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Distractions and Habits for Over the Road Drivers to Avoid in Madison, WI

June 4th, 2018 · No Comments

If you’ve spent more than a few minutes on the road, you’re bound to notice that some people choose to drive poorly. They drive too fast or drive too slow. They appear to be in disarray, swaying from one lane to another for seemingly no reason. It drives you crazy—truth be told, you just want to jump out of your car and punch them. Now think about your over the road drivers, otherwise known as the people who represent you on the road. You know that your brand and image is important, and sloppy driving from your team will only make you look unprofessional (even dangerous). What are they doing inside their truck that could spell bad news for you? We’ve listed a few habits below that are common with Madison, WI, drivers.

Eating and Drinking

When the urge to snack hits people, sometimes they don’t bother to park their car and eat. They prefer to eat while they’re behind the wheel, putting other drivers in danger. Whether they’re sipping a cup of coffee or chowing down on a fast food burger, it’s a problem that can’t be ignored. Truck driving experts need to know that they should eat before or after they drive. It can wait, no matter how hungry they might be.

Talking on the Phone

This is another common problem that leads to accidents. If they’re not eating behind the wheel, these poor drivers like to talk to their friends, coworkers, or random acquaintances when they should be focusing on other trucks, traffic signals, etc. Good over the road drivers should avoid calls until they can get to a safe place to talk.

Finding Safe & Reliable Over the Road Drivers

The professional over the road drivers at Bay & Bay Transportation understand the risks of distracted driving and work to keep the roads safe for everyone. Not only are our drivers safe, but they are reliable, ensuring your shipment gets where it needs to be when it needs to be there. Call Bay & Bay Transportation of Madison, WI, and learn about our over the road drivers and what they can do for you. The number is (888) 801-3026.


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