Curbing Your Temper on the Road as a Professional Truck Driver in Chicago, IL

It goes without saying that professional Bay & Bay Transportation truck drivers need to have a certain temperament in order to succeed. Dealing with regular drivers (especially Chicago, IL, drivers) can push even the most level-headed man or woman to frustration. A lack of signal utilization, unnecessary back-ups thanks to texting and silly mistakes, and a whole lot people who have no idea how to behave next to a truck all add up to a big pain in the rear on the daily. Instead of sweating the small stuff, try a few of these calming techniques to make sure that your time on the road stays relaxed and easy… instead of rage inducing.

First and foremost, learn to perfect the art of truck driving de-escalation. Never go out of your way to goad, frighten, or teach the drivers that exist alongside you, even if they could stand to learn a lesson or two about proper driving. Truck drivers have a responsibility as the biggest (and usually the best trained) drivers on the road to act as an example to those around them. This will probably get tiring over time, but it’s easier to ignore the masses and focus on doing your job well instead of involving yourself in other peoples’ terrible driving habits. Learn to ease away from erratic drivers and give a wide berth to nervous ones. The easiest way to avoid anger on the road is to avoid bad situations to begin with.

Next, learn to breath in a beneficial way. When you feel the frustration building, taking several deep, long breaths can help you re-center yourself. This is also helpful whenever you notice yourself breathing hard after a confrontation or a near miss. Good, deep breathing is the simplest way the human body can take the cue to calm itself down, and a calm truck driver is a good truck driver.

Finally, if possible, change your mindset. You have control over your cabin while truck driving, so control it in your favor. Play soothing music, have a favorite snack or beverage nearby, and whenever possible, try to find the situation funny. It may be hard at first to laugh about the guy that just cut you off, but being able to laugh it off instead of dwelling on it is incredibly effective. It’s hard to be angry when you’re chuckling.

If you’re interested in a truck driving position in Chicago, IL, or are looking for more tips on how to combat road rage, contact Bay & Bay Transportation at (888) 801-3026 or visit their website here for more information.

The Benefits of Dry Van Transportation and Why You Should Hire a Truck Company for Your Joliet, IL, Business

There are many things that go into running a business in Joliet, IL. You have to be aware of your customer’s changing needs. You have to stay on top of the competition and make sure that your employees are getting things done. Of course, you also have to keep tabs on your production schedule and make sure that you can get your products to stores in a timely manner. Maybe you’re not sure about the kind of transportation you should be using. It can be a very confusing decision, especially when you already have so much on your plate. How about dry van transportation?  Here are some of the benefits:

Keep Theft at Bay

When you lose money, your business takes a critical hit. The last thing you need in the midst of a busy day is the news that somebody stole your merchandise during transportation. Don’t let potential thieves get their hands on your items. Dry transportation makes it harder for people to access your items. They will be kept in a locked container and won’t be out in the open. This can give you peace of mind, especially if your products are expensive.

Protect Your Products From The Elements

Of course, you don’t want your products to sit in the sun for too long or get wet when it rains. Dry van transportation ensures that your products will get where they need to go without suffering damage by way of Mother Nature.

Go With A Trucking Company

When the time comes to use dry transportation, use a professional company to handle the work. They will make sure the transportation process is done right. So many companies use this form of transportation that it’s easy to find a business that can meet your needs

There are 3.5 million truck drivers in America. Make sure you get the best ones. Call Bay & Bay Transportation of Joliet, IL, and learn more about dry van transportation. The number is (888) 801-3026.

A New Administration and Year Guarantee Change Ahead for Truckers in Atlanta, GA

Just as sure as there will be a major bottleneck and a big slowdown on your favorite freeway in Atlanta, GA, there are also a few not so apparent changes ahead for the transportation industry this year.

The new Trump administration is promising to put a dent in regulations far faster than the DOT can do something about the notorious congestion at the I-285/I-85 interchange, known to most locally in Atlanta, GA, as “Spaghetti Junction.”

Trump’s freeze on new federal regulations will apply to the trucking industry as well as several other businesses overseen by government agencies. It is likely more of a delay in the case of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Entry-Level Driver Training rule, which was published in December. But now regulators will have until late March to review it. At this point, the rule’s compliance date, which is early February of 2020 has not changed.

Transportation industry watchers believe Trump’s battle against regulation will probably mean the end of the U.S. DOT’s push to require speed limiters on larger trucks. The proposal wanted to require all new trucks to be equipped with speed limiters and to require older rigs to have them installed as well.

But not every rule or regulation can be scrapped or delayed. The new Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate is still scheduled to take effect in mid-December of this year. Companies like Bay & Bay Transportation of Atlanta, GA, and drivers everywhere have been given a nearly two-year head start on complying with the new regulation. While some government regulations can be sidelined by the stroke of a pen, this one will likely take an act of Congress to overturn.

Bay & Bay is ready to comply with whatever regulators decide will lead to safe and timely hauling of loads in Atlanta, across the U.S., and into Canada. Bay & Bay is currently seeking local drivers in the Atlanta, GA, area and those who want to handle longer routes in the Southeast.

Bay & Bay’s emphasis on reliability is tied to great drivers and good planning. It’s one of the many reasons why they are known as a quality driven tradition on highways around Atlanta, GA, and on countless miles of roadway nationwide. Call (888) 801-3026, or visit our website to learn more about driver opportunities and hauling solutions.

Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Seeking Truck Driving Jobs for Your Madison, WI, Business

You’ve just completed production of your product and you’re ready to rush it to stores. The problem is, you don’t have anybody that can do the job. You need reliable, dependable over the road drivers as soon as possible. But how do you hire them? What do you need to keep in mind so your Madison, WI, business comes out on top? What common mistakes should you be aware of? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out the information below and move forward with confidence.

Hiring Somebody Because You Know Them

You might have a cousin, uncle, or neighbor who is looking for a job, but it’s not a good idea to hire them based solely on the fact that you know them and want to help. Do they have any experience with truck driving? Do they have a history of poor boss/employee relations? Do they tend to slack off? It’s okay to hire people you know, but you need to take the same precautions that you would with complete strangers. Handle them the same way; don’t back down because of family or community pressures. Let them know that nothing is guaranteed.

Walking in With A Certain Mindset

Truck driving jobs are just as serious as any other job; don’t walk into the situation feeling that you can just grab a few people and be done with it. If you end up with inexperienced or unpleasant drivers, your products (and reputation) could suffer.

Do Your Homework

Don’t hire somebody based on stereotypes. Be open to people of various ages and backgrounds.

Go With the Experts

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t know where to turn? Instead of looking into truck driving jobs yourself, hire a company that already has a team of drivers on their staff. They will know exactly what to do to get you the best results.

Trucks are responsible for moving roughly 70% of freight tonnage in the U.S. Call Bay & Bay Transportation of Madison, WI, and learn more about truck driving jobs. The number is (888) 801-3026.

Minneapolis, MN, Ranks High Among Freight Hauler Bottlenecks Nationwide

Chances are you’ve got an immediate answer if someone asks you which junctions you avoid where two interstate highways cross paths in the United States. In a recently released survey, no other metro area has Atlanta beat, but the Minneapolis, Minnesota, area isn’t exactly smooth hauling either.

For a second straight year, the American Transportation Research Institute has named what some call “Spaghetti Junction,” where Interstates 285 and 85 North intersect outside of Atlanta, Georgia, as the top freight highway bottleneck in the U.S.

The 2017 Top Truck Bottleneck List analyzes the amount of truck-related congestion at 250 locations on the nation’s highway system. By crunching the numbers from several data sources, the ATRI figures that Atlanta has seven of America’s 100 worst locations for back-ups within its metro area. The Minneapolis area isn’t far behind: it has at least four choke points that truckers should know rather well.

All Twin Cities metro area freight congestion bottlenecks revolve around variations of I-35 and I-94. The worst of them, according to the ATRI, survey is that very junction in downtown Minneapolis, MN. Another bad spot is the crossing of I-35E and I-94 in downtown St. Paul. Other major slowdowns can be found in the Southside of the metro in Bloomington at the junction of I-35W and I-494 and on the northern end of the Twin Cities I-35W and I-694 in Brooklyn Center.

If it’s any consolation, three of the four Minneapolis area bottleneck locations dropped in ranking in this latest survey and only one of them (I-35W and I-694) is trending upward. Even so, they present a challenge for drivers at Bay & Bay Transportation in Minneapolis and across the country.

ATRI says its research has pinpointed the trucking industry costs of more than $49 billion dollars annually. The slowdowns and delays caused by the nation’s worst bottlenecks are collectively worth more than 700 million lost hours and would be the same as if nearly 265,000 truck drivers sat idle for an entire year.

While the latest numbers are sure to be a powerful argument for major infrastructure spending, Bay & Bay is acutely aware of what logistical steps are needed to navigate the current roads in the Minneapolis area and nationwide in a timely manner. That applies to local routes in Minneapolis and other cities. Special attention is also being paid to avoiding slowdowns on longer runs across the U.S. and even into Canada.

Bay & Bay Transportation knows its emphasis on safety and reliability is tied to good planning and upgrades to our increasingly congested roadways. It’s why they are known as a quality driven tradition on highways around Minneapolis, MN, and on countless miles of roadway nationwide. Call (888) 801-3026, or visit our website to learn more.

Designing a Truck Driver’s Ideal Diet in Philadelphia, PA

Staying fit and fed on the road in Philadelphia, PA, is a significant challenge for even the most seasoned Bay & Bay Transportation truck drivers. This isn’t to say that it’s hard to find food on the go, but that what you can find isn’t always the best for your body. It can be easy to treat your body just like your truck and insert fuel whenever it’s convenient, but with a little extra thought and awareness, you can start eating smart instead of just eating easy.

Obesity is a common problem for long time truck drivers due to the nature of the job itself. Long periods of sitting, irregular eating schedules, and time restrictions do not a healthy trucker make. It isn’t surprising that many career truck drivers develop weight and even heart problems because of their poor eating habits. Living on the road is different than living a static life at home, and in many ways a truck driver’s diet can reflect that. For some truck drivers, this may mean quick stops for fast food every meal, but for truck drivers interested in staying healthy longer, there are better ways to shape your diet.

One of the best things you can do for your health while truck driving is plan ahead. This can mean bringing your own packed food, mapping out restaurants and stops with healthy options, or just portioning your meals differently. For instance, if you’re working a regular desk job, three square meals a day might be reasonable and achievable, but if you’re on the road then it might be better to eat five or six small meals a day instead. This will keep you fueled all day and prevent you from feeling starved if your schedule shifts.

As with the building of any new habit, start small. Bring extra water along for the ride, switch out one of your regular meals for a homemade alternative, or just kick soda to the curb and drink tea instead to get a caffeine boost without as much sugar. Truck driving is a mobile lifestyle, so don’t be afraid to move your eating habits around a little to match.

If you’re interested in a professional truck driving position in the Philadelphia, PA, area, contact Bay & Bay Transportation today at (888) 801-3026 or visit their website here for more information.