Truckers Learn It Pays to Plan Ahead as New Rules Make Minutes Count in Minneapolis, MN

What is saving an extra 15 minutes a day worth to truckers? It’s nearly two hours of additional time you could be doing what you want when daylight hours are a premium in Minneapolis, MN.

Just like everyone else, Bay & Bay Transportation of Minneapolis is making the best of the new hours of service regulations and Electronic Logging Device mandate that have taken hold over the past year. No one wants a violation, and so it’s a good idea to think ahead about how to effectively use and even multitask the minutes of your day.

Most successful projects start with planning, and planning by truckers is no exception if you want to keep your rig rolling on time. Call ahead to learn about parking where you’re going. You also might even want to think about places to stop along the way, depending how long the trip will be. Use the GPS and smartphone technology manufacturers are so eager to sell us: Are there road closures or congestion points to avoid along the route?

Asking about the weather sounds pretty basic, but you should know the weather conditions where you’re heading and whether there is a storm or flood to avoid. Finding the cheapest places to fuel up along your route is another easy way to save time and money. Also, leave yourself some extra time to deal with unforeseen troubles so you’ll be able to deliver on time. Bay & Bay’s team does its best to map out the best routes and logistics, but it never hurts to have time to spare if something goes wrong.

A few of the better investments truckers can make is carrying an electric cooler and a portable stove onboard; you’ll be able to eat when you want to and save money. Also, napping at the right time can pay dividends. Why waste an hour riding in rush-hour traffic when you can sleep and avoid congestion by driving a little later?

Get to know how to accurately operate your logging device and correct any mistakes to avoid any potential detention fees. It’s also important that you’re listed as off duty if you’re using your truck to do something personal such as finding a place to eat or a hotel.

Eventually, you will run out of hours and will find yourself on a 34-hour restart. The restart is a good time to get some maintenance done on the truck, schedule a doctor’s visit, or just spend quality time with family and friends.

As the adage goes: “Time is money,” and Bay & Bay Transportation is focused on using your time well as they offer customers safe and consistent transportation solutions. We’re based in Minnesota, but have a nationwide reach with jobs available for motivated, success-oriented drivers.

Learn why more and more owner-operated truck drivers are discovering the reasons Bay & Bay is known as a quality trucking company. If you’ve got the right stuff, call (888) 801-3026, or visit our website for more details and information about how you can join our growing team in the Minneapolis areas well as other parts of country.

Serious Safety Tips for Summer Truck Driving in San Antonio, TX

Truck driving in extreme heat can be more hazardous than many non-commercial drivers realize. Not only are you in a confined space for hours on end, but there’s also heavy movement, lifting, and cargo transferring that has to happen as well… even when the sun is beating down on your shoulders. For truck drivers in traditionally hot locales such as San Antonio, TX, the summer heat may be a welcome change from the cooler winter air, but without proper attention, it could also lead to some major summer woes. The Bay and Bay Transportation truck drivers encourage all fellow drivers to put their safety first while summer continues its oppressive reign.


Working outside in high temperatures is more than just a sweaty pain when it comes to professional truck driving. If the conditions are right, and they often are in the South, working in extreme heat can lead to heat stroke, heat exhaustion, and dehydration. Many truck drivers know to up their water intake during the summer for this very reason, but even if you’re drinking gallons throughout the day the sun can still be a major threat to your health or even just your productivity.


Heat, along with the more severe consequences, can increase one’s tendency towards absent mindedness or distraction. If truck drivers are overheated, sweaty, and tired they may make some bad calls. And as anyone working in professional truck driving will tell you, a single bad call can make or break an assignment. It may be something as small as making a wrong turn, but it could also be as catastrophic as causing an accident.


Heat can also impact your mood. Being uncomfortably warm for long periods of time can make anyone including truck drivers short-tempered, impatient, and irritable. This can lead to aggressive driving, extreme frustration, and sometimes a fairly literal “burning out.” If you’re finding that your mood is being inordinately impacted by the hot weather, some environmental interventions may be necessary.


If you’re going to be working in professional truck driving this summer in San Antonio, TX, be sure to fight back as hard as you can against the heat. Drink water, keep your cabin cool, and wear sunscreen, visors, and hats. For truck drivers looking for a new, hot opportunity (but not literally) call Bay and Bay Transportation today at (888) 801-3026 or visit our website here for additional information on summer trucking and additional trucking opportunities.

Tips for Over the Road Drivers Who Run Out of Fuel on Houston, TX Roads

Drivers, no matter what their age, background, or location, have a lot to think about when they’re out on the road. They must pay attention to the drivers around them or try to quiet their restless kids in the backseat. They may even have to keep track of how long they have to stay on the highway before they reach their destination. When you own a business in Houston, TX, you know there’s more to driving than small inconveniences or thoughts. Your over the road drivers also have to focus on something else — running out of fuel. If they don’t, they could find themselves in bad situations. Not just for them, but for you, too. So, what should they do if their tank empties before they can get to a truck stop?

Try to Pull Over to a Safe Spot

When one of your truck driving experts realizes they’re about to run completely out of gas, they should do what they can to keep themselves and other drivers safe. If possible, they should move to the side of the road. The middle of the road is dangerous and could cause traffic backups, among other things. Obviously, this can be tricky when someone drives a truck, but it’s an important step that needs to be taken.

Call for Help

Of course, it’s important for over the road drivers to call for help once they have parked safely. If the driver is within walking distance of a truck stop, they can head over there for help. They won’t have to worry about sitting around for hours until someone can come by and assist. Above all, they shouldn’t panic.

Call Bay & Bay Transportation of Houston, TX, and learn about our over the road drivers and what they can do for you. The number is (888) 801-3026.


Tips for Over-the-Road Drivers to Fight Boredom on Chicago, IL Roads

Let’s face it: driving can be boring. This is especially true when you have over-the-road drivers on your team who have to spend hours on the road before they reach their destination. Of course, if your drivers are bored and unhappy, you can’t expect to get great results. You can’t expect them to feel happy and get your products to their destination. What can be done? We hope the tips below can help your drivers, whether they’re moving through Chicago, IL or elsewhere. If you have any questions or would like to hire an expert and reliable team of drivers, call us today at (888) 801-3026.


Download Some Podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to fight loneliness or boredom on the road. There are podcasts for just about any subject, from parenting to video games and nostalgia to true crime. There’s bound to be something that fits the driver’s interest so they don’t have to fill the hours with bland radio stations, or worse, complete silence. Podcasts are also free, and there are so many to choose from and download it’s impossible to run out of content. Any truck driving expert with a phone and access to the Internet has the ability to find podcasts.


Try Something New

If a driver only visits certain restaurants or diners while they’re on the road, they can spice things up by trying a new place. This small action can give a driver a bit of excitement and help them focus on other things. They can discover new foods or make new friends, something that can give them something different to look forward to during their next run. Many over-the-road drivers could benefit from this tip.

Learn What Over-the-Road Drivers Can Do For You

Call Bay & Bay Transportation of Chicago, IL today at (888) 801-3026 and learn about our over-the-road drivers and what they can do for you.


Will Months of Freeway Frustration Ease for Truckers on Minneapolis, MN Highways?

Got bottleneck? Truckers know all about the problems that await on the major highways in Minneapolis, MN and other parts of the metro area these days.


It’s been a long, hot summer for truckers who rely on Interstate 35W to deliver throughout the Minneapolis area. The nearly $240-million rebuild is putting a huge squeeze on north and southbound traffic just south of downtown Minneapolis.


The closure of critical entrance and exit ramps along 35W is backing traffic up during morning and afternoon rush hours onto Interstate 94 and other highways. It’s also forcing commuters to rely on city streets which creates additional congestion. To make matters worse, some of the alternate routes are also undergoing repair work.


How quickly truckers and motorists will begin to notice better drive times is anyone’s guess as fall begins to close in. September commuters usually find there’s an added complication, especially during drive-time; most public and private schools are back in session which creates more traffic and slow-downs.


If Bay and Bay drivers are expecting any permanent construction relief as the snow begins to fly later this year, they realized it’ll only last a matter of months. The rebuild of I-35W from downtown Minneapolis to 43rd street is expected to last over the next three road construction seasons.


The fact that city and state road construction projects are happening at the same time is being blamed on the availability of money and just plain old bad timing. But truckers are all too familiar with the reality that infrastructure in places like Minneapolis is nearly a half-century old, crumbling, and in need of repair or replacement.

While some are wishing the project could be accelerated by encouraging road crews to work around the clock, others are quick to point out the labor required to do something like that isn’t available.

Bay and Bay is familiar with labor shortage issues. We’re constantly looking for quality drivers who can deliver in Minneapolis, no matter the frustrations they may encounter. Bay & Bay is rewarding drivers with pay increases and competitive benefit packages. We also have great local opportunities in the Minneapolis area and OTR positions available nationwide.

Learn more and find out why Bay & Bay is known as a quality driven tradition. If you’ve got the right stuff, call (888) 801-3026, or visit our web page for more details and information about how you can join our growing team in the Minneapolis area and other parts of country.




Your First Year as a Professional Truck Driver in Albany, NY


Becoming a career truck driver is a process. Drivers need the initiative to get started, training to cover the basics, willingness to keep going, and the consistency to do it all over again every day. The experienced truck drivers at Bay and Bay Transportation know that people of all types and backgrounds can handle the job, but that doesn’t mean everyone here in Albany, NY is cut out for it. The first year of trucking can be difficult for truck drivers who don’t understand their own limits. If you’re a new driver we recommend sticking with it for a year before deciding if being a truck driver is the right lifestyle for you.


If you’re interested in long-term professional truck driving, start out by taking it slow. This is true both literally and figuratively. You may feel like you have to cram as many high-speed hours of driving in as you can every day, but that’s a good way to get yourself in trouble by running out of energy…or running into someone. Keeping a steady pace in everything you do is important in professional truck driving, but pushing beyond safe limits for yourself and your rig won’t help anyone.


Though consistency is key, truck drivers also need to be flexible. Many people go into professional truck driving with a lot of misconceptions about the nature of the work and expecting every day to be the same is a common mistake. Routes will change, co-workers will change, trucks will change, so you should too.  Truck drivers have a great opportunity to grow and evolve with the job. Take every opportunity to roll with the punches, and by the end of your first year you’ll be ready to take on the trucking world.


And, possibly most importantly, focus on the details, but don’t sweat the small stuff. This may seem like contrary advice, but there’s a difference between being detail oriented and being nit-picky. As you get started you’ll likely be working with different people and personalities. Listen to their advice, but if you don’t get along, don’t base your whole experience on those interactions. Let things go and be willing to build your own experience.


For incoming Albany, NY truck drivers ready for their first year of professional truck driving, contact us here at Bay and Bay Transportation for information on new driving opportunities at (888) 801-3026, or visit our website for additional details.

No Summertime Blues Expected for Truck Drivers in Minneapolis, MN This Year

It’s nice to be in demand, but how in demand is hard to predict for this summer for truck drivers in Minneapolis, MN, and the rest of the metro area.


While meteorologists worry about strong storms during the warmer months, a perfect collision of freight factors is sure to create some additional worry that no A/C unit can cure.


Growing online orders, driver shortages, and high-turnover rates among truck drivers combined with an increasing demand for shipping help is certain to boost delivery costs and make for a long, hot summer as freight haulers do their best to keep up.


Whether they work for bigger companies like Bay & Bay Transportation of Minneapolis or are independent operators, nearly everyone is trying to figure out the ultimate impact of electronic logging, which went into effect on April 1.


As the new ELD rules took hold, experts were predicting that the mandate threatened to squeeze an already tight supply of drivers and trucks. Logistics experts have extra work ahead as well. Truck drivers are being forced to wait longer at loading docks while cargo is either loaded or unloaded.


It could very well lead to higher shipping rates and a bigger tab for consumers as companies pass along what are sure to be higher costs.


Bay & Bay is responding with higher pay and some extras to make the assignments even more attractive to truck drivers. This includes late model trucks and options that include short and long-haul routes across North America. Bay & Bay is also offering highly competitive compensation and benefits packages to make every mile count.


It’s why Bay & Bay is known as a quality driven tradition. If you’re an experienced truck driver call (888) 801-3026 or visit our web page for more details and information about how you can join our growing team for what is sure to be a busy summer in the Minneapolis area.




What to Expect in Your First Year as a Truck Driver in Oklahoma City, OK

The first year of professional truck driving in Oklahoma City, OK can seem extremely daunting if you’re coming in from a different profession or looking to truck driving as your first long-term career. There are licenses to get, terms to learn, and a lot of adjustments to make to your life overall. The professional truck drivers at Bay and Bay Transportation were once new as well and want all incoming drivers to know what to expect when beginning their truck driving careers.


Every professional truck driver needs to start somewhere, but if you’re getting into truck driving for the first time, the most important thing to always remember is to listen and repeat. When another truck driver gives you a tip, or when a dispatcher gives instructions, be sure to listen carefully and repeat back what was said to you – though it doesn’t have to be out loud. This is a great way to actively learn while ensuring every bit of advice going past your ears is also getting into your head. If you hear a new term, listen to it and then repeat it back. This technique can be useful in any profession, but as a truck driver you’ll have multiple points of contact, so active listening is one of the most valuable skills you can hone early on. Whatever you do, don’t zone out!


As you work on your listening skills, be prepared to deal with some conflicting emotions over the course of the first year. Some truck drivers will settle into the life seamlessly, but many will swing back and forth between feeling liberated and isolated. Don’t let either feeling overwhelm you while truck driving. Feeling liberated is great, but it can lead to sloppiness. Feeling isolated is normal for a time, but it can become claustrophobic if you let it. Be prepared while truck driving to think a lot, but don’t dwell too hard on a single state of mind.


Most importantly, spend a lot of time in the first year getting used to the truck driving schedule. Long stretches away from home can be tough for new truck drivers, but it’ll be even tougher if you don’t know it’s coming. Know your schedule inside and out and be ready to be flexible for the first few months. Eventually you’ll be able to create a rhythm that works for you, but many new truck drivers can get overwhelmed by the nature of the work. Do your best to enjoy your time on the road and savor the time at home as equally as you can.


If you’re an aspiring truck driver in the Oklahoma City, OK area and interested in starting your truck driving career, contact Bay and Bay Transportation at (888) 801-3026 or visit our website here. The first year of truck driving requires a lot of personal adjustments, but once you hit your stride, it’s a profession that sticks. Call us today for more information.

America Needs Truck Drivers; Bay & Bay is Not Alone in Minneapolis, MN

The numbers are like sticker shock at a local truck dealership. The American Trucking Associations (ATA) is estimating that the industry will need nearly 900,000 new truck drivers over the next decade. That’s a lot of new people behind the wheel, not only in Minneapolis, MN, but in every corner of the United States.

The association’s estimates are based on industry growth and the expected loss of drivers’ due to retirement and other reasons. A shortage of drivers is actually nothing new. For the past 15 years, the transportation industry has struggled to find enough people to handle the available demand for loads. The only time there wasn’t an issue was when the great recession of 2008 caused industry volume to nosedive.

The numbers within the numbers offer the reasons behind the shortage: The median age of over the road truck drivers is 49. Federal rules limit the entry age of drivers to the industry to 21. While nearly half of all U.S. workers are women, only around 6% of those behind the wheel are female. Extended periods on the road away from home, competition from other trades, and increasing regulations are going to require more drivers to move the same amount of freight.

As with other carriers, Bay & Bay Transportation is also seeking qualified drivers. It’s not enough to just find someone who can operate a truck. For Bay & Bay, safety and professionalism are high priorities in hiring a truck driver.

Some other crucial factors Bay & Bay prides itself on when hiring include safety and reliability in the Minneapolis area and on the many short and long-haul routes we handle across North America. We offer competitive compensation and benefits packages to make every mile count.

It’s why Bay & Bay is known as a quality driven tradition. If you’ve got the right stuff, call (888) 801-3026, or visit our site for more details and information about how you can join our growing team in the Minneapolis area.

Offering Quality Truck Driving Options in Minneapolis, MN

Attracting and keeping talented people is a challenge for just about any competitive industry, and the trucking industry is no exception. Based in the Minneapolis, Minnesota, area, Bay & Bay Transportation is offering drivers a competitive option.

The American Trucking Associations latest survey suggests that truck driver turnover at large and smaller fleets fell in the first part of 2016 when compared to figures from the year before.

While economists point to a softening in the freight business, they are well aware that those numbers could rise again with an uptick in loads and driver demand.

That’s why Bay & Bay Transportation is working to stay ahead of those trends and rewarding its truck drivers with higher base pay for stability. That translates into average annual incomes of $57,000 to $70,000. Operators can expect to average 2500-3000 miles per week and drive late-model freightliners.

But staying competitive does not stop at pay; full medical, dental, paid holidays, and a 401(k) are among several other incentives. Bay & Bay drivers are also eligible for several bonuses related to fuel management, mileage, and retention.

While Bay & Bay is Minnesota-based, it boasts a nationwide reach. Bay & Bay offers over-the-road and local truck driving options from the Twin Cities to Texas, to New York State, large portions of the Midwest, and Canada.

Bay & Bay is seeking motivated drivers with at least one year of solo OTR experience. In return for successful results, Bay & Bay is promising meaningful professional growth opportunities and successful experiences.

Learn more about why Bay & Bay Transportation is a quality driven tradition in Minneapolis with a reputation that extends to all points of the U-S and Canada. Discover how Bay & Bay drivers are the key to offering a safe, reliable hauling solution. Call (888) 801-3026 or visit our web site for more details.