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Why Work With Bay and Bay Brokerage Services?

Tons of loads!
Looking for good loads for your trucks? Bay and Bay gives you access to freight from hundreds of marque shippers across North America without having to commit to a specific volume or other contractual terms for each shipper. Whether you need loads from multiple locations or a series of loads from a single location, we can help. Our customers depend on Bay and Bay to source qualified carriers for their shipping needs and we have thousands of van, reefer and flatbed loads to choose from.

Reliable pay and integrity!
As a TIA Certified broker, we maintain a solid credit rating and a $100,000 surety bond. We even offer quick pay options to help your cash flow. In the event of a cargo claim, we’re there to help mediate a prompt and fair settlement. Since 1941, we’ve built a solid reputation for integrity. But we’re not just a broker. We operate our own fleet of 500 trucks and we understand carrier issues. Why work with just a broker? Work with the seasoned professionals at Bay and Bay and you’ll be miles ahead.

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To explore our freight opportunities or to get set up as a qualified carrier, just contact the zone manager below, based on where your headquarters is located.

TL Manager - Robert Chancey [email protected] (651) 346-2064
Midwest [email protected] (612) 836-4071
Northeast [email protected] (612) 836-4075
Southeast [email protected] (612) 836-4073
West [email protected] (612) 836-4077
Flatbed [email protected] (612) 836-4069
Intermodal Manager - Lisa Anderson [email protected] (612) 836-4549
LTL Manager - Doug Hlas [email protected] (612) 836-4540

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