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Establishing Healthy Sleep Habits as a Professional Philadelphia, PA Truck Driver

October 15th, 2018 · No Comments

Regular sleeping habits are important for every career under the stars, but they’re especially important for truck drivers who have to manage and operate large machinery in the presence of many (occasionally unskilled) non-commercial drivers. Learning to sleep on the road is, like many other truck drivers’ skills, something that takes a little practice. But the veteran truck drivers with Bay & Bay Transportation want Philadelphia, PA newbies to know that once you achieve a sleeping pattern that works for you, professional truck driving becomes a lot simpler and a whole lot healthier.

Routinely getting adequate sleep is especially difficult in professional truck driving thanks to irregular hours, unfamiliar sleeping environments, and ongoing work-related stress. Truck drivers may feel like they’re constantly on the clock or might be anxious about getting enough sleep in short bursts. These are valid concerns that plague many new to the professional truck driving world, but they aren’t in any way insurmountable challenges.

Sleeping well, or at least sleeping effectively, means learning to listen to your body and planning accordingly. If you find yourself getting tired at the same times during every shift, you’re likely hearing you body telling you when it really needs rest. Whenever possible, plan around these feelings instead of scheduling what feels most convenient. Since it isn’t always possible to stick to a single sleep rhythm on the road, you want to give yourself as many advantages as possible and plan ahead. Bring ear plugs, black out curtains, comfortable clothes, and if it helps, something familiar from home like a pillow.

Professional truck driving is a career path that presents unique challenges such as learning how to regulate your sleeping patterns in a healthy, effective way. But once you master your own sleep, everything, including trucking, becomes simpler. Unhealthy eating, mood swings, stress, and frequent illness are all potential side effects of poor sleep. Don’t let an unregulated routine throw you off your game in your professional life and your personal life. If you feel like you’ve tried everything and you still find yourself drowsy or irritable on the road, never discount the influence of a well-time power nap.

If you’re a prospective truck driver interested in a professional truck driving position, or you’re looking for the right company to help build your future as a truck driver in Philadelphia, PA, contact Bay & Bay Transportation for additional information. Call us at (888) 801-3026 or visit our website here for details. And to our current truck drivers, don’t forget to sleep tight.

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