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Combining Transport Security and Specialty Hauling

February 4th, 2020 · No Comments

Transporting fragile, volatile, or oddly sized goods is difficult, especially when the goods in question are intended for military or high-stakes purposes. A poorly optimized shipping layout can lead to damage or delay, and untrained drivers may not know the best way to handle irregular machinery or materials.

The specialized transportation service professionals with Bay and Bay Transportation are trained to handle everything from medical supplies to military shipments. With our team, Joliet, IL, warehouse manages don’t have to worry about security, poor timing, or transit mishaps.

Consistent safety in specialty hauling is difficult to maintain because of the many variables that can go into each individual shipment. Even if you disregard the shape and size of the cargo, unpredictable weather, unsafe non-commercial drivers, and the general risks that long-distance shipments tend to face are not only present, but perhaps even enhanced.

Putting security first means taking all of this into account, planning for the avoidable, and knowing how to mitigate the unavoidable. When it comes to specialized transportation services, risks must be carefully evaluated to ensure that the drivers delivering specialized shipments know how to react when the unexpected occurs.

Assuming that everything goes as planned, there still needs to be a high level of technical understanding and know-how in the world of specialty hauling. It may be because of the physical proportions of the items, or it could be because of a significant amount of moving parts that need to be secured or shipped in segments. Regardless of the make-up of the items in question, with a trained team on the job, effective specialized transportation services are needed to get those items to their destination.

Effective specialized transportation services are best found by looking for companies and specialty hauling experts who are recognized by the Department of Defense. This guarantees that they’ve been inspected, tested, and approved in specialty hauling. Even if your shipments aren’t military grade, this is still a great way to verify the quality of services being offered and ensure a high level of competency and optimization. 

Bay and Bay Transportation is proud to be Department of Defense approved as a service provider for the U.S. Military. If your Joliet, IL warehouse or supplier needs specialty hauling, contact Bay and Bay Transportation for information on how to request our specialized transportation services. Call us today at (888) 801-3026 or visit our website for more details.

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