Don’t Roll the Dice with Sleep Deprivation While Truck Driving for Bay and Bay Transportation in Atlanta, GA

Slow speech…memory impairment…micro sleeps…hypnogogic hallucinations (dreaming that occurs while almost falling asleep)…trouble expressing appropriate emotions: from what was posted on the American Psychological Association website, these are the hallmark signs of sleep deprivation. As the days start seeing more sunlight, it could be tempting for Bay and Bay Transportation truck drivers to travel for a bit longer than their bodies can handle. While getting to your destination as quickly as possible is valued when driving truck for Bay and Bay Transportation in Atlanta, GA, it’s even more important to be making safe choices.

If you attempt to drive when exhausted, you are putting yourself and others at risk. From what was posted on the CDC, drowsy driving makes it harder to pay attention to the road, slows down your reaction time, and significantly reduces your ability to make good decisions on the road. Therefore, driving while fatigued is a serious matter. In fact, a 2013 survey found that 72,000 traffic accidents were caused by drowsiness. These accidents led to 44,000 injuries and 800 casualties. Needless to say, good quality sleep before driving a truck is important.

A CDC brochure provides several ways for those with a truck driving career to get better sleep.

  1. Block out all light: human brains are designed to rest when it’s dark, so block your cab windows or get an eye mask so you can prevent as much light as possible from getting in your eyes.
  2. Create a silent environment: It’s really hard to sleep when there are loud noises all around. Try finding a quieter spot on the road to rest or purchase ear plugs to decrease the noise levels around you.
  3. Turn down the heat in your cab: it’s much easier to sleep in cooler temperatures. Change into some sleeping shorts or turn on a fan while trying to snooze.
  4. Sleep in a quality bed at home: the battle for quality sleep doesn’t stop when you leave your cab. Whether it’s a sleep number or a memory foam mattress, buy a nice bed for you to sleep in when you aren’t driving for Bay and Bay Transportation in Atlanta, GA.

If you drive for Bay and Bay Transportation in Atlanta, GA, it’s expected that you do your best to get enough rest so you can perform your job safely and efficiently. The well-being of our employees is greatly valued at Bay and Bay Transportation. If you are a truck driver looking for a company, look no further. Apply for your new truck driving position today!

Truck Drivers Keep Their Eyes and Mirrors Alert in Minneapolis, MN

We frequently emphasize the fact that as truck drivers you should be using your mirrors and constantly aware of your surroundings. Sure, you may just nod in agreement with this “common sense tip” and move on with your day, but these common sense tips can be the most easily ignored or forgotten. Remember that you are driving an 80,000 pound truck on a busy highway and share that limited and fast moving space with much lighter vehicles that don’t come close to matching the weight of your commercial truck. You need to be able to handle all that weight safely, and one of the best and easiest ways to do this is by using your mirrors correctly at all times in your career as a truck driver with Bay & Bay Transportation in Minneapolis, MN.

Before you roll off the lot, make sure you check your mirrors and adjust them as needed. Your trailer should be aligned straight with the cab to do this accurately, not at an angle. You should be able to see the side of the trailer and the road on either side of you. This allows you to see as much of the surrounding traffic as possible. It also lets you watch for loose straps and chains if you are carrying open cargo, or spot a tire that is about to blow or go flat. If you notice that your mirrors are chipped or cracked or have damaged brackets, get them repaired as soon as possible. Remember, a little glass cleaner applied regularly goes a long way to increasing your visibility.

In addition to looking 12 to 15 seconds ahead of you, you need to look on both sides of your truck and behind you. That means scanning all of your mirrors constantly. Don’t stare at one mirror; just glance for a few seconds at most. We suggest scanning your mirrors at least once a minute, if not more often. Keep an eye on your mirrors before, during, and after lane changes, turns, and parking so you always know you have enough space to complete your maneuver.

Don’t rely on your mirrors alone. The convex mirrors we use may give a better range of view, but they also make everything look smaller and farther away. You still need to physically turn your head from left to right to really get an idea of your surroundings. Plus, it gives you the chance to stretch your neck.

A little extra vigilance can prevent deadly accidents. Keep yourself safe and protect the drivers you share the road with by using common sense and watching your mirrors. Your career as a truck driver with Bay & Bay Transportation is your chance to be a role model for other truck drivers in Minneapolis, MN and wherever else your route may take you.


Maintaining Your Career As A Truck Driver During the Winter While Driving for Bay and Bay Transportation in Dallas, TX

Winter months can be difficult for all drivers. Vehicles are cold in the morning, the weather makes it harder to travel safely, and frigid temperatures can be quite a problem for engines…especially when driving a diesel truck for Bay and Bay Transportation in Dallas, TX. To save time and money during your career as a truck driver, you may want to know a few things about winterizing rather than letting the truck get damaged when driving in cold conditions.

Use the Proper Fuel

The types of fuel diesel engines usually take are 1D and 2D. During the winter you’ll want to be sure you are using a winter blend. You can also use cold-weather additives to increase performance and engine protection.

The Cooling Systems

Extreme swings in temperatures can cause problems with an engines’ cooling system. On top of that, the lines carrying the coolant may become cracked and leak, potentially causing damage to the engine. You’ll want to check these lines regularly and monitor when the coolant needs to be changed.


Protecting your truck starts before you even get on the highway. Inspect the engine and the other truck components thoroughly before you start driving. The time you take to prepare for travel could make the difference between arriving on-time, late, or worse, not at all for your delivery.


Usually you’ll want to inspect your battery before cold weather sets in, but it’s never too late to check battery performance, confirm cable connections are tight, and ensure no corrosion is developing around the battery terminals. Most batteries have a life cycle of 48 to 72 months.

 Finding a Mechanic

Some truck issues may simply be beyond your ability to repair. If you can’t seem to find the problem, take your truck to a garage and have it looked at by professionals.

 Truck maintenance is an important part of a driver’s job even though it isn’t exactly a part of the job description. Companies such as Bay and Bay Transportation in Dallas, TX want drivers who are competent with their vehicles. If you are such a driver, apply to Bay and Bay Transportation so you can start a career as a truck driver with an elite company. Fill out your application today!

Cool Trucks Can do the Trick in Madison, OH

Refrigerated trucks are a vital component of the modern food industry in the U.S.  Considering that grocery stores and restaurants in Madison, OH aren’t growing vegetables behind the register and milking cows in the parking lot, having the ability to transport large amounts of perishables from one distant location to another is what makes our food culture possible. Refrigerated trucking services, like those offered by Bay & Bay Transportation, can bring you milk from the farm, meat from the butcher, and ice cream through the heat of summer, and even better, they’ll do it with simple, clever technology.

Refrigerated trucks are a historically impressive addition to trucking services. Contrary to their railway predecessors, they can go anywhere, anytime. Refrigerated trucks fostered a brand new age of speedy deliveries and personally catered trucking services beginning with their creation in the mid 1920’s. Nearly 100 years later, the idea has been almost perfected. Thanks to long-tested refrigeration methods, the modern models seen on the road today are largely self sustaining. Unlike the refrigerated train cars that preceded them, these modern refrigerated trucks don’t rely on giant blocks of ice and lucky weather to do their job. Instead, a series of internal mechanized components manipulate and activate a liquid cooling agent and evaporate it into the insulated trailer.

Though the process of refrigeration sounds quite complex, the end result is really quite simple. It ultimately means that the trailer can keep itself sufficiently cool, even when on the road for great distances and in sweltering heat. This is great news for ice cream lovers everywhere, and also for truck drivers who are spared the task of manually monitoring and maintaining safe trailer temperatures.

Refrigerated trucking services moved food and products off the rails and into the waiting hands of any everyday business owner or culinary artist. And, thanks to the accessibility of refrigeration technology, they can be in your hands as well. Regardless of your proximity to a Madison, OH train station, Bay & Bay Transportation’s refrigerated trucks can keep your cold things cold and your frozen things frozen. Contact Bay and Bay Transportation at 888.801.3026, or visit our website here for details on how to request your refrigerated truck services.

How DOT Numbers Impact Your Truck Driving Career in Minneapolis, MN

Safety is perhaps the most important thing any truck driver is concerned with. The Department of Transportation (DOT) creates and enforces federal regulations to ensure that we are driving safely, wherever our route may take us. These safety regulations include properly registering commercial vehicles using a DOT number, assigned based on size and designated usage. Learn more about how DOT numbers are involved in your career as a truck driver with Bay & Bay Transportation in Minneapolis, MN.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) explains that DOT numbers are a means of registering commercial vehicles that meet certain qualifications. You may require a DOT number if your vehicle:

  • Transports hazardous materials, either within one state or from one state to another.
  • Transports over eight passengers, including the driver, with compensation.
  • Transports over fifteen passengers, including the driver, without compensation.
  • Hauls cargo for interstate commerce.
  • Has a gross vehicle weight rating or gross combination weight rating greater than 10,000 pounds.

Not every state requires a DOT number outside of normal federal regulations. If your truck driving career is based in Minneapolis, MN, you may already know that Minnesota is one of the 33 states that do currently require this registration. The full list is available on the FMCSA website. For intrastate transportation in Minnesota, you must have a DOT number if your vehicle has a gross vehicle weight of over 10,000 pounds.

Your commercial vehicle must be registered with a DOT number before you can use it for interstate commerce. Fortunately, obtaining a DOT number is a straightforward process. The FMCSA allows you to apply conveniently online. Although applying is free, you will be asked to provide a credit card that shares your business mailing address in order to verify your information. You can also apply using a handwritten MCS-150 application, sent in the mail.

Contact Bay & Bay Transportation at 888-801-3026 whenever you have questions regarding your career as a truck driver in Minneapolis, MN. Working together, we make our nationwide fleet a success.

Tick Truck, Tick Truck: Managing your Time as a Professional Truck Driver in Columbus, OH

Timing is everything in trucking. Timing determines where you sleep for the night, what the traffic is like, the happiness of your client, and whether or not you catch that bad storm coming your way or skate right past it. Some of these events are easier to plan for than others, but the fact of the matter is everything you do as a professional truck driver in Columbus, OH is done on a perpetually ticking clock. The professional truckers at Bay and Bay Transportation will tell you that learning how to plan your every move in accordance with this clock is a skill learned, not unexpectedly, in time. But with proper time management techniques, your trucking schedule can begin to feel organized instead of stifling.

The first rule of proper time management in trucking is to simply plan ahead.  Okay, have you done that? Great, now plan ahead even further. In fact, it’s not a bad idea to just map out your whole trip right now, especially if a trip is going to be particularly long. This may seem excessive at first, but driving all day and looking for somewhere to park for the night then realizing that the next truck stop isn’t for another thirty miles may cause you to reconsider. Having at least a rough idea of the routes you’re going to take and where you can stop is a great way to start framing your trucking schedule.

But even if your time management plan is flawless, always make sure to consider the schedules of other drivers in the area as well. Try to avoid rush-hour areas around cities if you’ll be in that area at heavy commuting times. Or if your route has been pre-set, then try to plan your breaks to avoid congestion. Make sure you’re not stopping at a rest stop during peak parking hours and if you are, know when to move on to the next option if things are looking too crowded. Spending too much time hoping for the perfect parking spot will hurt more than it will help in the long run.

If other drivers are more familiar with certain areas, then don’t be afraid to ask for advice on timing. Effective time management as a professional truck driver requires frequent and open communication with your co-truckers and dispatcher. Even if you have your trip-plan written out step by step, a little insight from another driver can be the difference between running into construction and arriving ahead of schedule. Ask if a truck stop is worth visiting, or if a detour should be considered. If something happens that throws off your whole plan like a maintenance issue, make sure you check in and get help if you need it.

Time management can be very tricky for professional truck drivers because so many variables go into having a successful trip. But if you plan ahead and talk it out when things are looking dicey you’re more likely to feel in control and confident. If you’re interested in a professional truck driving position in the Columbus, OH area and would like to speak to a representative, then contact Bay and Bay Transportation at

888-801-3026 or visit their website here for details on how to apply.

Stress on the Open Road: Where It Comes From and How to Send It Packing in Madison, WI

Tight deadlines, slow traffic, and a long time spent in a closed space are all ingredients for a perfect stress-storm.  Or, if you’re employed in professional trucking, they are ingredients for an average day at work. Career drivers rely primarily on two things; meticulous preparation and good luck.  Unfortunately, no matter how much effort you spend on preparation, luck can still be the deciding factor in whether or not a job goes smoothly.

Dealing with large quantities of goods and larger quantities of other drivers means juggling your safety, the safety of those around you, and the satisfaction of your client. Understandably, this can be overwhelming, considering how a Madison, WI winter treats area roads.  Learning how to keep your cool and deal with situations as they arise is a hallmark of a great Bay & Bay Transportation driver, and with the right stress management habits, bad luck won’t even scuff your bumpers.

Proper stress management is one aspect of professional trucking that may not be listed on your pre-drive check list, but it cannot be disregarded.  Stress can tamper with your sleep, stall your reflexes, and contribute directly to body strain.  A great way to relieve stress in daily life is to get away from the problem or exercise. However, when you’re in the midst of a job that may not be an option.  Ignoring the problem won’t necessarily help you either.  Instead, consider creating a road-routine that will help you relax.  A personalized stress management system can help you regulate how you react to unexpected situations. Plus, this type of routine could be used outside of work as well.

Some examples of actions to include in your stress management routine could be deep breathing exercises, stretches, or popping in a soothing CD.  Whatever you chose should be simple, easy to replicate, and possible to do without distracting yourself from the road.  Talking out loud about why you’re stressed can be helpful, especially if you feel as if things are piling up too quickly to process.  Hearing the situation explained in sequence can reveal solutions that may not have been apparent initially.  Or, if you’re looking for a silent option, consider just smiling.  Oddly enough, some research indicates that the physical act of smiling may reduce stress and promote more positive feelings.  Plus, it comes with the added bonus of making the person who just cut you off very nervous.

Once you establish a stress management routine, or at least have a few steps in place that keep you calm, make sure you’re still following the most basic rules of career driving: stay hydrated, fed, and well rested.  A tired body leads to a tired mind, and a tired mind cannot cope with stress as effectively, regardless of how Zen your driving methods are. It’s vital to remember that professional trucking requires fortitude, but even more so it requires persistent self-care.  Stress does enough harm on its own without help from its pal fatigue!

If you’re looking for more on-the-road tips or are interested in a professional trucking career in the Madison, WI area, contact Bay & Bay Transportation today at

888-801-3026 or visit their website for more information!

How and Why You Should Get Your CDL so You Can Drive for Bay and Bay Transportation in Minneapolis, MN

When it comes to finding a career, there’s always something out there that is the perfect fit. While some people enjoy the comforts of an office, others prefer the freedom of the open road. This can be achieved by getting your commercial driver’s license and beginning a career as a truck driver for Bay and Bay Transportation in Minneapolis, MN.

As shown on the Bay and Bay Transportation website, there are plenty of benefits that come along with driving for them. The job perks include:

  • full medical and dental benefits after 60 days of employment
  • Life insurance covered by Bay and Bay Transportation
  • Eligibility for a 401(K) after 6 months of employment

Not only does Bay and Bay Transportation offer nice benefits, but they also offer great pay. On average, drivers for Bay and Bay Transportation make between $57,000 and $70,000 a year! On top of that, they also have a driver referral program where bonuses are paid to employees who refer reputable drivers to Bay and Bay Transportation.

If you’re currently a truck driver and you like what you’ve read, stop wasting time and fill out your Bay and Bay application now. If you’re interested in applying but you don’t have a license, keep on reading.

A commercial driver’s license (CDL) is required for anyone wanting to run a truck route. You’ll need to obtain the permit, which involves passing multiple knowledge tests, a 10 year background check of your driving record, and proof of medical eligibility. Then comes the task of getting your actual CDL. Passing the skills test requires you to master vehicle inspection, basic controls, and handling the vehicle on the road. If you need any more info or have questions, go to the federal motor carrier safety administration website.

Once you have your CDL and a year’s worth of experience on the road, you can start your career with Bay and Bay Transportation in Minneapolis, MN! Call us today.