Rethinking Reliable Truck Transport in Minneapolis, MN

There’s a lot of talk these days about automating cars and even overtheroad trucks in the quest for safety and great reliability. While self-driving trucks are the ultimate goal of some firms, at Bay & Bay Transportation, we value and rely on our individual experts behind the wheel in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and all over the country.

When you figure that long-haul trucking plays a role in nearly three-quarters of what we buy, you understand the reach and impact of professional drivers like the dedicated men and women who drive for Bay & Bay. Their determination and dedication keep America moving no matter the hour or day.

Whether it’s local jobs around the Twin Cities region or jobs that extend to distant parts of the United States, Bay & Bay drivers take safety seriously. They don’t subscribe to the notion that the only way to ensure the prevention of accidents is to adopt self-driving technology and sensors mounted on big rigs for testing on our nation’s highways.

There’s no need to tune hardware and software when Bay & Bay’s experienced drivers know the routes and use good judgment in all kinds of conditions, with the ultimate goal of arriving on-time with a safe and secure load.

Bay & Bay also offers you ultimate flexibility, no matter your transportation needs, whether you need dry van freight, flatbed, intermodal, refrigerated, and even irregular or partial loads.

Bay & Bay is a quality driven tradition in Minneapolis with a reputation that grows by the mile around the Midwest and extends to all points of the US and Canada. To learn more about how Bay & Bay Transportation can offer you a safe, reliable hauling solution, give us a call at (888) 801-3026, or visit our website for more details.


Zen and the Art of Truck Driving in Madison, WI

Becoming a professional truck driver requires a certain personality type. You must be adaptable, calculating, organized, and perhaps most importantly, Zen. Experienced truck drivers like those at Bay and Bay Transportation know how to deal with an incredible number of variables while remaining relaxed and alert. Traffic, weather, construction, navigation, and cargo awareness are all vital components of the truck driving process. With all of these parts moving in tandem, one thing going wrong can trigger a chain reaction that ultimately throws off the whole gig. This is why learning how to keep your cool is a great way to tell the seasoned drivers from the newbies. If you’re new to truck driving in Madison, WI, and are still trying to find your Zen, try some of these easy tricks.

Start your journey to truck driving Zen by learning to breathe it out. If you’re suddenly cutoff in traffic or are unexpectedly caught in bad weather, it can quickly seem like the world is moving too fast for you to handle. This is a normal response to stress, but learning how to slow everything back down is key. Consciously let out a breath and relax your shoulders if you find yourself clenching or getting tense.

Next, stay hydrated! Water may not seem like an obvious solution to tension, but for truck drivers it’s important to keep every aspect of your health in check to be as effective as possible. Drinking enough water will keep you alert, comfortable, and will help you keep your blood pressure down. If your body is feeling Zen, so will your mind.

Finally, train your attitude. Truck driving can be a frustrating profession because so much of your job relies on other drivers being conscious and courteous. Instead of seeing your road-mates as the enemy, make the road your “happy place.” Bring music you enjoy, keep yourself comfortable, and make each job an opportunity to enjoy yourself. If you go into your work with optimism, a few mishaps won’t ruin your mood.

If you’re interested in professional truck driving in Madison, WI, call Bay and Bay Transportation at (888) 801-3026, or visit our website here. Truck drivers may have a lot on their plates, but the road to Zen may just be a few breaths away.


Finding Home on the Road in Columbus,OH with Driving Jobs from Bay & Bay

Life on the road doesn’t always mean making it back home to Columbus, OH, in time for dinner with the family. While there are many perks that come with professional driving jobs like those available at Bay & Bay Transportation, it’s also a largely understood truth that truck drivers have confront homesickness. Whether you’re away for hours, days, or even weeks, learning to live with homesickness is an important aspect of long term driving jobs. In time, you may even learn how to conquer it entirely.

Homesickness can impact truck drivers in many ways. It may be a lingering sense of disconnection or pining. It may be a food craving that you just can’t seem to itch. Or it may be as simple as needing to hear the sound of a family member’s voice. All of these feelings are common, and when it comes to driving jobs, all of them have possible solutions. Being confined to a large truck cabin for hours on end may make it seem as though you’re without options, but a little ingenuity will go a long way if you know where to start.

The simplest solution for homesickness is to keep pictures or mementos of home with you at all times. This may seem a little Hollywood, but even a single knick-knack or wallet photo might be just the kick to help you refocus on a long driving job. If you find yourself struggling with feelings of separation or excessive distance, a little piece of home can be enough to bring you back to earth.

Another option for the modern truck driver (which has become more and more available in recent years) is to keep your phone plan current and fully upgraded. Being able to call home at night or shoot off a text at a stop is a quick way to provide reassurance to yourself and your family. It also gives your family and friends the opportunity to reach out and keep you updated through various types of social media. Driving jobs may take you miles from home, but nowadays miles don’t mean nearly as much as they used to.

Finally, and most importantly you have to find your rhythm. Driving jobs can be long and arduous if you’re not physically and mentally up for the challenge. If calling home every day keeps you feeling positive and energetic, then do it. If all you need is a picture for a few days and a single phone call by the end of the week, then do that instead. Find a balance that works for you and stick with it.

Staying happy and healthy during driving jobs means keeping your mind and heart just as tuned up as your body. If you’re a Columbus, OH, resident and are interested in a new career with driving jobs contact Bay and Bay Transportation at (888) 801-3026 or visit their website here.


Truck Drivers Enjoy Smooth Sailing While Driving During High Winds in Atlanta, GA

When you drive an 80,000-pound powerhouse commercial truck, it’s easy to think that you are immune to hazardous weather conditions. The reality is that high winds are especially dangerous for our big rigs. Knowing how to handle your vehicle during high winds makes truck driving safer for both you and those you share the road with when you drive with Bay & Bay Transportation in Atlanta, GA.

Treat high winds the same as you would when truck driving in heavy rains or on icy roads- with great caution. Turn off your cruise control, slow down, and increase the distance between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead of you. You may consider gearing down your transmission to help maneuver your trailer through strong winds. For your safety and the safety of other drivers on the road, pull off if you feel that conditions are too dangerous to continue driving in. As with any weather conditions, make sure you are wearing your seatbelt while truck driving, keep both hands on the wheel, and eyes alert to your surroundings.

The way you load your trailer can make a big difference in high winds. Having a heavy load weighing down your trailer can help stabilize it, but this won’t do much good unless the load is distributed to have a lower center of gravity. Never drive through high winds with an empty trailer or a partial load.

Why should we be so concerned with high winds and truck driving? It all comes down to physics. According to Bernoulli’s principle, increasing the velocity of a stream of fluid (or air) decreases the pressure. As your truck travels at faster speeds and interrupts a larger amount of air, you create an area of low pressure behind, under, and alongside your truck. That’s during a calm day. Add high winds into the mix and your truck could tip more easily.

Not only is safety a concern, but regulations come into play as well. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations state that truck drivers are to take extreme caution by reducing speeds and pulling over during any hazardous conditions. This includes high wind speeds. Check out section 392.14 for more details.

We encourage you to check the weather along your route any time you prepare to hit the road. Pay close attention to wind advisories for the locations along your route and keep watch for visual indicators like wind socks as you drive. Bay & Bay Transportation encourages our team to travel safely while truck driving  in Atlanta, GA, and across the nation, no matter what weather conditions you encounter. Our drivers’ safety is our top priority.


Bay & Bay is a Smart Career Move for Truck Driving Jobs in Minneapolis, MN

Got professional driving experience? If so we’d like to talk to you about truck driving jobs at Bay & Bay Transportation in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We are one of the Best Fleets to drive for in 2016 as Recognized by CarriersEdge and the Truckload Carriers Association.

One of the biggest problems facing truckers today is finding the right company to work for; a company that delivers on its promises. What sets Bay & Bay Transportation apart for those seeking truck driving jobs in Minneapolis and routes beyond Minnesota’s borders, is driver satisfaction, the ability to retain good drivers, and overall safety performance of Bay & Bay’s fleet.

Drivers who work in the Minneapolis, MN, area are able to enjoy several benefits, from their close proximity to Bay & Bay’s dispatch locations, local jobs, and OTR assignments with easy roundtrips in the Twin Cities area.

Bay & Bay Transportation also values owner operators as we offer truck driving jobs in the Minneapolis area. Bay & Bay can provide all the tools you need to build a successful business. This can range from leasing great equipment with affordable payments to helping you achieve the best profits in the industry.

If your goals include truck driving jobs beyond Minneapolis or Minnesota’s borders, Bay & Bay has you covered as well. OTR drivers operating out of the Twin Cities are on the road an average of one to two weeks on primary routes from the Midwest to the Northeast and parts of the Southeast United States.

It all adds up to a smart career decision to learn more about truck driving jobs with Bay & Bay Transportation in Minneapolis, MN, whether youre interested in company over the road, owner operator, or our truck lease to own program.

Bay & Bay is a quality driven tradition in Minneapolis, MN, and we invite you to put your local knowledge to work or help us make our nationwide reach even more efficient. To learn more about Bay & Bay Transportation’s truck driving job options, give us a call at (888) 801-3026, or visit our web site for more details.