Contending With Flood Waters as an Atlanta, GA, Truck Driver

With Hurricane Irma bearing down on the coast, residents of Atlanta, GA, are gearing up for the aftermath. For commercial truck drivers and non-commercial drivers alike, knowing how to keep your vehicle safe in flood conditions is key for anyone contending with extreme weather over the coming weeks. The truck driving professionals with Bay and Bay Transportation encourage all drivers to pay close attention to safety alerts and to plan ahead with the weather in mind until Irma blows over for good.

When your job as a truck driver keeps you on dry land (hopefully) more often than not, it can be easy to forget that water has a lot more power than it seems. This is due particularly to two characteristics: water is deceptively heavy, and it gets everywhere in a hurry. Even a foot of flood water in the right conditions can kill a car or even upend a truck, and not even the best truck driver in the world can do a thing to stop it. In fact, four inches of water is enough to start causing trouble for even the tallest, sturdiest vehicle. If water splashes up into any vital parts, boom. Dead truck. No amount of truck driving finesse can magic a flooded truck back to life, and if the water is deep enough to do that kind of damage, you’re already in a world of trouble.

Even if the water seems shallow enough to drive through, flood water isn’t going to be clear like the stuff coming out of your faucets. It’s murky, occasionally filled with chemicals, and often concealing unexpected dangers like potholes, sharps, or shrapnel. Plus, thanks to the extreme weight of water, roads can collapse under the pressure. If your truck driving route puts you through a flood risk area, plan to re-route and take all barriers and warnings extremely seriously.

Seasoned truck driver or not, getting caught in flood waters can be hazardous to your health as well as your truck. Plan your routes around official warnings and take those warnings seriously. If it looks flooded, avoid it. If it looks fine but the sign says it’s flooded ahead, avoid it. You may think that your rig is heavy enough to push through a few inches of water, but if your truck dies and won’t start up again, you’re stranded with a few tons of weight and very few options. Play it safe and play it smart to keep your cargo and yourself on the move.

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Following Your Truck Stop Intuition as a Professional Truck Driver in Philadelphia, PA

Any seasoned Bay and Bay Transportation truck driver knows that you won’t always be able to choose the perfect truck stop on every trip. Some will have all the amenities you want, but three times the population, while others will have the bare minimum but plenty of space to stretch your legs. Here are a few quick tips on how to make your breaks really count while truck driving in Philadelphia, PA.

If you know ahead of time which route you’re going to be following, there’s no reason why you can’t take a look online at what truck stops you’ll encounter along the way. In the modern internet age, many stops have helpful information for truck drivers such as 24-hour menus and contact information listed on an easy to navigate website. If you’re really committed to having a good experience, go ahead and give each location a call to see what they offer. Some locations even provide gyms and internet access, so don’t be afraid to take advantage of what they have available. Being a truck driver always requires a degree of flexibility, but as long as the information is available, use it.

Like many aspects of professional truck driving, it’s also wise to know what you’re willing to sacrifice going in. If you know that you can’t relax in a busy, strip-mall environment, don’t be afraid to go a little ways down the road for a more rural Mom-and-Pop option. If you have a stomach of steel and don’t give a hoot what you eat, it’ll be easy to widen your options and take things as they come.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, follow your instincts. If you’re a truck driver desperate for a break, then anywhere might do. If for whatever reason a stop is giving you a sketchy feeling and you aren’t out of ‘gas’ quite yet, keep going! It might turn out to be nothing, but even when you’re tired your subconscious is often hard at work. That bad feeling might be your brain trying to avoid danger…or just a miserable night.

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How Your Over the Road Drivers Can Stay Hydrated in Dallas, TX

You already know that running a business can be stressful. You have to think about the well-being of your employees, make customers happy, and get your products where they need to go. Of course, you can’t get your products where they need to go without over the road drivers. To make sure your drivers stay healthy during their long treks, it’s important to encourage them to stay hydrated. How can you do this? By looking at the information below. Whether your business is in Dallas, TX, or elsewhere, you can benefit from these tips.

Keep a Bottle of Water Around

Whether it’s a generic plastic bottle from the grocery store or a personal thermos, it’s important to have a container filled with liquid around. If you don’t like water, consider juice. Always keep this container nearby and don’t leave it behind if you stop to eat. Truck driving can feel monotonous, so it’s easy to lose track of something or become confused. Everything can run together after a while, so try to fight mistakes. The minute you see that the bottle is empty, refill it as soon as possible.

Turn The A/C On

Some people think they can “tough it out” when it gets hot but this isn’t a good idea. The longer you sit inside a hot truck, the more miserable you’re going to feel. Sooner or later you’re going to feel like you can’t breathe. Give yourself, a member of the over the road drivers club, a break. Turn on the A/C—you’ll feel more refreshed and able to concentrate on the road.

Drink Water on a Set Schedule

Tell yourself you’ll drink something with a meal, just before you go to sleep, etc. This will help you stay on track.

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Preparing Your Business for Fall and the Importance of Over the Road Drivers in San Antonio, TX

Fall is just over the horizon. For many businesses, that means getting ready for a new season of buyers. Of course, if you want to keep up with the competition and stand out, you can’t sit back and wait for something to happen to your own business. You have to take action and plan. So, what should you do for your San Antonio, TX, company? There’s no need to panic or feel lost. At Bay & Bay Transportation, we want our clients to succeed, especially when it comes to obtaining over the road drivers. The tips below should help.

Take A Look at Your Branding

What are you trying to convey to your customers? What message is actually coming through? If you’re trying to sell “fun” to people but your logo and written content feels like they would fit better with a funeral home, it might be time to make a few changes. Talk to a marketing company and a graphic designer if you’re feeling completely lost – with their experience, they will be able to walk you through things. You won’t have to do anything blind and you’ll increase your chances of success.

Look for Ways to Attract New Customers and Clients

What can you do to get the attention from more people? You could sponsor a local event, hold a contest, or even email coupons to those on your mailing list. There are countless ideas out there to help you attract new customers. Don’t be afraid to bring your employees together and brain storm. The more people you have to consult, the better your chances are of coming up with some great things.

Hire Truckers to Handle Transportation

Over the road drivers should be professional and reliable. If you try to hire your own truck drivers, you may not get the results you want. Bay & Bay Transportation hires the most competent drivers and provides them with rigorous training. Even our senior drivers receive continuous training to stay up to date with the latest safety guidelines and transport techniques.

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Hurricane Harvey’s Aftermath Creates a Major Challenge for Truckers in Houston, TX

Anticipating hurricane force winds is one thing; dealing with rising water is turning out to be a whole other matter in the Houston, Texas area.

Hurricane Harvey was a category four storm when it slammed ashore on Friday, August 25th, packing 130 mph winds. That seems less important now as the storm has become a record setting rainmaker by dumping massive amounts of rain on the area around Houston, Texas.

It’s a nightmare for Houston homeowners who found themselves trapped by rising water and people trying to make their way around a city that has turned into a series of islands.

Those who refuse to stay off the roads are being cautioned about potentially deadly conditions.

One driver found himself in serious trouble on Sunday, August 27, and in dire need of help.

KHOU-TV reporter Brandi Smith and her photographer Mario Sandoval were broadcasting live from North Houston’s beltway when she spotted a tractor-trailer surrounded by water. The cab was filling with water and a rescue of the driver was needed right away.

Smith and Sandoval spotted a Harris County Sheriff’s Truck towing a boat and got the deputies to stop. Shortly afterward, the deputies pulled the driver, identified only as Robert, from his passenger window as the contents of his cab swirled around him.

Robert told Smith it felt “wonderful” to be back on dry land. He said he was thinking “Lord help me get out of here safe” as the flood water rose around his stalled rig.

The Sheriff’s Deputies told Smith that a truck driver had drowned after getting stuck in high water in the same area about a year before. When Robert learned about that he said, “Thank God you guys were here to get me and put me on land safely.”

It’s sure to be a lesson for all drivers about how difficult it is to know just how deep rising water is as they try to make their way through the soggy aftermath of Harvey or other storms in the future.

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