Expanding Your Horizons Over the Road as a Truck Driving Professional in Dallas, TX

Truck driving in Dallas, TX, is a great career option for wandering hearts and professionals with a thirst for adventure. The state is huge, the sights are vast, and with Bay & Bay Transportation the work is fair and varied. But sometimes, sticking to a single local region just doesn’t feel like enough of a thrill, even in a state as large as Texas. Luckily for drivers interested in something with a broader scope, Bay & Bay Transportation also employs over the road drivers who have their sights set far beyond the state border.

Local truck driving is perfect for drivers who want to get out of the house and on the road, but who don’t necessarily feel the need to stray far from home. This means steady, fulfilling work with enough time to get home to the family as well. But for some, the life of over the road drivers may be a better fit. With a broader range of locations to visit, you can find yourself on the road for longer trips and more engaging journeys. This means less time back in your own bed, but more time seeing the sights and staying on the roads.

Over the road drivers are generally cut from a certain cloth and the long driving hours aren’t for everybody. However, if you consider yourself a lover of travel, trucks, and a bit of unpredictability, then long distance truck driving may be the perfect fit for you. Over the road drivers need to be effective problem solvers who are comfortable with long stretches of solitude, but for the right sort of driver, these situations will be highlights rather than obstacles.

For Dallas, TX, area truck driving professionals used to regional driving and looking to expand outward, or anyone else interested in joining the world of over the road drivers, contact Bay & Bay Transportation at (888) 801-3026 or visit their website here for more information.

Tips to Create Products Customers Love and Why You Need to Hire a Trucking Company in San Antonio, TX

You’ve got employees and you’ve got the office space; now you just need a few products under your belt. Developing products is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do as a business owner. It takes a lot of work to put out something that people will actually talk about and want to buy. Some people give up while others find themselves overwhelmed and confused. Just how are you supposed to create products that stand out from the crowd? If you find yourself pulling your hair out in frustration, check out the information below. Your San Antonio, TX, business will benefit from it in the coming year. When you’re ready to ship your product, Bay & Bay Transportation is here to provide expert transportation services tailored to your needs.

Seek Feedback and Look at the Data

Before you release a product to the masses, be sure to do your homework. Look at the data. Who is your target consumer? What would they expect and look for in your product? What do they typically buy? Talk to customers and ask them what they think. They can help you find problems you overlooked and save you a lot of money in the long run. Don’t grab a random person off the street; aim for the people that fit what you want the most.

Go Simple, Then Build

It’s important to start with something basic. You don’t want your product to be too complicated. You don’t want to have too many features, especially if your target customer is elderly. Once you have a simple product, build on it based on what people want, not what you think they should want.

Think About the Cost

Some people don’t think about how much product development costs in the long run. Keep your budget in mind and be responsible.

Once you have a product, be sure to select a reliable transportation company that can help you get it to stores. They will have the experience and knowhow necessary to give you the best service.

In 2012, Texas had over two million small businesses. Don’t be left behind. When you’re ready to ship products, call Bay & Bay Transportation of San Antonio, TX, and talk to a reliable trucking company. The number is (888) 801-3026.

Truckers Eye the Good, the Bad, and the Potential Automation for 2017 in Chicago, IL

If you found yourself more than busy in the second half of 2016, you’re not alone among truckers in Chicago, Illinois, and other parts of the country. After a six-month string of improvement, the number of hauling jobs closed out the year with a new record high total.

A newly released report by the U.S. Department of Labor suggests that there are nearly 1.5 million people employed as for-hire truckers in the country.

Bay & Bay Transportation, based in Minnesota, is among those firms adding jobs just outside of the Chicago area. Currently, Joliet and Rockford, Illinois, are among the places Bay & Bay is looking to add experienced and reliable haulers.

The need for OTR and local drivers stretches from Alabama to the upper Midwest and parts of the East Coast. Bay & Bay is offering improved pay and rewards to retain the best operators.

This year, it’s fair to wonder what proposed rules will move ahead under the new Donald Trump administration. Experts believe that a Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse final rule, which will create a central database for verified positive controlled substances and alcohol tests for CDL holders, will likely survive. Other proposals like driver training rules, sleep apnea studies, and speed limiters may very well end up parked.

Many in the transportation industry seem to view Trump’s ten-year, one-trillion-dollar infrastructure proposal as a big positive for the nation’s highways. How these improvements will be paid for remains a mystery, since Trump has said that he’s opposed to increasing the deficit to pay for his plans.

While the wide-spread reality of autonomously operating trucks appears to years away, a recent report released from the Executive Office of the President is making some dire predictions about potential fallout. It concludes that automation and artificial intelligence will create a huge reduction in the number of jobs in the United States, especially driving jobs. Heavy and tractor-trailer jobs are expected to suffer the most.

Bay & Bay Transportation knows that its emphasis on safety and reliability rests on hiring excellent drivers today. It’s why they’re known as a quality driven tradition on highways around the Chicago area, nationwide, and in Canada. Call (888) 801-3026, or visit our website to learn more about career opportunities in one of America’s best fleets to drive for.

Tips for Your Business’s Facebook Page and Why You Need Over the Road Drivers in Houston, TX

You’ve done just about all you think you need to in order to advertise your business and appeal to your customers. You have a website. You answer emails. You attend events and give out free gifts. You couldn’t possibly be behind on anything. Actually, if you want your business to truly succeed, you need to have a social media presence. Facebook is one of the most important websites on the Internet. Millions of people visit the site and interact through it every day, no matter who they are or where they live. To keep up with the competition, you need to set up a page on Facebook. But what do you do after that? How do you keep things interesting for people in Houston, TX?

Pick a Great Banner and Profile Image

Some business owners pick something at random for their banner and profile image. What they go with doesn’t really matter, right? Well, you don’t want to look sloppy or unprofessional. Choose images that stand out and match your brand. You want people to spot you easily in their news feed, after all. Use your logo or a mascot as your profile photo, but don’t make it confusing or difficult to understand.

Post Interesting Content Every Day

Don’t go weeks without posts. Your customers will forget about you or assume you went out of business. Do your best to post something just about every day. If you don’t have time to do it, hire someone who can take on the task. Make sure the content is interesting and relevant. If you sell car products, your fans won’t care about pie recipes.

Reply to Comments

If somebody comments on a post, have a reply ready. This will tell people you care about what they have to say.

By the way, if you create products that need to be shipped to stores, be sure to look into specialized transportation services. The right company will be able to deliver your goods in a timely manner and give you the best assistance possible.

In 2016, there were 1.79 billion monthly active users on Facebook. When you’re ready to ship products, call Bay & Bay Transportation of Houston, TX, and talk to reliable over the road drivers. The number is (888) 801-3026.

A New Year Means New Rules Ahead for Food Transporters in Minneapolis, MN

Even though snow and winter weather are the norm in Minneapolis, Minnesota, spring is fast approaching, and so too are new regulations which will affect haulers nationwide.

The federal government’s new food safety transportation rule will take effect in April, and Bay & Bay Transportation will be ready to meet the change in regulations aimed at improving food quality and preventing contamination.

The federal food safety modernization effort will affect shipping companies and their carriers. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s regulation will tighten up rules on the sanitary transportation of human and animal food.

More than 280 pages of new FDA guidelines will affect just about everything – from loading docks and the ways products are handled to training and records.

Bay & Bay Transportation’s fleet of carriers will join shippers, receivers, and loaders to improve our sanitary food transportation practices.

The regulations don’t affect food that is fully enclosed in a container, except food requiring temperature control for safety. Bay & Bay is a leader in temperature-controlled transportation in Minneapolis and longer hauls nationwide.

Bay & Bay’s fleet features Thermo King Smart Reefers. Newer, reliable equipment is clearly an asset to shippers who’ll face greater documentation about whether loads of food have been properly cooled and trailers have been cleaned between loads.

Tracking will be an important part of the new FDA rules, and Bay & Bay is already solving those issues with industry leading technology that offers continuous monitoring and communication between our drivers and clients. It means better control of paperwork, shipments, and status updates on demand.

The new requirements could be a potential burden on managers and decision makers. Bay & Bay wants to offer an easily accessible solution to the additional paperwork, with fewer headaches, combined with a quality transportation experience.

Bay & Bay Transportation has always made safety and reliability among its cornerstone values, whether it’s a local run around Minneapolis, or a longer trip across the U.S. and into Canada. It’s why we’re known as a quality driven tradition. Call (888) 801-3026, or visit our web site to learn how we’re meeting and exceeding new regulations and client expectations.

Trusty Eyes and Truck Driving in Madison, WI

Professional truck driving in Madison, WI, is a job that comes with no small amount of personal responsibility. You’re responsible for getting your cargo to where it needs to go, responsible for the safety of those around you on the road, and responsible for carefully maintaining your own wellbeing. The expert truck drivers with Bay and Bay Transportation will tell you that in all of these areas, your eyes are the most important tools that you have at your disposal . . . even more important than the techy-est GPS.

The well-trained eyes of a professional driver don’t only see what’s going on immediately around them, they can also foresee and assess potential risks and hazards on the horizon as well. Of course, professional truck driving also requires a lot of technical expertise and a strong work ethic, but if you don’t know how to read the road, your performance could be less-than-optimal.

Reading the road is essentially the ability to pay attention to three different areas at once: the personal, the peripheral, and the possible. A truck driver with well-trained eyes will know what’s going on in the truck itself, on all sides of the vehicle, and several miles down the road. This may sound impossible without installing a third eye on your forehead, but with the right amount of truck driving experience, this kind of road sense can become second nature.

Having a strong road sense is an especially important skill for truck drivers in Wisconsin, where winter weather can shift from iffy to terrible very quickly. With enough professional truck driving experience, you can learn to quickly and accurately judge the road conditions directly around you as well as potential road hazards that may await you down the road.

If you’re interested in professional truck driving opportunities in the Madison, WI area, contact Bay and Bay Transportation today at (888) 801-3026, or visit our website here for more information.

Nasty Weather & Higher Fuel Prices Combine for a Bumpy Year End in Minneapolis, MN

From nasty storms packing several inches of snow in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to icy roads on the East Coast, the 2016 holiday season is turning into one of pile-ups, transportation delays, and concerns about fuel prices.

Professional truck drivers were among those involved in multi-vehicle crashes in several states as waves of snow and record cold turned highways into ice rinks.

Perhaps most dramatic of all was a pile-up featuring 50-60 vehicles in the Baltimore, Maryland area that left at least three people dead. Ice covered roads led to several wrecks, including a fuel truck which was caught on video flipping over a median and exploding into flames.

Ironically, fuel is also another source of potential headaches for truck drivers and the customers they log long miles for as the year ends. The price of diesel is sliding, but in the wrong direction for trucking companies who are still coping with a weak freight market.

Fuel can account for at least a third or more of the trucking industry’s expenses. OPEC’s recent decision to cut production is apparently already influencing prices at the pump. The U.S. Energy Information Agency believes they are at a 13-month high.

It could be the end of the road for around two years of cheap fuel that has helped trucking companies handle the problem of weak shipping demand over the past few years.

Demand and performance is something that Bay & Bay Transportation is constantly keeping in mind as they perform deliveries for customers in the Minneapolis area, across the country, and into portions of Canada.

Serving the needs of businesses and customers means offering safe, consistent, and quality transportation options, whether it’s local truck driver jobs or long haul assignments.

Bay & Bay Transportation is always looking for safe, experienced drivers. They know that bad weather and rising fuel prices won’t last forever, but hiring great operators who help maintain high standards for customers will stand the test of time. It’s one of the many reasons Bay & Bay is known as a quality driven tradition around Minneapolis and nationwide. Call (888) 801-3026, or visit our web site to learn more.