Staying Road Safe in Changing Philadelphia, PA, Weather

It’s (suddenly) that time of year again. Roads are about to get icier, traffic will be dicier, and the weather’s sure to be a lot less nice-ier. If you’re a truck driver in Philadelphia, PA, this means preparing yourself for some long chilly drives, and occasionally, some fellow drivers that act as though they’ve never seen a snowflake in their entire lives. The basic tenants of winter driving are likely already deeply ingrained into your driving technique. However, the professional truck drivers at Bay & Bay Transportation know that there’s no such thing as being over prepared, especially when natural conditions are working against you.


Career truck driving can be especially stressful right at the start of winter because many non-commercial drivers have to regain their snow legs before being confident on the roads again. This can mean erratic turns, fishtailing, sudden slowdowns, and dozens of additional road dangers on top of the usual amount.  As a professional truck driver, this means being aware not only for yourself, but for everyone around you who isn’t quite on the ball.


Of course, the basic rules of winter truck driving include keeping a safe distance, maintaining slower and more consistent speeds, and taking visibility issues very seriously. Even with these tips in mind, however, it’s still possible to get caught in a tight situation. Consider these additional tips before you hit the road this winter season:


  • Keep emergency supplies in your truck in case you end up stranded or need to help someone in need. These can include flashlights, extra blankets, extra pairs of socks and gloves, and waterproof gear.
  • Triple check your truck driving route for potential bad weather spots and make sure you have plenty of fuel to get through them.
  • Approach bridges and narrow roads with extreme caution.  Excess speed and a lack of observation can only hurt you during this time of year.
  • Respect the weather.


It can be easy to forget that snow can kill when you’re comfortably seated in a big-rig, but not taking the conditions of the road seriously is the best way to get yourself and your road-mates hurt.


The seasonal transition between Thanksgiving and Christmas is a prime time for freezing rain and thin ice, so watch the roads and prepare yourself for anything that may come your way.  If you’re a Philadelphia, PA, resident interested in professional truck driving and would like more information, contact Bay & Bay Transportation at (888) 801-3026 or visit their website here.

Tips to Get Your Product in Stores and Why You Need to Hire a Trucking Company in Atlanta, GA

When you’re creating a product to sell, you have a lot on your plate. You have to make something that people will want to buy and use in their home or place of business. You have to aim for an attractive design and make your company valuable to the masses. These tasks are hard enough, but the real fight comes with getting retail stores to carry your product. How do you persuade them? How do you stand out from the hundreds (if not thousands) of other companies fighting for their spot on the shelf? Don’t throw in the towel; read the tips below and work out a plan that suits you. After you’ve developed your product, Bay & Bay Transportation can help you transport your product across the country, including across Atlanta, GA, with our professional trucking services.

Do the Research

Before you approach a store, you need to know about what they typically sell and who their customers are. Do young mothers frequently shop there, or are little old ladies the norm? What are the store’s bestsellers? Is there a gap in their product selection that you could fill? Can you compete with prices? Never walk into a situation blind or assume you have it in the bag. If you look like you didn’t care enough to learn more about the business, they won’t take you seriously. Seriously.

Pitch It

Once you think you know enough about the store, visit the owners in person and tell them what you have on the table. Schedule a meeting. Don’t show up in an old shirt and ragged jeans, as this will only make you look unprofessional. Bring samples, a list of features, and other information. Answer their questions no matter how unnecessary they may seem to you.

Know What You Have to Work With

How much space could the store spare for the display of your product? Work out a display design that takes up as little room as possible.

Once you have a store or stores willing to carry your product, look into hiring a trucking company. Whether you need refrigerated transportation or not, a professional team of drivers can help you.

In 2009, 26.4 million trucks were being used for businesses. Make sure your truckers are real professionals. Contact Bay & Bay Transportation of Atlanta, GA, and talk to a reliable trucking company.

Are Truckers in Minneapolis, MN Among Those Who Will Benefit Most from Election 2016?

Increased infrastructure spending in Minneapolis, Minnesota and all parts of the United States was one of a small number of areas the major presidential candidates agreed this year. Like many other companies, Bay & Bay is interested in what its haulers will face in the near future and farther down the road.

In his victory speech following the election, president-elect Donald Trump pledged to “rebuild our highways, bridges, tunnels, airports, schools, hospitals.” Trump not only views the task as a way to make improvements, but also a jobs plan.

But how much and how soon? During the campaign, Trump hinted about potentially spending more than a trillion dollars on infrastructure improvements over a decade. If so, will that be in addition to the $305 billion in transportation money President Barack Obama approved to be spent as a part of the “Fixing America’s Surface Transportation” or FAST Act over the next 5-years?

Efforts to boost funding for Minneapolis and greater Minnesota’s infrastructure failed for a second legislative session earlier this year. A major roadblock was how those improvements would be paid for. Proposals which included raising the state’s fuel tax have faced stiff opposition, and the resulting delays will adversely affect freight haulers on several important Minnesota routes.

Questions of funding (many fear it will be higher fuel taxes and tolls) and just how much will be spent nationwide are likely to be a major issue for the incoming president and congress. Many are hopeful a bi-partisan solution can be found to pay for some badly needed repairs to roads and bridges.

While carefully watching what happens next, Bay & Bay Transportation of Minneapolis believes safe roads and truckers go together. That’s why we’re seeking company drivers, independent contractors, and those who prefer to operate late model rigs on local routes in the Twin Cities area and other cities. There are also opportunities for haulers who are seeking longer runs across the U.S. and into Canada.

Bay & Bay Transportation knows its emphasis on safety and reliability is tied to good infrastructure and improvements to our increasingly congested roadways. That’s why we’re known as a quality driven tradition on highways around Minneapolis and on countless miles of pavement nationwide. Call (888) 801-3026, or visit our website to learn more.


Fall Truck Driving Safety Tips for Employees of Your Dallas, TX, Business

When your Dallas, TX, business relies on distributing products, you know how important it is to get those products to the store. The longer you stall, the more damage you instill on your profits and reputation. When faced with a big delivery snag, some businesses never recover. Your over-the-road drivers play a large and important role in this process, and you want them to be as happy as possible. You also want them to reach their destinations unharmed. The tips below should help your drivers stay safe on the road. If you have additional questions about transportation and truck driving, don’t hesitate to contact Bay & Bay Transportation at (888) 801-3026 at your earliest convenience.


  • Stay Alert No Matter What:

Even if the road is vast and nearly empty, it’s crucial for the driver to pay attention to their surroundings. They never know when a car might change lanes out of the blue or a child might run across the road to retrieve a toy. If the driver wants to change the radio station or reach for something, they should wait until they reach a stop sign or red light.

  • Check Blind Spots:

Some drivers try to speed ahead of trucks. This is extremely dangerous. If the truck driver can’t see them, they could merge into the other car’s lane and an accident will occur. Truck drivers should check their blind spots via mirror every 10 seconds to make sure nothing escapes their attention.

  • Change the Truck’s Speed When the Situation Calls for It:

The driver shouldn’t speed around corners, especially tight ones. If it’s raining, large puddles could cause the driver to fly off the road.


Trucks move 70% of freight tonnage in the United States. Make sure your truckers are real professionals. Contact Bay & Bay Transportation of Dallas, TX, for reliable truck driving assistance.

Mandatory Self Maintenance in Madison, WI

Some people outside of the truck driving community imagine professional truck driving as a cushy job. They picture men and women like those at Bay and Bay Transportation sitting in their comfy seats, listening to the radio, snacking, and otherwise having a very relaxing time. Though it’s true that some truck drivers are able to achieve an impressive level of driving Zen on the road, that doesn’t mean that truck driving isn’t a physically and personally demanding occupation. Because of those demands, anyone interested in truck driving as a lifestyle in Madison, WI, should be prepared to show the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT) they’re ready for the job in every way.


If you’re interested in interstate truck driving professionally in the USA, you have to pass a DOT physical exam and be certified before you hit the road. This means having your hearing and vision tested, blood pressure measured, and your general health evaluated. Truck drivers with significant health troubles can and will be denied until they are able to prove themselves fit for action. And, despite how it may sound, this is a good thing.


Professional truck drivers don’t necessarily need to be vegetarian body builders, but they do need to be adequately healthy. After the initial certification is given, the DOT physical exam is intended to be re-done every two years. Without a consistently healthy lifestyle, some truck drivers could lose their certification later down the road.


As a professional truck driver, there’s an expectation that you’ll take as much care of yourself and lifestyle choices as you do with your trucks. It may seem strict or overly involved, but such rigid regulations exist to keep dedicated truck drivers safely on the road as long as they want to be. Plus, staying on top of your health on the road will still benefit you by the time you make it back home.


Any Madison, WI, area residents interested in truck driving opportunities can contact Bay and Bay Transportation at (888) 801-3026, or by visiting our website here for more information.


Is Video the Next Tool to Improve Trucking Safety in Minneapolis, MN

In this age of social media, sometimes the strongest and quickest way to understand something is by watching a video. What if that video was of safe and even unsafe vehicle operation in Minneapolis, Minnesota, or elsewhere?


This thought has safety experts thinking about long-term motor carrier safety figures from over the past 30 years. While the crash rate for large trucks and buses over that time period has plummeted down a steep grade, it has also leveled off in recent years due to improvements braking systems, stability, and driver training.


Bay & Bay Transportation of Minneapolis, MN, and other fleets are looking for the next big thing in safety in order for continued improvements in crash reduction.


Certainly, California Highway Patrol investigators are wishing they could turn to a video camera for additional information as they try to understand a recent multi-fatality crash involving a casino bus and a big rig in the desert.


Safety advocates say video can offer crucial evidence to back-up a truck drivers version of events when sudden lane changes and other poor behavior are captured on tape. Video can also be a powerful training tool, offering the industry an opportunity to encourage drivers to make mindful decisions on the road.


Bay & Bay of Minneapolis thinks that good practices and safe drivers go together. That is why they are seeking company drivers, independent contractors and those who prefer to drive late model trucks on local routes in the Twin Cities area and other cities, as well as longer runs across the U.S. and into Canada.


Bay & Bay Transportation’s emphasis on safety and reliability is why they are known as a quality driven tradition on the roads around Minneapolis and on miles of other highways nationwide. Call (888) 801-3026, or visit our web site to learn more.


Mastering Time Management as a Columbus, OH, Professional Truck Driver

Learning proper time management while working for a professional trucking company like Bay and Bay Transportation is a little bit like being a professional juggler. You have to learn how to keep a lot of things moving at once, and a single slip-up can throw your whole operation out of whack. The secret is to practice a lot and make sure you develop a good rhythm. After that, it’s like second nature. How exactly do you practice something like time management? For truck drivers in Columbus, OH, much of the learning process occurs if you just work on taking care of yourself first.


Perhaps unexpectedly, the most important factor in time management is your body.  This is the number one aspect that far too many truck drivers overlook. You might have the perfect plan, the perfect route, no traffic, and sunny skies… but if you’re exhausted, sick, or burned out, all of that goes to waste. Truck driving is a profession that includes some sacrifice, such as eating on-the-go instead of with family and friends. That doesn’t mean those on-the-go meals don’t have to be good for you. Maintaining efficiency is important on the road, but you still have to think about what’s going into your body in order to operate at peak performance. Drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, and eat right. If you do all of this, time management follows as an easy second.


Of course, planning ahead and getting rest is always easier said than done in professional truck driving. You can’t rely upon the weather, traffic, or even your normal routes to stay predictable, so you have to learn how to roll with the punches. Truck driving is all about making a plan that will work best for you, but then having two more in mind that may not work as well, but will get the job done. In order to maintain effective time management with your trucking company, always have a backup plan, even if it’s something as simple as where to get lunch.


Finally, having strong time management skills means not pushing yourself too hard, and not just in the health department. It’s fine to have daily goals for how much progress you want to make, whether it be in distance or deliveries made, but set those goals right at the threshold of what’s comfortable, not ten feet beyond it. Setting unrealistic daily or weekly goals can cause physical tension, stress, and poor overall performance. Truck driving is certainly about pushing some limits, but never in a way that will compromise your safety or health.


Anyone interested in truck driving positions or assistance in improving their truck driving time management skills can contact the Columbus, OH, trucking company Bay and Bay Transportation at (888) 801-3026, or visit our website here.