The ‘National Challenge’ of Truck Parking Gets an Updated Survey in Nashville, TN

Chances are you’ve got a story or two about not being able to find parking when you needed it in Nashville, TN. You’re not alone and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is busy conducting a commercial truck parking availability survey very similar to one it did back in 2014.

In a city with three major interstates passing through it, Nashville knows a thing or two about truck traffic and the demand for big rig parking. The FHWA will take a state by state look at the location, number of spaces, availability and demand for truck parking; including truck stops and trucks parked along roadways and on highway ramps.

Bay & Bay Transportation anticipates we will be asked along with our drivers about the growing issue of a lack of truck parking and the impact on overall safety. The two biggest concerns: tired drivers being forced to keep moving and others who must pull over and park in what are considered to be unsafe places.

The need for truck parking and rest facilities has grown even more acute with electronic logging, which limits a driver’s service hours.

The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) believes “we are in a crisis stage now” regarding the truck parking shortage. The ATRI cites data which suggests truck drivers search for parking on average for close to an hour per day. They figure that amounts to an “opportunity cost” of $4,600 annually in terms of lost wages per truck driver. It’s a figure the ATRI says can be up to 10 percent of a truck driver’s annual salary.

This year’s parking survey will be expanded to include ports as well the nation’s interstate highways. It will also look at the parking needs of drayage and short-haul local drivers as well as over the road drivers.

The FHWA says all states have a parking problem and they need to work together to meet those needs. The results of the latest survey will be available sometime in 2019.
Bay & Bay Transportation believes in driver safety and hopes to be a part of the solution to the nationwide parking shortage. We’re currently looking for drivers in the Nashville area and other parts of Tennessee. Be sure to look for more details as Bay & Bay offers even more competitive pay and benefit packages.

Learn more and find out why Bay & Bay is known as a quality driven tradition. If you’ve got the right stuff, call (888) 801-3026, or visit us here for more details and information about how you can join our growing team in the Nashville area, and other parts of country.

Are Weary Truck Drivers Willing to Pay to Park this Summer in Minneapolis, MN?

If there’s a greater shortage of something other than professional truck drivers, it might just be a good place to park a rig at the end of a long day in Minneapolis, MN.


As most haulers know, when it’s time to get off the road, the options to find a safe place to park are limited and getting even more scarce by the day.


The Electronic Logging law is placing strict hours of service on truckers and creating an even greater space crunch at truck stops in the Minneapolis area and across the country.


At least one of the bigger truck stop chains is offering a solution to truck drivers for a price. Pilot Flying J is offering a phone app and something they call Prime Parking. It’s a way to reserve or guarantee you’ll have a spot to park at the end of a day.


But, like most things, the convenience comes at a price. A recent search of the truck stop’s web site turned up parking spots for sale at its locations around the Twin Cities and across the border in Wisconsin and South Dakota. The asking price ranged from 12 to 15 dollars a night for semis, bobtails, and RVs.


Whether haulers are really interested in paying to park is anyone’s guess. While there are several “free” spots at each truck stop, there’s no guarantee about their availability. It’s that need as the hours of service tick away, the unproductive time spent looking for a place, and the allure of a guaranteed spot that’s something drivers may have to think about.


The state of Minnesota and other surrounding states are rolling out a sensor system at their rest stops that will alert truck drivers via roadside signs about open spots. While the idea clearly has benefits and should help, location and the clock trump other considerations when attempting to plan some downtime.


Bay & Bay Transportation of Minneapolis tries to help truck drivers maintain the balance needed in order to be safe and successful. That means keeping an eye on hours and potential places to park along the many routes we travel nationwide.


Safety is one of the major reasons why Bay & Bay is known as a quality driven tradition. If you’ve got the right stuff, call (888) 801-3026 or visit our web page for more information about how you can join our growing team in the Minneapolis area and other parts of the country.




Following Your Truck Stop Intuition as a Professional Truck Driver in Philadelphia, PA

Any seasoned Bay and Bay Transportation truck driver knows that you won’t always be able to choose the perfect truck stop on every trip. Some will have all the amenities you want, but three times the population, while others will have the bare minimum but plenty of space to stretch your legs. Here are a few quick tips on how to make your breaks really count while truck driving in Philadelphia, PA.

If you know ahead of time which route you’re going to be following, there’s no reason why you can’t take a look online at what truck stops you’ll encounter along the way. In the modern internet age, many stops have helpful information for truck drivers such as 24-hour menus and contact information listed on an easy to navigate website. If you’re really committed to having a good experience, go ahead and give each location a call to see what they offer. Some locations even provide gyms and internet access, so don’t be afraid to take advantage of what they have available. Being a truck driver always requires a degree of flexibility, but as long as the information is available, use it.

Like many aspects of professional truck driving, it’s also wise to know what you’re willing to sacrifice going in. If you know that you can’t relax in a busy, strip-mall environment, don’t be afraid to go a little ways down the road for a more rural Mom-and-Pop option. If you have a stomach of steel and don’t give a hoot what you eat, it’ll be easy to widen your options and take things as they come.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, follow your instincts. If you’re a truck driver desperate for a break, then anywhere might do. If for whatever reason a stop is giving you a sketchy feeling and you aren’t out of ‘gas’ quite yet, keep going! It might turn out to be nothing, but even when you’re tired your subconscious is often hard at work. That bad feeling might be your brain trying to avoid danger…or just a miserable night.

For more truck driving tips and information on how to apply for professional truck driver positions in the Philadelphia, PA area, contact Bay and Bay Transportation at (888) 801-3026, or visit our website here for additional details.

The Best Truck Stops in the Midwest and East Coast

Where should Bay & Bay Transportation truck drivers stop while they are on the road? truck driver jobs, bay and bay transportation

Running the roads can be exhausting. When you’re on a long trip, it’s always nice to know where you will arrive at the end of the day. Whether it’s a place near and dear to your heart, or someplace completely new, there are plenty of options. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best truck stops for Bay & Bay Transportation drivers. These rest areas stretch from our home territory of Minnesota all the way to the east coast.

Trail’s Travel Center in Albert Lea, MN

Located in our home state, the Trail’s Travel Center offers some of our unique “Minnesota nice” services and personnel. There are multiple dining options, full truck services, a Comfort Inn, and a full store, all hidden within the log cabin design. Best of all, when you sign up ahead of time, you can stop in for a free ice cream on your birthday. Now that’s a sweet deal! 

Iowa 80 in Walcott, IA

As the world’s largest truck stop, of course the Iowa 80 found its way onto our list of the best truck stops. Owned by the Moon family for 30 years now, the truck stop strives to provide everything that a truck driver might need while on the road. With private showers, truck washes, medical services, entertainment, and, maybe most notably, a 50 foot salad bar! There’s a reason that this truck stop tops many lists of the best truck stops in the world.

Morris Travel Center in Morris, IL

The Morris Travel Center boasts parking for over 200 trucks, 4 service bays, and multiple showers to accommodate the high volume of traffic. In addition to many truck facilities, Morris has one of the best diners to eat at: R-Place. Along with their delicious fresh-baked pastries, R-Place has an extensive menu meant to satisfy truck drivers that are hungry after a long day. For those of you looking for a feast-worthy challenge, try their four pound “Ethyl Burger,” a monstrous mouthful of heavy-hauler proportions!

Lodi Travel Center in Seville, OH

The Lodi Travel Center is actually the location of the training center for the TravelCenters of America. With the same amenities as the Morris location, you can expect excellent service and facilities at this phenomenal travel center.

Davis Travel Center in Stony Creek, VA

As an individually owned truck stop, the Davis Travel Center still offers many of the same services as a franchised location, but with a hometown feel. Showers, easily accessible parking spots, and CAT scales populate the truck stop, as well as a fully stocked convenience store and free wireless for resting drivers. Take advantage of all this truck stop has to offer and truly get some rest.

There are many places you could rest when you’re out on the road, but wouldn’t you rather stay somewhere comfortable and safe? You can read the full article, which covers more of the country, here. Have we missed any of your favorite place to stop?

Bay & Bay Transportation is always hiring experienced truck drivers in Minnesota and other areas around the country. To apply, click here or check out our Drivers Opportunities for more information.