Bay and Bay Transportation Can Find the Right Product Distributor for You with Our Truck Brokerage in Atlanta, Georgia

Starting a new product brand can be a difficult process. Nothing can be more challenging than finding a distributor who will ship your product quickly and for the best price available. When searching for the best product distributor there are several things to consider in order to find the best option. If a suitable carrier cannot be found in Atlanta, Georgia after trying these suggestions, it would be very worthwhile to acquire truck brokerage services from Bay and Bay Transportation. With our help, connecting with the best distributor will be a breeze.

As found on, there are a few things you can do to help decide on a distributor:

Consider Whether or Not You Need a Distributor
It’s possible to do your business on the internet by getting ecommerce capabilities to ship your products. Another option would be to get a sales representative who can create catalogs for you.

Become a Member of an Industry Association
One of the best ways to learn of reliable distributors is by word of mouth. Recommendations can be easily obtained with connections to an association. By doing this you can talk to other business owners who can point you in the direction to the distributor who can best fit your needs.

Participate in Trade Shows
At trade shows, you’ll be able to talk facetoface with distributors and get a glimpse of who you may be dealing with. Not only would you be meeting distributors, but other business owners, and even customers. Create a memorable exhibit and you shouldn’t have a problem attracting good distributors.

Visit the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors (NAW) Website
If none of the other options fit, then you may want to try searching the internet. The website of the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors is designed to bring businesses and distributors together.

Should deciding on a distributor still trouble you in the Atlanta, Georgia area, wait no longer and dial 800273-0366 to speak to a representative at Bay and Bay Transportation. With our truck brokerage, we can get you in touch with a distributor that will provide you with all your needs.


Regional Minneapolis Truck Drivers Add Their Experience to Our Fleet

Congratulations! You have earned your Class A commercial driver’s license. Now you’re eagerly searching for jobs. As anyone who is job searching will tell you, and as you may have already discovered, you’ll want to have some previous experience before you apply. This is also true for truck drivers applying with us. Learn more about why experience matters when applying for truck driving jobs with Bay and Bay Transportation in Minneapolis, MN below.

Before you apply for a truck driving job with Bay and Bay Transportation, you’ll want to have at least one year of solo on-the-road experience and a valid Class A commercial driver’s license. There are many reasons why we look for this level of experience. The most important reason is that we need to know you can safely operate your truck, both for your safety and for the safety of other drivers on the road. You will also be spending a lot of time by yourself behind the wheel. We need to know that you’re committed to your career and that you’re comfortable with long stretches of solitary activity.


In addition to having solo OTR experience, we seek out drivers who are flexible and willing to take on driving assignments anywhere in the country. Your truck driving job could take you anywhere from Grand Forks, ND to Houston, TX, or from Kansas City, MO out to Washington, D.C. The strongest candidates are willing to take on any challenge, not just local driving assignments.


Once you join our fleet, you will continue to gain experience. Eventually you will be able to join the ranks of our Million Mile Club. These drivers have safely completed one million miles or more during their truck driving careers with Bay and Bay Transportation. To reach one million miles, you would have to drive 60 miles per hour, 24/7 for two whole years. We proudly honor 14 individuals who have completed over one million miles, plus an additional 2 individuals who have completed two million miles.


When you’ve gained enough experience, apply online or call our recruiting office at 888-801-3026 to ask us about truck driving jobs with Bay and Bay Transportation in Minneapolis, MN. You can also check here for additional careers with our team. Thanks to our dedicated drivers, we are recognized by the Truckload Carriers Association as one of the nation’s Best Fleets to Drive For in 2015 and 2016.

Bay and Bay Keeps Driving Jobs in Dallas, TX Secure by Abiding by FDA Regulations

Having a transportation business isn’t something you can just get up and do, especially when it comes to hauling loads that are easily damaged such as food. If you aren’t careful, there’s a possibility that the food you’re carrying could spoil, which could decrease your chances of getting those kinds of driving jobs. For that reason, Bay and Bay Transportation keeps a close eye on common ways that food perishables are mishandled and what regulations are needed to retain such driving jobs for our drivers in Dallas, TX.

According to the FDA website, the following are common problems that could lead to food spoiling during transportation:

  1. Improper refrigeration of products
  2. Cross contamination of food products or improper sanitization of the container
  3. Products not being handled the way they should when waiting to be loaded onto the truck
  4. Drivers not having the proper training or knowledge of food safety
  5. Food not being packed properly
  6. Lack of employee hygiene
  7. Policies not being put in place for the proper handling of food products
  8. Rejected loads not being tracked well
  9. Transportation units having design flaws
  10. Not having the proper equipment to load food into the transportation unit

When transporting food products, making sure the load you’re carrying doesn’t become contaminated or spoiled is simply what’s good for business. At Bay and Bay transportation, there’s nothing more important than keeping perishable products safe while they’re shipped to their destinations. In order to keep these transportation jobs available for our drivers, we do everything we can to follow FDA regulations for hauling food products. Keeping our drivers on the road is a top priority. If you’re an experienced truck driver in Dallas, TX looking for a reputable company to haul for, fill out an application for Bay and Bay Transportation today!

Dark and Stormy Safety Tips for Columbus, OH Truck Drivers

Spring Severe Weather Awareness Week starts on March 20th in Columbus, OH this year, which means that finally, finally, spring is springing. Winter is nearly over and the truck drivers of Bay & Bay Transportation will be able to drive ice-free for many months to come. But, those of you reading closely may have noticed that the word “severe” was also included in that lovely spring weather announcement, because yes, tornado season is nearly upon us as well.

Tornado season is a scary time to be a long-term driver of any sort, but it can be especially nerve-wracking if you’re a truck driver. Truck driving means operating a vehicle that can be a little unruly, difficult to park on short notice, and sometimes too large for ordinary shelters. Keeping your cool in bad weather is essential, but it can also be very hard to think things through when the sky is falling. Start by sticking to some of the basics:

  • Check the weather on all your truck driving routes before departing.
  • Keep in regular contact with your dispatcher about sketchy conditions and dangerous weather.
  • Never try to outrun a storm, instead retreat to a nearby ditch or shelter and wait it out.
  • And for truck drivers specifically, do NOT rely on your truck for protection.

Even if you think you have the heaviest truckload in the history of truck driving, your vehicle is still a large, flat-sided object that may as well be a big rectangular kite in the right kind of winds. Even if the storm isn’t strong enough to lift or damage your cargo, it could still tip the truck over . . . and there’s no way to predict where it will land.  Keep away from your truck, find low ground, and make yourself the smallest target possible. Protect your head and neck and wait out the worst of the wind. And under no circumstances should you try to hide underneath a highway overpass. It may seem like logical protection, but it actually makes you more vulnerable than hiding in a ditch.

If you’d like more tips on truck driving through storms or in severe weather around Columbus, OH, contact Bay & Bay Transportation at 888.801.3026 or visit their website here. Staying a step ahead of the weather can be difficult, but when your safety as a truck driver is on the line, it should always be your first priority.

Our Refrigerated Transport Company Delivers Reliably and On-Time in Minneapolis, MN

It’s the worst-case scenario for restaurant owners: after celebrating a busier-than-expected week, they anxiously await restocking their walk-in coolers and freezers with the next delivery of product…and wait…and wait. Their delivery finally arrives a few hours late during the next busy mealtime. All staff are busy helping customers and keeping a wary eye on the remaining product. The delivery driver gets a mouthful from the frustrated staff for being so late. With Bay & Bay Transportation as the refrigerated transport company for your Minneapolis, MN, you’ll receive on-time, reliable, hassle-free deliveries every time.


On-time delivery is among the most important factors restaurant owners look for in their refrigerated transport company. Restaurants often have a set delivery time that is the same every week. When ordering more product, they plan around this schedule so they can provide their customers with the freshest product possible while still keeping their food costs down.


Delays come in all forms, including severe weather, road construction, traffic delays along the route, and a few extra stops added to the regular route. Restaurant owners and truck drivers can both predict and communicate expected delays using weather forecasts and local event calendars to guide them. Of course, not every delay can be predicted. When the unexpected happens, communication is critical. If your restaurant has the same driver from week to week, ask them to call your store’s number or notify the refrigerated transportation company office if they will be more than an hour behind schedule.


As every restaurant owner knows, nothing is entirely stable in the food service industry. Business changes from week to week with the seasons and local events. Deliveries are affected as new clients add routes with your refrigerated transport company. The best thing you can do to keep things running smoothly is to watch the trends for your store and plan ahead. Try to order enough product to keep your restaurant well-stocked one day past your scheduled delivery. In case of an unexpected delay, this will give you product to work with until the truck driver arrives.


Your Minneapolis, MN restaurant deserves the best quality service possible and Bay & Bay Transportation delivers as your refrigerated transport company. Our drivers are highly experienced, boasting a collective pickup and delivery record of over 99%. We follow the FDA’s most current federal guidelines strictly when handling perishable food products. Contact us at 651-480-7961 to join our national clients, many of whom have relied on us for consistent, reliable service since 1959.