Rain Driving Tips for Over-the-Road Drivers on Albany, NY Roads

Safety is very important. As a business owner, you know you must do more than make sure customers are happy and your products are profitable. You know you also have to make sure that any over-the-road drivers on your payroll are safe and sound while on Albany, NY roads. However, as much as you might care or as much effort you put into making sure everybody is happy, you can’t sit in the trucks with the drivers and make sure they’re careful. At Bay & Bay Transportation, we believe every driver must be responsible. We hope the information below will help your truck driving experts.

Reduce Your Speed
Most important of all, drivers shouldn’t be driving like it’s the end of the world. They shouldn’t drive like their lives depend on it. During a rainfall or rainstorm, they need to slow down and take their time. Yes, it takes longer to reach a destination, but safety should be at the forefront. If they’re not cautious they could end up hydroplaning, and that will make the situation worse.

Stay Away from Standing Water
Puddles are normal. No matter where you are, if it’s raining and you’re outside, chances are there will be puddles. Of course, as harmless as they can be in some places, when they’re on the road, they’re a hazard. Over-the-road drivers who come across them risk hydroplaning if they speed over them. They could lose control of the steering or panic. Puddles should be avoided when possible.

Turn on Your Headlights and Windshield Wipers
Drivers shouldn’t drive without turning their headlights and windshield wipers on in these conditions. They need to be seen by other drivers and able to see the road in front of them.

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We’ve Got the Trucks and the Logistics to Handle Your Transportation Project Management Needs in Dallas, TX

A truly good quality transportation company provides more than just trucks and transportation. Your company also needs logistics and project management to ensure that your shipment gets from the warehouse to its destination as efficiently as possible. After all, time is money! Choose Bay & Bay Transportation for your transportation project management needs in Dallas, TX. With Bay & Bay, your shipment is in good hands on every leg of its journey.

The goal of transportation project management is to simplify the logistics behind your shipment. It’s possible for planning to become complicated quickly. Your products could come from multiple vendors and carriers. You would then need to set up and maintain continuous communication with each party for each shipment. That’s a lot of moving pieces, especially for retailers and restaurant chains that need to receive a variety of products weekly in order to provide great service for their customers.

Through our transportation project management services, the complicated nature of shipping disappears. Our project management team has the experience to design shipments to suit your specific company’s needs. We also have the technology to track each shipment and coordinate the reverse logistics needed for any rejected or returned products.

Every shipment has different transportation needs. Perishable food products need to stay refrigerated, while other products fit perfectly on dry-van and flatbed trailers. We select the right trucks in our fleet for your next shipment and provide onsite labor to assist with loading and unloading each case. Read more about the options available within our fleet here. You not only have access to the Bay & Bay Transportation fleet, but also to a network of thousands of qualified fleets nationwide that are prepared to help when you need them.

Eliminate the logistical headaches and watch your shipping nightmares transform into dreams. Bay & Bay Transportation offers transportation project management solutions to businesses in Dallas, TX, and across the country. Owners of retail stores and restaurant chains of all sizes understand the value of working with one central team instead of with a web of different vendors and carriers. Contact us here to see how we can meet the logistical needs of your specific company. From stores and restaurants to schools and hospitals, there’s no logistical challenge that our team can’t meet.