Helpful Reminders for Driving While You’re on the Road During Your Career as a Bay and Bay Transportation Truck Driver in Minneapolis, MN

There is almost nothing more important than remaining safe while truck driving for Bay and Bay Transportation, based out of Minneapolis, MN. When putting so many hours and miles behind you on the road, it may be easier than you think to forget about some of the most common tips for safe truck driving. We at Bay and Bay Transportation take the safety of our drivers very seriously, therefore we’ve prepared the following list as a nice reminder on how to keep safe while driving.

The following information can be found on the DMV website.

  1. Do not tailgate other drivers. From what studies have shown about accidents involving trucks, semis most often collide with the vehicle in front of it. Since semi-trucks can carry pretty heavy rigs, it takes longer to stop, which makes it imperative that Bay and Bay truck drivers keep the proper distance between their truck and the car in front of them.
  2. Signaling earlier is also a helpful reminder to motorists around you, since the size and weight of trucks can make sudden movements quite alarming to others around them.
  3. Check blind spots often and try not to change lanes too frequently. Commercial drivers should look in their mirrors every ten seconds.
  4. Do not push the limits when it comes to driving for long periods of time. It takes a lot of focus and effort to drive a rig and attempting to drive longer than the law permits—no longer than 11hours in one sitting—puts yourself and other people on the road at risk.
  5. Since it is winter, you’ll want to give yourself even more space between your truck and the vehicles around you and drive below the speed limit.

All the reminders posted above should provide some help with remaining safe while driving to the distant locations required by Bay and Bay Transportation of Minneapolis, MN. As already stated, remaining safe on the road is a top priority. If you’re looking for a transportation company that shares these values, apply to Bay and Bay Transportation. Go online and fill out your application today!

Maintaining a Strong Relationship with Your Children While on the Road Pursuing a Truck Driving Career in Dallas, TX

It’s hard for truck drivers to be away from our loved ones for such long periods of time. It can be particularly difficult when we have to leave our little kids behind at home. Anyone who travels for business can relate to this challenging scenario. But even though we aren’t always physically present at home, we can still find creative ways to be involved in our children’s lives while supporting our families through a truck driving career with Bay & Bay Transportation in Dallas, TX.

Smartphones and modern technology have made it much easier for us to keep in touch with our families throughout our truck driving careers. You can always check in with a standard phone call back home, but you can also use different apps to make calling back home a little more fun. Your young children will enjoy using the camera on your spouse’s phone to video call their mom or dad using services like Skype or FaceTime. You and your children can also have fun sending picture messages to each other with services like Snapchat. Calling at least once a week is a good idea, more often if your schedule allows

Your truck driving route may take you through some pretty exciting cities or past an especially cool landmark. Around Dallas, you will find landmarks such as the Majestic Theater, Reunion Tower, and Pioneer Plaza. Pick up a postcard or two and take time to write home to your family during your off-duty time. Your kids will be happy to get mail from their parent. We bet it will still be proudly displayed on the refrigerator when you come home next.

A great way to connect with your kids is with a variation on the Flat Stanley Project, which is a popular activity in elementary schools. Take your kids shopping before you go back on the road. Go to the toy aisle and pick out a small stuffed animal or action figure together. When you’re on the road, take your chosen toy along with you. You can document the toy’s travels by taking pictures at truck stops, local landmarks, and even just inside the truck. Share the pictures with your family by emailing them or posting them to your social media account. Be sure to include a description of when and where the picture was taken and what your day was like. Your spouse can then help your kids find your location on a map. This helps them see where your truck driving career is taking you while also teaching them a little geography too.

When you do come home, make the most of your time and spend some quality time with your children in person. Give them the ability to pick where you go or what activities you do together. Maybe there’s a movie they want to go see, a restaurant they’d like to go to, or a bike trail you can explore together. If they play any sports, you could ask them to teach you how to play or show you their latest trophy. Have them share a school project that they did well on. Ask them to play the pieces they’re learning in their music lessons. What you choose doesn’t matter so long as you are able to enjoy time together in person.

Keep your family involved throughout your career as a truck driver with Bay & Bay Transportation in Dallas, TX. Contact us today by calling 888-801-3026 to get started.


How to Stay Warm as a Professional Truck Driver During Extreme Winter Temperatures in Columbus, OH

There’s something serene about long drives across a winter landscape. Snow muffling the excess sound, drivers (hopefully) taking their time easing along slick roads, and the whole world seeming a little bit slower and calmer as snowflakes drift across the highway. However, as temperatures hover near single digits this week in Columbus, OH, it’s getting a little bit harder to feel the romance of a winter morning. In fact it’s getting a little hard to feel anything other than just…cold!

If you’re interested in being a professional truck driver like those employed with Bay and Bay Transportation, this means knowing how to be safely prepared for any type of weather from extreme cold to extreme heat. Though, at this time of year, a little extreme heat doesn’t sound too bad!

When it comes to professional truck driving, safe winter driving doesn’t just mean knowing how to drive your truck on snowy and icy terrain. Though that part is vital, it also means knowing how to keep yourself warm and prepared for the worst in your cab. Dressing appropriately, packing emergency supplies, and knowing your own body are all essential parts of being a professional truck driver.

When you’re preparing to leave on a job, consider carefully what type of clothes you need to bring. If it’s bitterly cold outside, it might be tempting to just throw on a few of your warmest items and be on your way, but a little extra thought can prevent future frustrations on your trip. Instead, consider dressing in easy-to-remove layers. Layering is often the best option for long winter driving distances because, with the heat on and the weather shifting throughout the day, you may find yourself getting too warm in a parka and balaclava. Instead, consider wearing a few undershirts with something light and warm over them (think fleece or flannel), and an outer layer that is water and windproof. This will let you mix and match as your cab heats and cools, and it will allow you to step outside with little extra preparation.

Depending upon the type of professional truck driving job you’re embarking upon, you may also want to consider bringing a sleeping bag, some extra fleece or wool blankets, and something to cover up your ears. This way, if you find yourself caught in a snowstorm, you’ll be able to bundle up without leaving your truck running indefinitely.

If at any point you find yourself getting too cold or uncomfortable during your winter drive, take a break and find somewhere to warm up. Being too cold for too long can dull your physical and mental reflexes which can be catastrophic on the road. Fatigue in professional truck drivers is common, but fatigue mixed with freezing weather can lead to danger. Know your limits and don’t hesitate to acknowledge them! Just remember that with the right preparation, winter driving can be safe, peaceful, and deeply satisfying.

If you’re a resident of Columbus, OH and you’re interested in pursuing a professional truck driving career, contact Bay and Bay Transportation at 888.801.3026 and ask about current driving opportunities, or visit our website.

Staying Sharp During Long Trucking Trips in St. Louis, MO

Professional transportation careers take a particular kind of mental fortitude that not all other professions necessarily require. Truck driving careers like those offered through Bay & Bay Transportation can be equal parts monotonous and tense, dull and arduous, relaxing and exhausting. The situations that truck drivers find themselves in are widely varied, but whether you’re driving to St. Louis, MO or New York, NY, all truck drivers eventually have to face the greatest challenge of all… sleepiness.

Every truck driver has those occasional events where someone in another car snaps you out of your relaxed driving routine and kicks your adrenaline into high gear. It could be from a misplaced honk or a nerve-wracking mosey into your lane, but when it happens, it’s usually enough to keep you on your toes for some time. But there won’t always be a problematic driver to keep you awake on long drives, so how can you cope?

Some truck drivers rely on copious amount of caffeine from energy drinks or coffee. These can do the trick for a little while, but these stimulants can cause a physical and psychological crash harder to recover from than some initial yawning. Turning to more natural solutions can help you stay awake and alert longer. Pass on caffeinated drinks and stock up on water and fruit instead. Fruit has enough sugar to give you a boost without a crash, and plain water can keep you hydrated while preventing sluggishness.

It’s also a good idea to take advantage of any bathroom breaks or truck stops. Don’t just eat and skedaddle. Instead, use the time to take a short walk or do some stretches. Jumping jacks are an easy way to get your heart pumping without any equipment or preparation required. Being in a professional transportation career means not always having a lot of room to move around, so try to use whatever stop time you have to get a little exercise in.

If you find that a monotonous, droning cab makes your eyelids heavy, consider investing in some entertainment. Audiobooks are a great way to stay engaged without taking your attention off the road. Just try not to choose anything too soothing…there’s nothing like a smooth-voiced British narrator to send you off to dreamland. Mysteries or action based thrillers are a good choice! Check out your local library’s collection for discs or downloadable options. You can’t go wrong with free entertainment!

More than anything though, just know when to call it quits. If jumping jacks, loud music, and snacks aren’t doing the trick, find somewhere to call it a night. Truck driving deadlines may be strict, but safety rules are stricter. Always put yourself above the job and trust your body to tell you when enough is enough!

If you’re in the St. Louis, MO area and have any questions about staying healthy in a professional transportation career, or are interested in getting involved in truck driving, contact Bay & Bay

Transportation at 888.801.3026, or visit our website here! Stay safe and stay awake, drivers!

New Year’s Resolutions For A Healthier Truck Driving Career In Atlanta, GA

We are already a few days into 2016, but it’s never too late to make some excellent New Year’s resolutions. Eating healthier and exercising more are two common New Year’s resolutions, but we all know how difficult it can be to achieve these goals when we spend most of our time behind the wheel. At Bay & Bay Transportation, we value our drivers’ health and well-being, which is why we offer these tips to better achieve your New Year’s resolutions and enjoy a healthier truck driving career in Atlanta, GA.

Eating Healthier

You may not always have time for a sit-down meal. Snacks are another great way to get the nutrients you need. Consider keeping a box of protein bars or granola bars in the truck. If you prefer a different healthy snack, choose something that won’t spoil, ideally without any extra sodium or empty calories. Dried fruits don’t require refrigeration, provide fiber and antioxidants, and are easy to eat on the go. Raw nuts and seeds like peanuts or sunflower seeds, or some crackers and peanut butter, will provide protein and healthy fats. Wasabi peas are another good snack if you enjoy spicy flavors.

Part of eating healthier is staying well-hydrated, and water is the best beverage for the job. Though you may be seeking the caffeine to stay awake on a long haul, keep in mind that soft drinks may have the high sugar and empty calories you need to avoid. Caffeinated beverages can also make you thirsty because they are diuretic in nature. Diuretics cause us to urinate more frequently, which can lead to dehydration if we get rid of too much fluid.

Exercising More

 Loading and unloading the truck is an excellent source of exercise that is already part of your truck driving career, but that’s just one form of exercise. You spend long periods of time sitting behind the wheel, so it’s important to get up and move around to keep your whole body functioning well. When you get to the truck stop, take a few minutes to walk or jog. Make sure to stretch your neck, shoulders, and arms as well. You can also get a quick workout right there in the parking lot by doing a few sets of jumping jacks or squats.

You may consider purchasing a pedometer and setting a daily step count goal. Aim for a goal of 10,000 steps a day or choose the number of steps that makes sense for you. For comparison, 10,000 steps is about the same as walking five miles, or thirty minutes of physical activity. Modern pedometers can be worn as wristbands or watches, clipped on to the belt, attached to a lanyard, or carried in a pocket. Rather than simply counting steps, many pedometers can also track sleep and heart rates, and estimate the distance traveled and calories burned.

Our drivers’ health and wellness is key to our success. Your truck driving career with Bay & Bay Transportation in Atlanta, GA allows you to stick to your New Year’s resolutions wherever your route takes you.

Tips for Truck Driving In and Out of Winter for Bay & Bay Transportation in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Now that winter has arrived, in your career as a truck driver, you are working hard to make your delivery schedules in conditions that are, very often, less than ideal. At Bay & Bay Transportation in Minneapolis, MN, we trust that you, the truck driver, understand these conditions while driving, and we believe you will take the most appropriate course of action for your safety and wellbeing while driving for us.

Obviously, weather conditions vary across the United States in a fairly substantial way. Your truck driving schedule could have you waking up in sunny, dry, and fairly warm Fort Worth, Texas. As the day progresses you could find yourself driving to Wheeling, West Virginia, and facing a blinding snowstorm as you navigate through the Appalachian Mountains.

At this time of year, the vastly changing weather landscape plays an extra, crucial role in your pre-trip check list. As a truck driver, you are required to know all state and federal safety regulations, and all fifty states have different regulations concerning semi trucks. There is a comprehensive list for semis and chain requirements at, yet you still need to check various state websites for other rules and regulations. For instance, Oregon has a website with a comprehensive database of information. Nebraska’s information is listed in pdf form, much like you might find in a pamphlet.

Be mindful of your tire pressure as you drive from warm conditions to cold conditions and back again. While checking your tires should always be a mandatory part of your pre-trip checklist, driving in cold to warm or warm to cold conditions makes checking the tire pressure doubly important.

These are just a few tips to help you. When you are a truck driver for Bay & Bay Transportation in Minneapolis, MN, we stress safety on a daily basis. Being safe on the road is a way of life for us and not just words we say. We also offer a winter driving training course on a simulator as an additional truck driving tool. This way, when you are driving a truck for Bay & Bay in Minneapolis, MN, or in Fort Worth, TX, you know that we are there for you, the truck driver, and that we trust you. We know that you will follow all state and federal laws. You know, and we know, that we are a team.