Developing Your First Product and Owner Operated Truck Driving in Atlanta, GA

You’ve dreamed of owning your own business in Atlanta, GA, for years. The freedom and sense of accomplishment that you get from being your own boss is unmatched, and you wouldn’t have it any other way. But you’ve hit a road block: how do you come up with your first product? What do you need to do to ensure that your name gets out there in the best way possible? And most importantly, how are you going to get your product to your customers? No matter what, it’s important to use caution with your approach and to think things through. It’s never a good idea to rush, no matter how anxious you are to move forward. Thankfully, Bay & Bay Transportation has you covered when it comes to making sure that your product gets where it needs to go with owner operated truck driving. Here are a few tips that should help you on your journey to entering the market, including how to transport your product.

Research, research, research

What would potential customers want to buy? What can you give them that offers a unique experience? Don’t copy your competition; make the product your own. Give it a special twist, a twist that only your company can provide. Pay attention to buying trends and how people react to certain items. Above all, keep things simple. If you push too many features, you’ll only confuse people. Confusion is the last thing you want.

Put the product through testing

Once you have a product, be sure to put it through testing before putting production into full swing. Find out how people perceive the product and how they react. Do they think it’s too juvenile? Complicated? Boring? At this stage, you can still make adjustments.

Hire a trucking company

Finally, make sure that you hire a professional trucking company like Bay & Bay Transportation to get your product to stores. Our reliable company will always be available to answer your questions and our excellent drivers have the experience to get the job done. Not only does this ensure that you will never be left in the dark, but you also won’t have to worry about product damage on the road.

We have a variety of options, including refrigerated trucking, dry van trucking, and flatbed transportation services, so no matter what product you develop, you can rest assured that we have the capacity to transport it safely.

Since 1982, the number of small businesses in America has increased by 49%. Don’t let your own business fall to the wayside. Contact Bay & Bay Transportation of Atlanta, GA, for reliable owner operated truck driving assistance.


Beam Me Up!

I wonder if in 1941, when Bay & Bay Transportation started, drivers would get lost in their thoughts while diving and think stuff like this: “What if in the future we had the ability to beam things, invisibly, through midair, around the world, without any type of vehicle or person delivering them—things like our voices, music, photos, documents, and maybe even one day…ourselves. That’s right! As if by magic, we could send things from one place to another in the blink of an eye. Wouldn’t that be astounding? Who knows? Maybe one day…in the future.”

Good News: The Future Has Arrived!

Back then, no one could imagine what kind of technology the future would bring. Warp drive ahead to today—some of these futuristic technologies have found their way right here to Bay & Bay Transportation.

In-Cab Scanning is an example of a technology that is helping trucking companies manage important documents quickly and accurately. Our drivers now have the ability to scan and transmit documents right from the cab of their trucks. Important, time-sensitive paperwork and documents are recorded and sent to our office basically in real-time. Documents like:

  • Proof Of Delivery Documents
  • Trip Reports
  • Receipts
  • And Other Critical Customer Information

Feeling the Effects

For our drivers, the systems are convenient and simple to use. For our office staff, the integrated software is compatible with our back-end office systems making the work flow efficient and speedy. All of this ensures an expedited billing cycle as well as increased driver and customer satisfaction.

Other Benefits:

  • Proof of delivery happens within hours, instead of days
  • Costs, errors, and delays caused by manual entry reduced
  • Saves time and out-of-route trip reports
  • Saves money on truck stop scanning fees
  • Enhances driver experience and satisfaction
  • Increases back-office productivity and efficiency
  • Speeds up billing and payment cycles

Bay & Bay is excited about the possibilities this new technology provides. We are always looking for ways to refine and enhance the transportation process. We are driven to create a better work environment for our staff, which means better service for our customers.