Got Grain? Highways Through Madison, WI, Will if There’s a Major Mississippi Failure

If you’ve ever wondered about just how valuable trucking is to cities like Madison, WI, and other places around the region, consider the concern being raised over the potential for failure of at least one of 25 locks in the upper portion of the Mississippi River.

One 15-barge tow traveling down the river carries enough grain to fill two trains or more than 1,000 trucks.

A recent study is creating worries that hundreds of those trucks would be headed in all directions, including Interstates 90 and 94 through Madison should there be a major problem with one of the aging locks on the Mississippi.

University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers estimate that a shutdown of the river at Hannibal, Missouri would have a ripple effect on roads. It would mean moving more than 12 million tons of grain over a nine-month shipping season by truck.

While Bay & Bay Transportation in Madison welcomes a challenge, there would be serious fallout in finding enough quality drivers, additional pollution, and the millions in dollars of damage that would be done to roads from having that many extra trucks pounding the pavement.

Putting the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on an ever-growing infrastructure improvement list that is mostly talk at this point in Washington. The Corps figure that backlogged maintenance costs for locks dams on the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers is more than $1 billion.

A lock failure is something that would surely affect freight haulers everywhere around the Midwest. While we at Bay & Bay hope it doesn’t come to this, we’re always ready to take on the extra load. That’s why we offer professional drivers in the Madison area and elsewhere competitive wages and a great benefits package. Because of this, we are consistently considered one of the best companies to drive for.

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Among Several Obstacles, Driverless Vehicles Face Major Opposition in Minneapolis, MN

As trucking companies like Bay & Bay Transportation of Minneapolis deal with a shortage of quality drivers, there’s plenty of talk here and elsewhere of driverless vehicles. Not just a cab to take you from one place to another; the possibility that freight could be delivered via a big rig without anyone behind the wheel.

More carefully controlled tests are being conducted of driverless vehicles as more is made of the impact they could offer to the freight industry and the economy in general. There’s a huge roadblock that must still be overcome: it can be summed up with the word “trust.”

According to a recent survey, “What People Really Think About the Future of Mobility,” the research firm Morning Consult reported there’s still widespread distrust of autonomous vehicles in America.

The survey suggests that nearly 60% of those asked don’t trust self-driving cars. Opinion is also split as to whether they should be on the road to begin with.

Many say their view could change as the technology evolves. The question is how many miles and years of testing lie ahead before regulators and public opinion is comfortable with autonomous cars and trucks on our nation’s roadways?

At this point, Morning Consult also found that 45% of those surveyed don’t believe self-driving vehicles will ever fully replace human drivers. That could be especially true as haulers try to solve the issue of handling the last-mile of delivery and the complications that come with what can be a detailed task.

While Bay & Bay is keeping an eye on the evolving world of autonomous transport, we’re more concerned about how our professional drivers can deliver their next load. We pride ourselves on safety and reliability in the Minneapolis area and on the many short and long-haul routes we handle across North America. We offer competitive compensation and benefit packages to make every mile count.

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Tips for Rookie Truck Drivers from Driving Veterans in Atlanta, GA

Coming into a competitive, varied career like truck driving can have a pretty steep learning curve. There are new rules and a lot of routes near Atlanta, GA, to get familiar with, and it can feel overwhelming if you’re coming into work as a truck driver for the first time. It’s helpful to remember that even the most seasoned truck driver at Bay and Bay Transportation was once a newbie. There’s no magic trick that’ll make the work come naturally to you, so take it slow and prepare to settle in the for the long haul.

If you’re new to truck driving entirely, it’s a good idea to play it by the book while you’re getting on your feet. Sure, you might be able to see how some things can be done a little easier and simpler while truck driving, but until you understand why things are done the way they are, stick to the rule book. When it comes to truck driving, the simplest way might not always be the most effective. There’s a reason why there are so many regulations and checks throughout the driving process, and straying too far from those guidelines can leave you in hot water or under-performing.

Once you’ve gotten your start and you’re ready to hit the road, remember to listen to your dispatcher and fellow drivers. Being a newbie truck driver can be frustrating because you’ve likely been driving non-commercially for years. Having someone who might not be behind a wheel calling the shots can be disconcerting. It’s important to remember while truck driving that the people on the other end of that line are there to help you. Ease into having a voice in your ear and don’t be afraid to request clarification if you’re unsure about a recommendation.

Perhaps most importantly; don’t be afraid to ask the “easy” questions. More often than not, someone else out there was wondering the same thing, and if they ever come to you for an answer, you’ll have it. Truck driving allows you to be independent in many ways, but that doesn’t mean being left in the dark. When you have a question, ask it, and when you get an answer, listen.

Truck driving is like many other careers. With a little attention and conscientiousness, you can make your truck driver experience into your own. If you’re interested in truck driving near Atlanta, GA and would like additional information, contact Bay and Bay Transportation today at (888) 801-3026 or by visiting our website here.

Tips to Avoid Road Hazards for Your Over the Road Drivers in Dallas, TX

 While driving can be a fun and adventurous experience, it can also be dangerous. You know that getting your products to stores on time is very important—you also know that your over the road drivers are important, and you want to do what you can to keep them safe. Even a 15-minute trip can be dangerous if a driver doesn’t pay attention to avoid road hazards, so you need to educate your drivers about road safety. Can’t think of anything? Fret not—we have listed a few tips that you can use for your Dallas, TX, business.

Slow Down Around Curves

Some drivers feel like they have to go as fast as possible. They worry about making it somewhere on time, or they’re angry and take out their aggression behind the wheel. It might be tempting for your truck driving experts to put the petal to the metal but emphasize to them that they have to take it easy around sharp curves. If they don’t, they could easily slide off the road and cause an accident. It doesn’t matter if they’re on the highway and there are no sharp curves in sight.

Keep a Safe Distance

Truck drivers (or any drivers) shouldn’t drive too closely to another vehicle; this approach is just asking for trouble. If there are any potholes or cracks in the road, it’s especially important to avoid being too close to somebody else. Professional over the road drivers should always take the responsible approach.

Treat Livestock Like Pedestrians

If a driver spots a cow, chicken, or another animal on the road, they should be treated like a human. By that we mean the livestock should have the right of way. The driver should wait for the animal to cross before moving forward.

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Tips for Keeping Your Over the Road Drivers Healthy in Oklahoma City, OK

When you’re running a business, you know that your over the road drivers are an important part of the team. Whether they drive across the state or across the country, you know you wouldn’t be able to get your products where they need to go without them. Of course, when somebody drives from Oklahoma City, OK, to parts unknown, there is a lot of sitting involved. This sedentary lifestyle can affect a driver’s health, and it’s important for them to practice good habits to keep their body in good shape. While it’s hard to hit the gym as a driver, there are still steps drivers can take to stay healthy. The tips below should help, and feel free to share them.

Over the Road Drivers Need to Drink Plenty of Water

It goes without saying that water is very important for maintaining good health. If somebody goes too long without drinking water, they can experience serious complications. To combat this problem, over the road truck drivers should drink plenty of water on the road. They can invest in a thermos, or stock water bottles. When they know they’re running low, they can restock at stops. This will help them feel their best no matter where they are.

Eat Meals Frequently and Eat Them in Small Amounts

It is not a good idea to eat only once or twice a day in large amounts. Eating too much at once will make you feel slow and tired. This is dangerous when you’re on the road and driving a truck. Over the road truck drivers should take this tip to heart, not just for the days on the road, but the days spent at home.

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America Needs Truck Drivers; Bay & Bay is Not Alone in Minneapolis, MN

The numbers are like sticker shock at a local truck dealership. The American Trucking Associations (ATA) is estimating that the industry will need nearly 900,000 new truck drivers over the next decade. That’s a lot of new people behind the wheel, not only in Minneapolis, MN, but in every corner of the United States.

The association’s estimates are based on industry growth and the expected loss of drivers’ due to retirement and other reasons. A shortage of drivers is actually nothing new. For the past 15 years, the transportation industry has struggled to find enough people to handle the available demand for loads. The only time there wasn’t an issue was when the great recession of 2008 caused industry volume to nosedive.

The numbers within the numbers offer the reasons behind the shortage: The median age of over the road truck drivers is 49. Federal rules limit the entry age of drivers to the industry to 21. While nearly half of all U.S. workers are women, only around 6% of those behind the wheel are female. Extended periods on the road away from home, competition from other trades, and increasing regulations are going to require more drivers to move the same amount of freight.

As with other carriers, Bay & Bay Transportation is also seeking qualified drivers. It’s not enough to just find someone who can operate a truck. For Bay & Bay, safety and professionalism are high priorities in hiring a truck driver.

Some other crucial factors Bay & Bay prides itself on when hiring include safety and reliability in the Minneapolis area and on the many short and long-haul routes we handle across North America. We offer competitive compensation and benefits packages to make every mile count.

It’s why Bay & Bay is known as a quality driven tradition. If you’ve got the right stuff, call (888) 801-3026, or visit our site for more details and information about how you can join our growing team in the Minneapolis area.

Building Better Habits for the Mind and Body while Truck Driving in Philadelphia, PA

Being a professional truck driver in Philadelphia, PA, has its perks. Interesting work, new sights, independence, and an open road are all on the top of the list. But, thanks to the natural patterns of the job, some people can find themselves being neglectful of their own mental and physical wellbeing over time in a truck driving position. The professional truck drivers with Bay and Bay Transportation know that a positive attitude and a little preparation go a long way in keeping drivers on task and feeling great. Plus, it can encourage all drivers, commercial and non-commercial alike, to make sure they’re approaching driving in a healthy, effective way.

When you’re working as a professional truck driver, it’s easy to let yourself fall into ruts of bad behavior. This isn’t universally true of every person who has ever worked in truck driving, but, just like any other job, you can find yourself cutting corners and settling when you just want to be done with your day. This can manifest in making poor food choices, skipping out of needed rest, and selecting easier routes for the wrong reasons.

If you’re trying to build better truck driving habits, start taking control of your truck driving environment in small ways like packing healthy snacks and plenty of water. Being hungry on the road or being low on vitamins can impact just about everything you do and how you feel. Replenishing your energy in low-sugar, high vitamin ways can keep your mood stable and temper in check, all without you really thinking about it.

You should also practice letting things go. Professional truck drivers have to deal with a lot of non-commercial drivers making very, very poor choices on the road. Rather than letting that frustration fester, breathe deep and accept that you can only control your environment, not theirs.

If you feel well fed and in a good state of mind, you’ll be more likely to appreciate the sights and sounds around you. As a professional truck driver, you should make a conscious effort to enjoy the landscapes and landmarks that you encounter. Being present while truck driving is safer and a lot more fun. Feel free to notice rolling hills, interesting old buildings, and funny bumper stickers when safe to do so, and even consider making a journal of your routes. Journaling may sound like extra work, but treating truck driving like an adventure rather than a chore can help you return home feeling satisfied and settled.

If you’re a professional truck driver in the Philadelphia, PA area interested in pursuing truck driving work, contact Bay and Bay Transportation for additional information at (888) 801-3026, or visit our website here today.