Trusty Eyes and Truck Driving in Madison, WI

Professional truck driving in Madison, WI, is a job that comes with no small amount of personal responsibility. You’re responsible for getting your cargo to where it needs to go, responsible for the safety of those around you on the road, and responsible for carefully maintaining your own wellbeing. The expert truck drivers with Bay and Bay Transportation will tell you that in all of these areas, your eyes are the most important tools that you have at your disposal . . . even more important than the techy-est GPS.

The well-trained eyes of a professional driver don’t only see what’s going on immediately around them, they can also foresee and assess potential risks and hazards on the horizon as well. Of course, professional truck driving also requires a lot of technical expertise and a strong work ethic, but if you don’t know how to read the road, your performance could be less-than-optimal.

Reading the road is essentially the ability to pay attention to three different areas at once: the personal, the peripheral, and the possible. A truck driver with well-trained eyes will know what’s going on in the truck itself, on all sides of the vehicle, and several miles down the road. This may sound impossible without installing a third eye on your forehead, but with the right amount of truck driving experience, this kind of road sense can become second nature.

Having a strong road sense is an especially important skill for truck drivers in Wisconsin, where winter weather can shift from iffy to terrible very quickly. With enough professional truck driving experience, you can learn to quickly and accurately judge the road conditions directly around you as well as potential road hazards that may await you down the road.

If you’re interested in professional truck driving opportunities in the Madison, WI area, contact Bay and Bay Transportation today at (888) 801-3026, or visit our website here for more information.

Reliability and Flexibility Guaranteed With Brokerage Services From Bay & Bay Transportation in Dallas, TX

It takes a lot of different resources to provide top-notch shipment and transportation services. Bay & Bay Transportation is a licensed, bonded, and insured property broker with a variety of trucking equipment available within our qualified network of fleets. The Bay & Bay team also includes our expert logistics department to coordinate each stage of your shipment from roll-out to delivery. As you prepare for your next shipment in Dallas, TX, call on Bay & Bay Transportation for our brokerage services and a stress-free shipment experience.

Consider the types of products you want to ship; different products require different shipping equipment. For example, would you use a dry van trailer to transport cases of refrigerated and frozen food product? Of course not! You’d use refrigerated air ride trailers instead. With over 13,000 pre-qualified carrier fleets in our brokerage network, we can provide the right trailer for your shipment.

The best transportation services are flexible with both equipment and shipment options. People often picture highway truckload services when they talk about commercial transportation, but there are many more options available. Less than truckload (LTL) services are best for small freight loads that don’t need a full trailer of space. Perhaps a commercial truck isn’t the best option. Our intermodal transportation services give you access to class 1 railroads and major ocean carriers. Our brokerage coordinators work directly with you to choose the best shipment options to fit your budget and match your service needs.

By now you may be feeling overwhelmed by the equipment and service choices you need to make for your shipment. On top of all these decisions, you also face the reality that every location you ship to has its own unique logistic problems. Our brokerage team has the resources to coordinate the logistics of each stage of your shipment. We notify you when severe weather, road construction, and other obstacles put delays on your shipment. We also coordinate product pre-staging, create cross-docking solutions for intermodal shipments, and arrange cargo consolidation and distribution as needed so your shipment arrives safely and on time.

No matter what your transportation needs may be in Dallas, TX, or nationwide, Bay & Bay Transportation’s brokerage services give you the resources to get the job done. Contact our brokerage office at (612) 836-4560 today to get started. We are a proud member of the Trucking Intermediaries Association (TIA), following the organization’s best industry practices.