Superior Logistics Services by Bay and Bay Transportation in Minneapolis, MN

When you’re driving down the road across the United States, you’ll see a lot of trucks. Most people assume that those trucks are all driven by drivers working for one company or that the drivers own their own trucks and are carrying freight for a company. Both scenarios can be true, but there’s another part of the trucking industry that coordinates the finer details of how these big rigs can more efficiently move freight around the country, and that’s called freight brokerage. Bay and Bay is a leader in the Minneapolis, MN area for Logistics to companies who need reliable carriers to deliver freight from point to point.

Our knowledge of both the trucking industry itself and the right connections between companies and carriers is where we shine. We pre-qualify our carriers and can offer a complete line of options for flatbeds, specialty, tanker, or reefers. With over 13,000 rigorously screened pre-qualified carriers in North America at our fingertips, we can find the right one for your job. If you’re looking for more cost effective solutions, we also offer intermodal and rail system transport as well.

At Bay and Bay, we know what it means to have empty trucks sitting waiting for loads: it means lost revenue for you, and lost revenue for your drivers. We have the know-how and the experience to choose the right shipper to transport the freight and we handle all the logistics from rollout to delivery with our uptodate tracking and freight management systems. Our solid reputation and 5 decades of experience go handinhand with our commitment to leaving nothing to chance when it comes to delivering your freight safely and on time.

We are licensed, bonded, and insured, and we’re members of the Transportation Intermediaries Association, the national trade association for intermediaries and the publisher of industry best practices. Trust Bay and Bay Transportation to deliver your freight across Minneapolis, the Twin Cities, or across the United StatesCall us today.


Keeping Cool on the Summer Roads in Columbus, OH

Heatwaves are hitting the states this week and Columbus, OH is no exception. With temperatures landing among the 80s and 90s, it’s hard enough to keep cool in a swimming pool, let alone a cramped truck cabin. Seasoned truckers like those at Bay & Bay Trucking know that truck driving can be a serious challenge in the summer, and that in some cases not even the strongest air conditioning units can save you. So here are a few tiny tips for keeping your body temperature lower than the asphalt you’re driving on.

One of the best things an overheated truck driver can have at their side is a miniature cooler. A little cooler can be a life saver on all day scorchers, and with a little planning, it can be the ticket to smooth and cool trucking. Even if you can’t get your hands on a cooler, a well-insulated bag is a great option as well. Anything that can hold a little cool air in and keep the hot air out will do just fine!

Once you have a container, prepare your summer truck driving arsenal: at least three bottles of water, a damp rag, grapes, and one or two spare undershirts.

The first step is to fill a couple of bottles with water and freeze them. Fill the third bottle to the top with water and stow it in the cooler. Next, pick the grapes off the stem, put them in a bag, and freeze these as well. Bag up the undershirts and stow them in the cooler, then take the damp rag and place it in the cooler (without a bag).

Once the water and grapes are frozen, add them to the cooler as well and you’re ready to go! While you’re on the road, the grapes give you quick access to a frozen snack without too much additional sugar or spending. Plus, the frozen water bottles will help keep everything cool and provide more cold water as they thaw.

When you start getting too warm, place the cool, damp rag on the base of your neck and return it to the cooler once it heats up. The other items should cool it back down and you can re-apply as needed. If you find yourself getting too damp and sticky from the heat or sweat, take some time at your next stop to switch into a cool, dry undershirt.

Truck driving requires a lot of tenacity, but it also requires creativity. Heatstroke and fatigue can severely impact the health of a truck driver, or at the absolute least, interrupt their work. Staying comfortable and cool is just as important as keeping your gas tank full.

If you’re a Columbus, OH resident and you’re interested in truck driving opportunities, contact Bay & Bay Transportation at 888.801.3026 or visit their website here. Stay cool out there, truck drivers!


Eyes on the Road and Hands on the Wheel: Combating Common Driving Distractions in Atlanta, GA

If you’ve driven near a large delivery or freight truck recently, you may have thought to yourself “I really hope the driver sees me” as you pulled up alongside. This is a common reaction because most conventional cars feel tiny compared to the size and weight of modern trucks. Being a professional truck driver requires a sharp eye, a steady hand, and quick reflexes exactly for this reason. The truck drivers at Bay & Bay Transportation in Atlanta, GA know that when it’s time to drive, it’s time to stow the fuzzy rear-view dice and focus.

Keeping focused on the open road can be difficult if you’re driving for long hours, but that focus is crucial if you want to keep yourself and your road mates safe. Distracted driving is already dangerous as a casual commuter, but when it comes to truck driving, it can be disastrous. Learning how to stay clearminded is a vital skill for truck drivers everywhere.

Common truck driving distractions include phone management (which includes texts, calls, GPS, and email), eating on the go, and making adjustments for comfort while in motion (such as putting on a jacket or reaching for a new CD). All of these driving distractions, while benign seeming at first glance, are incredibly dangerous. Taking your eye off the road for even a second too long can cost you your cargo, your life, or the life of another driver.

The truck driving trick for preventing distracted driving is surprisingly simple: plan ahead. If you often get cold while driving, have a blanket or scarf on hand that doesn’t require extra reaching to put on. Having to struggle with a jacket or sweater is too risky if you’re trying to keep your eyes on the road. And instead of fiddling with the radio or CD player, stick with long pre-made MP3 playlists or audiobooks that will last until the next stop.

For your phone, turn on an automatic message for calls and texts saying that you’re driving and alert any other contacts that you’ll be unavailable via email. The safest way to manage your phone while enroute is to leave it alone entirely. For vital work-related calls, make sure you have all relevant numbers on speed dial before departing. If you need to dial a number, wait until you’re pulled over or stopped.

When planning meals, make sure you pack simple, easy to eat foods that won’t be problematic to eat with one hand. Simple snacks like fruits, thermos soups, and pre-cut sandwiches are easy to prepare and easy to eat. Anything that can spill, drip, or crumble is better left for a rest stop.

 Distracted driving may seem like common sense, but for many truck drivers, driving is like second nature. Looking away to change a CD may seem like an inconsequential action, but it could also be the difference between slowing down in time or rear ending the person in front of you. Truck driving is a high stakes profession, but it doesn’t have to be a dangerous one. If you’re interested in professional trucking driving in the Atlanta, GA area, Bay & Bay Transportation can be reached at 888.801.3026 or by visiting their website here.


Beating the Heat with Refrigerated Transport in Dallas, TX.

Refrigerated transport companies are about much more than delivering ice cream. They’re vital to the transport industry, medical services, produce providers, and even museums. They allow for the transportation of food, medicine, art, and anything else that has a limited shelf life and a long distance to travel. This is especially true when it comes to cities like Dallas, TX, because in the transport industry, heat kills. It wilts, spoils, boils, and tarnishes. Without the proper atmospheric controls, it would be impossible to transport anything perishable for more than a day’s worth of travel, and depending upon the type of item, even less. Luckily, thanks to companies such as Bay and Bay Transportation, it’s possible to not only move food but many other life essential items, even with a scorching sun beating down on the trucks for days on end.

A refrigerated transport company has the difficult task of moving delicate things around in distinctly not-delicate machinery. Refrigerated reefers are big, heavy, and can be stressful to run since there’s a possibility of spoilage over long distances. With the proper training and management they can also be an incredible asset to southern communities. Refrigerated transport drivers must be properly trained in managing the temperature controls, proper loading and unloading procedures, emergency system failure procedures, and truck sanitation. And, because of the type of cargo involved, strict delivery schedules must also be closely followed.

All of these factors together make for a very precise, very technical delivery experience. The reefer drivers at Bay and Bay Transportation are fully trained in current Smart Reefer temperature technology and have the expertise to make sure that items arrive on time and in good condition, regardless of the Texas temperatures outside.

If your Dallas, TX business is in need of a refrigerated transport company and regular access to refrigerated transport vehicles, contact the professionals at Bay and Bay Transportation today to arrange a consultation. Bay and Bay Transportation can be reached at 888.801.3026 or by visiting our website here.


Stretch Your Legs at the Truck Stops You Discover During Your Truck Driving Career in Madison, WI

As truck drivers, we spend a lot of time behind the wheel. All that driving time makes us really appreciate the time we can find to stretch our legs, and we know that time is precious. We want to make the most of each mile. When we stop, we want it to be for a good reason. Plan ahead to get the most from the rest stops along your truck driving route in the Madison, WI area with Bay & Bay Transportation.

There are several different kinds of roadside stops. Each is designed to provide different services. Rest areas and waysides are a great place to use the restroom and stretch your legs. The state of Wisconsin offers 30 state-run rest areas that offer clean restrooms, picnic areas, road maps, weather information, and vending machines. There are also a number of wayside stops open from late May to mid-September. These waysides have clean restrooms and picnic areas, but fewer amenities. You can find the rest areas along your route using this map provided by WisDOT. They are excellent for a quick rest but not designed for long-term parking of more than 24 hours.

Truck stops, on the other hand, are designed specifically with truck driving in mind. Common services include private showers, wifi, restaurants, overnight parking, and a variety of truck maintenance services. Truck stops also provide unleaded and diesel fuel for vehicles of all makes and models.

One of the easiest ways to locate a truck stop along your route is with a simple search on Google Maps or your GPS. Just type in “truck stops near [insert cities along your route here]” and pick the truck stop that best meets your current truck driving needs. For your safety, please do this before you leave the parking lot, not while you are driving.

You can also visit a truck stop’s website to learn about their locations and services. Truck drivers with routes in Wisconsin can find these popular truck stops:

Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores

TravelCenters of America

Pilot Flying J

The best way to learn about great truck stops is by talking with other truck drivers. Share your experiences with each other and keep an ear out for stops along your route that can provide the services you’re looking for. Don’t forget to contact us at [email protected] or 888-801-3026 to learn more about a truck driving career with Bay & Bay Transportation in Madison, WI. We’ll see you out on the open road!


Truck Driving Jobs on the Rise in Minneapolis

In 2014, NPR did a census data study to see what America’s most predominant job was, and they found that in 29 states, truck driving jobs were the #1 job held by adults 18 and over. At Bay and Bay Transportation, we understand how important trucking is to people across the country from Minneapolis and beyond. For most of the items in our homes, you have a trucker to thank for delivering it. Our current lifestyles, from the food we eat, to the cars we buy, and even to the homes we live in are because of a trucker carrying cargo across the country.

The boom of ecommerce in the US and the fact that trucking is highly immune to automation means that truck driving is a career that has sustained families for many generations. We’re proud of our reputation for excellent drivers and we’re always seeking to add experienced drivers to the road and local drivers to our Minneapolis, MN offices.

Bay and Bay Transportation is specifically looking for experienced drivers (6 months of professional experience or more) looking for truck driving jobs to fill company positions and owner-operator positions. In addition to competitive pay, Bay and Bay offers extensive benefits, including full medical and dental benefits, life insurance, paid holidays, and sick and vacation time. And did we mention the stateoftheart equipment available to our drivers? Our company drivers average 2500 to 3300 miles each week, with some of the most modern trucks and trailers at their disposal, all meticulously maintained.

Nominated by our own employees, Bay and Bay Transportation has been named one of the best fleets to drive for and is proud to have had fleets on the road since 1941. We’re seeking strongly motivated individuals with a Midwestern worth ethic to join our team!

For more information about truck driving job opportunities at Bay and Bay, check out our driver opportunities, or click here to apply online right away.


On the Road Pain Prevention for Driving Jobs in Madison, OH

Professional truck driving is a very rewarding and dynamic occupation. It’s great for people who like handson work, traveling, and having new, exciting experiences. And like many jobs with similar qualities, it can take a bit of a toll on your body if you don’t know how to handle its unique pressures and stressors. Bay & Bay Transportation values the health and happiness of its drivers, so when you’re on the road, it’s good to know some easy tips and tricks to keep yourself in tiptop shape. Truck drivers in the Madison, OH area can try out a few of these easy on the road stretches to keep your job and your bod running smoothly.

One of the main body parts that can get a little run down while you’re running around are your wrists. Though small, your wrists are absolutely vital to truck driving. There can be a good amount of lifting and twisting involved in loading and unloading trucks, and if you sustain a wrist injury prior to a driving job, it can make it difficult to perform and maintain certain arm and hand positions for long periods of time. It’s important to recognize that since driving jobs require a good amount of time with your hands on the wheel, wrist pain isn’t uncommon, but a little special attention can help you circumvent it entirely.

First of all, be aware of how you grasp the wheel and where you rest your hands when they’re not in action. Grasping too tightly can strain muscles, but resting your hand limply over the wheel can lead to cramping and prickling fingers. If your fingers are falling asleep, that’s a good sign that it’s time to change positions. The best way to avoid sleepy digits entirely is to frequently change your hand positions and to keep your forearms level with the tilt of your wrist. Avoiding excessive bending and dangling will provide more stability for your entire arm.

So let’s start with some basic wrist stretches. Try these if you’re experiencing any discomfort while you’re on the road.

Shake out your hands one at a time with your arm extended outward and to the side. This can help when your fingers have fallen asleep. A good, firm shake for about ten seconds is a great start.

Hold the wheel at the 10 and 2 position and press your palms forward until you feel a light pull. Hold this position for five seconds or for as long as it feels comfortable.

Keep your hands in the same position as above but this time twist your hand forward around the wheel so the tips of your fingers are pointing at your forearm. Continue until you feel a pull and hold for five seconds or until it becomes uncomfortable.

Check out this page for some more wrist stretching tips and for other types of stretches you can do while you’re on a driving job. You don’t need to make a wrist stretching schedule, but don’t forget about your hand positions as you drive either. Whenever something feels stiff or sleepy, give it a little shake at least.

If you’re a Madison, OH resident interested in more healthy truck driving tips or you’re looking to get involved with professional truck driving, contact Bay & Bay Transportation at 888.801.3026 or visit their website here. In the meantime, keep those wrists strong!