Conducting your own Personality Test for Driving Jobs in Madison, WI

If you ask non-commercial drivers what personality traits they think professional driving jobs require, you’ll probably get answers ranging from “tough and competitive” to “independent and easy going.” Though these answers may be totally accurate in some individual cases, the real truth of the matter rests somewhere in between. Drivers with Bay and Bay Transportation near Madison, WI, may describe themselves as all or none of the above, but whether you’re tough or easy going, succeeding in truck driving still requires a few things that not everyone shares equally.

There isn’t a single, universal checklist of personality traits that driving jobs require. You don’t need to have a certain background, specific personality, or particular set of driving skills right from the get-go. Everyone who obtains a professional position in truck driving, however, does need to be flexible and willing to learn and improve. Many of the skills associated with truck driving can be obtained through experience. For instance, being able to read the road and predict the actions of the drivers around you isn’t necessarily a natural instinct, but can certainly be learned over time. The same goes for judging how much time you’ll need between stops, knowing when to pull over in sketchy weather, and understanding how to become allies with the other truckers you encounter…even if you never meet again.

Truck driving can be frustrating, change from day to day and shift to shift, and as a profession, it’s always innovating, even in small ways. Technology is always changing, roads are being redone, personnel is becoming more specialized, and with each of these shifts, the industry shifts as well. Whether or not you’re gregarious or reserved has no real bearing on how effective you’ll be behind the wheel. Your ability to improvise and be flexible in the face of change, however, certainly makes a difference.

Truck driving is a career path that just about anyone can try, but only certain people have the drive that makes them truly suited to the work. If you’re motivated and interested in a self-led career on the road near Madison, WI, contact Bay and Bay Transportation today for information on available driving jobs. Give us a call at (888) 801-3026, or visit our website here today!

Trying to Take the Stress Out of Trucking During the Holidays in Minneapolis, MN

There are plenty of things that can cause stress for a truck driver between Thanksgiving and New Years in Minneapolis, MN, and not all of them involve traffic tie-ups, blizzards, and black ice to make things extra interesting.

Among the worst holiday stressors is scheduling. Just like everyone else, truckers ask for days off and make promises to spend time with family during the holidays. Not being able to deliver on those promises of spending time with a loved one or the extended family as they visit your home in the Minneapolis area is enough to give you gray hair. That’s a reality, however, when scheduling gets changed and tosses your best laid plans up in the air.

Logistics is a wonderful thing when it gets you to where you want to be on-time and, in some cases, days in advance. During the holidays, however, it’s a whole lot harder to plan on arriving on a particular day. Let’s face it, where you are and where a load must be on a certain date are usually two different things.

As it’s winter time in Minneapolis, you can expect two things: cold weather and very unpredictable conditions. Hopefully your dispatcher is a faithful weather watcher and has the good sense to avoid sending you out in the path of a blizzard just days away from that special family gathering or important holiday-related event.

The mandate to use Electronic Logging Devices is making many truckers unhappy in more ways than one. Obeying laws and avoiding fines is tougher when a digital tattler is keeping tabs on all of your hours, whether they came while you drove or spent an eternity waiting for folks at that last stop to do their work before you could roll.

Bay & Bay Transportation understands your greatest source of trucking stress might be to find a professional firm who can get the job done despite several frustrating factors around the holidays. We’re a Minnesota-based company that prides itself on safety and reliability. We operate late model trucks and offer several hauling options for short and long range drivers. You’ll want to learn more about our options and competitive compensation.

It’s why we say Bay & Bay is a quality driven tradition on roads around Minneapolis and on countless miles of highway nationwide. Don’t stress, call (888) 801-3026, or visit our web page for more details and information about how you can join our growing team.

How to Create a Business Plan for Your Philadelphia, PA, Business and The Importance of Over-the-Road Drivers

When you’re in the process of creating a business, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed. You have a lot to deal with – not only do you have to design a logo, you have to hire employees, find a headquarters both online and offline, and come up with a product to sell. None of these things really matter, however, if you don’t have a business plan for your Philadelphia, PA, business. How do you come up with one? Why do you also need to think about hiring over-the-road drivers? Why do they even need to be a possibility? The information below should help you figure it all out.

 Keep It Short and Sweet

Some people get a little carried away when they try to create a business plan. They think they need to address every possible problem in the world, and this leads to extra information nobody will ever really need. Nobody is going to want to read a plan that’s 200 pages long! Even 50 pages might be too much. Try to stick to addressing what is most important. You can always change something later if you feel you need to. You can even add a section about truck driving if you like.

 Don’t Be Afraid to Try

Don’t be too afraid to write up a business plan. Ask employees to help you so you won’t have to do it alone. This will help fuel your creativity and motivate you moving forward.

 Think About Your Potential Customers

Keep potential customers in the back of your mind as you write your plan. What would they care about? What would you need to do to attract them?

Don’t forget to hire over-the-road drivers, especially if you plan to transport your product to stores. Regardless of your business plan, they’ll know what to do to keep you on track and keep everybody happy.

Call Bay & Bay Transportation of Philadelphia, PA, today at (888) 801-3026 and learn about our over-the-road drivers and what we can do for you.

Why Truck Drivers Should Never Rush Through Slush in Joliet, IL

Slush is coming soon to roads near you in Joliet, IL, and Bay and Bay Transportation wants all professional truck drivers to be ready with steady hands and vigilant eyes. Anyone truck driving during the winter season should prepare for the weather coming their way, from sheet ice to powder snow, and everything slushy in-between.

Though any driver out of control on a major road is dangerous, you have to remember, as a truck driver, you have a much larger “weapon” at your disposal. The sheer size of a standard commercial truck dwarfs the popular energy-efficient cars traveling alongside you. This is just a fact of daily truck driver life, and during most seasons, it’s a fact that can sit at the back of your mind. However, during the winter months, the size and weight of your vehicle should be actively considered much more frequently.

Like any skill, being an effective truck driver in the winter takes practice. Learning to slow down on ice, give your neighbors extra space, and when to pull over in low visibility are all skills you can glean from simply experiencing the roads. The same goes for fresh snow. If your tires aren’t gaining traction, even with a weighty rig, you may need chains, kitty litter, and an emergency shovel. Most truck drivers that spend time in wintery climates will likely have some sort of personalized emergency kit as well.

All of these winter prep techniques have one thing in common: foresight. That’s the downside of slushy driving – it can be incredibly irregular and varied. Driving on slush is fundamentally different from driving on ice or on snow. The level of control over your rig can be thrown off balance at a moment’s notice, even if you’re taking it easy on the gas. Unlike other winter road conditions, slush can cause hydroplaning, sudden large bumps or ruts, and can be paired with hidden black ice for a deadly combination.

Though each individual truck driver will have their own comfort zone for speed based on the size and weight of their load, slow and steady always wins the race against slush. Truck driving in slush isn’t impossible, but it can be unpredictable. As a professional driver you should always plan that everyone else around you has no plan, especially when it comes to slush.

If you’re a truck driver in the Joliet, IL, area interested in professional truck driving work, contact Bay and Bay Transportation today. We can be reached at (888) 801-3026 or by visiting our website here.