Inclement Weather Requires Cautious Truck Driving in Dallas, TX

The recent heavy rains and flash floods in Texas and Louisiana are an important reminder about the power of Mother Nature. The region received over two feet of rain, setting new flood records in several locations, damaging thousands of area homes, and closing multiple major roadways. The truck drivers at Bay & Bay Transportation in the Dallas, TX community know how to navigate safely when their route is affected by flash flooding and other dangerous weather conditions.

About one-quarter of all speeding-related truck driving incidents are caused by inclement weather conditions. Protect yourself and your fellow drivers by adjusting your driving style. Start by reducing your speed by one-third on wet roads. For example, if the posted speed limit is 60 miles per hour, you should reduce your speed to 40 miles per hour.

In addition to reducing speeds, you should also allow more time for signaling and making maneuvers. Begin signaling sooner than normal before changing lanes or entering a turn lane. Look a minimum of fifteen seconds ahead of you in good driving conditions, and farther still during bad weather.

Never attempt to drive over flooded roadways, no matter how shallow the water seems. Be especially careful at night when your visibility is reduced. Our 80,000 pound commercial trucks are powerful vehicles, but they are not more powerful than floodwaters. It takes only one foot of fast-moving water to carry away a small car. Two feet will carry away most vehicles, including commercial vehicles. Don’t let your guard down if a previously flooded road appears dry. Floodwaters can weaken the roadbed, allowing it to collapse under the weight of a heavy commercial vehicle. We recommend planning multiple routes so that you’re always driving on safe, dry roads.

We recommend that our Texas truck drivers keep the following links bookmarked in their smartphones. Refer to them before you leave the truck stop to begin your route.

Texas Weather Information

Texas Department of Transportation

Texas Traffic and Road Closures

Texas Traveling Information

Pay close attention to the other drivers on the road. If other commercial trucks have pulled off the road, you may want to consider doing the same. Part of what makes our Bay & Bay Transportation team one of 2016’s Best Fleets To Drive For is our commitment to truck driving safety in the Dallas, TX community and nationwide. Contact us at 888-801-3026 to learn about our truck driving career opportunities.


Five Signs of Excellence in Individuals Looking for Truck Driving Jobs in Minneapolis,MN

Getting your commercial driver’s license is a big accomplishment! Now you’re on the way to starting your career as a commercial driver. While it may seem pretty cut and dry—get your license, get an OTR gigthere’s really so much more to trucking than moving things from point A to point B. At Bay & Bay, we’re looking for signs of excellence in the drivers we consider for our truck driving jobs in Minneapolis and around the country. Along with at least one year of successful OTR experience, we are seeking individuals who have strengths in the following areas:

Self-Reliant: While you’re part of the Bay & Bay team, there’s no doubt that at times you’ll need to make decisions quickly that can affect the rig or your load. Mechanical failures, traffic jams, or major detours can happen and you need to have quick thinking skills and strong verbal communication skills with our technical support team to overcome these obstacles without getting overly stressed or overwhelmed.

Comfortable Working Solo: We’re looking for people who consider themselves team players even though a large part of your time on the job will be spent alone. While our technical support team is top-notch, our truck drivers need to be able to work solo much of the time without constant direction. Great truck drivers will be able to blend these two and will enjoy both the time spent alone and the guidance from our expert athome team in Minneapolis.

Team Player: Understanding that your job is an integral part of the Bay & Bay process is important. We have an obligation to our customers and much of that relies on timely schedules and performance. When the wheel turns together and all parties do their jobs, our brand and your career are solidified. We offer some of the most rewarding incentive plans in the industry because of this belief, including our Million Mile Club.

People Skills: Many people think that trucking consists of long nights spent driving alone and a very solitary life. While there are some long stretches, you will still have to deal with people along the road. Being professional and courteous is a skill set that’s very important for our truck drivers. You will have to interact not only with our technical support team, but also with dock works, customer service staff, and other truckers along the way. Your positivity and courtesy will help you gain friends around the country and reflect on our company as a whole.

Mechanical Proficiency: Basic knowledge of how a truck operates and how to fix common problems is a must. Being alert and aware of changes in your rig is important, as is being able to tie down cargo if needed and safely move the vehicle off the road before performing any needed corrections.

If you feel that you are an excellent candidate for our available truck driving opportunities in the Minneapolis area, please contact us for more detailed information.


Our Truck Drivers Know How to Handle Tire Emergencies in Atlanta, GA

With all the time you spend behind the wheel during your truck driving career, your commercial truck is almost like an extension of yourself. You know right away when something about the truck doesn’t feel right while you’re driving. You also know how quickly tire trouble can occur. It could be that you drove over a particularly sharp piece of debris on the road. Or perhaps your tire treads experienced excessive wear. No matter what the cause of the problem is, you should take the time to review your tire safety knowledge before inquiring about driving jobs with Bay & Bay Transportation in Atlanta, GA.

Before you leave the parking lot, remember to conduct a full pre-trip inspection. This includes watching tire pressure, looking for any troubling visual cues in the tires like cuts or irregular wear, and measuring tread depth. Remember that you need a minimum of 4/32-inch depth on your steer tires and 2/32-inch depth on all other tires.

Even the most careful drivers encounter tire failures during their truck driving careers.

There are a number of signs your truck will give you if tire trouble arises:

A vibration is a sign that a tire has gone flat.

A heavy feeling in the steering wheel may occur if one of your front tires goes flat.

Your trailer may begin fishtailing if a rear tire goes flat. This may not happen if your truck is equipped with dual rear tires.

A loud bang means a tire has blown.

Your truck may not always react right away. If you notice one of the signs listed above, pull over safely on an emergency ramp or wide shoulder and inspect each tire on your vehicle.

A tire failure can be a startling experience if you don’t know how to handle your vehicle in emergency situations. That being said, you can’t begin a truck driving job without knowing how to drive a commercial truck safely in all scenarios. Experienced drivers know how to maintain control of their trucks, but a little review is always helpful.

Do not brake quickly. Just like when driving on icy roads, doing so could cause you to lose control of the truck even faster. Wait to brake until the vehicle has slowed down considerably, then begin to gently apply the brakes. When you’ve come to a complete stop, walk around the vehicle and inspect each tire to diagnose the issue. Then, call the local roadside assistance provider for help with replacing the bad tire.

Safety is a critical part of sharing the road with both smaller private vehicles and fellow large commercial vehicles. Call Bay & Bay Transportation at 888-801-3026 or email [email protected] to learn more about our driving jobs in Atlanta, GA. Our commitment to driver safety is what makes our nationwide fleet so successful.


Finding a Columbus, OH Trucking Network You Can Rely On

By definition, trucking seems like a lonely profession. Driving on the open road from place to place away from home… but in reality, a successful trucking company such as Bay & Bay Transportation relies on a complex network of brokerage specialists, drivers, dispatchers, customers, technicians, and more. A huge amount of trained professionals have to work together in order to keep businesses running in Columbus, OH and without everyone working consistently at the top of their game, it would be impossible to get anything done. This cooperation forms the basis of the true essence of a trucking company: the ability to work together over wide distances and with varied skill sets in order to get the job done.

Finding a freight transportation company that knows how to juggle a multitude of requests can be very straining. If you’re trying to run a company that has a fluctuating amount of freight, your work can be harrowing on the best days and downright demoralizing on the worst. This goes double if the types of items you’re shipping vary as well. If you need one kind of truck on Monday, a second kind on Tuesday, and then three times as many of both on Wednesday, it can leave your resources drained and your stress levels high. This is where the brokerage services like those offered by the Bay & Bay Transportation network come in handy. If you don’t have the resources to get your work done, Bay & Bay will find someone who does.

In the world of freight and trucking, building a reliable network of workers and suppliers makes all the difference. Knowing that you can call for additional trucks in a pinch or request a specialized truck in an unexpected circumstance will give you peace of mind while dealing with any type of client. If you’d like to be part of a tight-knit network of Columbus, OH freight transportation experts, contact Bay & Bay Transportation today. Their brokers can fill in any blanks in your service without hesitation and provide support to your business today, tomorrow, and onward. Contact & Bay Transportation at 888.801.3026 or visit their website here.


Finding Your Fit With Truck Driving Jobs in Madison, OH

For professional drivers in Madison, OH, truck driving is a lifestyle choice as much as it is a career path. It involves long hours and sometimes odd sleeping schedules. It requires technical know-how and mental fortitude to get the job done right, and possibly being away from home for long stretches of time. Even so, thousands of drivers, such as those at Bay & Bay Transportation, choose the truck driving life every day.

If you’ve ever considered getting involved in a professional driving job, it’s good to know what to expect going in, especially because it’s not the sort of position you can just snag on a whim. Beyond the special training required, truck driving jobs demand a certain type of mindset, and if it doesn’t suit you right away, it may not in the long run. How do you know if driving jobs are up your alley?

Transportation is a booming industry in Ohio and all over the United States, and there are no signs of it disappearing in the coming years. This means work can be found in many locations with enough variety to keep drivers coming back for more. If you’re looking for a truck driving position that can provide a livable income and a steady work schedule, you’re looking in the right place.

Those looking for truck driving jobs should be comfortable being independent. For some people, long hours alone on the road can be a cause of tension instead of relaxation. If you enjoy time to yourself and the freedom to work under your own terms, truck driving is a great option. Being able to adapt to unexpected developments is important as well, but managing your own time and being able to work alone is even more key.

This solitude is not constant among driving jobs. Your truck driving peers can be enormous assets to you as well as comrades. A truck driving career is a great way to build bonds and make connections on the road. Though much of the work can be done without immediate supervision, many find it fulfilling to rejoin other drivers between loads. These moments on the road may seem fleeting, but the truck driving life is in no way deprived of simple pleasures.

Transportation companies such as Bay and Bay Transportation are always looking for experienced drivers interested in making this change in their lives. Madison, OH residents looking into driving jobs can contact Bay and Bay Transportation at 888.801.3026, or visit our website here. Inquire about truck driving jobs or the training necessary to get your trucking career on the road.


Dry van trucking careers in Minneapolis MN at Bay and Bay.

Our dry van truckers are at the heart of our business, and of the commercial trucking business overall. It takes a lot of trucks out there on the roads to move freight across America, and Bay and Bay is proud to have a first class staff of drivers, often referred to as dry van truckers. If you have your Class A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL-A), you have the advantage of having an in-demand skill and an opportunity for a career with job stability at Bay and Bay.

Our dry van truckers run 53 airride vans to various points in the country, delivering freight to distribution centers, plants, and more. As a dry van trucker, your responsibility will be to deliver the freight safely and on time. Loading and unloading is generally done by other parties, and then you’ll be on the road to you next assignment.

Since safety is a value we live by every day, our Bay and Bay trucks are serviced and maintained regularly, as well as cleaned so they look great when they head out on the road. This ongoing commitment to making sure our equipment, as well as our drivers, are taken care of is what makes us different in the trucking industry. With our clear communication on expectations, you’ll be able to tailor your career as a Bay and Bay dry van trucker with your home life as well.

Our steady work volume means that you can count on an income week to week, month to month, and year to year. While we are based here in the Midwest, Bay and Bay delivers freight to all points in the U.S. and to Canada as well. Our generous driver incentives and amenities mean we have one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry.

If you’re interested in hearing more about our dry van trucking positions, apply online, or call our recruiting office at 888-801-3026 to ask us about truck driving jobs with Bay and Bay Transportation in Minneapolis, MN.