When You Need Reliable Refrigerated Trucking Service, Choose Bay & Bay Transportation

When you have temperature sensitive products, you need those products to arrive at their destination on time. You also need them to remain at a stable temperature during transport and you need to be able to trust the company transporting your products. Serving the Indianapolis, IN area, Bay & Bay Transportation has the most reliable refrigerated trucking services available and can be counted on to get your products to their destination on time at a controlled temperature.

Bay & Bay Transportation can ship many types of refrigerated freight, including dairy products, meats, produce, fresh flowers, adhesives, pharmaceuticals, and any other types of perishable and temperature sensitive products. Whether you are looking for a refrigerated trucking company who can reliably handle regular refrigerated truck shipments, or if you simply need the occasional shipment, we have the experience, reliable drivers, and equipment to get the job done well for you.

As a valuable customer of Bay & Bay Transportation, you can be assured that your product will remain at a steady temperature from the time it leaves your facility until it is delivered to its destination. We understand that when you need refrigerated shipping, there’s no margin of acceptable error when it comes to your product arriving safely. Whether you are transporting goods that are frozen or chilled, or simply temperature controlled items such as food or dry goods, we have state-of-the-art refrigerated trucks with expert drivers to provide you with the most reliable service. We have a proven track record of delivering products in our refrigerated trucks on time, and without issues. You can trust your shipments with our refrigerated trucks and our reliable drivers.

Rely on Bay & Bay Transportation when you need refrigerated truck delivery options in the Indianapolis, IN area. We will make sure that your deliveries are done well, safely, at steady temperatures, and on time!

Health Tips for Truck Drivers in Indianapolis, IN

Everyone knows, when you have a job that involves a lot of sitting, it is nearly impossible to remain as healthy or as physically fit as you would like.  Truck drivers can have an especially difficult time staying healthy on the job. For all our drivers in the Indianapolis, IN area and throughout the Midwest, Bay & Bay Transportation has a few tips to help keep you healthy on the road!

First, make sure to schedule a little bit of exercise each day. Yes, as a driver, you are on a tight time schedule, and miles are money. But sitting for more than 6-8 hours a day is a health risk, and even just 15-30 minutes of walking at a moderate pace is enough to get your heart rate going. An added benefit of aerobic exercise is alertness, and also better sleep.  Both excellent benefits for those with a lifestyle on the road!

Eating properly is also an important part of a healthy lifestyle, but one that is difficult to achieve when you’re on the road.  Choosing the healthier options when dining out is not always easy. Choose grilled chicken or fish instead of a burger, or ask to substitute grilled chicken for fried. Choose a salad instead of French fries. Just make sure to go easy on the dressing, as it can often be as many calories and have as much fat as the fries! Try tea or coffee or even water instead of sugary sodas, to avoid all of the extra calories from drinks, and also to keep your blood sugar down. Packing healthier snack options to take with you is also helpful. Fresh fruits and vegetables, dried fruits, nuts or even protein bars are a better option than a drive-thru or diner when you need a snack.

Getting enough sleep is another important step in living a healthy lifestyle, but is also a difficult thing for those with changing schedules and strange hours.  According to the national sleep foundation, adults should get 7-9 hours of sleep per night.  Plan your trips, and make sure to schedule sleep times.  Not only is better sleep better for your overall health, but it is also important for safety on the road. If you think that sleep apnea is possibly an issue, schedule an appointment with your doctor right away.

Bay & Bay Transportation looks out for you and your health. We care about our drivers in Indianapolis, IN and across the Midwest and want you to be in the best health possible! Call us today!

Truck Driving For Your Home and Hearth in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Now that autumn has arrived, many of us have begun to focus on the holiday season. Bay & Bay Transportation, in Minneapolis, MN, is no different. We are a family oriented company. Your truck driving career is vital to your family. Our focus is on your overall well-being, and that includes the time spent with your family at home.

Time and again, studies show that a strong work/home balance is key to a successful life. For instance, in a study conducted by Journal of Business and Psychology, a congenial work and home life can compliment each other; conversely, a deficient work/home balance can lead to larger problems. In a different study, conducted by Moreno Valley College, the risks of a poor work/life balance were significant: heart disease and other health related issues, poor job performance, and financial loss were among the known effects. But the benefits of a good work-life balance were shown to be just the opposite.

In a story published by U.S. News and World Report, an appropriate work/life balance is becoming more and more difficult to maintain. Now that we can reach each other so often, via cell phones, emails, et cetera, it is all too easy to stay involved with work issues, even when a person should be enjoying time away from their job.

Bay & Bay Transportation, in Minneapolis, MN, was recognized as one of the Best Fleets to Work For, in a survey conducted by CarriersEdge, in partnership with the Truckload Carriers Association. This rating was based upon (among other criteria):

  • Career path/advancement opportunities
  • Team building
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Fleet safety record

We are honored to be chosen for this recognition and consider this to be just one of many reasons to choose a career as a truck driver with Bay & Bay Transportation. We also have many happy and satisfied drivers, who attest to the decent work/life balance that we offer our truck drivers.

Just in time for the holiday season, know that Bay & Bay Transportation, in Minneapolis, MN, is here for you. We take care of you, so that you can take care of your family and enjoy your truck driving career. And, so you can enjoy your holiday season. Call us today.

Bay & Bay Transportation in Minneapolis, MN Solves Shipping Logistics Problems

Shipping logistics can present major challenges for small, mid-sized, and even large companies. A company that is growing beyond their current fleet capacity faces the risk of limited growth if they are unable to meet the demands of their customers. These challenges soon become headaches, but not for the team of professionals at Bay & Bay Transportation in Minneapolis, MN.

Bay & Bay Transportation in Minneapolis, MN provides freight brokerage services, specialty cargo hauling options, dry tank, dry van, and refrigerated shipping options. We also provide full-freight logistics management using the latest technology, including sophisticated tracking systems.

Initial contact and continuous communication with multiple shippers and vendors can be overwhelming for some businesses, but our project management services eliminate the need to micromanage shipments. We use our knowledge and experience to recommend the best shipping options, whether we have multiple truckloads or less than one truckload.

Our fleet of vehicles is regularly and thoroughly cleaned to avoid the possibility of contamination. With regularly maintained and updated equipment, we offer full-service dry tank delivery using dependable drivers to ensure delivery is always on-time. We offer transportation and logistics project management services to streamline all aspects of load delivery.

Different businesses have different transportation needs, which is why a company like Bay & Bay Transportation in Minneapolis, MN offers solutions for everyone. We offer a variety of transportation options, from refrigerated transportation, dry van, dry tank, flatbed, and specialty shipping options for overweight and oversized loads. Our high tech tracking services keep us in constant contact with our drivers. We attract and keep good employees and good customers by focusing on safety and customer satisfaction. We are also a licensed, bonded, and insured property broker, so we can provide freight brokerage services. We are connected to thousands of fleets coast to coast, all of whom have passed our rigorous qualification process. We connect with the best and most trusted carriers in the business to get the job done safely, on time, and within budget.

Bay & Bay Transportation in Minneapolis, MN works hard to solve complex shipping arrangements and simplify them so business owners can concentrate on production and sales. Save yourself from logistical nightmares and call us today.





Bay & Bay Transportation Provides Quality Freight Brokerage Services in Minneapolis, MN

If you’ve ever driven across the thousands of highways that cover the United States, you’ve no doubt seen thousands of big rig trucks. While you may not be aware of what cargo these trucks are hauling, you should know they are transporting the products and equipment necessary to keep America running. You may well wonder how all this transportation is coordinated. It’s something we think about everyday at Bay & Bay Transportation.

Many of the logistical services involved with freight transport in and around Minneapolis, MN are handled by a freight broker like Bay & Bay Transportation. A freight broker acts as an intermediary to connect companies with carriers. The freight brokerage services of Bay & Bay Transportation ensures customers always have access to hundreds of reliable shippers across North America. We handle all the logistics; from pickup to delivery and every point in between.

Bay & Bay Transportation in Minneapolis, MN has the personnel, experience, knowledge, and commitment to transport goods to where they need to go. As a freight broker, we are never at a loss for transportation options. We don’t ever have to turn away business because of a lack of shipping options. We act as the liaison between you and reliable, trusted freight carriers who can transport your cargo to one or multiple destinations.

We use pre-qualified carrier fleets that we have worked with before. These carriers have all undergone a rigorous qualification process before we trust them with your cargo. We have the option of over 13,000 fleets under contract at any given time to serve any and all shipping needs. We don’t like to see empty trucks, which is why we work hard to fill them and get them on the road. We have the knowledge, technology, and equipment to link qualified carriers to safely transport goods via flatbeds, reefers, or tankers. We specialize in refrigeration and are experts in temperature control.

We don’t just rely on our connected fleet of trucks; we can recommend rail or less than truckload shipping options to fit your budget. We are licensed, bonded, and insured, and members of the Transportation Intermediaries Association. Trust Bay & Bay Transportation to deliver your freight across Minneapolis, the Twin Cities area, Minnesota, or across the entire continent. Call us today.

Keeping Truck Driving Safe On The Road with Bay & Bay Transportation in Minneapolis, Minnesota

As a big rig truck driver, there is nothing more important than safety out on the highway. While there are times when it appears as if the moving of products to and from any destination is the important component to the trucking industry, the more vital concern is, and should always be, safety. At Bay & Bay Transportation in Minneapolis, Minnesota, we emphasize safety first.

According to The Star Tribune, while there are strict Federal and state regulations governing semis, enforcement of these regulations has become lax nationally and in Minnesota. And, in a study by the Centers For Disease Control, after a 35 year-low in 2009, there has been a steady uptick in fatalities involving large-truck occupants. Per the US Department of Transportation, that number is 18 percent.

This is a trend which can be reversed for the better. There are some preventative steps you, as a truck driver, can take to ensure safety on the road. Some of these are:

  • Sleep – sleeping and being well rested is a priority while driving.
  • Wear a seat belt – the wearing of seat belts is a well-studied precautionary rule for driving.
  • Regular safety inspections – your truck is your living. Inspecting it before each journey ensures your livelihood. An inspected and safe rig affirms your commitment to your job.
  • Obey speed limits – it’s the law. Beyond the obvious legal ramifications, a clean driving record is an important component of your job.
  • Do not text or use a phone while driving – studies have shown, time and again, that texting, or being otherwise distracted by the cell phone, can cause great harm to you or other drivers on the road.

At Bay & Bay in Minneapolis and beyond, we strongly emphasize safety training. We are in regular communication with you. We believe in you – the truck driver – and your ability to assess your driving situations. We give you latitude and know that you will communicate with us about your experiences on the road and your vehicle. Always know that as a truck driver for Bay & Bay Transportation in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the safety of you – the driver – is our priority. Contact us today to find out more about a career in truck driving.

Economic Growth in Minneapolis, MN Provides New Incentives for Truck Driving Careers with Bay & Bay Transportation

The time is now to begin a career in truck driving. Bay & Bay Transportation, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is at the heart of a resurgence of commercial projects. Truck drivers are needed to haul and deliver freight. This is the perfect time to take advantage of a strong market and become a part of the important engine of Bay & Bay’s, –as a truck driver.

According to Finance & Commerce, industrial construction in Minneapolis is on the upswing. Storeowners have become increasingly confident about the marketplace and are expanding. Along with that, there has been a surge of national companies bringing their business to Minnesota. Minnesota’s bond rating is also up, as designated by Standard & Poor’s credit rating firm. From MPR News, the sale of general obligation bonds will allow Minnesota to spend money on highway projects and redevelopment projects. All of this economic growth in Minneapolis and around the state of Minnesota requires truck drivers to carry the payloads to and from their destinations. At Bay & Bay Transportation, we are seeking drivers to take advantage of just such turning points.

At Bay & Bay, we offer various opportunities for a truck driving career. Are you interested in becoming an owner/operator? Bay & Bay offers that. Are you interested in lease to own? Bay & Bay offers that too. Or you can become a company driver for Bay & Bay, if that’s your goal. We have hiring locations widely dispersed throughout the United States. We are now offering:

  • New pay rates
  • Higher base pay
  • Full medical and dental benefits
  • Many bonus prospects

And we also offer many opportunities to learn and grow through valuable safety tips. We are a family oriented company who believe strongly that your home life is just as important as your life on the road.

Join us in the economic growth of Minneapolis, Minnesota and throughout the United States. Join Bay & Bay Transportation in a truck driving career that provides the opportunity for growth and prosperity.

Do You have the Right Personality to be a Truck Driver at Bay and Bay Transportation?

Some people are just born with a love of the open road. The idea of getting behind the wheel and the freedom to see the sights and different parts of the country excites them more than the idea of a job that does the same things day in and day out. But just because you love to drive and get out of town does that make you fit for a career in truck driving? Maybe. Here are some of the personality traits we at Bay and Bay Transportation often see in our best truck drivers.

You have a strong sense of intuition and problem solving.

Unlike a corporate job where you may have bosses and co-workers around you nearly at all times, a truck driving job is mostly solitary. You need to be able to make decisions without having access to immediate feedback sometimes. You must be the kind of person who can weigh options against risks and make decisions based on both your training and your experience with a dash of common sense thrown in for good measure.

You have a patient nature. 

As a truck driver on the road, there will be many variables that will be out of your hands, DOT inspections, traffic and weather just to name a few. If you are prone to extreme frustration with policies and procedures or circumstances that are out of your control then this may not be the career for you. Successful drivers realize that when things have to be done they may not always go as planned and they plan for the unexpected.

You are flexible.
While the road offers flexibility, it can also be unpredictable. There may be times you need to work harder than expected and days where schedules don’t cooperate. Rigs can break down and unplanned detours can delay you. If you’re a person who can easily adapt to “plan B” then your success will be greater than someone who feels anger when things don’t go as planned.  People who have a positive outlook rather than a “the world is out to get me” outlook are the most successful (and well compensated) drivers.

You are ethical.

Driving a truck is a huge responsibility. Besides the obvious challenge of driving a multi-ton vehicle safely, there are many policies and procedures that need to be abided by. These are designed for your safety, the safety of the goods to be delivered and for other people on the road.  Bay and Bay Transportation is specifically seeking those individuals who live by the Golden Rule as well as standards set by the National Industry Transportation League for excellence in driving.

If you are considering a career as a truck driver we’d love to talk to you and give you more information about the truck driving opportunities available.  Contact us today for openings and requirements to see if you are a good fit for this excellent career on the road.