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Leveraging the Power of Logistics to be More than a Trucking Company in Minneapolis, MN

January 15th, 2020 · No Comments

It’s not that hard to find someone to take your goodies from point A to point B, and maybe back again. But is that trip and the many others your business needs to succeed being well planned and are there opportunities to save you additional money? This type of thinking is all a part of a good day’s work at Bay & Bay Transportation of Minneapolis, MN.

We’re understandably proud of our drivers. Whether they are company drivers, independent contractors, or those who are taking advantage of our lease-purchase options, Bay & Bay wouldn’t be able to do so much each day without these dedicated men and women behind the wheel.

In addition, the team backing up those drivers deserves a lot of praise. Logistics isn’t exactly sexy, but it’s the behind-the-scenes planning, communication, and relationships that make it all work on the road, on the rails, or in cooperation with a nearby warehouse.

Bay & Bay’s logistics specialists are the match makers who make the connections that can make or break how smoothly your next shipment goes. If that truck you see going down I-35 in Minneapolis isn’t full, then there’s trucking capacity we might be able to take advantage of. It’s our job to spot that opportunity, get your job linked in, give you better service, and ultimately, save you money.

It’s a lot to stay on top of when you consider how online orders have skyrocketed and the expectation for delivery has gone from days to hours, and in many cases, appears to be getting even shorter. It’s why logistics are a critical factor for Bay & Bay Transportation and one of the many reasons why we’re able to do more for you in Minneapolis and a number of places nationwide. Put our logistics know-how to the test and discover for yourself why Bay & Bay is known as the best fleet to drive for and a quality driven tradition. For more information about our opportunities behind the scenes or behind the wheel, call us at (888) 801-3026. Visit our website to learn how we can put you to work in Minneapolis, MN, or several locations across the United States.

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