Fighting Back against Sore Muscles as a Professional Truck Driver in Houston, TX

For all of its joys, truck driving in Houston, TX, isn’t without its workplace stressors. Just like every other profession, truck drivers engage in certain repetitive activities, movements, and patterns that can cause strain on their bodies unless they take proper care.

Taking care of yourself on the road is one of the most important skills a Bay and Bay Transportation professional truck driver can master, and your body will thank you if you do all you can to mitigate physical discomfort before it becomes a real thorn in your side during your long-haul day to day.

One of the more common ailments among professional truck drivers after hours on the road is a sore back. This is because sitting for long periods of time, paired with short intervals of intense shifting or lifting, can twist and strain the back repeatedly throughout a single shift. Plus, if your drive is especially long, your tailbone is being assailed by consistent pressure. This can cause numbness, discomfort, or a feeling of restlessness. Altogether, it doesn’t paint the prettiest picture for the state of your back. But that doesn’t mean you’re doomed to having a whining spine all day.

No matter where your aches and pains are originating from, keeping well hydrated and practicing regular stretching exercises are great ways to keep your muscles limber and flexible. Mixing up your routine whenever possible can help as well. Sometimes, even positioning your hands differently on the wheel while truck driving can change where you’re putting pressure on your body. If, as professional truck driver, you find yourself getting sore, there is likely an area or two in your daily work that could use adjusting.

There’s no single, magic cure-all for professional truck drivers of every type, so if you find yourself encountering a single ache or pain, don’t be afraid to make accommodations that work for you. Some professionals may have a pillow propped behind their back while driving; others may work brief hand exercises into their schedule. Or, if you’re one of the lucky ones, you’ll never have any aches and pains at all.

If you’re already feeling fighting fit and you’re interested in taking to the roads this fall, contact Bay and Bay to inquire about opportunities for a professional truck driver in Houston, TX. Call at (888) 801-3026 or visit our website here for details. And for all of the current drivers out there, stay limber and stay driving!

How Your Experienced Truck Drivers Can Get Proper Sleep in Madison, WI

We’re told again and again the importance of a good night’s sleep, but when you run a business, that’s easier said than done. How can you possibly sleep when you have so much to do? You have orders to take, customers to keep happy, meetings to schedule… do the doctors and “health experts” think you can just drop everything to crawl into bed? While it’s a problem for you, it’s an even more serious problem for even the most experienced truck drivers on your Madison, WI, team. If they don’t get a good night of sleep, or sleep at all, they put themselves and others in danger. They could get into serious accidents that will leave you both with a long road of recovery ahead. Keep this from happening with the tips below.

Park the Truck in a Quiet, Safe Area

It goes without saying that, when you’re in a loud, chaotic area, it’s hard to close your eyes and go to sleep. Experienced truck drivers should park their trucks in quiet (and especially safe) areas for the night so they can rest. It’s also important for the bed in the truck to be comfortable. If the bed is lumpy, slanted, or just plain uncomfortable, the driver will suffer.

Block Out as Much Light as Possible

When the driver goes down to rest, they should try to block out as much light as possible. Bright surroundings can hinder sleep. If they can’t seem to block out any light, or there is still a bit of light they can’t get rid of, they can try using an eye mask. Even the most seasoned over the road drivers will know the benefits of this.

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Summer Driving Safety Tips for Your Over the Road Drivers in Atlanta, GA

Like many others in Atlanta, GA, you’re no doubt excited about summer. You know that warmer weather means more customers or clients for your business. You know warm weather puts people in a good mood and makes them want to buy what you’re selling. But you can’t really get anywhere if your team of over the road drivers are getting into accidents. So, what can you do to ensure safety for everyone? We hope these driving safety tips below will help, but if you need additional assistance, contact us at the number at the bottom.

Slow Down and Watch for Animals

During the warmer months of the year, animals come out of hibernation and explore their surroundings. Deer are infamous for running into roads, so your truck driving experts need to know that they have to look out for them; if they don’t, they could seriously injure an animal and get into an accident. In many cases, there will be warning signs about animals that try to cross the street. It’s important to go slow, even if the driver thinks the odds of running into an animal is low. It’s hard to know what an animal will do so caution should always be exercised.

Rain and Flooding

Of course, summer isn’t just known for warmer weather—anybody who is anybody knows that summer has its share of rain—rain that can lead to large puddles and flooding. During a storm, steering wheel handling can be poor, and roads can be slippery. Over the road drivers need to be extra careful in bad weather.

We hope these driving safety tips help your over the road drivers this summer!

Call Bay & Bay Transportation of Atlanta, GA, and learn about our over the road drivers and what they can do for you. The number is (888) 801-3026.


Distractions and Habits for Over the Road Drivers to Avoid in Madison, WI

If you’ve spent more than a few minutes on the road, you’re bound to notice that some people choose to drive poorly. They drive too fast or drive too slow. They appear to be in disarray, swaying from one lane to another for seemingly no reason. It drives you crazy—truth be told, you just want to jump out of your car and punch them. Now think about your over the road drivers, otherwise known as the people who represent you on the road. You know that your brand and image is important, and sloppy driving from your team will only make you look unprofessional (even dangerous). What are they doing inside their truck that could spell bad news for you? We’ve listed a few habits below that are common with Madison, WI, drivers.

Eating and Drinking

When the urge to snack hits people, sometimes they don’t bother to park their car and eat. They prefer to eat while they’re behind the wheel, putting other drivers in danger. Whether they’re sipping a cup of coffee or chowing down on a fast food burger, it’s a problem that can’t be ignored. Truck driving experts need to know that they should eat before or after they drive. It can wait, no matter how hungry they might be.

Talking on the Phone

This is another common problem that leads to accidents. If they’re not eating behind the wheel, these poor drivers like to talk to their friends, coworkers, or random acquaintances when they should be focusing on other trucks, traffic signals, etc. Good over the road drivers should avoid calls until they can get to a safe place to talk.

Finding Safe & Reliable Over the Road Drivers

The professional over the road drivers at Bay & Bay Transportation understand the risks of distracted driving and work to keep the roads safe for everyone. Not only are our drivers safe, but they are reliable, ensuring your shipment gets where it needs to be when it needs to be there. Call Bay & Bay Transportation of Madison, WI, and learn about our over the road drivers and what they can do for you. The number is (888) 801-3026.


Got Driving Distractions? You’ve Got Danger on Philadelphia, PA Roads and Elsewhere

There was a time when the worst driving distraction found in vehicles was an AM radio. Remember those? You probably won’t find many people listening to them these days, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been replaced by other driving distractions of all shapes and sizes in Philadelphia, PA.


Audio is just one of the ways that drivers of all types can find their attention being diverted from what is happening before them on the road. Noises, distracting passengers, and electronics of all kinds are a problem in Philly and less populated roadways nationwide.


Based on figures gathered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, around 34 hundred people died due to distracted driving in 2015 (based on the latest available figures).


Within the blink of an eye, a moving vehicle can cover plenty of distance and find itself and those around it in a lot of danger fairly quickly on the road. A company called SmartDrive Systems, which offers a way to monitor truckers via video cameras in cabs, has found several reasons why taking your attention away from safe driving can be potentially disastrous and even deadly.


Consider that according to SmartDrive’s findings, those distracted by mobile devices stand a better than two-and-a-half-times chance of running a stop sign or red light at an intersection.


Distracted drivers are at least a third more likely to be involved in a near collision.


A lack of attention leads to greater fuel use as well. SmartDrive claims that miles per gallon is more than 6% less for all other drivers. It could have a relationship to speed as well. Distracted drivers are nearly 90% more likely to drive 10 miles per hour or faster over the speed limit.


Inattention also extends to personal safety as well; apparently, driving distractions means drivers are more likely to not wear a seatbelt. They’re also at least 90 percent more likely to drift out of their lanes than other drivers.


It all adds up to unsafe driving and potential trouble within a split second at highway speeds.

It’s why Minnesota based Bay & Bay Transportation supports safe driving and good habits by all drivers on our roads. Our drivers understand what causes driving distractions and avoid them to maintain safe driving conditions for everyone. Bay & Bay prides itself on safety and reliability in the Philadelphia area, and offers competitive compensation and benefits packages to company drivers, independent contractors, and those who prefer to take advantage of our lease purchase program.

Safety is one of the major reasons why Bay & Bay is known as a quality driven tradition. If you’ve got the right stuff, call (888) 801-3026, or visit our web page for more details and information about how you can join our growing team in the Philadelphia area and other parts of Pennsylvania.




Holiday Driving Safety Tips for Your Over-the-Road Drivers in Atlanta, GA  


No doubt your business is ready to tackle the various Halloween activities in your community. You’re in the middle of marketing to people who love the holiday, and you can’t wait to get your products out to the stores before the big day. Before you get in too deep, however, it’s important to think about driving safety. Not just for yourself, but for the over-the-road drivers you hired to move your products as quickly as possible. What do they need to keep in mind when they’re going through Atlanta, GA? The information below should help. Still have questions? Feel free to contact Bay & Bay Transportation.

 Watch for Children

It goes without saying that children and Halloween are connected in a big way. While you’re in the middle of driving, especially in the evening, make sure to check for running children. They might dart into the road without thinking, especially if they don’t have adult supervision or their costume hinders their sight. That spells big trouble for everybody. Many will be wearing reflective items, but some won’t. Be on the lookout no matter where you are. Truck driving is serious business.

 Stay Off the Phone

It’s tempting, but over-the-road drivers need to be constantly alert. When you look down to check your email or post on Facebook, you turn yourself in a huge safety hazard. Don’t do it. Your phone can wait. If you absolutely must check, wait until you pull over.

 Drive Slowly

Now is not the time to be a maniac. Use common sense and pay attention, no matter how busy or stressed you may feel, especially if you’re driving on Halloween night. Trick-or-treaters may be wearing dark clothing and more difficult to spot.

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Defeating Distracted Driving for Novice and Professional Truck Drivers in San Antonio, TX

There’s no such thing as infallible reflexes whether you’re a professional juggler or a professional truck driver. A wild animal darting out suddenly can equally distract both parties and can lead to disaster in seconds. But for professional truck drivers, the disaster that looms is much, much worse than a few dropped juggling pins. For the professional San Antonio, TX, area truck drivers with Bay and Bay Transportation, conquering distracted driving is one of the most important skills that any aspiring truck driver can master.

Preventing distractions as a truck driver can be especially difficult thanks to a limited and sometimes cramped environment with long hours. You can’t predict everything on the open road while truck driving but you can always take the appropriate steps to keep yourself focused and your reflexes as sharp as possible. This doesn’t mean you should be practicing your hand-eye coordination while driving, but taking a few physical precautions can keep you alert and prepared for anything that may swerve your way.

To stave off internal distractions while truck driving, always start with maintaining your physical health in the most basic ways. Staying hydrated, avoiding excessive caffeine, and getting enough sleep will cut down unexpected distractions consistently and with little effort. Water and sleep will keep you alert and focused far more than any clever concentration techniques ever will. Once you feel comfortable with your baseline level of attention you can turn your attention to more acute focusing techniques.

Keeping your body limber can be difficult over long distances while truck driving, but keeping your mind limber doesn’t have to be as complex. Sometimes all it takes is occupying your mind just enough to prevent wandering attention. For instance, listening to music or the radio on a low hum can direct your thoughts without overtaking your attention. Keeping your cabin a few degrees cooler than comfortable can also provoke natural alertness.

For novice truck drivers interested in pursuing a long-term career in truck driving, learning to focus is the first step towards a long and rewarding career. Potential drivers in the San Antonio, TX, area can contact Bay and Bay Transportation at (888) 801-3026 or visit our website here for more information on available opportunities in the professional truck driving industry.

What Your Over the Road Drivers Should Never Do in Chicago, IL

Owning a business means more than renting an office or putting out an ad in the local paper. You also have to think about how the community views you. Your image is very important, and you have to do what you can to keep everything in order. Did you ever think about your over the road drivers and how they handle themselves out on the road? It doesn’t just make you look bad—it also puts their lives in danger. Here are a few tips that your Chicago, IL, drivers should never do when on the road:

Ignore Strange or Unusual Sounds

What happens if a driver hears strange sounds coming from the engine? What happens if something lights up? Do they bring the signs to your attention, ignore them and hope for the best, or simply make things worse? If they don’t do anything about it, your truck could break down at the worst possible time, like under a traffic light or in the middle of the highway. You need your over the road drivers to pay attention and care about the state of the trucks.

Drive Like a Maniac

Do they pay attention to speed limits or other drivers? Do they throw things out the window or fall asleep behind the wheel? These habits are dangerous and should be prevented. Make sure to hire drivers who are responsible and understand it’s not just the products in the trucks that are irreplaceable.

Wait Until the Gas Tank Is Almost Empty

Truck driving is serious business. If drivers let gas tanks get too low, there could be problems, including overheating the fuel pump and allowing dirt to find its way into the fuel injection system. Driving in a low tank of gas doesn’t offer better mileage, but instead puts you and your vehicle in danger.

Call Bay & Bay Transportation of Chicago, IL, and learn more about how to keep your over the road drivers safe. The number is (888) 801-3026.

Avoiding Summer Truck Driving Distraction in San Antonio, TX.

Distracted driving is a problem for professional truck drivers and non-commercial drivers alike, but every season comes with its own, personalize distracted driving issues. For professional truck drivers with Bay and Bay Transportation in the San Antonio, TX area, you should always be ready for these summer-specific distractions and know at least a few basic ways to keep them at bay until fall arrives.

Though summer offers a lot to love, it’s probably best known for one over-arching characteristic; the sun. On a summer vacation it’s a lovely addition that can brighten up your day, but for long-distance truck drivers, it’s not always ideal. Not only can it be obnoxiously hot for truck drivers on the road, it also adds a bunch of problems for any driver with eyes (i.e. all of them!). An unobstructed sun means strong glare, unexpected blind spots, and bright reflections. If you’re a truck driver on the road this summer, be sure to combat these distractions with a strong pair of sunglasses and a strategic use of your sun blinders. If you find yourself getting distracted by the sun, pull over briefly and arrange yourself so it won’t get in your way at a crucial moment.

The sun doesn’t only produce extra eye strain and heat, it also draws out the tourists. Tourists are a major source of road distractions for any professional truck driver because, more often than not, it means they’re unfamiliar with the local roads and may overcompensate to correct their routing. You’ll probably encounter a regular smattering of little SUVs and mini-vans crossing five lanes to snag an exit, or in a worst case scenario, come upon someone’s hastily secured canoe coming loose on a major roadway. To prevent summer conflict with these adventurous drivers, don’t be hasty, and give them some extra-generous space. Plus, if you don’t trust the tied-cargo in front of you, don’t follow it. Truck driving requires a lot of precise timing, but going too fast and running over someone’s plastic kayak is not worth the shaved minutes.

And of course, professional truck drivers all over the country know that summer means major road construction. There’s usually a plethora of busy workers and very confused non-commercial drivers to contend with along a long stretch of construction. Avoid distractions in these areas such as changing the radio, listening to loud music, or getting invested in an audio book. You’ll want to be firing on all cylinders when the octogenarian two cars ahead nearly bops a flagman holding a warning sign.

For more tips on how to stay summer-driving safe for truck drivers, or if you’re a San Antonio, TX truck driver interested in exploring a truck driving career, contact Bay and Bay Transportation at (888) 801-3026 today, or visit our website here for more information. Find your place in truck driving today.

Eyes on the Road and Hands on the Wheel: Combating Common Driving Distractions in Atlanta, GA

If you’ve driven near a large delivery or freight truck recently, you may have thought to yourself “I really hope the driver sees me” as you pulled up alongside. This is a common reaction because most conventional cars feel tiny compared to the size and weight of modern trucks. Being a professional truck driver requires a sharp eye, a steady hand, and quick reflexes exactly for this reason. The truck drivers at Bay & Bay Transportation in Atlanta, GA know that when it’s time to drive, it’s time to stow the fuzzy rear-view dice and focus.

Keeping focused on the open road can be difficult if you’re driving for long hours, but that focus is crucial if you want to keep yourself and your road mates safe. Distracted driving is already dangerous as a casual commuter, but when it comes to truck driving, it can be disastrous. Learning how to stay clearminded is a vital skill for truck drivers everywhere.

Common truck driving distractions include phone management (which includes texts, calls, GPS, and email), eating on the go, and making adjustments for comfort while in motion (such as putting on a jacket or reaching for a new CD). All of these driving distractions, while benign seeming at first glance, are incredibly dangerous. Taking your eye off the road for even a second too long can cost you your cargo, your life, or the life of another driver.

The truck driving trick for preventing distracted driving is surprisingly simple: plan ahead. If you often get cold while driving, have a blanket or scarf on hand that doesn’t require extra reaching to put on. Having to struggle with a jacket or sweater is too risky if you’re trying to keep your eyes on the road. And instead of fiddling with the radio or CD player, stick with long pre-made MP3 playlists or audiobooks that will last until the next stop.

For your phone, turn on an automatic message for calls and texts saying that you’re driving and alert any other contacts that you’ll be unavailable via email. The safest way to manage your phone while enroute is to leave it alone entirely. For vital work-related calls, make sure you have all relevant numbers on speed dial before departing. If you need to dial a number, wait until you’re pulled over or stopped.

When planning meals, make sure you pack simple, easy to eat foods that won’t be problematic to eat with one hand. Simple snacks like fruits, thermos soups, and pre-cut sandwiches are easy to prepare and easy to eat. Anything that can spill, drip, or crumble is better left for a rest stop.

 Distracted driving may seem like common sense, but for many truck drivers, driving is like second nature. Looking away to change a CD may seem like an inconsequential action, but it could also be the difference between slowing down in time or rear ending the person in front of you. Truck driving is a high stakes profession, but it doesn’t have to be a dangerous one. If you’re interested in professional trucking driving in the Atlanta, GA area, Bay & Bay Transportation can be reached at 888.801.3026 or by visiting their website here.