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As a Bay & Bay independent contractor, you’ll get the support you need to build a successful business.


  • Paid by PC Miler Practical Miles
  • 100% Approved Tolls Paid
  • HUGE Fuel Discounts
  • Shop Available At Yard
  • 2500-3000 Average Miles per Week
  • Mileage Pay + Fuel Surcharge
  • In-Cab Scanning For Quicker Settlements


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For driver opportunities, email [email protected].
For other opportunities within Bay & Bay Transportation, email [email protected].

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Fighting Back against Sore Muscles as a Professional Truck Driver in Houston, TX

November 15, 2018

For all of its joys, truck driving in Houston, TX, isn’t without its workplace stressors. Just like every other profession, truck drivers engage in certain... Read full post »

Establishing Healthy Sleep Habits as a Professional Philadelphia, PA Truck Driver

October 15, 2018

Regular sleeping habits are important for every career under the stars, but they're especially important for truck drivers who have to manage and operate... Read full post »

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