“Green” Natural Gas Trucks Join Bay & Bay Fleet!

DSC_0349_editAlthough our company color is bright red, Bay and Bay Transportation of Rosemount, MN is running green. The company recently added a pair of trucks that run exclusively on natural gas. While the trucks cost about 50 percent more than a normal diesel truck, natural gas trucks significantly reduce carbon emissions (50 to 80 percent per truck, depending on the source). Compressed natural gas is also a domestic fuel that reduces reliance on foreign oils. Plus, it’s abundant and costs about 50 percent less than diesel fuel.


“We’re definitely a pre-early adopter of this alternative fuels technology, but it’s worth the investment. We’re committed to trucks that run cleaner and use less fuel,” said Sam Anderson, president and CEO of Bay & Bay. The company already maintains the highest rating possible with the USEPA’s SmartWay® Program, a public-private initiative to improve fuel efficiency and the environmental performance (reduction of both greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution) of the goods movement supply chains.


Bay & Bay’s two 12-liter compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks began running last month on dedicated short-haul routes in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Each truck can travel 450 miles or more between fuelings and hold the equivalent of 140 diesel gallons. Long term, Anderson sees the technology working in 10 to 20 percent of its fleet.

Continuing Education: SMART Awareness Program in Eagan, MN

Bay & Bay Transportation’s Driver Education and Information Program in Eagan, MN

Bay & Bay TransportationBay & Bay Transportation invests a lot in its employees. Our truck drivers are one of the most valuable assets to our company. As such, it’s important that we help our drivers continue their education so that they can continually strive to be the best drivers on the road. After all, we are a “quality driven transportation” company in Eagan, MN and surrounding areas.

Cue the SMART Awareness program. Bay & Bay Transportation developed this program in August of 2012 as a continuous driver education and information program to keep our professional drivers up to date with the most relevant techniques and information including changing Federal regulations and Company policies. In addition, the program also gives drivers an excellent opportunity to sharpen their skills while decreasing the potential for accidents and injuries on the road.

The SMART program is continuous throughout our employees’ careers here at Bay & Bay Transportation and reaches out to all of our drivers annually. When first hired by Bay & Bay Transportation, new drivers receive training through the SMART program as part of the orientation process. This first training session reviews the DOT’s Safety Measurement System and is part of the driver’s Pre-Employment Screening.

Seasoned drivers also attend a refresher course each year around the anniversary date of their employment. This ensures that our drivers stay updated on all policies and procedures, whether they are from the company or the government. The SMART refresher session is also a way to sharpen driving skills using media programs and other training devices such as our brand new state-of-the-art driving simulator!

By providing our drivers with the training and tools required to perform their jobs safely and effectively, Bay & Bay Transportation expresses its commitment to quality transportation.

If you are looking for a truck driving job with the team at Bay & Bay Transportation, please take a look at our Driver Opportunities or apply online today!