Get Your Business Ready for the New Year with an Experienced Truck Driver and More in Philadelphia, PA

The New Year is here, and for many business owners (big and small), this is a time to sit back and reflect on how they handled their business in the last 12 months. It’s a chance for them to think about what they want to do in the New Year, and make plans to ensure they grow and succeed. Whether your business in Philadelphia, PA, or elsewhere has been around the block many times or you’re just starting out, don’t let this opportunity pass you by. It’s time to make some changes! Should you hire an experienced truck driver? Should you make some changes to your marketing plan? The tips below should help you get started.

Review Your Budget

The first thing you should do before anything else is go over your budget. If you don’t have one and never thought about making one, now is a good time. How much should you dedicate to office supplies? How much should you put aside for ensuring your customers get the best experience? No matter what, don’t get sloppy about making a budget and be sure to talk to the people in charge of finances.

Update Your Marketing Plan

What did you do in the last year that really worked for you? What did you do that didn’t net you any new business? Sit down and plan a strategy. Talk to your marketing team and see what should be done in the New Year.

Hire a Trucking Company

An experienced truck driver can help you get your products to store or customers with little trouble. Don’t ask one of your own employees to take on this transportation task; instead, go with an outside company that carries the know-how to get everything done correctly and on time.

Call Bay & Bay Transportation of Philadelphia, PA, at (888) 801-3026 and learn about what an experienced truck driver can do for you.

The Secret to Effective Refrigerated Transportation in Philadelphia, PA

With temperatures quickly rising in Philadelphia, PA, business owners and private consumers who utilize cargo transportation services are likely already planning ahead for the summer. Running a business with nature against you is never an easy task, but thanks to advances in refrigerated transportation, even the hottest days won’t impede your daily schedules anymore. And more importantly, thanks to the dedicated truck drivers of Bay and Bay Transportation, even the complex natures of these cooling machines versus the intensity of Philadelphia’s summer heat isn’t insurmountable.

Refrigerated transportation, though complicated, can be an extremely effective method of product transport. But these types of vehicles are only effective when driven by truck drivers who truly understand their underlying complexities. Prepared truck drivers know that a single error could lead to a lost product in minutes thanks to high summer temperatures, which in turn means that each and every refrigerated transportation driver needs to be constantly on the ball. Loading and unloading must be efficient, prep must be thorough, and in the event of a hardware malfunction, compensations must be decided upon and implemented immediately.

Even though refrigerated transportation technology has come a long way from the original ice-cream trucks of yesteryear, even the best technology can’t overshadow the value of skilled truck drivers. At Bay and Bay Transportation, all of these aspects and more are accounted for thoroughly, and only the most effective truck drivers are tasked with operating refrigerated transportation. This means that products will arrive on time, intact, and with deft expertise.

If you require refrigerated transportation services in Philadelphia, PA, contact Bay and Bay Transportation at (888) 801-3026 or visit our website here for more information. Just because summer is here doesn’t mean your business can take a vacation, call today to get your cargo moving.

Beating the Heat With Refrigerated Trucking in Minneapolis, MN

We’re getting a preview of summer’s heat even before the hottest months arrive. The long-range forecast suggests that by mid-July, Minneapolis, Minnesota could be sweltering under a string of days in the nineties. It’s all the more reason for you to start looking for a reliable refrigerated trucking company like Bay & Bay Transportation to handle your precious cargo.

Refrigerated transit is a must these days if you are hoping to deliver fresh lettuce, strawberries, and other produce. Bay & Bay will also ensure your ice cream arrives frozen and other dairy products reach their destination at the proper time and temp.

Cool, reliable refrigerated transport is also vital if your load includes medical supplies that could easily go bad in long, time consuming trips around Minneapolis and the Twin-Cities metro area. Depending on the time of day, traffic delays, accidents, and road construction can cause a trailer to sit in sweltering heat on blistering hot roadways for extended periods.

Our thermal refrigerated units feature programmable temperature profiles. This helps avoid costly mistakes with sensitive cargo. With the push of a button, a driver can ensure the correct level of coolness is maintained throughout the journey in order to meet FDA guidelines for handling perishable food products.

Bay & Bay has been a leader in the temperature-control transportation business since 1959.  Our fleet features all newer, reliable 53-foot refrigerated air ride trailers. Our highly experienced staff and independent contractors can boast a collective on-time pickup and delivery record of nearly 100-percent.

If your Minneapolis or metro area business wants to ensure that temperature sensitive summer deliveries arrive on time, in great condition, then Bay & Bay Transportation is your hassle-free answer with a nationwide reach.

To learn more about Bay & Bay Transportation’s temperature-controlled refrigerated solutions in Minneapolis, MN, please contact us at (888) 801-3026, for more details.

Hot Days and Cool Trucks in Madison, WI.

According to NASA, last month was officially the hottest May recorded in history. Not only does this mean it’s a great time to hit the lakes in Madison, WI, it’s also the perfect time to hire a refrigerated transport company such as Bay and Bay Transportation for all of your business transport needs.

Refrigerated transport is vital all year round thanks to the needs of medical transport, produce, and product delivery. During the hot summer months, however, it’s especially necessary. The higher the temperature goes, the more quickly ingredients spoil, items rot, and merchandise melts. The use of a refrigerated transport company allows businesses to send their services farther and wider which is not only good for advertising and revenue, it’s also great for long-distance networking.

One thing about living in Wisconsin is that you get a whole lot of open roads without an abundance of huge cities. Refrigerated transport in rural areas can be a life saver, particularly if your business caters to some of the smaller towns in the wild Wisconsin woods. When temperatures climb into the nineties, you can be sure that your rural contacts will be thrilled to get properly chilled deliveries.

If your products don’t need to be frozen, refrigerated transport is still an asset during Midwest summers. You don’t even need to be driving an ice cream truck for it come in handy. Adjustable and consistent temperatures will keep any type of cargo safe and secure once thermometers start popping, and that means above and below freezing alike.

If your Madison, WI business has struggled with temperature sensitive long-distance summer deliveries with short expiration tags, then Bay and Bay Transportation can help. To inquire about Bay and Bay Transportation’s refrigerated transport services, please feel free to give us a call at 888.801.3026, or visit our website here.


Beating the Heat with Refrigerated Transport in Dallas, TX.

Refrigerated transport companies are about much more than delivering ice cream. They’re vital to the transport industry, medical services, produce providers, and even museums. They allow for the transportation of food, medicine, art, and anything else that has a limited shelf life and a long distance to travel. This is especially true when it comes to cities like Dallas, TX, because in the transport industry, heat kills. It wilts, spoils, boils, and tarnishes. Without the proper atmospheric controls, it would be impossible to transport anything perishable for more than a day’s worth of travel, and depending upon the type of item, even less. Luckily, thanks to companies such as Bay and Bay Transportation, it’s possible to not only move food but many other life essential items, even with a scorching sun beating down on the trucks for days on end.

A refrigerated transport company has the difficult task of moving delicate things around in distinctly not-delicate machinery. Refrigerated reefers are big, heavy, and can be stressful to run since there’s a possibility of spoilage over long distances. With the proper training and management they can also be an incredible asset to southern communities. Refrigerated transport drivers must be properly trained in managing the temperature controls, proper loading and unloading procedures, emergency system failure procedures, and truck sanitation. And, because of the type of cargo involved, strict delivery schedules must also be closely followed.

All of these factors together make for a very precise, very technical delivery experience. The reefer drivers at Bay and Bay Transportation are fully trained in current Smart Reefer temperature technology and have the expertise to make sure that items arrive on time and in good condition, regardless of the Texas temperatures outside.

If your Dallas, TX business is in need of a refrigerated transport company and regular access to refrigerated transport vehicles, contact the professionals at Bay and Bay Transportation today to arrange a consultation. Bay and Bay Transportation can be reached at 888.801.3026 or by visiting our website here.


Our Refrigerated Transport Company Delivers Reliably and On-Time in Minneapolis, MN

It’s the worst-case scenario for restaurant owners: after celebrating a busier-than-expected week, they anxiously await restocking their walk-in coolers and freezers with the next delivery of product…and wait…and wait. Their delivery finally arrives a few hours late during the next busy mealtime. All staff are busy helping customers and keeping a wary eye on the remaining product. The delivery driver gets a mouthful from the frustrated staff for being so late. With Bay & Bay Transportation as the refrigerated transport company for your Minneapolis, MN, you’ll receive on-time, reliable, hassle-free deliveries every time.


On-time delivery is among the most important factors restaurant owners look for in their refrigerated transport company. Restaurants often have a set delivery time that is the same every week. When ordering more product, they plan around this schedule so they can provide their customers with the freshest product possible while still keeping their food costs down.


Delays come in all forms, including severe weather, road construction, traffic delays along the route, and a few extra stops added to the regular route. Restaurant owners and truck drivers can both predict and communicate expected delays using weather forecasts and local event calendars to guide them. Of course, not every delay can be predicted. When the unexpected happens, communication is critical. If your restaurant has the same driver from week to week, ask them to call your store’s number or notify the refrigerated transportation company office if they will be more than an hour behind schedule.


As every restaurant owner knows, nothing is entirely stable in the food service industry. Business changes from week to week with the seasons and local events. Deliveries are affected as new clients add routes with your refrigerated transport company. The best thing you can do to keep things running smoothly is to watch the trends for your store and plan ahead. Try to order enough product to keep your restaurant well-stocked one day past your scheduled delivery. In case of an unexpected delay, this will give you product to work with until the truck driver arrives.


Your Minneapolis, MN restaurant deserves the best quality service possible and Bay & Bay Transportation delivers as your refrigerated transport company. Our drivers are highly experienced, boasting a collective pickup and delivery record of over 99%. We follow the FDA’s most current federal guidelines strictly when handling perishable food products. Contact us at 651-480-7961 to join our national clients, many of whom have relied on us for consistent, reliable service since 1959.