The Dangers of Drowsy Driving in Indianapolis, Indiana

There are a number of behaviors that are frowned upon when driving. Huge campaigns have been waged to combat texting while driving and drunk driving, but there’s one kind of driving that’s just as dangerous, and that’s drowsy driving. It’s important to understand the impact of drowsy driving, and the following numbers give you just a hint of the kind of damage drowsy driving can have on yourself and others.

Drowsy Driving by the Numbers:

  • More than one-third of drivers (or 103 million people) have fallen asleep while driving in the past year
  • Drowsy driving causes an estimated $12.5 billion in monetary losses
  • Fatigued drivers cause an estimated 1,550 deaths a year and an estimated 71,000 injuries per year
  • Drowsy driving incidents can lead to jail time for the driver

With those kinds of numbers, it’s easy to see why drowsy driving is a hazard on the road. That is why all Bay and Bay Transportation drivers in the Indianapolis area should be educated on what to do to prevent sleepiness on the road, and what to do when fatigue sets in while driving.

Preventative Measures:

  • Sleep for a solid 7-8 hours before you drive: this will help you prevent those sleepy feelings, heavy eyelids, and lack of focus on the road.
  • Take a pre-drive nap: even a short nap can help you stay alert and focused while driving
  • Drink caffeine as you drive: caffeine will improve your alertness as you drive, though beware of the effect wearing off
  • Don’t drink alcohol: Even if you’re well under the legal limit for alcohol, it can still impair your driving by causing fatigue on the road

When Fatigue Hits:

  • Stop the truck: this is the most important step to take if you feel sleepy on the road
  • Give yourself a break: stepping out of the truck and getting some fresh Indianapolis air can help combat fatigue, but take care not to drive if you’re still feeling sleepy
  • Take a nap: even 15-30 minutes of sleep can have a positive effect on your mood and fatigue

All Indianapolis area Bay and Bay truck drivers should be aware of the true dangers of driving drowsy. Do yourself a favor and NEVER drive when that sleepy feeling hits.

What Self-Driving Trucks Mean for the Transportation Industry and Your Career as a Truck Driver | Minneapolis, MN

While Minnesota highways are filled with the usual assortment of sports cars, SUVs, and delivery trucks, there’s a new type of vehicle sharing the roads in Nevada: the world’s first self-driving semi-truck. Engineers have been developing self-driving cars for years, and it makes sense a self-driving big rig might be next. These advances in technology could instigate major changes for trucking companies like Bay & Bay Transportation and impact those who make their careers as long-haul truck drivers.


The term “self-driving” is a bit misleading. The self-driving semi, known as the “Freightliner Inspiration Truck,” is classified as a level 3 autonomous vehicle. With this classification, the truck still requires a driver present who must take full control to pass other vehicles, exit the highway, drive on local roads, and pull up to loading docks. For it to be truly self-driving, it would be classified as level 4 and able to perform all driving actions and monitor road conditions at all times whether the cab was occupied or not. The Freightliner Inspiration Truck basically takes advantage of many of the technologies already available in personal cars such as collision avoidance, speed control, and lane stability,  and is still only in its experimental stages.


Of course, as with any new technology, the Freightliner Inspiration Truck has its advocates and opponents. The pro-driverless technology crowd says that embracing the self-driving semi will:

  • Reduce accidents caused by human error
  • Improve fuel consumption by allowing a chain of semis to take advantage of aerodynamics from the lead truck
  • Alleviate driver fatigue by allowing the sensors to maintain optimal speed, distance between cars, and lane location
  • Increase driver productivity by allowing them to review notes or use an iPad to plan their next route


On the opposite side, those who are against relying on self-driving technology have just as many valid concerns regarding:

  • Safety for driver and others on the road if the technology malfunctions or doesn’t react quickly enough to changing conditions
  • Cost for trucking companies to install the technology in addition to paying drivers
  • Lawsuit responsibility in the event of an accident
  • Driving areas; only a handful of states allow self-driving vehicles on the road


Either way, it’s unclear how self-driving technology will be integrated into the transportation industry since the Freightliner Inspiration Truck is still only in the experimental stages. But, for the near future at least, Bay & Bay Transportation is keeping drivers in full control of their semis on long-haul deliveries. If you are interested in furthering your career as a long-haul truck driver, contact us today!

Mercedes-Benz Develops Fitness Product for Truck Drivers

Any truck driver knows that exercising properly while on the road is difficult. You can’t really carry around a home gym in your cab, and the odds of finding a fitness center is pretty slim…no pun intended! Germany-based company Mercedes-Benz, however, has developed a fitness product specifically meant for those in the trucking and transportation industry.

A 2012 study in Germany showed that 80% of the general population suffers from back pain, and in many cases it is chronic. In America, about 50% of Americans admit to having back pain each year, according the American Chiropractic Association. To alleviate back pain chiropractors suggest that you remain active, maintain proper posture and avoid prolonged inactivity. Sounds super easy for a driver, doesn’t it?

That’s why Mercedes-Benz developed the TopFit Set, currently available only in Europe. The system is small; it consists of a small, sturdy plywood board base 65 cm by 40 cm. Attached are two cables with varying levels of resistance. Because it was specifically designed for in-cab use, the system can be used in any truck so long as it has a level floor.

In addition to the physical component of the fitness system, there is also a workout video and an app to go along with it. The exercises were developed in close coordination with sports scientists, with special thought and strategy put in to back stretches and strengthening.

There are plenty of other ways to introduce exercise into your daily routine as a driver until the TopFit Set is available in the US, but we are glad to see that other companies are recognizing the importance of the health and safety of our drivers.


Bay & Bay Transportation is a Midwest based company looking for experienced truck drivers. Click here to view our Driver Opportunities or here to apply online right away!

Bay & Bay Transportation Driver Appreciation Week 2014

Bay and Bay says “Thanks!” to our outstanding drivers

Driver Appreciation Week

Without our experienced and hard working drivers, Bay & Bay Transportation would not be the thriving transportation company that it is today. As such, we’d like to honor ALL of our hardworking truck drivers in the Minnesota area. We will have a celebration at each of the terminals in the Twin City area all throughout the week. Check out the schedule below to participate in this week’s events!

Monday, 9/15
Lunch: 11:30 – 2:30 at the Rosemount Terminal
Dinner: 2:00 – 6:00 at the Burnsville Terminal

Tuesday, 9/16
Red Wing Shoe Truck Display: 7:00- 11:00 am and 1:00 – 5:00 pm at the Burnsville Terminal
Lunch: 11:00 – 3:00 at the Rosemount Terminal

Wednesday, 9/17
Red Wing Shoe Truck Display: 7:00 – 11:00 am and 1:00 – 5:00 pm at the Rosemount Terminal
Lunch: 11:30 – 1:30 at the Rosemount Terminal
Dinner: 2:00 – 6:00 pm at the Burnsville Terminal

Thursday, 9/18
Lunch: 11:00 – 2:00 pm at the Rosemount Terminal

Friday, 9/19
Lunch: 11:30 -1:30 at the Rosemount Terminal
Dinner: 2:00 – 6:00 pm at the Burnsville Terminal

Each meal will be accompanied by raffle prizes, Bay & Bay merchandise, and more goodies! At Bay & Bay Transportation, you’re family and we want to make sure you’re treated that way. We hope to see each of our drivers at least once throughout Driver Appreciation Week. Thank you to each and every one of our drivers for your hard work, dedication, and time away from your family. We appreciate it!

If you are looking to join the Bay & Bay Transportation family, check out our driver opportunities. You can also apply online if your are committed to quality transportation services, just like Bay & Bay. If you have at least 6 months of solo OTR experience, we encourage you to apply!

(Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

Bay & Bay Truck Drivers in Minnesota Get the Chance to Go Green

Bay & Bay Transportation leads the charge towards cleaner running semi-trucks.

DSC_0307_editRecently, Bay & Bay Transportation acquired two alternative-fuel tractors to add to the fleet. Some truck drivers in Minnesota and Wisconsin now have the chance to operate the “green” trucks, and rave reviews are already coming in!

“The drivers are enjoying them [for] two reasons: they are really quiet, and the drivers don’t smell like diesel fuel when they get home at night,” says owner and CEO Sam Anderson of the green tractors.

Bay & Bay is an early user of the new technology for cleaner running trucks. We have always been committed to trucks that run cleaner, use less fuel, and are eco-friendly. The two new Freightliner Cascadia tractors each hold the equivalent of 140 gallons of diesel fuel and can travel about 450 miles on one tank. Though the two new green tractors run cleaner, they still produce the power and torque that equals the pulling force of the diesel powered trucks. While we are still collecting data, results are looking promising. One catch of the cleaner running tractors is that the oil needs to be changed 1-2 times more often than the diesel-fueled trucks.

In another 8 months, Bay & Bay Transportation will be compiling and assessing the data one more time before adding any more of the tractors to the fleet. If the results are favorable, we could add as many as 40 clean running trucks to the fleet.

As part of an industry that is a big contributor to the current state of the Earth, Bay & Bay Transportation is always looking for ways to lower our carbon footprint and be mindful of our effect on the environment. With these cleaner running trucks, we are hoping to lead the way to a healthier, more efficient trucking industry.

Bay & Bay Transportation looks to employ drivers with the same interests as us: safety, quality, and commitment to bettering ourselves and the environment. If your interests align with ours, please take a look at our Driving Opportunities for truck drivers in Minnesota and across the United States. You can also click here to apply online.

“Green” Natural Gas Trucks Join Bay & Bay Fleet!

DSC_0349_editAlthough our company color is bright red, Bay and Bay Transportation of Rosemount, MN is running green. The company recently added a pair of trucks that run exclusively on natural gas. While the trucks cost about 50 percent more than a normal diesel truck, natural gas trucks significantly reduce carbon emissions (50 to 80 percent per truck, depending on the source). Compressed natural gas is also a domestic fuel that reduces reliance on foreign oils. Plus, it’s abundant and costs about 50 percent less than diesel fuel.


“We’re definitely a pre-early adopter of this alternative fuels technology, but it’s worth the investment. We’re committed to trucks that run cleaner and use less fuel,” said Sam Anderson, president and CEO of Bay & Bay. The company already maintains the highest rating possible with the USEPA’s SmartWay® Program, a public-private initiative to improve fuel efficiency and the environmental performance (reduction of both greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution) of the goods movement supply chains.


Bay & Bay’s two 12-liter compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks began running last month on dedicated short-haul routes in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Each truck can travel 450 miles or more between fuelings and hold the equivalent of 140 diesel gallons. Long term, Anderson sees the technology working in 10 to 20 percent of its fleet.

Bay & Bay Transportation Recognizes Outstanding Drivers

Annual Driver Banquet Honors the Drivers of Bay & Bay Transportation

Bay & Bay Transportation Annual Driver Banquet

Bay & Bay Transportation recently recognized our outstanding drivers at our fourth annual Driver Banquet and Top Dawg Awards held February 1st, 2014 at the Sheraton Bloomington in Minneapolis, MN. Many of our drivers attended the banquet to celebrate and see who would come out on top of each division of drivers during our annual Top Dawg Awards. All Top Dawg winners received a plaque, a decal for their truck, a gift card, and raffle tickets.

This year’s Top Dawg Awards were presented to the top producing drivers in each division. The winners were: Jorge Berrios (Rosemount- CO), Pam Hokanson (Rosemount – OO), Greg Swanson (Lake Elmo), and Al Huitt (Burnsville).

The Top Dawg Award winners weren’t the only drivers to walk away with prizes. Raffle prizes included a $500 Sears gift card, a Benelli shot gun, a 50” flat screen, and an iPad mini.

Our biggest prize this year was a certificate for a trip to the destination of the winner’s choice. The winners this year were Anselmo Corral, Al Huitt, Brian Bennington, and Greg Swanson.

Also honored at the Driver Banquet were previous and current Drivers of the Year and Wall of Famers. The Wall of Fame recognizes truck drivers from Bay & Bay that have been with the company for 10 years or more.

The Driver Banquet consisted of a cocktail reception, dinner for the drivers, their guests, operations, and other essential employees.

Bay & Bay Transportation would like to congratulate all of our winners and say thank you to all who attended the annual event. We hope to see you all again next year!

If you would like to work for Bay & Bay Transportation, check out our Driver Opportunities or click here to apply online!

Top Dawg Winners
Top Dawg Winners (L to R: Greg Swanson, Pam Hokanson, and Al Huitt)

Truck Driving Jobs Get Exciting New Update At Bay & Bay

truck driving job simulatorTruck drivers who call Bay & Bay home just found another reason to stop in and visit the terminal more often.  Rosemount’s trucking and transportation company just invested $150,000 in a new state-of-the-art driving simulator.  By April 2014, this simulator will be in place and used in weekly orientation, annual training, and refresher training for those involved in accidents.

Safety Is Top Priority

Our number one goal as a company is to maintain safety and excellence in all that we do.  Simulation is a proven technology and approach to improve drivers’ decision making and reaction time. This type of training allows the driver to experience hazardous conditions in a safe environment so they will know how to handle that difficulty if experienced on the road.

Why Use Driving Simulation?

Simulation training allows drivers to navigate their way through challenging conditions and practice appropriate techniques for handling difficult driving. This learning tool will substantially increase drivers’ skill and confidence in real road situations.

In addition to high risk situation training, a driving simulator will also allow newer drivers to practice basic skills, such as shifting, turning, backing and speed management.  Veteran drivers can also brush up on intermediate and advanced driving skills like driving through mountains, rollover prevention, and driving in adverse conditions.  Bay & Bay has recently made a considerable push towards improving fuel economy and the simulator will also give drivers the ability to practice fuel saving techniques.

Training and Results

Several motor carriers have been using simulation for years as part of their driver safety training efforts and the results are compelling.  Simulators have returned impressive results in:

  • Reducing frequency of crashes (typically, 20% or more reduction)
  • Reducing severity of crashes (10-25% reduction)
  • Reduction in DOT-preventable crashes (20-25%)
  • Increased mean-time between crashes (5-10 days)
  • Improved fuel MPG (2-5% MPG improvement; reduction in fuel burned during training)
  • Reduced training cycle time (20-30% reduction in training hours)
  • Increased instructor: student ratio; instructor multiplier effect (1:1 to 1:5)
  • Improved driver retention; reduction in new driver washout rate (5-10%)

Investing In The Future

Accidents and cargo loss are some of the fastest rising costs for Bay & Bay.  While many accidents are non-preventable, most are preventable if a truck driver is properly trained.  Simulation training is an investment in improving how we train and how we manage safety.  With everyone on board, we will not only deliver on our promise to ensure drivers return home safely, but we will all benefit from the additional savings and ROI that simulation training can provide.

apply to bay and bayBay & Bay is looking for quality OTR drivers right now!  If you are interested in working for a company that cares about drivers, and proves it by investing in the equipment to make them successful, apply at Bay & Bay! Click here to apply now!

Truck Driving Jobs Available Nationwide!

Bay & Bay Transportation is hiring in multiple locations across the US

What better way to start a new year than with a new career! At Bay & Bay Transportation, we’re always looking for new drivers to fill a variety of positions. Whether you’re looking for a truck driving job in a Midwest state like Minnesota, or ready to see the east coast from West Virginia to New York, we may have the position that’s right for you. We hire:

Company Over the Road (OTR) Drivers: Traveling an average of 2500 – 3300 miles per week, our OTR drivers have every opportunity to earn extra money and rewards for hard work. OTR drivers have the potential to earn bonuses through fuel management, mileage, retention, and longevity.

Owner Operator Drivers: As an Owner/Operator independent contractor for Bay & Bay Transportation, we provide the support and resources you need to build a successful business for yourself. Through our Owner Operator Division, you’ll receive the discounts and support of a large company while retaining the freedom of owning your own truck.

Lease to Own Drivers: With our Truck Lease to Own Program, you can slowly work your way to owning your own truck. Working with affordable payment plans, you’ll be able to lease great equipment so you can focus on what’s important: driving. With a 30 day assurance warranty on all equipment, you’ll be able to start earning the best profits in the industry as soon as possible.

Whether you’re looking for a local driving job that gets you home for dinner every night, or excited about the possibility of seeing the country while on the road, Bay & Bay Transportation provides a variety of opportunities for drivers of all levels.

For further information on our available careers or to apply, check out our Driver Opportunities section or click the link to our super-convenient on-line application!

The Road to the Tournament of Roses: Transporting the Band

Rosemount Marching Band at the Tournament of Roses. Photo by Dave Andrews

The Rose Bowl is a quintessential american tradition that has taken place 125 times annually on January 1st to welcome in the New Year. Floats and marching bands rule the parade before the big football game, and this year, Bay & Bay Transportation was ecstatic to help transport our local Rosemount High School marching band to Pasadena, California so they could participate in the established tradition.

While the parade route is only 5.5 miles in length, the truck drivers of Bay & Bay Transportation drove over 1,900 miles to ensure the safe delivery of the marching band’s instruments, uniforms, and supplies to California. The Rose Bowl was the final culmination of the Rosemount High School band’s hard work. The week-long trip also included participation in Band Fest at Pasadena Community College and the march in the Tournament of Roses, as well as some local tours and fun in the sun!

In addition to sight-seeing, the band was also honored to march in the Christmas Fantasy Parade at Disneyland. With so many special performances, it was extremely important to make sure that the instruments, uniforms, and any other marching band supplies arrived on time and in great condition, a specialized transportation service challenge that Bay & Bay Transportation was excited to meet!

The weeklong trip was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that the members of the Rosemount High School band will surely never forget. Bay & Bay Transportation is proud to have provided quality transportation services for such a unique and special event.

For truck driving opportunities here in Minnesota as well as across the country, check out our Driver Opportunities page or fill out our online application!