Get Your Business Ready for the New Year with an Experienced Truck Driver and More in Philadelphia, PA

The New Year is here, and for many business owners (big and small), this is a time to sit back and reflect on how they handled their business in the last 12 months. It’s a chance for them to think about what they want to do in the New Year, and make plans to ensure they grow and succeed. Whether your business in Philadelphia, PA, or elsewhere has been around the block many times or you’re just starting out, don’t let this opportunity pass you by. It’s time to make some changes! Should you hire an experienced truck driver? Should you make some changes to your marketing plan? The tips below should help you get started.

Review Your Budget

The first thing you should do before anything else is go over your budget. If you don’t have one and never thought about making one, now is a good time. How much should you dedicate to office supplies? How much should you put aside for ensuring your customers get the best experience? No matter what, don’t get sloppy about making a budget and be sure to talk to the people in charge of finances.

Update Your Marketing Plan

What did you do in the last year that really worked for you? What did you do that didn’t net you any new business? Sit down and plan a strategy. Talk to your marketing team and see what should be done in the New Year.

Hire a Trucking Company

An experienced truck driver can help you get your products to store or customers with little trouble. Don’t ask one of your own employees to take on this transportation task; instead, go with an outside company that carries the know-how to get everything done correctly and on time.

Call Bay & Bay Transportation of Philadelphia, PA, at (888) 801-3026 and learn about what an experienced truck driver can do for you.

Developing Your First Product and Owner Operated Truck Driving in Atlanta, GA

You’ve dreamed of owning your own business in Atlanta, GA, for years. The freedom and sense of accomplishment that you get from being your own boss is unmatched, and you wouldn’t have it any other way. But you’ve hit a road block: how do you come up with your first product? What do you need to do to ensure that your name gets out there in the best way possible? And most importantly, how are you going to get your product to your customers? No matter what, it’s important to use caution with your approach and to think things through. It’s never a good idea to rush, no matter how anxious you are to move forward. Thankfully, Bay & Bay Transportation has you covered when it comes to making sure that your product gets where it needs to go with owner operated truck driving. Here are a few tips that should help you on your journey to entering the market, including how to transport your product.

Research, research, research

What would potential customers want to buy? What can you give them that offers a unique experience? Don’t copy your competition; make the product your own. Give it a special twist, a twist that only your company can provide. Pay attention to buying trends and how people react to certain items. Above all, keep things simple. If you push too many features, you’ll only confuse people. Confusion is the last thing you want.

Put the product through testing

Once you have a product, be sure to put it through testing before putting production into full swing. Find out how people perceive the product and how they react. Do they think it’s too juvenile? Complicated? Boring? At this stage, you can still make adjustments.

Hire a trucking company

Finally, make sure that you hire a professional trucking company like Bay & Bay Transportation to get your product to stores. Our reliable company will always be available to answer your questions and our excellent drivers have the experience to get the job done. Not only does this ensure that you will never be left in the dark, but you also won’t have to worry about product damage on the road.

We have a variety of options, including refrigerated trucking, dry van trucking, and flatbed transportation services, so no matter what product you develop, you can rest assured that we have the capacity to transport it safely.

Since 1982, the number of small businesses in America has increased by 49%. Don’t let your own business fall to the wayside. Contact Bay & Bay Transportation of Atlanta, GA, for reliable owner operated truck driving assistance.


Ready to Handle Your Dry Van Trucking Needs in Minneapolis, MN, and Nationwide

Got to get your cargo someplace soon and you’re not concerned about whether it’s temperature controlled in summer’s heat? Bay & Bay Transportation has a dry solution ready to roll. We should be your first stop for your dry van trucking needs in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

While the term “dry van trucking” may sound kind of odd, it’s actually the most common form of big rig transit you see on the road every day. If you’re in traffic with a semi pulling a 53-foot enclosed trailer, that is dry van trucking in action.

Dry van trucking is used by most industries to ship nearly everything including automotive parts, consumer goods, and electronics, plus non-perishable foods like canned goods and beverages. If you need temperature control, Bay & Bay can assist you with a refrigerated unit.

Bay & Bay Transportation in Minneapolis, MN, offers several options to accommodate your regular or irregular dry van trucking needs. We’re ready to get your freight delivered on-time around the Twin Cities or nationwide. We handle normal transit orders and expedited jobs if you’re trying to meet a particular schedule. Whether your needs range from vendor pickups, distribution center to store jobs, or plant to plant moves, Bay & Bay is ready to help.

Dry van trucking is merely one of several solutions Bay & Bay is ready to offer. We have refrigerated trailers if your freight is temperature sensitive, dry tank hauling, flatbed/specialty jobs, brokerage services, intermodal services, and options should you have less than a full truckload of freight.

Bay & Bay is a quality driven tradition in Minneapolis, MN, and we invite you to take advantage of our local knowledge and nationwide reach. To learn more about Bay & Bay Transportation’s dry van trucking and other options, give us a call at (888) 801-3026, or visit our web site for more details.


Summer Construction Season Means Dry Van Trucking Truckers Need to Be Vigilant!

You see them all over the road hauling non-food grade items across the country: dry tanks. These specialized loads are what keep construction and building companies running. At Bay & Bay, our dry van trucking tank truckers are delivering Fracking Sand, Foundry Sand, Silica Sand, Bentonite, Quartz, Limestone, Blasting Grit, Rock Salt, Fly Ash, and White and Gray Cement all over the US and Canada.

With spring almost already behind us and summer looming just weeks away, we’ve already seen an uptick on construction around the Minneapolis area and all over Minnesota. Major bridge construction in St Paul and Winona have begun, and on the Minnesota Department of Transportation site you can count over 40 road projects scheduled from April until September. There’s an old joke that in the Midwest we have two seasons: winter and construction. If you don’t plan ahead, you can find yourself mired in some traffic jams you could have avoided with a little planning!

Tips for Driving in a Construction Zone:

Merge as soon as you can. With a big rig like a dry tank, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Be respectful and move when traffic allows. Blocked lanes can result in fines!

Slow down as soon as you see the construction signs. Don’t wait until the last minute to start to take notice of conditions or slowdowns.

Watch for flaggers. In a construction zone, flaggers are there to make things run smoothly, even if it feels like it’s taking forever. Remember that they have just as much authority as posted signs and are working under strenuous circumstances in variable weather.

Plan ahead and stay calm. If you’re concerned about construction zones, give yourself plenty of time so you aren’t stressed when you hit them. Play soothing music or listen to an interesting audio book to pass the time if you do get caught.

Leave extra following distance. Your commercial driver’s license manual specifies one second of stop time should be allowed for every 10 feet of your dry tank. Rear end collisions are common in construction zones and can be avoided by carefully adjusting the amount of space between you and the vehicle in front of you.

Remember the payoff for those gray winter days is seeing the beautiful summer sights as you travel around the country in your dry tank big rig. With a little planning, you can avoid construction stress as you travel around Minneapolis and beyond!


Send Your Products Wherever They Need to Go With the Flexibility of Dry Van Trucking In Atlanta, GA

Take a look down the road ahead of you. What do you see? In addition to the sedans, pickup trucks, and minivans, you are also sharing the highway with a variety of commercial trucks. Let’s look at the truck a few cars ahead in the next lane for example. What kind of commercial truck do you think it is? If your first guess is a dry van truck, you’d probably be right! Dry van trucks are quite common because they can be used to transport so many types of cargo. Bay & Bay Transportation offers our own dry van trucking services in Atlanta, GA to give our customers the flexibility they seek from their transportation company.

A dry van trailer is the most basic and versatile type of commercial trucking trailer. It is essentially a trailer with a level floor, sturdy walls, a ceiling, and no refrigeration or other special controls. It can haul most types of cargo, making it perfect for the Atlanta, GA community where so many diverse industries are headquartered. The region is home to textile and apparel companies, publishing houses, printing companies, and manufacturers of furniture, metals, machinery, and telecommunications equipment.

Our customers can count on dry van trucking to haul any type of product, but what they really love is the flexibility our service provides. You are not limited to set routes. We can deliver your cargo anywhere in the United States and Canada. Our delivery routes are based on your needs, be they:

  • Plant-to-plant moves
  • Dedicated transportation from distribution centers to stores with a regional fleet
  • Inbound vendor pickups to distribution centers
  • Reverse distribution
  • One-way deliveries
  • Dedicated service routes

Our Bay & Bay Transportation dry van fleet is equipped with 53-foot air-ride vans that we clean and maintain regularly. The air-ride suspension absorbs the bumps and shakes of the road and provides a smoother journey for your cargo. We customize our dry van trucking prices according to your service requirements. Best yet, you can expect your shipments to arrive reliably on-time no matter where they are headed.

The Bay & Bay Transportation dry van trucking team consists of only the most dependable truck drivers with experience and immaculate safety records both in Atlanta, GA and across the country. We take things one step farther and equip these top-notch drivers with the safest, most up-to-date equipment. When your freight is in our hands, you have no need to fret about the delivery arriving safely and on time.


Dry van trucking careers in Minneapolis MN at Bay and Bay.

Our dry van truckers are at the heart of our business, and of the commercial trucking business overall. It takes a lot of trucks out there on the roads to move freight across America, and Bay and Bay is proud to have a first class staff of drivers, often referred to as dry van truckers. If you have your Class A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL-A), you have the advantage of having an in-demand skill and an opportunity for a career with job stability at Bay and Bay.

Our dry van truckers run 53 airride vans to various points in the country, delivering freight to distribution centers, plants, and more. As a dry van trucker, your responsibility will be to deliver the freight safely and on time. Loading and unloading is generally done by other parties, and then you’ll be on the road to you next assignment.

Since safety is a value we live by every day, our Bay and Bay trucks are serviced and maintained regularly, as well as cleaned so they look great when they head out on the road. This ongoing commitment to making sure our equipment, as well as our drivers, are taken care of is what makes us different in the trucking industry. With our clear communication on expectations, you’ll be able to tailor your career as a Bay and Bay dry van trucker with your home life as well.

Our steady work volume means that you can count on an income week to week, month to month, and year to year. While we are based here in the Midwest, Bay and Bay delivers freight to all points in the U.S. and to Canada as well. Our generous driver incentives and amenities mean we have one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry.

If you’re interested in hearing more about our dry van trucking positions, apply online, or call our recruiting office at 888-801-3026 to ask us about truck driving jobs with Bay and Bay Transportation in Minneapolis, MN.