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Optimizing Large-Scale Transportation with Flatbed Freight

January 3rd, 2020 · No Comments

It’s impressive how the purpose and design of flatbed freight hasn’t changed much in so many generations of evolving transportation. This is in part thanks to how simple and consistently effective flatbed freight can be and also to a changing market.

Whereas flatbed transportation services used to be involved in all levels of transport, the modern market considers flatbed freight an ideal transport option for specialized and oversized materials. For Oklahoma City, OK business owners and logistical consultants, this may mean that Bay and Bay Transportation’s flatbed options are what your specialty freight needs.

Flatbed transportation services are an excellent choice if you’re shipping especially large cargo. There are logistical reasons for why this is the case, but for many, a primary incentive to use flatbed freight is because it keeps costs low and transport efficient for specialty shipping. High weight capabilities paired with no-frills technology results in a winning combination for your budget. Large shipments can be made in fewer deliveries which cuts down time on the road and money lost to poor optimization. Plus, you don’t have to try and figure out how to break large loads down into bite-sized portions.

A major benefit of flatbed freight is that loading and unloading is extremely flexible, even for industrial-sized materials. The lack of crates or carriers to manage means construction materials, manufacturing tools, and machinery can be loaded onto any side of the truck in whatever configuration works best. Logistics are difficult enough without having to consider the size and dimensions of every nook and cranny of your transport options. With flatbed freight, you really only need to worry about the width and height. It’s simple, fast, and extremely versatile. 

Once loaded, transport experts and drivers carefully secure the freight and begin the journey to wherever the next delivery or transfer is scheduled. Once it arrives, unloading is just as straightforward as loading. The lack of restricting walls means that items can be quickly located and transported to their end destination effectively and without delay. Flatbed transportation services may not be perfect for every delivery type, but for oversized and unwieldy specialized freight, they really are a perfect choice.

If your Oklahoma City, OK, business is in need of specialty flatbed freight services or you’re interested in exploring which transport option is best for you, contact Bay and Bay Transportation for information on how to get the transportation you need today. Give us a call today at (888) 801-3026 or visit our website for more details.

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