarily, especially if you’re not looking far enough ahead (see tip #1), but after you learn to be aware of when and how others are braking, you’ll realize that someone else’s tap on the brakes doesn’t require you to step on yours. This will save you a lot of unnecessary braking, and therefore a lot of unnecessary brake replacements.

Be Conscious During Repeated Journeys

Here’s what we mean: it’s easy to become bored, hurried, or impatient on drives you’ve done a thousand times, and this can affect the way you drive. Accelerating and decelerating rapidly takes a toll on your brakes, and doesn’t really get you to your destination any faster. Being conscious during repeated journeys can really save your brakes in the long run. So, coast more and speed less on the Indianapolis roads you know the best.

With these tips, you’ll be able to extend the life of your brakes, saving you time and money. But always remember, change your brake pads when it’s necessary to avoid accidents and costly repairs.


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