Bay & Bay Truck Drivers Deliver Wreaths to Remember America’s Fallen Heroes

Bay and Bay - Wreaths Across AmericaLast year, Bay & Bay Transportation participated in Wreaths Across America to honor fallen military heroes. We have long been an active force in honoring the men and women that serve in our military and provide safety and freedom for us. During the holidays, we are especially grateful for all of the sacrifices that have been made so we can continue enjoying our family and loved ones. Once again, we participated in the Wreaths Across America program to honor those fallen heroes.

Wreaths Across America is an organization with a mission to Remember, Honor, and Teach.  Most notable is the wreath laying ceremony at Arlington in Virginia, coordinated with other local ceremonies through the country. Each year, over 300,000 wreaths are delivered to grave sites of military personnel across the country.

This year, Wreaths Across America took place on December 13th. Bay & Bay truck driver Julia Jimenez delivered wreaths from Maine to Arlington, VA, the main ceremony location. Kent Klausing, Tony Miller, and Tom Quintus joined Julia at the site as representatives of Bay & Bay. Be sure to check out the photos from their East Coast trip.

Additionally, Greg Post picked up a load of wreaths in Illinois and delivered them throughout Wisconsin, South Dakota, and Minnesota, including Fort Snelling in St. Paul. The entire program runs completely on volunteers, including the donation of time, money, and, in our case, truck drivers.

At Bay & Bay Transportation, we thoroughly believe in being an active part of our community and standing by the family values that have helped us thrive from the very beginning. We want to extend our sincerest thanks to active military personnel and their families. We wish you all a very happy holiday and a safe return home!

Bay & Bay Transportation Honors Military with Wreaths Across America

Wreaths_Across_America_-_Official_Page_2-1The holiday season is a time to gather and celebrate with family, but sadly, sometimes family isn’t around to make it to these festivities. Bay & Bay Transportation has a long history of honoring military men and women and their families. The holidays can prove to be an exceptionally hard time for those whose loved ones have sacrificed their lives for our country, and emotionally difficult for those with loved ones who are currently fighting to keep our country safe. For the second year in a row, Bay & Bay Transportation is proudly donating time and resources to Wreaths Across America, a program that honors our soldiers by decorating the graves of military personnel.

Through the Wreaths Across America program, Bay &Bay Transportation will help deliver over 300,000 wreaths to grave sites. In particular, this Saturday, December 14th, we will help deliver two loads of wreaths to Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia, our nation’s most prestigious military resting place. Driver Bruce Stykel and Randy Verwink, along with Vice President of Operations Zack Little, will be at Arlington representing Bay & Bay Transportation in tribute to those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

The mission of Wreaths Across America; to Remember, Honor, and Teach, is a powerful one. The program operates and relies strictly on volunteers, a group that Bay & Bay Transportation is gratefully proud to be a part of. Through careful coordination, delivery of wreaths to cemeteries throughout the 50 states will occur on Saturday, December 14th. If you are interested in attending a ceremony, Fort Snelling National Cemetery will be conducting a short ceremony at 11 am this Saturday in Minneapolis. The cemetery is located at 7601 North 34th Avenue South.

Whether deployed or departed, we owe all of our service men and women our deepest thanks for their dedication and sacrifice. To all veterans and active military personnel everywhere, Bay & Bay Transportation humbly thanks you for all that you do, and truly appreciates the honor, sacrifice and commitment to duty you willfully provide everyday in defense of our great nation.

Bay & Bay Transportation Honors Military Men and Women with Truck Designs

truck driving jobs in minnesota bay and bay transportationTruck Driving Jobs in Minnesota- Military Veterans- Bay and Bay Transportation

Bay and Bay Transportation was purchased by Dave Anderson, a Vietnam veteran, in 1988. Though Dave was done with his tours of service, he didn’t forget about the rest of the men and women still serving our country. As a result, Dave made sure that his equipment at Bay & Bay Transportation displayed respect and honored the service men and women that have sacrificed for our country. So began the patriotic truck designs that mark our fleet.

As you approach Veteran’s Day this November, you’ll notice more flags and patriotic themed decorations popping up around the neighborhood. At Bay & Bay Transportation, however, we honor our service men and women throughout the year. Our patriotic truck designs run the roads all year long and also double as an incentive for our drivers. “Some of our top drivers are awarded them [the patriotic trucks]. It is a nice bonus for them.” explains Zach Little, Vice President of Operations at Bay & Bay. With the advances in digital printing, we will continue to create elaborate truck designs honoring all aspects of the military that protects us.

The truck designs also double as publicity for Bay & Bay Transportation. Commuters are much more likely to talk about the beautiful patriotic designs on the truck on the right instead of the white panels of the truck on the left. Some corporations are starting to pay trucking companies to advertise on their blank slate panels. Other trucking companies use the panels to promote certain aspects of the company, such as sustainability or recruitment. At Bay & Bay Transportation, our truck designs will stay on the patriotic side of the spectrum. We’ll keep the products and goods of our great nation moving while proudly honoring those in the military who keep our country safe.

Here at Bay & Bay, we aren’t just all design and no drive. In addition to our patriotic truck designs, we are committed to hiring veterans and active reserve military men and women for a variety of positions as both truck drivers jobs and non-truck driver jobs. We keep alive Dave’s idea, years after his passing, to honor those who serve and their family and make sure they understand that they have our support. With such a large blank canvas driving down the road, creating innovative and patriotic truck designs was the obvious answer.

Join in the conversation! Leave a comment below to honor or thank some one in the military or a veteran that you know.