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Why Your Owner-Operated Truck Driving Team Might Not Be Safe in Dallas, TX

April 7th, 2019 · No Comments

You’ve just made a change to your business and hired a group of truck drivers that can take you to the next level. You’re thrilled about your owner-operated truck driving team, which is sure to get your products to stores more quickly, and elevate your profits as well as spread awareness at a greater rate. But as awesome as your team might be, the drivers might not be the best. They might not have safety on their minds as they make their way from one spot in Dallas, TX, to another. What does this mean? How could they be driving in an unsafe manner with your precious products in the truck?  If you have any questions about possible owner-operated truck driving issues such as the following, give Bay & Bay Transportation a call at (888) 801-3026.

Drivers Might Let Down Their Guard

Some drivers, especially if they are new or have had nothing bad happen to them while driving, let down their guard. Because nothing bad has happened while on the road, they assume that nothing will, which may result in their zoning out and not paying attention to what is happening on the road. While more experienced drivers can also let down their guard, new drivers still have a lot to learn and tend to commit this error more frequently. If your owner-operated truck driving experts aren’t careful, they will not only put their well-being at risk, but the well-being of your business as well.

Drivers Might Not Respect the Road’s Dangers

Some drivers also don’t pay attention to the dangers of the road. They back up the truck without checking first or speed up while driving around corners. They might even try to move a truck under a bridge that isn’t high enough to allow passage.

Do you need to worry about these issues? And if so, what should you do about it? Call Bay & Bay Transportation of Dallas, TX, and learn what an owner-operated truck driving expert can do for you. The number is (888) 801-3026.


Trucking Companies Face New Challenge as Pols Press for Marijuana Legislation in Albany, NY

April 2nd, 2019 · No Comments

Trucking companies that serve the Albany, NY, area like Bay & Bay Transportation could face some policy tweaks if New York Governor Mario Cuomo has his way this spring. The Empire State already allows medical marijuana, but Cuomo is pressing to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, much like neighboring Canada.

Canada’s legalization of recreational cannabis last year is of particular concern at the four U.S./Canada border crossing areas in the Niagara Falls region, which are among the most heavily traveled by trucking companies in the Northeastern United States.

Professional truck drivers and their employers are being reminded that trucking in North America is still a “zero tolerance” industry. Some haulers are taking things a step further and refusing to transport cannabis or any related products from the industry.

At this time, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection service is warning travelers that pot remains an illegal narcotic in the United States.  Canada has no labor rules on drug and alcohol testing, but businesses like Bay & Bay have their own policies and must follow them while in the United States.

Pot creates another issue that has to do with law enforcement. At this point in Canada, the only federally approved device for testing THC is roadside saliva testing; It essentially lets officers know whether cannabis was consumed in the last 12 hours.

The issue of roadside drug testing is still being debated because, unlike tests for alcohol intoxication, the saliva tests don’t have any way to show the level of cannabis impairment, and there is no agreement about what the impairment would be. An additional complication is the fact that urine and blood tests can be misleading since THC can linger in the body for days or weeks. It means any testing would only offer some detail about prior consumption, not current impairment.

Bay & Bay is committed to following the rules, no matter on which side of the border we’re delivering a load. Bay & Bay is focused on offering customers safe, professional, and reliable transportation solutions. We have a nationwide reach, which does extend into Canada, with good jobs available for motivated, success-oriented drivers.

Learn the reason more and more drivers are discovering why Bay & Bay is known as a quality trucking company tradition. If you’ve got the right stuff, call (888) 801-3026, or visit our web page for more details and information about how you can join our growing team in the Albany, NY, area as well as other parts of country.


Winter Driving Tips for Your Truck Driving Team in Oklahoma City, OK

March 30th, 2019 · No Comments

Winter might be almost over, but that doesn’t mean you or the truck driving members of your business should get sloppy about driving. Your products are important and, of course, your employees are important. Whether your business is based in Oklahoma City, OK or elsewhere, caution is very important. What are you supposed to do? What should you convey to your employees, and do you need to worry on a daily basis that something could go wrong?

Before you fret yourself into a tizzy, check out the tips below. If you don’t have any truck drivers on your team, or you’re looking to make a change in 2019 and outsource, call us at (888) 801-3026 to learn about what we can do for you.

Go Slow and Don’t Rush, No Matter What

Some people think they have to rush to get from one spot to another, especially if they’re running late. Even if your truck driver is running late, encourage them to stay calm and take the time they need. If they go too fast and try to make up for lost time, they could ignore something crucial and get into an accident, especially when the roads are icy or it’s snowing. People could get hurt in this scenario. It’s important that they keep their heads clear and move at a suitable pace no matter what the situation. Most drivers working for a transportation company keep this in mind, so make sure your drivers do this as well.

Use Good Judgment and Remember What You’re Driving

Drivers should know their surroundings. When you’re a truck driving individual, you can’t forget how large your vehicle is and the damage you could do.

Call Bay & Bay Transportation of Oklahoma City, OK today and learn about what a truck driving expert can do for you. Our number is (888) 801-3026.


Parking Partnership in Minneapolis, MN, and Elsewhere to Fight Truck Driver Fatigue

March 27th, 2019 · No Comments

One of the top truck driving needs these days is finding a safe and legal place to park. Whether operators are cruising through Minneapolis, MN, or any other part of the United States, not every run can be done in a single day, and therefore, requires a layover.

Stricter hours of service rules enforced with electronic monitoring devices are creating an even greater need for drivers to plan ahead about where they will need to shut down at the end of a day, especially since they could waste 30-60 minutes just finding a place to stop.

Bay & Bay Transportation and other companies are glad to see the formation of an eight-state partnership, called “Trucks Park Here,” that includes not only Minnesota, but also Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

You could say that Trucks Park Here is a big data source for parking information.  In this case, the shared info is current data on how many spaces for big rigs are open at certain rest areas.

Truck drivers are being encouraged to keep an eye out for roadside message boards; they can also monitor smartphone apps and traveler websites, which will offer updates on how many truck parking spaces are available. Road signs will display the number of miles until the nearest rest stop, and by using pavement sensor technology in the parking lots, the connected systems will know how many spaces are open at a given rest stop.

Traffic safety experts contend that a fatigued driver can be as much of a threat on the road as an intoxicated one, and it doesn’t take much imagination to realize that fatigued truck drivers are dangerous not only to themselves, but to everyone else on the highway. The goal is to help Bay & Bay’s skilled truck drivers and others make informed decisions about where there are safe, hassle-free places to park.

The idea is sure to expand to other states, and Bay & Bay applauds the initiative. Bay & Bay Transportation is focused on offering customers safe, professional, and reliable transportation solutions. We have a nationwide reach with jobs available for motivated, success-oriented drivers.

Learn why more and more truck drivers are discovering the reason that Bay & Bay is known as a quality tradition. If you’ve got the right stuff, call (888) 801-3026 or visit us here for more details and information about how you can join our growing team in the Minneapolis area and other parts of country.


5 Ways to Boost Trucking Efficiency

March 25th, 2019 · No Comments

As a trucking business, you know the importance of improving the performance and efficiency of the trucks. Fuel efficient trucks boast of several advantages. Lowered costs and prolonged vehicles’ lifespan being two of them.

Let us look at different ways you can improve trucking efficiency.

5 Ways to Boost Trucking Efficiency

  1. Use Efficient Technology

One of the biggest ways to improve trucking efficiency is by using efficient technology such as truck scales.

They allow you to load and unload the goods and weigh them at the same time. Using truck scales for weight management will eliminate several steps during the weighing process. If the weighing scales are located away from the truck, you would have to weigh them and carry back to the truck each time.

This wastes a lot of time and effort.

  • Make Loading-Unloading Convenient

First, you need to load the truck before it begins its journey. Once it gets to the destination, the truck has to be unloaded.

Most products are shipped in drums, therefore, the fleet managers must provide the truckers with proper drum handling equipment. They cannot use a regular forklift as it doesn’t have the right attachments to secure the drums.

Provide hand truck drum handlers to the workers. They are portable and can carry up to 1,000 lbs. These handlers offer safety and utility as well.

  • Practice Efficient Fuel Management

Another way to improve trucking efficiency is to master fuel management.

Fleet managers and truck company owners must actively participate in managingfuel efficiently. It could be done by:

  • Optimizing the purchase of the fuel at the lowest cost possible over each freight movement, or
  • Maximizing the use of intermodal

Take advantage of the various methods available that allow you to harness the data to determine the actual fuel costs.

  • Prioritize Proper Maintenance

The importance of proper truck maintenance has been emphasized constantly. If you don’t maintain a truck properly, it will break down time and again. The repair costs will be high and delivery times will be affected.

Check the tires, oil, air filters and all parts of the truck on a regular basis. Make sure that all the parts are in optimal condition.

Irregularly maintained trucks will waste a lot of fuel and will be unsafe to drive. It will also shorten the vehicle’s life.

  • Use Fleet Tracking Tools 

It is important to keep track of all the vehicles in your fleet. But it can be quite a challenge if there are hundreds of vehicles to track. Moreover, you need to track all the drivers and the shipments being carried.

Fleet tracking tools will help you achieve this objective. For instance, a GPS truck tracking system will allow you to monitor multiple things. Some of which include the speed of the truck, breaks taken during the trip and idle time of the truck.

When you improve logistics management, you can improve your customer service too. The customers will know exactly where the shipment is and the status of its arrival.

By improving trucking efficiency, you will enjoy great profits margins. Incorporate different ways to improve trucking efficiency within your business.

Author Bio:

Kevin Hill heads up the marketing efforts at Quality Scales Unlimited in Byron, CA. Besides his day job, he loves to write about the different types of scales and their importance in various industries. He also writes about how to care for and get optimized performance from different scales in different situations. He enjoys spending time with family and going on camping trips.


Mastering Defensive Winter Truck Driving in Cincinnati, OH

February 25th, 2019 · No Comments

When it comes to winter truck driving, the phrase “the best offense is a good defense” has never been truer. When you’re on the road with unpredictable weather, unpredictable roads, and unpredictable people, having that “defensive offense” ready to go is vital if you want to complete your job as safely as possible. The veteran truck drivers at Bay & Bay Transportation want all incoming truck drivers to remember that defensive driving is wise year-round, but when winter hits in Cincinnati, OH, it’s really time to pull up all of your shields in preparation.

The first step toward a strong truck driving defense begins before you even leave the truck lot. Ensuring that your vehicle is fighting fit, both externally and internally, before hitting the road will save you grief down the line. Make sure that your tires are ready for slick conditions; that you have the tools necessary to clear snow from a variety of surfaces; and that you have all the supplies you need to stay warm, safe, and secure in the event of an accident or a paralyzing winter storm.

Once you join the ranks of winter drivers on the roads, it’s time to employ all the cautious truck driving techniques you’ve ever learned. Start by giving everyone around you ample room to move and stop. If you usually give seven seconds of space between vehicles, try upping that time to 14 seconds. Truck drivers are usually operating the heaviest vehicle on the road, and if road conditions are poor, their truck can be a first-class ticket to sliding into another driver.

The same advice goes for visibility checks. If you would normally check once, check twice. As a winter truck driver, you should be regularly checking that all of your lights are visible and free of ice and snow. Or, if your mirrors are covered in frost or flakes, you should take steps to ensure that they stay clear.

Being the biggest vehicle on the road can be a lot of pressure for truck drivers in the spring, let alone during the dangerous road conditions of the winter. If you’re a Cincinnati, OH, truck driver who knows how to play it safe in the winter and is interested in a professional truck driving position, contact Bay & Bay Transportation today for job opportunities and more information. Call us at (888) 801-3026 or visit our website here.


The Question of Isolation in Modern Nashville, TN, Truck Driving

February 18th, 2019 · No Comments

Truck driving is a bit of an enigmatic career to those who prefer living their lives behind a desk. The idea of spending hours on the road with just yourself and other drivers as company can be perceived as lonely or isolating. However, being a Nashville, TN, truck driver in the modern age means finding connections in different, but no less impactful, ways. The veteran truck drivers here at Bay & Bay Transportation know that career truck driving goes beyond the stereotypes and encourage all up-and-comers to find camaraderie on the road and relish their time at home.

Like anything else, learning how to make the most of your time as a truck driver is a skill that can be learned, but newcomers to the career may find it daunting to spend a large amount of time on their own. The first bit of good news is that when you’re on the road as a truck driver, you’re never really completely alone. Truck drivers have a built-in support system usually just a call or radio away. Plus, odd as it may seem, the other drivers on the road are your support as well. They may seem annoying or troublesome on occasion, but more often than not, you’re all just trying to get where you’re headed.

Truck drivers also have the benefit of making quick and easy friendships with just about every other trucker at stops throughout the state. Plus, truck driving is a lifestyle that can be shared in small increments. Having a meal with another driver on the road or trading stories in between hauls is a great way to stay on top of the industry culture and make connections you’ll remember and enjoy.

Also, if you’re a driver with family at home, you live in the best time in history to be connected through long distances. Thanks to modern technology, it’s easier than ever to check in with loved ones via video chats, phone calls, texts, and beyond. A truck driving career is no more isolating than a business career that has you flying to Hong Kong every other week. Staying close to home has never been simpler.

Of course, it’s important to mention that if solitude is what you seek, truck driving offers this opportunity as well. Unlike with some career paths, you can truly make your life as a truck driver whatever you’d like it to be. Nashville, TN, residents interested in exploring a life in truck driving can contact Bay & Bay Transportation at (888) 801-3026 or by visiting our website here for details.


Is Your Business Ready for a Transportation Company in San Antonio, TX?

February 18th, 2019 · No Comments

The New Year has only just begun, but you find yourself feeling trapped. Your business, just like the New Year, still has a long way to go, and you’re not sure what you need to focus on next. You have created a product that’s ready to go to market, but how should you transport it to people? Do you look into hiring a professional transportation company or do you try to handle it all on your own? Should you stick to selling to people in San Antonio, TX, or do you branch out and potentially increase your profits? If you need help, keep reading, and don’t forget to call Bay & Bay Transportation at (888) 801-3026.

You’re Ready to Grow
Some business owners like to stick to one plan and rarely branch out—after all, they figure, why take any chances? Why mess with something that works? Others know that growth is important. They know they need to expand if they want their company to stay sturdy and strong over the years. If something goes wrong in one area, the other area can still remain healthy. When you know you want to grow, you should look into hiring an experienced truck driver, one who knows what to do and how to handle your requests, so you get the best results.

You Don’t Want to Train Current Employees
Training current employees takes time out of someone’s day and also takes money away from your budget—money that could be used for something else. Employees being trained may also miss out on their usual important work tasks. Hiring a transportation company gives you the freedom to focus on other jobs at hand.

Call Bay & Bay Transportation of San Antonio, TX, at (888) 801-3026 and learn about what a professional transportation company can do for you.


How Your Experienced Truck Driver Can Travel with a Dog in Houston, TX

February 11th, 2019 · No Comments

You already know that an experienced truck driver is an important, indispensable part of your team. You also know that they get your products where they need to go, helping your company stay constant and healthy. And you know that it’s important for your drivers to feel healthy and happy, even when they aren’t on the road. Truck drivers tend to feel lonely when they’re on the road alone for too long, but there is a solution. They might want to take their dog along for company. How can they do this safely? How can they ensure that they will get through Houston, TX, without a hitch?

Stick to Small Dogs

Some people have large dogs like Saint Bernards, but these breeds aren’t suited for sitting in a truck. Because they are so large, your driver will have little room for themselves and any supplies they want to store in their living space. The situation will be uncomfortable for everyone. For that reason, drivers should only bring along a dog if they’re reasonably sized and can behave properly, lest they scare or distract your experienced truck driver and cause an accident.

Always Have Poop Bags

It goes without saying that dogs poop—a lot. Drivers need to have an ample amount of poop bags to pick up after their pet. It’s rude and unhealthy to allow them to poop in the middle of a parking lot or rest area and then drive away.

Use a Ramp

No matter what their age or breed, for the safety of the animal, drivers should use a ramp to get their dog in and out of the car. Whether they work for a truck company or not, this tactic is crucial.

Call Bay & Bay Transportation of Houston, TX, at (888) 801-3026 and learn about what an experienced truck driver can do for you.


Are Happier Women Drivers an Answer to a Big Trucking Company Woe in Chicago, IL?

February 11th, 2019 · No Comments

If you’re looking for smiling drivers, it’s probably not a good idea to cruise around the Dan Ryan or Kennedy Expressway in the Chicago, IL area during rush hour on most weekdays.
That goes double for truck drivers who have a lot of traffic headaches to deal with as they try to deliver in the area.

It’s not all doom and gloom for truck driving, however, as female operators apparently might have a sunnier outlook. In a recent survey featuring driver feedback, women drivers ranked higher than their male counterparts in critical areas like driver job satisfaction and their willingness to stay with a particular carrier.

That’s good news for Bay & Bay Transportation company and its many customers in the Chicago area. The trucking industry in general has been talking up the need to recruit and retain more women as a solution to the driver shortage, which consistently ranks as a top trucking company concern. Driver retention is another issue that’s near the top of that list as well.

Of course, some industry watchers would argue there’s no shortage of drivers; there’s actually a shortage of people willing to work for the pay that’s currently being offered. Whether that’s true or not, the survey suggests that women in driving jobs tend to be more satisfied with their carriers like Bay & Bay when it comes to pay and time away from the wheel.

The survey findings are sure to be another factor in hiring decisions at Bay & Bay and other trucking companies. Bay & Bay Transportation company is focused on offering customers safe, professional, and reliable transportation solutions no matter who’s behind the wheel. We have a nationwide reach with jobs available for motivated, success-oriented drivers.

Learn why more and more women seeking truck driving jobs are discovering why Bay & Bay is known as a quality trucking company. If you’ve got the right stuff, call us at (888) 801-3026, or visit us here for more information about how you can join our growing team in the Chicago area and other parts of country.